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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1166 - Intention to Withdraw? (subscription sought)

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Ever since parting with Jiang Lack, Chen Changsheng had felt more and more insecure coming.

Although this was the capital of the gods and certain street killings were unlikely to happen, it was guaranteed that he would be involved in some sort of conspiracy, and it would be difficult to get out of it then.


He was just going to the God's Capital now.

Just going to retreat.

No other thoughts.

Regardless of whether he was plotting and scheming, or all sorts of earth-shattering grand layouts.

None of it had anything to do with him, Chen Changsheng.

After all.

For him.

At least right now, Chen Changsheng felt that he was just a passerby.

After the matter of the withdrawal was resolved, he would set out to find a way to change his life against the sky.

He didn't have that much time to talk about love.

He was just going to withdraw from the marriage.

This was just Chen Changsheng's idea, whether the Divine General's side would think so or not he did not know.


He had arrived in front of the God's Admiral's Mansion.

He needed to do one thing.

As the famous God General's Mansion in the God Capital, there was another phoenix bird in the house.

And the Divine Admiral's Mansion had become a lintel dazzling family overnight because of Xu You Rong.

However, this sudden rise was caused by some external factors and conditions.

Because the Heavenly Sea Sovereign Queen was in power, it was reasonable for the Divine General's residence to continue to have this kind of power.


The previous Divine General Mansion was not good.

Because of this, the current God's Admiralty wasn't very good, and God Capital didn't know how many pairs of eyes were staring at them every day.

For this, the God's General House also knew it well.

So ah.

There weren't many people coming and going on weekdays.

Lest it was bad to be caught by others.

But this time.

But it was different.

Chen Changsheng's arrival had clearly broken the previous spell.

It also broke the idea of the Earth God's General House wanting to continue to keep a low profile.


Chen Changsheng very brazenly appeared at the entrance of the God General's Mansion.

He knew.

There were definitely many pairs of eyes around him, and there were definitely countless people watching him.


The more he watched, the safer he would be.

Although he didn't want to believe that Xu You Rong's parents were unreasonable and unsympathetic people.

But the opera had said it all.

Anything could be done in a hoon family like this ah.

He was actually afraid.

"This time, I'll go ahead and return the marriage."

Chen Changsheng secretly thought, "After all, I don't have anything to offer, and in comparison, there are better people waiting for little Rong'er."

He, on the other hand, would then be able to concentrate on going against the heavens and changing his fate.

Although this matter was difficult.

Difficult to the point of despair, but Chen Changsheng still had to persevere.

He knew.

If he didn't persist, he probably wouldn't have much of a chance.

Looking at the gates of the Divine General's residence in front of him.

It was very majestic.

Although Chen Changsheng's heart was a bit dumbfounded, he still managed to hold back.

He carefully sized it up.

From time to time, he looked at the gate a few times.

Those guarding the gates of the Divine General's Mansion had already noticed him.


Since Chen Changsheng hadn't done anything out of the ordinary in terms of poetry, they held back from saying anything.

It was just that the pair of eyes that did fall on Chen Changsheng were not good.

But any time this brat acted in the slightest bit out of place, they would take him down at the first opportunity and directly press him down to rub the ground.

Although many people were staring at the Divine General's residence.

At the same time.

There were also countless people who wanted to see the Divine General Mansion make a fool of itself, but the majesty of the Divine General Mansion was not to be desecrated or provoked.

The reason for Chen Changsheng's hesitation.

The main reason was that he still hadn't thought of how he should go about making it clear to Xu You Rong's parents.

After all.

Withdrawing a marriage was something that would actually not have a good reputation if it were to spread out.

He kind of didn't think of how to explain it.

To put it simply.

The other God's General's House was also a family with status and standing, especially in these days.

If he rashly went ahead and withdrew his marriage, it was guaranteed that he would be used as material for speculation by people with an interest in the matter.

It would then be bad for the reputation of the Divine General's Mansion instead.


No matter what, this marriage still has to be withdrawn.

Although he was dying, he couldn't hold up someone else's girl because of it, right.

No matter what, he felt that it should be withdrawn.

After thinking clearly.

Chen Changsheng then went forward with conviction.

"Stop, this is the Divine General's residence, no idlers are allowed to trespass, or else you will be killed on the spot!"

The guards looked at Chen Changsheng with a wary face and warned with ill words.

If they hadn't seen that Chen Changsheng was just an ordinary person, not practicing or having true yuan fluctuations, they would have already made their move.

The God's General's Mansion did not say that anyone could explore a thing or two.

At least.

It was like that for them.

It was a duty.

"Please, a few big brothers, I would like to meet your master, I wonder if I may?"

Chen Changsheng said without humility, "This is a token, you may pass it up and take a look at it to argue the truth or falsity."


Chen Changsheng took out a token.

It was left by Old General Xu back then.

It was considered a little remembrance.

Later on, although Xu You Rong had often used the Wind Seeking Crane to correspond with him, it was not good to take it out.

The guards would be suspicious, but did not dare to be lazy, in case this brat really had any relationship with the Xu family, he could not afford to be held accountable in the future.


After receiving the token he hurriedly ran into the divine General's residence and handed this token to Lady Xu who was in charge of the household.

General Xu was usually not at home.

So Madame Xu was the one who made the decision.

"Madame, this is..."

The guard told Chen Changsheng and the token once more, then respectfully handed it over.

Lady Xu glanced at it faintly and her face changed abruptly, "Go, lead the people to the living room and serve butterfly tea, although this is a precious tea that can only be bought for one tael of silver for five taels."


Profoundly thick there was old Sister to lead the order down.

And she didn't dare to say much.

It was obvious.

Madame Xu had already guessed who Chen Changsheng was and what he had come for.

If the old mistress hadn't died, she might have answered her as to why the marriage was set back then.

Her family's but a phoenix.

The living room.

The tea on the case Chen Changsheng only took a sip, which was just a stain on his lips that were a little dry.

After all, he is in someone's house, somewhat embarrassed, it will look less respectful.

At the same time, it would also appear impolite.

During these years.

He not only read through the Daoist Tibetan, but also learned quite a few things about benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom through the Daoist Tibetan.

It wasn't that he didn't want to drink, but he was afraid of what to do if he drank too much for the toilet.

Since he had decided to come to withdraw.

Then his own attitude can't be Ling mode.


There is a shadow of a person from the door of the inner hall, assisted by the old grandmother, looks quite gorgeously dressed.

It should not be an ordinary person.

Chen Changsheng was slightly stunned, secretly saying, "Has the rightful lord finally come?"

He was a little relieved.

Thinking to himself that he was finally going to finish this one thing.

He slowly stood up and gave a senior salute to the gorgeously dressed lady.

And guessing that the other party was probably the Lady Xu of the Divine General's residence, he reached into his bosom and prepared to bring out that marriage certificate to withdraw.

He had prepared the speech.

Before entering the house, he had prepared his abdominal draft and rehearsed it several times.

There shouldn't be any mistakes.


In Mrs. Xu's opinion, how could Chen Changsheng's poor appearance be worthy of her daughter?

He was clearly a poor boy.

A body of dao clothes had been washed white.

There were no true essence fluctuations on his body, so it was obvious that this was an ordinary person.


Seeing Chen Changsheng's readiness to take the marriage certificate again, she naturally understood.

This brat was a bit impatient.


The Divine General's residence was indeed powerful, and the old master back then had indeed made a marriage contract with it.

But so what?

For a moment, Lady Xu already had an idea in mind.

This marriage certificate could not be taken seriously.

She stretched out her hand to show Chen Changsheng that there was no need to rush, and slowly sat down on the throne.

And after that.

She took the tea brought up by the stewardess, looked at Chen Changsheng, and asked in a calm manner, "Since you came to the Capital, you haven't gone to the Tomb of Heavenly Books yet, have you?

Where's the Naiha Bridge?

Or go see the ivy at the off palace, the view is actually excellent."

Words to the wise.

Why are you in such a hurry?

Or, what exactly is the purpose of your Chen Changsheng hurry?

Was it to settle the marriage with the Xu family as soon as possible, or did she have other ideas.

She wasn't sure.

But she was sure that Chen Changsheng must have such thoughts.

Because the Divine General's residence was no ordinary family, and now that it was like the sun was rising, who wouldn't want to climb up to the Divine General's residence with some relatives?

She had to be so suspicious.

Because Madame Xu felt that Chen Changsheng's heart was really too anxious.


From Chen Changsheng's point of view, Madame Xu was being chilly.

He originally felt that there was no need to chill, but since it was his elder who was speaking, he naturally could not afford to be less polite.

So he responded respectfully, "I haven't been there yet, so I'll wait for a few days before going to see it."

The great name of the Heavenly Shu Mausoleum, he had already heard of it from his own master.

And one of the destinations of this trip also had the Heavenly Book Mausoleum.


In the past, when he was on the mountain, he had heard from his own master that if he wanted to go to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum to have a look, he had to first obtain the first place in the first rank of the Grand Dynasty Examination.

Otherwise, there was no qualification and no quota to enter the Heavenly Book Mausoleum One View.

As for the Naihe Bridge.

Rather, I've seen it from the Dao Secrets, and it's also a beautiful spot in the Divine Capital, quite a story.

That Departure Palace Ivy, however, was not something that anyone could see, and it was said that it was something that belonged to Lord Pope.

But at the moment.

Madame Xu was clearly not paying attention to this.

Her hand holding the lid of the tea bowl suddenly and very abruptly stopped in mid-air, and she couldn't help but ask, "So, once you arrived at the Divine Capital, you came to my Divine General's residence first?"

That's why you're in such a hurry?

Chen Changsheng answered honestly, "I didn't dare to delay, and rushed here after coming to the divine Capital."

Lady Xu: "........"

Is this the way to treat my Divine General Mansion as an easy target?

She thought to herself.

"So that's how it is."

Lady Xu slowly raised her head and coldly looked at Chen Changsheng, thinking to herself, "It's ridiculous that a down-and-out young man from a poor countryside, not attracted by the prosperity and scenery of God's Capital, would come directly to my God's General Palace to talk about marriage with such enthusiasm and eagerness of mind."

Was he so eager to get married?


How could he be so sure that he would be as he wished?

Or was he actually afraid of failure, so he was the first to try?

Madame Xu's heart could not help but think of many things.

Chen Changsheng did not understand the meaning of Mrs. Xu's words, he stood up and once again put his hand in his bosom, ready to take out the marriage certificate and hand it back.

Preparing to withdraw the marriage.

Since he had already made up his mind, he wasn't going to consider anything more.

For it was pointless for him to consider anything else.

A dying man.

There was no need to consider so much.

He needed to leave sufficient time to come, so that he could then prepare for the Great Court Trial.

Although Chen Changsheng was satisfied with his reserves, the Great Pilgrimage Exam was only one chance for him ah.


There was no room for the slightest bit of carelessness.

Naturally, there was no need to pay attention to Lady Xu's appearance at all times.

He was also unaware that he had unintentionally created a misunderstanding.

Madame Xu looked at him and became even more indifferent, saying indifferently, "I will not agree to this marriage, even if you take out the marriage certificate, it will not have any meaning, so you might as well not take it out."

Chen Changsheng probably did not expect that he would actually hear these words, and was startled for a moment.

He didn't react for a while.

He had only come to withdraw his marriage ah.

Not to discuss the marriage, after all, someone like him was not destined to give Xu You Rong happiness, nor could he accompany her to her old age.

Even ten more years wouldn't do it.

That's why he wanted to come to withdraw from the marriage.


It was really too difficult to change his life against the sky.

So difficult that he himself was unsure of it, so he was afraid that he would delay Xu You Rong, and that's why he came to withdraw from the marriage.


Chen Changsheng never expected that Madame Xu would actually say such a speech to him, which simply made him half prepared.

He was startled on the spot.

Also a long time without words.


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