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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1169 - National Teaching Academy (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Great Zhou Dynasty, the Divine Capital.

After strolling around a few times, Chen Changsheng looked for someone to ask where the largest and most prosperous inn in the divine Capital was.

He was going to look for Jiang Xiao.

Since he was not welcome at the God's Capital, Chen Changsheng would not use his hot face to befriend him.

He wasn't that kind of person.

"The God's Capital is really big."

Chen Changsheng muttered to himself, "I don't know if Brother Jiang is already staying at the inn right now."


I guess it's already lived in.

After all, Jiang lacked money and strength, and was suave and suave, like that humble gentleman ah.

It was truly enviable.

At the moment.

Jiang Chi was in the inn, and after eating and drinking, he was all in a cheerful mood.

Standing by the window.

He looked not far away and also knew that Chen Changsheng's trip to the God's General Mansion would definitely not be successful.

Want to withdraw from the marriage?

Mrs. Xu doesn't agree.


In Jiang Kang's opinion, that was a foolish woman who had made this marriage contract with her own hands.

If she could wait for Chen Changsheng to finish his sentence, perhaps the marriage would be withdrawn, even if the old mistress had personally ordered it back then, it would be useless.

After all, it was Chen Changsheng who had taken the initiative to ask for it to be withdrawn, and when the time came, it would have nothing to do with their divine general's residence.

But it was different now.

She thought that she had the initiative, that Chen Changsheng was just eager to talk about the marriage certificate.

As a result....

Instead, it delayed the big event.

Making Chen Changsheng have no desire to withdraw from the marriage now at all.

Withdrawal of marriage?

For Chen Changsheng, it probably didn't matter anymore.

Retreat or no retreat it was like that, anyway, his real goal was to change his life against the heavens, not to retreat his marriage.

The Xu Family of the Divine General's residence couldn't give him anything to change his life against the heavens either.

Not long after.

A second came to report that a young man named Chen Changsheng was looking for him.

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "Tell him to come in, he's here to see me."

It seemed that Chen Changsheng should have received some kind of blow.


It seemed to Jiang Xiao that, based on Chen Changsheng's son's many years of experience in reading the Dao Tibetan, he should soon adjust to it.

After all, Chen Changsheng was no ordinary person.

"Oh, Xu family... you're going to lose a lot this time." Jiang Xiao muttered.

Regardless of whether or not Chen Changsheng and Xu You Rong were actually together in the end, even if they were, then the Xu family probably wouldn't be too happy about it.

This time.

The Divine General House was considered a big loss.

Chen Changsheng was an existence that could have been invested in, but they had taken the initiative to give up, so they really didn't know what to do.

This was probably the dog's eyes looking down on others, right?

Jiang Chi sneered.

At this time.

Chen Changsheng slowly came in, his hat hanging from his shoulders, and in his hand, he held a sword in his sea, but the sword was hidden within.

On his body, on the other hand, there was a small bundle that symbolically placed some rituals inside.

This was only done in case others noticed that he had a spatial foreign treasure.

"Changsheng has met Brother Jiang, or Brother Jiang you are soothing here." Chen Changsheng lamented.


Jiang Chi was living a very comfortable life nowadays.

Staying at the best inn, eating the best food, and seeing the most beautiful scenery.

And not having to worry about longevity, not to mention going against the heavens to change one's fate, how nice.

This was the true unrestrained freedom.

Chen Changsheng envied in his heart, it would be great if he could be like this one day.

But it was a pity.

These thoughts were just thoughts he was only thinking about.

Not daring to really ask for extravagant things, after all, he was a dying man, if changing his life against the heavens did not succeed....

There would be no follow-up in this life.

"I've already asked Xiao Er to get a table of wine and food, so we'll have a good meal later."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "What did you get from this trip to the God's General's residence, however?"

"People's hearts are unpredictable, and it's too common for Eru to be deceitful."

Chen Changsheng said, "Now that I think about it, it's still better than screaming on Qing Shan, at least I don't have to bother about this and that."

This is true.

Jiang Ji Dao: "Chang Sheng ah, some things are already like that, not anyone can decide with one word, even with my skills, it is impossible to change people's hearts ah."

He shook his head.

Expressing that there was nothing he could do.

"Changsheng understands."

Chen Changsheng also understood the meaning of Jiang Xiao's words.

The things in the human world were just the manifestation of the seven emotions, and the things he encountered were actually understandable.

"Brother Jiang, I won't be going back next, and I won't be withdrawing from the marriage."

"I know."

"I... I want to live for myself, so next I want to prepare for the Great Pilgrimage Exam."

"The Great Pilgrimage Exam? It's fine, but with your current status, you're not eligible to participate in the Great Pilgrimage Exam."

"Well, when I went down the mountain, Master gave me a brocade bag with the names of various academies."

"So you're trying to join a certain academy?"

"It's my only choice, and it's the only way I can participate in the Great Pilgrimage."

"Preferred where?"

"The Tendo House."

"I think that might not be a good choice."


"Where can you get into the eyes of those people in the Heavenly Dao House without training."

"But I still want to try, and after I fail, it's not too late to go to another house."


Jiang Mo silently looked at Chen Changsheng, since he didn't listen to his teachings and advice, then for the time being, let's leave it alone.

Chen Changsheng wouldn't be able to enter the Heavenly Dao Courtyard anyway.

With the relationship between the Divine General's Residence and the Heavenly Dao Courtyard, and Chen Changsheng's own not being able to cultivate, even if he could get into the Heavenly Dao Courtyard through other means.


Those people wouldn't be able to let him in either, and most directly, no one would dare to provoke the Divine General's Residence.

--After all, the Divine General Residence had produced a Xu You Rong, and her presence was enough to make many people in the Heavenly Dao Courtyard secretly weigh in.


With Xu You Rong coming to the Divine Capital, the Divine General Mansion's every move would represent Xu You Rong.


Jiang Jiang dared to conclude that Chen Changsheng's trip to the Heavenly Dao Courtyard shouldn't yield any gains.

It was nothing more than futility.

Chen Changsheng was not convinced and he asked, "Brother Jiang, what about the Star Picking Academy?

I heard that the Star Picking Academy is directly controlled by the Great Zhou military, and contributed a lot to the war between them and the demons back then."

"Star Picking Academy? You don't know how to cultivate, and you're not born with divine power, so why should people recruit you in?"

Jiang Xiao shook his head and continued, "As for the Thirteen Divisions of the Green Yao, that is a place where women go, and you, a grown man, cannot go there.

Other places are even more out of the question."

"No, there's another place."

Chen Changsheng suddenly said, "There is one more place I can go to."

"What place?"

Jiang Qiao was stunned and asked curiously, "Tell me about it, there's no need to tell me about the Southern Sacred Land and that Departure Mountain Sword Sect or anything else."

"It's the National Teaching Academy!"

Chen Changsheng said with certainty, "The last name in the brocade bag that Master gave me is the National Teaching Academy, which means that it should be considered an inferior choice in Master's eyes."

It had to be said that the National Teaching Academy was indeed considered an inferior choice for Chen Changsheng.

Because the situation of the National Teaching Academy was now very realistic, only Chen Changsheng, who knew nothing about it, dared to go.

If it were anyone else, they wouldn't dare to directly mention this forbidden name, right?

After all.

The National Teaching Academy had truly become a thing of the past.

Jiang Xiao shook his head and said, "I feel that the National Teaching Academy might not be the best choice for you."

"However, according to the analysis you just made, Brother Jiang, the National Teaching Academy is my last choice."

Chen Changsheng continued, "What I need is not to enter a certain academy to learn something so profound and inscrutable, all I want is just a place to participate in the Grand Dynasty Examination."

Jiang Qian: "........"

Just for a spot.

That's interesting.


Once Chen Changsheng had chosen the National Teaching Academy, he would become a fish in the game from now on.

"However, unless I make my move now, Chen Changsheng will still have to be in the game."

Jiang Ji sighed inwardly, "I guess, when he was in that Xining town, the counters had already planned everything out."

He knew that it was impossible for Chen Changsheng to enter the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy, so in the end, there was only one State Teaching Academy left to go to.

Then here was the problem.

The National Teaching Academy itself had been slaughtered all over because of what happened to the Heavenly Sea Saint Queen back then, and thus there were basically no more disciples of the National Teaching Academy in this world.

Even if there were, they were just surviving like the Counting Daoist.

Although the National Teaching Academy had been sealed, it did indeed exist, and it did have a huge taboo.

Once it was touched, it would cause some people with an interest in Chen Changsheng to once again pay attention to it.


Jiang Xiao thought to himself, "This brat Chen Changsheng should be fine, firstly, he actually has a part of the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's blood flowing through his body, and secondly, it's time for the National Teaching Academy to reappear, the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen also has this idea, but it's just missing a primer."


Chen Changsheng was that so-called primer.

This was something Chen Changsheng himself probably couldn't do, he only wanted to enter the National Teaching Academy, he only wanted a place to attend the Great Pilgrimage Examination.

That was all.

And the purpose of doing so was merely to get the first place in the first rank of that great imperial examination, and then use that name to go directly to the Celestial Book Mausoleum to watch the celestial books and go to the Ling Yan Pavilion to watch those meritorious officials.

Because Chen Changsheng remembered that his own master had once said that these two places might have a method to change one's life against the heavens.

But whether or not there really were, he didn't even dare to bet on it, he could only go to see it first.

Although it was very likely that the effort would be in vain, and it was very likely that it would still be a waste in the end.


Chen Changsheng would definitely not give up.

Jiang Xiao was also very clear about this, and he knew Chen Changsheng's personality the best.

That was a stubborn ox.

It couldn't be pulled back.


Jiang Chi sighed, "And go ahead and try something first, you kid is not going to turn back without hitting the south wall."

He was tempted to tell Chen Changsheng that he could actually solve the physical problems with Jiang Chi.

But bar.

He didn't know how to say it when the words came to his mouth, not because he was afraid that Chen Changsheng wouldn't believe it, but mainly because he also wanted to see which step Chen Changsheng would take.


When Chen Changsheng needed it afterwards, he would teach him the Immortal Dao method, right?

But right now, Chen Changsheng was still too young for Jiang Chi.

"Big Brother Jiang, do you think I should continue to go to the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy?"

Chen Changsheng suddenly asked, and after the analysis that Jiang Jian had just made, he was no fool.

He also knew that it should be unlikely to succeed in this trip to the Heavenly Dao Academy and Star Picking Academy.

It would be better to go directly to the State Teaching Academy.

Even if they don't recruit you, it's still good for you to go and see them.

In life, you have to see all kinds of scenery, or else you won't even know when you die someday.

Don't you think so?"

Chen Changsheng: "........"

Although Jiang Guiao's words were unpleasant to hear, the truth of the words was correct.

Chen Changsheng also involuntarily nodded up, "Brother Jiang you are right, even if the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy don't recruit me, even if other places don't want me, I can still go to the State Teaching Academy."

"Let's not talk about that, let's have something to eat first, I guess you didn't eat anything when you went to the Divine General's Mansion."

In comparison, it was still Jiang Xiao who was good to himself.

Not only did this will big brother have a mysterious origin and great strength, he was really good to himself.

This was a little compensation from the heavens to himself.

Chen Changsheng secretly thought.

"Big Brother Jiang, it's still you who is unrestrained and free."

It would definitely be a lie for Chen Changsheng to say that he was not envious.

He was naturally envious as well.

Jiang Chi, who had heard this, was incomparably calm and suddenly said, "Ah Changsheng, are you willing to cultivate with me?"

"But for isn't able to practice, Brother Jiang, you know my body..."

"If you practice with me, I'll naturally help you out, and besides, this problem really isn't difficult for me."


Jiang lack's words made Chen Changsheng very excited, he ten thousand thousand Jiang lack would actually have a solution to his physical problem here.

For a while.

Chen Changsheng seemed a little excited again.

In vain, he had been worried.

Now it seemed that he didn't have to worry about the aftermath at all.

Jiang Chi had a method here.

And it was a method that would easily succeed.

"Should we agree or not?"

Chen Changsheng's heart began to battle with heaven and earth, and hesitation and struggle arose.

He used to be very decisive, but he didn't expect to have difficulty choosing now.

There was nothing he could do about it.

After all, the situation was unique!


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