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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1165 - Great Zhou Divine Capital (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Great Zhou.

Hundreds of years have passed since His Imperial Majesty Taizong, along with many of his colleagues, founded it over eight hundred years ago.

All these years.

There had been the establishment of the National Teaching Academy to establish the country.

And after that.

There had been academies like the Heavenly Dao Academy and the Star Picking Academy, followed by the Thirteen Divisions of Green Shine and so on.

Of course.


There was even that Southern Sacred Land.

And the emergence of that Departure Mountain Sword Sect and other sects and sects.

It could be said that a hundred flowers were blooming.

Calling countless people to yearn for it.


It was a pity that that place of the Departing Mountain Sword Sect was too far away, ordinary people wouldn't even go there.

This trip.

It was only Chen Changsheng and Jiang Hou.

Along the way.

Instead, there were some demons and devils that were ready to hit them, but after being educated by Jiang Lack, they obediently served up all the treasures, essence blood, and so on.

As for the ones that didn't.


That's simple.


It didn't matter what kind of existence you were, as long as there was blood to be released.

He won't need it.

But in the future, when you go to the capital, you may need it.

There will be a great benefit then.


On this journey, Jiang Hou did collect the blood of many people, demons and devils.

Although it was a bit cruel, since the other party had made the first move, Chen Changsheng didn't say much.

It was just that his heart was a little uncomfortable.

After all, Jiang Hou's method was actually somewhat cruel, and those unlucky souls who had been let out of their blood didn't know if they could continue to live alone.

It would be difficult to think about it.

After all, losing too much blood.

It was difficult.

The next time.

Jiang Xiao and Chen Changsheng both soon arrived at the divine Capital.

The capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Not only was it a place of magnificent treasures, but it was also rich in spiritual energy, making it a good place for cultivation.

Of course.

Most of the resources that the world used for cultivation were actually natural stars.

They all felt that the formation possessed great power, and if they could make use of it, there should be surprising results.

They might be able to gain great benefits.

By then.

Wouldn't it be better.

That was why very few people used their aura to cultivate.


It was very, very large.

At least much larger than the Xining town that Chen Changsheng had seen, it had countless shops.

The main street was even more crowded with people and traffic, like a giant bazaar, with all sorts of people who knew how to cultivate, as well as those who did not, walking.

Living a comfortable life.

It was wonderful.

Of course.

A place like God's Capital was also destined to be a place of incomparable reality.

Let's not even talk about Erdogan.

It's a place where no money is an inch away.


No one could stand in the way of the power of money, and without money, even cultivation was difficult.

God's Capital was such an extremely realistic place.

Although Jiang Qian had never been to the God Capital, he was clear about it.

"Changsheng, this is the God Capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty, you've only seen it on the Dao Collection before, do you have any other ideas now that you've witnessed it with your own eyes?"

Jiang Qiao asked curiously.

He had seen cities that were even more majestic and huge than this, even in the Immortal World, cities were much bigger than this.

After comparing them, the divine Capital was far from it.


For Chen Changsheng's sake, this was the first time he had ever seen such a large city.

It was really nice.

It was a place that was said to be enormous.

A bustling city with people coming and going, but it was exciting to look at.


Most people have always liked big cities, I guess.

"It's very prosperous and beautiful."

Chen Changsheng said, "It would be quite nice to live in a place like this and cultivate."

After all, there were many more people to befriend.

And this place.

It would be a paradise for many people.

Chen Changsheng, who came here for the first time, also saw a scene of this prosperous world.

He was somewhat looking forward to it.

At the same time, he was also somewhat confused and bewildered.

This city was still a very strange place to him, and he could not understand it.


This was not the life he wanted to live here either.

The future.

He wasn't sure what would happen.

But there were some things he needed to fix before he could.

Otherwise, his conscience would be hard to settle ah.

Jiang Chi looked at Chen Changsheng indifferently, "What do you plan to do next?"

"Go to the Xu Family."

Chen Changsheng said, "I once asked around, the Xu family is now in the divine capital and it was imperially bestowed as a divine general's residence by the Holy Queen."

Jiang Jiang: "........"

He was so stunned that he had to ask, "When did you ask about this, and why didn't I know?"

He really didn't know.

Because he hadn't seen Chen Changsheng to find out.

"On the way here, I had asked some people about it, but you didn't pay attention then, Brother Jiang."

Chen Changsheng explained.


Even the Divine General's residence had asked for clarification.

It seemed that Chen Changsheng was determined to retreat from the marriage.


This was his own business.

It had nothing to do with himself.

He could do whatever he wanted, and if Chen Changsheng insisted on not retiring the marriage, he would agree to it.

Of course.

Withdrawing the marriage he also insisted.

After all.

Chen Changsheng was going to change his life against the odds, and it wasn't clear what would happen in the future.

Maybe he would die.

It was good to retreat.

That Xu family was very snobbish anyway.

He was supportive of the retreat.


There was one thing that Jiang Chi didn't support, "Right now, we've only just arrived in God's Capital, so there's no need to be so quick.

Why don't we go eat something first, and then go after we've had enough to eat and drink.

It's not a day or two away."

But he was tired.

But Chen Changsheng shook his head slightly, "Brother Jiang, I came here mainly for these two things, and now that we're in the capital, none of them have been settled yet.

You go eat first, and I'll go to that God's Capital on my own, it's my own business anyway."

It was not good for Jiang Chi to go instead.


Jiang Chi instead took a deep look at Chen Changsheng, "This brat doesn't actually fear the majesty of the Divine General's Mansion, but he has some blood."


If he was to be asked to accompany Chen Changsheng to the Divine General's Mansion to withdraw his marriage, he wouldn't be very willing to do so.

Just right.

If Chen Changsheng wanted to go, he could go.

Everyone would be fine in the God's Capital for a while anyway.

You can also have a good trip yourself.

There were also plenty of good food in the God's Capital that could be bought if one had money.

It was Jiang Chiang who was rich.

He had scavenged a lot of good things on this journey.

The blood of those demons and monsters could also be sold for money, but he wasn't going to sell it.

Wouldn't it be nice to use it to lay some simple formations.


Jiang Xiao was researching formations.

There were quite a few of them in the secret manuals he had collected in the past that were about formation techniques.

Now that he was fine, it was a good time to take them out and study them.


Jiang Jiang couldn't deny that he had a dull aptitude, nor could he deny that he basically had little understanding of the array technique.

But he still persisted.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Ji said to Chen Changsheng, "That's fine, I'll stay at the largest and most prosperous inn in the Divine Capital, so if you need anything, you can come directly to me.

If you need anything, you can come to me directly. You can make your own decision about withdrawing your marriage.

Eternal Life, you are now fourteen years old, but I also have to tell you that this trip to the God's Capital is destined to be dangerous, not to mention life-threatening.

You have to be careful."


Chen Changsheng nodded, "Brother Jiang, don't worry, this trip may be a risky one, but they definitely won't dare to do anything to me."

Xu You Rong's parents wanted to be reasonable.

Moreover, they were only going to withdraw from the marriage, not to do anything else, it should be fine.

After thinking clearly about these circumstances.

Chen Changsheng became confident, "I came to the divine Capital, and this trip to that divine General's residence is destined to be seen by many people, whether it's to take care of my reputation or for other reasons as well, the divine General's residence should not do anything to me."

In response to this.

Chen Changsheng had a great deal of confidence in his heart.


Jiang Mo nodded, "Since you've said that, I won't say anything more, your future path is destined to be incredibly rugged."

There was one more thing that Jiang lacked to say.

People would change.

No matter if they were men or women.

The Xu family had fallen from grace and been hunted, and the old master had even nearly perished.


Regardless of what had happened in the past, it was all in the past.

The Xu family now was different.

They were now the majestic Divine Capital, with a daughter as heavenly and true-blooded as Xu You Rong, and the Xu Family was destined to be favored by the Holy Queen.


The current situation was unfavorable for the Xu family.

Chen Changsheng must be carrying the marriage certificate to go.

And it was still going in a righteous manner.

It was unknown how many people in the entire divine Capital were watching the divine Capital every day.

Anyway, there were pairs of eyes staring at the Divine General's residence from all sides of the entire Divine Capital.

This might include that holy queen of the court.


It was precisely because he understood these circumstances that Chen Changsheng was certain that the Divine General's Mansion would not dare to do anything to him.

At least.

They didn't dare to brazenly do anything to themselves, "Otherwise, they will definitely be held in check by other forces, and they will also have irreconcilable conflicts arising."

He knows this very well.

Having read the Dao Tibetan.

Chen Changsheng was very good at how to find what was in his best interest, perhaps he had learned it from books.

This is probably called borrowing power?

After parting with Chen Changsheng.

Jiang Chi then wandered around God's Capital on his own, and half a day later, he went headfirst into the largest and most prosperous inn in God's Capital.

"Little Two, give me an upper room, and also make me some good wine and food to serve up."

Jiang Chi's faint voice sounded, while the inn's second-in-command busily responded, "Objective, wait a moment, it will be ready right away."

There was a little second who led him to one of the best rooms, and there was also a little second who rushed down with the menu.

Of course.

Money was scarce for these people.

Jiang Lack had plenty of money.

So it didn't care at all, spreading it out in a big way was very generous.

If it's gone, there's naturally somewhere to take it.

For example, that sea family.

Wasn't it just a depository.

At least for Jiang lacked it.

The largest and most prosperous inn, naturally, couldn't be like the one Chen Changsheng encountered, where the golden-winged roc's wings were just chicken wings.

No one here dared to do that.

It was because of this that Jiang Lack was satisfied.

Serving the food was also fast.

Although with a cultivation to his level, it was fine to not have to eat at all.

But in reality.

Jiang Ciao would still eat to be blessed with a mouthful of food.

Otherwise, if he didn't even have a hobby anymore, it would be meaningless to live that life.

Anyway, now ah.

He was invincible, so he lived with the attitude of playing the game on earth, and did whatever he wanted to do.

And there was no need to take into account whoever and whoever.

There was absolutely no need to take that much care, he looked so calm.

This most prosperous and largest inn was just different than normal, there was basically no one to bother here.

After all, they were all separate rooms.

It was just a bit more expensive, but Jiang Xiao felt nothing.

If anything in the world could be solved with money, it wouldn't be a problem, after all, he Jiang Guiao lacked everything, just not money.

He would never treat himself badly either.

Anyway, coming to this side of the world, how could he do himself justice if he didn't enjoy himself.

With this thought in mind.

Jiang Xiao had an idea in mind, let's eat a good meal first.

For an ordinary person in the divine Capital.


One would never have the chance to eat and drink at such a luxurious inn in one's life.

After all.

If a person couldn't embark on the path of cultivation, if they couldn't condense their spirit, set their stars, or wash their marrow, then they were basically considered useless.

And in the divine Capital.

There were many such people.

At least, most of them were unable to successfully wash their marrow.

The heavens.

There was only that portion of people who were blessed by the heavens, who were able to draw the stars into their bodies and wash the marrow.

And thus sit and observe themselves.

If they don't even have some, how can they talk about cultivation.

For many people, their lifelong wish is to send their children to an institute like the Heavenly Tao Institute.

No matter how bad it is, they can still go to the Star Picking Academy.

Of course.

If it was a woman, then one could consider the Thirteen Divisions of Cyangyao.

It was too far away from a place like the Mountain Sword Sect.

It was really somewhat undesirable.

Not everyone was like Xu You Rong, who could go to the Southern Sacred Land to cultivate....

Children of ordinary people, if their talent is not particularly outstanding.

Probably just ordinary people all their lives.


Chen Changsheng was filled with anticipation, "This time when I go to the Xu family, I'm sure I'll be able to withdraw from the marriage, I wonder if the old master Xu from back then is still around?"


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