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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1168 - I'm Not Returning My Marriage (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Hara...originally came to back out of the marriage?"

The only thing left in Madame Xu's mind was this sentence of Chen Changsheng's that kept flowing and buzzing.

Himself...what did she seem to have missed?

If we waited for Chen Changsheng to take out the marriage certificate and finish his sentence, would there be no need to waste so much breath?

"No, it's impossible."

Madame Xu shook her head darkly, "He couldn't have come to withdraw his marriage, he must have been angered by what I just said and then said the opposite, it must be so."

Thinking of this.

The way she looked at Chen Changsheng's eyes also grew colder and colder, "Do you think I would believe you if you deliberately said that?"

It doesn't exist.

What kind of person had she not seen before.

The idea of Chen Changsheng wanting to anger her like this, she had seen it before, and it was not a surprise.

So she was convinced that it was Chen Changsheng who had said this on purpose, the purpose should be to deliberately anger her.

Such a tactic was clumsy, but it had to be very effective.

She was indeed enraged.

Her face was ugly for a while, and the gloom was hard to dispel, "If I were you, I would take the initiative to take out the marriage certificate and mention some compensation would be quite good."

"Unfortunately, you're not me, so naturally you can't make decisions for me."

Chen Changsheng said indifferently, "I originally came to withdraw my marriage, but now I suddenly want to change my mind."

Lady Xu: "........"

With a cold face, she asked, "Why?"

Chen Changsheng remained calm as he said, "If Lady Xu is smart, she shouldn't ask why."


For some reason, he always felt that it sounded familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere before.

When he remembered, he inevitably stared at Chen Changsheng fiercely, "I thought you looked quite an honest one, but I didn't expect you to be so sharp-eyed and sharp-mouthed."

"It's all learned from you, Madam."

"In that case, didn't you say you were originally here to withdraw from the marriage, and now it's a good time to do so."

"No, now... I don't want to withdraw, anyway, you had said that the marriage contract was set by the Old Master back then, it has nothing to do with you, so you don't need to acknowledge it."


Lady Xu's heart was so angry, she only felt that it was her own clumsy eyes that didn't actually see that the brat was hiding at first.

He was actually so eloquent.

She admitted that she had underestimated the person.


She had thought that Changsheng might be more difficult to deal with, difficult to deal with, but she had never incense pot Changsheng was so toothy.

Now she finally experienced it.

Instead, she was quite angry.

Angry, the cold, gloomy mane rolled without stopping.

She looked at Chen Changsheng and said icily, "I want you to withdraw from the marriage, are you able to do so?"

Chen Changsheng: "........"

He looked at Madame Xu quite surprised, "You plan to rob by force?"

"You're not good enough."

"Then I'm not backing out, I said I've changed my mind and will never go back on my word."


After hearing the news.

Lady Xu's lungs were about to explode.

What an abomination.

This jerk was clearly deliberately trying to anger her.

If she wasn't worried about the reputation of the Divine General's residence being ruined, she would want to slap this guy to death right now.

To serve as a warning to others.


This Lady Xu of the Divine General Mansion knew better than anyone that Chen Changsheng was different.

He came in righteously and was witnessed by many people, and once Chen Chang Sheng was unable to walk out of the Divine General's Mansion, or was injured while walking out of the Divine General's Mansion.


The situation could be even worse than she had imagined.

Not only would the matter of Xu You Rong's marriage contract not be resolved, it might even be taken advantage of by someone who had the intention to take hold of the situation and even take advantage of it.

To know.

Their God's General's residence had such a result today because of Xu You Rong's identity, otherwise how could there be a day when the God's General's residence would soar?


Therefore, this Lady Xu of the Divine General's House was now bitter.

She had an ugly old face that was as black as charcoal, so angry that it seemed as if she was about to burst open at any moment.

"Why are you so stubborn?"

Madame Xu continued, "If you just want some compensation, then it would be of great benefit to you, so why don't you do that?"

"Because I don't like it."

Chen Changsheng said in an old-fashioned manner, "Madam you are too exuberant, you always think that what I say is false, in fact, do I have to say false things?

Climbing to the God's General's house may indeed be able to gain some benefits, but I don't need to climb to get what I want.

Because you can't give me what I want either."

"Do you think I'll forgive you if you say that on purpose?"

Madame Xu still had a cold face, chilling her divine mane, "You Rong is my Xu family's baby, the future of our Xu family, it is absolutely impossible to get married to you."

"It doesn't matter."

Chen Changsheng faintly said, "Whether you acknowledge the marriage certificate or not, it doesn't matter much to me, it's fine if you're happy."

Lady Xu: "........"

Offset she wasn't happy at all right now.

Her heart was incomparably messy.

She felt that she must not have misjudged Chen Changsheng, this brat had definitely said this on purpose.

It was just that.

She just didn't have any real evidence.

Seeing this.

Madame Xu continued, "You're just a poor little Daoist, you're not worthy of my family's You Rong."

Her daughter, who was of the true phoenix bloodline, had an incomparable talent.

Who could compare?

The district's Chen Changsheng must not be allowed to mess with his own girl's dao.

"It doesn't matter."

Chen Changsheng shook his head, put away the marriage book in his bosom, arched his hand respectfully towards the gorgeously dressed noblewoman and performed a senior salute, "Lady Xu, I'll take my leave and leave the Divine General's residence alone."

After saying that he headed out of the hall.

The Lady Xu inside the house, on the other hand, turned pale and coldly shouted, "Stop, do you think you can blackmail the God General's House by not handing over the marriage certificate?

Dream on, my God's General Mansion will not be blackmailed by anyone."

Chen Changsheng paused his steps.

The body did not tremble, but left with a slight pause.

It was as if he hadn't heard Lady Xu's words at all.

He suddenly had some regrets.

He shouldn't have come here at all.

Now instead, he was evil to the Divine General's residence.

Although he was not afraid, he also felt that it would be troublesome.

Chen Changsheng left after all, slowly leaving under the murderous gaze of Lady Xu of the God's General Mansion.

She probably never expected that Chen Changsheng would be so stubborn.

And even more proud than she had imagined.

There was naturally a hint of cold pride and loneliness in his weakness, sort of his not-so-strong self-esteem.

"Brother Jiang really wasn't wrong, people change."

He was still a bit confused when Jiang Jian said it earlier, but now Chen Changsheng completely understood it.

The world was just cold and warm.

Ever since that Xu family's old master died immortally four years ago, no matter what the reason was, the Xu family had never even thought of recognizing this marriage contract.

The piece of paper he carried with him had long since become dispensable in the eyes of others.

If one was willing to acknowledge it, it would be useful.

But if one was unwilling to acknowledge it, it would be half-useless.

This was the Xu family.

Or rather, this is the Divine General's House, a terrifying Divine General's House ah.

The human heart was truly the most unpredictable.


Chen Changsheng's knowledge of the human world was obtained from Daoist books and was completely unexperienced.

After this time.

He felt that he should be able to mature quite a bit.

Slowly walking through the divine General's residence, looking at the large courtyard, Chen Changsheng suddenly realized that he seemed to have gotten lost.


There seemed to be a person following behind him.

Chen Changsheng wasn't angry or annoyed at this, if the God General's residence didn't want him to walk out of the gate, he reckoned that it would be extremely difficult for him to get out today.


The fact that Lady Xu hadn't even made a move in the living room before was enough to show that she was worried about something and should not dare to do so.

-- At the very least, she wouldn't dare to do it in the Divine General's residence.

This confidence Chen Changsheng still had.


The one who jumped out from the side was not the gloomy and frightening old grandmother, but a young girl, dressed like a maid.

It seemed like it should be a maid from this God General's Mansion.

Chen Changsheng thought so.

I just don't know what she meant by suddenly blocking his way.

"Little Taoist, wait."

This maid called out to Chen Changsheng, but it caused Chen Changsheng to be slightly stunned.

Chen Changsheng looked at this maid with puzzlement.

In his mind, he thought, "Is Lady Xu regretting that she wants to kill me to make flower fat?"

"What is it?" Chen Changsheng said indifferently, "Could it be that Miss is the one sent by Lady Xu to kill me?"

The maid shook her head and said, "I'm not going to kill you, little Taoist, I'm the maid beside my lady, my name is Frosty.

Just now my lady said she would give you some compensation, why didn't you agree?"

So that's it!

Her lady should be Xu You Rong.

Chen Changsheng thought so in his heart, "But even the maids beside her are now going to give me a cold and sarcastic blow?"

This time.

Before Chen Changsheng could speak, that Frost was the first to say, "Don't you know that's the only way out for you?

I know that you have a high self-esteem, and it's true that Madam's words are a bit hard to hear, but my Miss is a good person, she has a good heart, and if she knew that you came to the door with the marriage letter, she would definitely not refuse you.

However, have you ever thought that you are just an ordinary person, while my Miss is of the True Phoenix bloodline and is already famous in the Eastern Lands."


Chen Changsheng suddenly laughed, "So I should just listen to that overbearing lady of yours and ask for some compensation and leave?"

"Why are you so stubborn?"

"It's not that I'm stubborn, but... ever since I stepped into the Divine General's Mansion, no matter who it is, you haven't asked me for my name, not even a single sentence."

"It's just a name, is it more important than life?"

"It may not matter to others, but it matters to me, it's the least bit of respect, and it's a pity you didn't give me even that least bit."

"You really are unbelievable and unthinkable!"

"Perhaps, but this is me, my name is Chen Changsheng, my master gave it to me, he wanted me to live long and see forever, it's a bit common, but... it's my name."

"Chen Changsheng, you and Miss won't end up together."

"It's a corny name, but I like it."


After speaking.

Chen Changsheng then turned around and walked towards the gate without looking back.

He suddenly felt that this season of spring blossoms was actually quite cold and bone-chilling when felt unintentionally.

He had never thought of changing his fate by climbing into the Divine General's residence.

It was because Chen Changsheng knew very well that even a transcendent power as strong as the Divine General Mansion could not change his own fate.

That was why he had come to the Divine Capital to change his fate against all odds.

Not like this now.

The reason why he would say so much at the back was because he felt that the Divine General Mansion Xu family was too arrogant.

To the Divine Admiralty, what did it matter if he withdrew his marriage or not.

They wouldn't acknowledge the marriage anyway.

As for Chen Changsheng, he had already come to the door, which was considered to be the completion of that plan in his heart.

Although it was somewhat not too good, it turned out that he didn't care about that outcome anymore.

It was better if the marriage didn't work out.

That way, he could go against the world without any worries.

Maybe it would work.

He wasn't really too sure about that.

Inside the divine General's residence.

After Chen Changsheng left, Madame Xu was so angry that she viciously lifted the butterfly tea on the case table.


The tea bowl smashed hard on the ground, but the porcelain tea bowl from the government kiln was broken into pieces.

Even the most exquisite patterns could not dispel the anger in Madame Xu's heart.

She was furious.

"Send someone, go keep an eye on that brat!"

Madame Xu said coldly, she would never let Chen Changsheng go.

"Madam, do you need to kill him?"

The old grandmother beside her frowned and asked.

If she wanted to do something, it was possible, after all, Chen Changsheng was just an ordinary person.

She could still easily do it against an ordinary person from the district.

"No need for now, just keep an eye on him first."

Madame Xu thought coldly and said, "Who does he think he is, but a mere vulgar and despicable Daoist, how dare he want to threaten my God General's House!"

Her heart was filled with endless rage.

Chen Changsheng had really made her move to kill.

However, at this moment, Chen Changsheng could not die yet, otherwise everyone in the world would naturally know that it was their Divine General House that had killed the unarmed commoner Chen Changsheng.

This absolutely could not be!

"But there's always a chance."

Madame Xu said gloomily, "It will be the time of your death, and no one will be able to protect you!"


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