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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1167 - God's General Mansion (Seeking Subscription)

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Chen Changsheng was confused and puzzled.

He had come to withdraw from the marriage.

That's right.

That's right.

It wasn't like he had come to discuss the marriage, so why was this Lady Xu being so aggressive with him?

He just couldn't figure it out.

Did the thing itself say the wrong thing somewhere?

Or is there really a misunderstanding?

Before Chen Changsheng had an answer to his thoughts, Madame Xu continued to speak, "Four years ago, the old master died immortally.

Although it is true that he was saved by your master many years ago, then in order to repay his kindness, the marriage was contracted.

This seems like a good story?

But I don't think so, because that's a great story that can only be found in a play.

And here, it's reality!

You're from a poor village, and you don't have a single bit of true essence in you, so you're obviously just an ordinary person.

And an ordinary person is not worthy of my Rong'er, so you'd better die.

I know that young people like you don't want to strive, but instead want to achieve a life-changing goal by climbing up to my divine General's residence.


I have to be very realistic and make it clear to you, I'm afraid that you're destined to make a wrong plan like this.

The God's General Mansion will not accept you, nor will it acknowledge that marriage letter of yours, so your thoughts are doomed to never come true."

Chen Changsheng: "........"

I can't believe you have so many ideas.

He was a bit confused.

It was really hard to understand where Madame Xu got all these ideas from.

He didn't show it himself.


You're clearly just here to back out of the marriage, okay.

As a result....

Somehow it had come to this.

It really made him a bit confused and bewildered.

Chen Changsheng didn't understand.

Neither did he know.

Why did things just come to this.

He wanted to explain, to make it clear that he had come to withdraw from the marriage.


At this moment, listening to these condescending words and looking at the unabashedly contemptuous and cold emotions between Lady Xu's eyebrows, he found it difficult to speak.


He had no way to refute anything.

He did indeed come from a poor place.

It would not be an exaggeration to describe it as a mountain villager.

And now his hand was still in his bosom, already touching the edge of the marriage certificate, which was written by the old master of the Xu family back then, as well as Xu You Rong's birthdate.

What could he do on his own?

At this moment, if you say that you have come to withdraw from the marriage, I'm afraid that no matter how much you argue that Lady Xu won't believe it.

Next moment.

Lady Xu continued to look at the young man in front of her and said indifferently, "I know that you are a smart person, so you should act like a smart person, you should now carefully consider what kind of compensation can be obtained to be the most beneficial, I wonder what you think of my proposal?"

For Lady Xu, it would seem like a good idea to settle the matter with some compensation.

After all.

Back then, the old mistress did indeed set the marriage and did leave a marriage contract.

Although she could deny it.


It would be even more beneficial to the Divine General Mansion if she could get Chen Changsheng to voluntarily give it up, and the Divine General Mansion's reputation over the years was not very good.

She really didn't want to add to it.

Because Lady Xu knew.

She couldn't do anything to Chen Changsheng.

After all, Chen Changsheng had already been watched by countless pairs of interested eyes when she entered the Divine General Mansion, and if she did something out of the ordinary, it would only affect the prestige of the Divine General Mansion even more.

Therefore, making it into flower fertilizer was impossible.

But not outside of this God's General's Mansion, after all, it wasn't something that their Xu family could manage outside of the God's General's Mansion.


If the problem was solved in a different way, the outcome might be different.

And it wouldn't be caught by someone.

After all, according to Lady Xu's speculations, Chen Changsheng would most likely be young and energetic enough to see the situation clearly with his own wave of analysis.

By then, being good enough to take out the marriage certificate and just back out of the marriage was more important than anything else ah.

Give some compensation.

At that time, even if something went wrong, she would have something to say to the Divine General House.


In the eyes of outsiders, it would be that their Divine General House had bullied people too much, and that wouldn't do.

Her Lady Xu doesn't want fame, the Divine Admiralty still wants fame.

Is it compensation?

Chen Changsheng laughed bitterly inwardly, "If I really wanted compensation, why would your God's General House be so speculative."

He was just here to back out of a marriage.

Do you need to be so bitter.

I really don't know what the reason was.


Right now, Chen Changsheng's heart was very messy.

He knew.

Things shouldn't have been like this, but they had changed from nowhere.

Causing such a terrifying change to occur now was even more beyond his comprehension.

It was truly unbelievable.

Did he say the wrong thing?

But thinking back carefully, ever since he entered this divine general's residence, he had always been cautious and tried to be as careful with his words as possible.

It was the fear that he would say the wrong thing.

After all, the Xu family of the Divine General's residence was a family of officials, a family of power and status.

As a Daoist himself, he must not lose his manners.

There must be no accidents.

After this stall was resolved, he would be able to free up his hands to go against the heavens and change his fate with ease.

There would be no worries this way as well.

Sort of solving something in advance.


Chen Changsheng's countless calculations had not led him to the current state of affairs.

It was truly a bit disappointing to him.

The God General's residence.

Or rather, Madame Xu, she was so suspicious of herself.


He had never thought of it this way ah.

He didn't understand.

Chen Changsheng, who was only fourteen years old, couldn't figure out how things had come to this.

Back then, did the Xu You Rong really mean nothing to himself as well?

But even if it was meaningless, it wasn't like this, it looked like he was taking advantage of how great this divine general's house was.

It was really making Chen Changsheng feel a little depressed.

His heart sank.

Slowly removing his hand from his bosom, he did not hold the marriage certificate, dropping it to his waist and clenching it into a fist.

He could not help but ask, "Madam Xu, may I ask why?

You're so overbearing, it's really uncomfortable for some people, and I guess your God's General Xu family is also a big family, so you should have a certain amount of magnanimity.

However, I'm much worse.

I don't see anything special about the Xu family.

Perhaps Lady Xu will think that I'm just a poor boy from the countryside, not worthy of your daughter.

But what I am saying is, I don't care how the General's family reads other people's minds, but you are wrong to read mine.

I'm not here to greed for anything from your Xu family, let alone mention power.



It should not be a question that a wise man would ask; you should ask what kind of compensation would be better for you.

As for the rest, for one thing, you're not qualified to know, and for another, you don't need to know either."


Her appearance, however, caused Chen Changsheng to have even more bitterness, "Lady Xu, I think you're overthinking it."

Thinking too much?

Madame Xu, however, did not think so.

In her opinion.

There were many people who wanted to climb the Divine General's residence to change their fate, and Chen Changsheng was just one of them.

It wasn't like she hadn't seen such a sight before, only now she was seeing it again.


Just because she was used to seeing such scenes didn't mean that she wasn't angry, but if she wanted to blackmail the Divine General Mansion with a mere marriage certificate, I'm afraid such a wishful plan was a mistake.

Their God General's Mansion wasn't something that anyone could cling to, nor could anyone hold it hostage.

Naturally, Chen Changsheng could not.


Mrs. Xu looked at Chen Changsheng while saying expressionlessly, "Perhaps, once because your teacher's medical skills were quite good, coincidentally, he saved my old master.

However, that has been many years in the past.

Moreover, you saved the Old Master, not my Divine General Mansion, even so this kindness my Divine General Mansion also acknowledges, so I will say that I will give you a certain amount of compensation.

It's also equivalent to a medical consultation fee.

You know, you're still just a mere priest, whereas I am the God General's Mansion here, a place where countless people in the God Capital want to come in.

Because you're just a poor young man who can only afford to wear old, white-washed Daoist clothes, because you're also just a simple, ordinary person, and my daughter Xu You Rong, she's the Lady of the God's General's Mansion, and even has the True Phoenix bloodline, and at the same time the God's General's Mansion shouldn't be a place where ordinary people can come in.

Is my explanation clear enough yet?"


Such an explanation.

Hearing Chen Changsheng's face change.

His hands slightly clenched into fists, his heart somewhat angry and roaring.

But then.

He was relieved again.

His voice, however, responded without any trembling, "Lady Xu has explained it very clearly, and I have heard it very clearly."

This Divine General House Xu family.

It was nothing more than looking down on him.

A poor boy.

Never worthy of a thousand golden ladies.

Because the family was not right.

Such a truth had been proven plainly in some ancient feudal times.

Not to mention the current era.

A world of cultivation.

It was even more incomparably serious.

Because strength could determine everything, and could bring prosperity and prosperity to a family.

But at the same time.

It also had the potential to kill people with a single blow.

Chen Changsheng belonged to the latter.

He wasn't angry.

The reaction of the Divine General's Xu family was unexpected but generally understandable, but it did not agree with Lady Xu's actions.

Just because he was a poor boy, just because this was the God's General's Residence, he couldn't be allowed to make everything clear and understandable?

He did not understand.

Nor did he understand why the Divine General's residence had become like this, was Xu You Rong like this as well.

More than ten years later.

Did she change as well.

Big Brother Jiang had said that all people would change.

Not to mention women.

After growing up Xu You Rong, what kind of thoughts did she have in her heart.

There was one thing that Chen Changsheng felt Madame Xu was right about.

She was just an ordinary person.

Still an ordinary person whose life would soon be over.

-If he couldn't find a way to change his life against the heavens as soon as possible, he would die sooner or later.

Lady Xu felt that her words should be enough to deal with a naïve fellow like Chen Changsheng.

He, I suppose, would have known the difficulty and would have taken the initiative to withdraw from the marriage.


What Madame Xu had never expected was.

Chen Changsheng's reaction surprised her, this was probably Chen Changsheng's attitude of suddenly dropping it and feeling indifferent.

She also said coldly: "This cup of tea on your case, is a pre-modern butterfly tea, five taels of white silver can only buy one tael, you do not drink, that means you do not have the life to drink.

People, it's better to be sensible, or else the road will be dark and slippery."

The threat in the words was already obvious.

Chen Changsheng understood it as well.

He didn't think that Lady Xu dared to touch herself.

It was just that he was somewhat unable to understand that he had clearly come to withdraw from the marriage.

The side hall was quiet, with no sound.

Madame Xu looked at Chen Changsheng coldly, she was waiting for the young man's anger to go away in anger and withdraw from the marriage, handing over that marriage paper.

However, the development of things was completely out of her expectation.

Chen Changsheng looked at Madame Xu and said with an extremely calm demeanor, "Madame Xu, in fact, you have misunderstood, I came to the Divine General's residence this time to return the marriage paper to your house, and I originally came to withdraw from the marriage."

The full hall fell silent.


Needles could be heard.

Lady Xu: "........"

She was even more incredulous, "Say that again?"

Chen Changsheng, on the other hand, said seriously, "Actually... I was originally going to withdraw from the marriage, but unfortunately, Madam, you never let me say it."


Lady Xu was stunned and said under her breath, "So, it's still my fault?"


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