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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1170 - I Can Save You (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"No matter what, I can save you, at least for now, I'm the only person in the world who dares to say that."

Jiang Chi said without fear.

Even though Chen Changsheng was suffering from a terminal illness, he still had the means to heal him.

The means of the Immortal Dao itself was its own transformation, a path to pursue immortality, unlike the Lifestar Cultivation.

The Immortal Dao focuses more on the dual cultivation of life.

Only then can one possess great means to look down upon the world.

Chen Changsheng was hesitating.

He didn't know why he was hesitating.

Probably because it came too easily, so his heart would feel unreal?

Whether or not Jiang Liao's words were correct Chen Changsheng did not know.

But with his intuition, he felt that Jiang Mo would not lie to him.

After all, there was nothing to gain by lying to him.

"Brother Jiang, can you... can you really solve my problem?"

Chen Changsheng asked seriously.

The expression was serious.

He even felt that he should see Jiang Lack answer himself seriously.

This was no joke.

So he felt a little confused.

Jiang nodded, "Yes, it does solve your problem, but you need to give up your Life Star cultivation and need to practice the Immortal Dao Dharma with me.

Perhaps your problem is a huge problem for Destiny Star cultivation, but for the Immortal Dao, it is instead a great good thing.

Your future achievements will be even more favorable."

Chen Changsheng: "........"

Jiang Guiao's words were ordinary, but he understood them.

To put it simply.

It was that this world's Destiny Star cultivation method was right and his words didn't work, and if he wanted to forcefully change his fate against the sky, he would need more things to do so.


Looking at it from a different angle, the situation would be different.

For example, the Immortal Dao Dharma Gate.

That star power of Chen Changsheng's would be able to evolve into true mana at the fastest speed, and then he would be able to practice it with half the effort ah.

It definitely far surpassed that of the Counting Daoist.


Would such an idea really work?

Chen Changsheng was confused about this, and he felt a little scared to change his practice to an immortal path that he did not understand.

It was also a little strange.

Although this was good for Chen Changsheng.

But he really didn't know if he could cultivate Immortality.

He didn't understand ah.

After all, the Immortal Dao Dharma that Jiang lacked practiced was a brand new cultivation system.

It was very different.


Chen Changsheng respectfully bowed to Jiang Lack and said, "Brother Jiang, thank you for everything you've done for me."

"So what's your choice?"

Jiang Mo looked at Chen Changsheng smilingly, he didn't know what else to say Chen Changsheng had to refuse.

If one cultivated immortality with him, one could continue to live.

Once you don't cultivate immortality with him, there was only one way to die.

The choice should be clear and straightforward, and he believed that Chen Changsheng should not fail to live up to his expectations.


This time, Jiang Chi was afraid that he would be truly disappointed.

Chen Changsheng earnestly said to Jiang Chi, "Brother Jiang, although I feel that you are not lying, you are really capable of helping me.

However, I still want to hold on.

Go against the world and change my fate.

By the way, I want to see where my limits are, and also see if I, Chen Changsheng, can succeed in changing my fate against the heavens."

Jiang Qian: "...."

He suddenly felt that he was thinking a bit unnecessarily.

With Chen Changsheng's temperament, why wouldn't he insist on moving forward.

He would definitely insist on trying.

"Have you thought about it?"

"Think about it, no matter how difficult the path to change my life against the heavens is, I'm going to try it, lest I have regrets later."

"So you're going to go against all odds, even though I've shown you a clear path before you?"

"Yes, please forgive Brother Jiang."

"Talking about not forgiving, your courage is commendable and I also admire you, but you really have to think carefully, once you give up it means you can only go against your fate."

"Big Brother Jiang, can't you leave me a way out there?"

"Not that I can't, but then I won't be able to agree so easily, and you'll need to pay a much more painful price for that."


After all, he, Jiang Xiao, was also a man of stature and status.

There's no way that you can say whatever you want.

There is also no such thing as leaving you Chen Changsheng with a path of some sort.

It wasn't that he didn't want to, it was really because he felt that Chen Changsheng was a bit insensitive, and when the time came, wanting to cultivate immortality wouldn't be as easy as it was now.

At that time.

It wouldn't be him begging Chen Changsheng.

Rather, it would be Chen Changsheng begging him.

Even if he begged, it wouldn't be easy to beg down, he Jiang Chi didn't want to lose face ah.

In fact.

It also wanted to save face.


With a cold face, he continued, "Changsheng, your choice to cultivate immortality with me now is not actually in conflict with you going in search of a method to change your fate against the heavens."


Chen Changsheng was stunned and asked, "Brother Jiang, what's this about?"

He was a bit confused.

Could it be.

Was there something else in there that wasn't known?

Or rather.

When the time comes, he won't be willing to do what Brother Jiang lacks?

It all seems possible.


Chen Changsheng was unhappy in his heart.

He had wanted to work so hard to change his life against the heavens, but Jiang lacked to tell him that he didn't have to be so fortunate and troublesome, that he could solve it there.

Letting all his original preparations come to naught.

This situation.

It was actually considered rather preposterous.

"Brother Jiang, I..."

Chen Changsheng smiled bitterly, "I actually just want to try it first."

"I know, that's why I asked you to follow me in my cultivation to find a way to change your life against the heavens, and you can go find it as well."


"Don't be discouraged, this method I'm talking about is very practical."

"Brother Jiang, I want to wait until the method of changing my life against the sky fails before I call you..."

"So again in your eyes, your big brother Jiang I'm just a spare?"


"Then why?"


Chen Changsheng wanted to explain.

But he suddenly didn't know how to explain it.

In the end, he actually hadn't thought this matter through.

If it were a different person, he might have already agreed to Jiang Liao, and it would be just him, Chen Changsheng, who was twisted and unlikeable.

Wouldn't he, Jiang Sheng, still harm him.

Jiang Qian's heart was a little annoyed.

Chen Changsheng still insisted on his thoughts, only his kind of thoughts would be tantamount to treating Jiang Liao as a spare.

Jiang Chi looked strange.

Not a few bitter smiles.

To think that he was actually underestimated by Chen Changsheng, a powerful existence in the late Human Immortal Realm.

The so-called persistence was all a lie in his opinion.

Since Chen Changsheng himself didn't care, why should he, Jiang Qian, bother to make things difficult for others.

The heart was much lighter.

For him, he was already considered to have done his best to be benevolent.

Chen Changsheng could do whatever he wanted.

From now on, don't try to easily cultivate Immortality anymore.

He, a late stage Human Immortal, also wanted to save face.

He was very clear about that.

Chen Changsheng was also very clear.


Chen Changsheng was a person who felt that he was born with a bit of pride.

It was just that.

If he wanted to continue pursuing his method of changing his life against the heavens, then let him go.

"If you want to go in search of a life-changing method, go ahead."

Jiang Xiao waved his hand and didn't detain Chen Changsheng.

Just be straightforward if you despise his Immortal Dao.

He felt that all those other things were excuses, not reasons.

Chen Changsheng: "........"

Seeing Jiang Chi's indifferent face, Chen Changsheng knew that this Big Brother Jiang should be angry.

He even said, "Big Brother Jiang, I really just want to go..."

Before the words were even finished, he was interrupted by Jiang Xiao, "Stop, don't say any more of those words, it's useless to explain, so don't explain anything, let's talk about things in the future."


Chen Changsheng really wanted to cry.

I had unintentionally let Brother Jiang misunderstand.

How could this be.

He didn't know how he could explain it again.

According to will but now, there was no need to even explain.

This was clearly just anger.

He was annoyed.

Feeling very bitter.

The heart was a million times more helpless.


He could only say, "Brother Jiang, don't worry, I won't let you down."

Jiang Qian: "........"

It's really none of his business what happens to you, Chen Changsheng.

Jiang Chi saw this very clearly.

It wasn't like he had to teach Chen Changsheng the art of the Immortal Dao.

After all.

There were actually many people in this world who were worthy of his impartation, such as that demon White Fallen Hen, for example, that mountain departure Sword Sect's....

Of course.

Those people of the Off Mountain Sword Sect were equally stubborn, exactly like Chen Changsheng, and should not be able to accept his good intentions.

Thinking of this.

He would no longer dwell on it.

A mere Chen Changsheng was not enough to sway his heart.

On the side.

Chen Changsheng was a little embarrassed.

He didn't know how to ease the relationship between the two, and the various dao collections he had looked at before didn't seem to help.

At least they didn't help him at this moment.

He deeply understood that Jiang Xiao must be angry.

In the future.

If he really couldn't find a way to change his life against the sky, or if he failed to change his life against the sky, would Jiang Hou still care about him?

This was something Chen Changsheng didn't have in his heart.

He was also afraid that Jiang Xiao really didn't care.

At first.

It was fine if there was no hope at all, after all, it was a dead end in itself, and there was no possibility of continuing to live.


It was nothing more than a dead horse.

There was no other way but this.

But now.

The situation was different.

Everything had become different.

Jiang Mo had given him hope, and he had seen hope.


Chen Changsheng himself had infinitely reduced that hope with his own hands.

So small that it was very likely that something would happen.

This was tragic.

Jiang Mo secretly laughed, "This brat, does he really think he's a person and wants to use this seat as a spare, how ridiculous."

It simply wasn't possible.

Jiang Guiao frowned.

There was a burst of smirk and domination.

Just because Chen Changsheng didn't speak didn't mean that he, Jiang Someone, wasn't really angry.

He was actually still quite angry.

A cold gaze fell on Chen Changsheng and said, "Alright, you follow your plan."

He didn't want to control anything more.

He wasn't Chen Changsheng's master anyway, nor was he his relative or friend. At most, they were just acquaintances.

At the same time.

It was also that he, Jiang Lack, was more optimistic about Chen Changsheng.

That's why he would deliberately take care of him.


This so-called care was not the same as saying that Jiang Chi could put some of his body down for him, Chen Changsheng.

That was impossible.


It seemed as if a long time had passed.

Only then did Chen Changsheng sighed grudgingly, "Big Brother Jiang, I plan to go to the Heavenly Dao Courtyard next, so it can be considered an experience."

After what had just happened, he seemed to have grown quite a bit.

Jiang Chi nodded slightly and said, "That's fine, I can go with you then instead."

It wasn't for Chen Changsheng.

Rather, it was just that Jiang Chi purely wanted to go over and take a look.

But he didn't know where the Heavenly Dao Courtyard was, nor did he know some of the rules for entering the Courtyard.


It was naturally much better to have a Chen Changsheng along the way.

Chen Changsheng was surprised though.

Jiang Chi was actually going.

This was quite good.

He even said, "Big Brother Jiang, do you want to go too?"


Jiang Jiang nodded and skipped over the earlier topic, then said, "Although the Heavenly Dao Academy was once inferior to the State Teaching Academy, but now it is indeed the most glorious academy, and countless young people in the world want to enter the Heavenly Dao Academy, enough to say that the Heavenly Dao Academy is powerful, besides..."

Having said that, Jiang Guiao paused, his eyes looked out the window and said calmly, "Besides, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard has changed over the years."

"Big Brother Jiang, have you been to the Heavenly Dao Courtyard before?"


"Then you..."

"A pinch."

"What kind of tactics are these, and how have I never heard of them?"

"It's not written in the Dao Collection, so naturally you don't know."


Heavenly Dao Courtyard.

Chen Changsheng muttered under his breath, "I've never been there either, but I've only seen records about it on some dao collections, and I don't know if it has changed over the years."

He was somewhat looking forward to it.

But at the same time, he was also a little worried.

After all, the Heavenly Dao Courtyard recruited disciples with very high talent.

Chen Changsheng felt that he was probably not qualified enough, and even though he had a good comprehension, he was still an ordinary person who did not have a cultivation.

This would never change.

The other day.

Just after dawn, the entire Divine Capital was already overcrowded, because today....


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