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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1163 - Ten Years Later (Seeking Subscriptions)

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If the most ruthless thing in the world.

Neither person nor thing.

And it is time.

It's the most heartless and ruthless.

It doesn't care if you're a cultivator or an ordinary commoner, there's only one end to it.

A first class passing.

It was nothing more than the size of the marks.


Even to Jiang Xiao, time was a ruthless thing.

Ten years passed by in a hurry.

Chen Changsheng and the rest had read through the Dao Tibetan, memorized many classics, and also learned a lot of Immortal Dao knowledge along with Jiang Xiao.

Of course.

It was only limited to knowledge.

In reality, there were many things they did not know, such as cultivation.

The Immortal Dao's cultivation method was bizarre and special, so they didn't know about all of it.


Both Chen Changsheng and Yu had fantasized like this.

It was just that Jiang Xiao did not think like this, and he frowned, naturally not giving them any chance.

Not even half a bit.

Jiang Lack's faint mood was like clutter, ten years had passed.

The Ji Daoist hadn't found many lifestar cultivation techniques, so he hadn't acquired any more world origins either.

At most, he had only consolidated the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm that he had broken through before.

The Counting Daoist himself, however, had only exchanged the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Although he had also cultivated to the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm during these ten years, that was all.

Subsequent methods needed to be exchanged for more Life Star Merits, but unfortunately he didn't have any.

This led to a serious problem, he didn't continue to cultivate the Immortal Dao.

The future path.

It seemed that it was once again broken.

This was a terrifying event for the Countermeasure Daoist, making him feel like he wasn't hopelessly strong in this life.

After all.

In his previous perception, the Immortal Dao should be able to help him reach the peak and become a king.


He had also asked around and no one knew about the Immortal Dao, only Jiang lacked the Immortal Dao method here.

Otherwise, he, Ji Daoist, wouldn't be like this.

He knew very well that Jiang Lack was the main thing, otherwise everything would be useless.


Was he going to carry out another method next.

Ji Daoist's heart only felt hurt.

The techniques he had worked so hard to collect could only be exchanged for a late stage Foundation Establishment Immortal Dao technique.

Although the merit method was good.

The late Foundation Establishment Realm was also strong though, and there were some divine powers and spells now.


After all, he hadn't been taught orthodox Immortal Dao spells by Jiang Xiao, so it was a bit unorthodox to perform them.


Even so.

It was quite a good thing for the Counting Daoist to do.


His heart was a bit incredulous.

Finding another technique.

Rather, it was a good choice.


There was no way for him to do anything about it now ah.

It was hard for him too ah.

There weren't any extra merit methods left.

All those star cultivation methods that he could collect, he had collected them all.

There wasn't much left anymore.

So much so.

What did he have left?

There simply wasn't much work left for him to take.

Or rather.

Next, he didn't have anything to trade with Jiang lacked.


There were some valuable merit methods in the major academies and sects.

But those places.

Without exception, he couldn't obtain any of them.

This was awkward.

A moment.

It was extraordinarily different.

Ji Daoist actually felt bitter in his heart.

How come he didn't have a chance himself.

If there had been.

Wouldn't that mean something different.

Not to mention the Foundation Establishment realm, even more powerful feats might be available ah.

After the Foundation Establishment Realm.

It would be that one of the true Immortal Realms, the Jie Dan Realm.

A powerful realm that could display all sorts of Immortal divine spells, it was a desirable one.

If one could reach it in one's lifetime.

It would also be a good thing.

It was just a pity.

Jiang Mo didn't treat him well.

It also led to the fact that now, in front of Jiang Liao, the planter was actually in a very awkward position.

When there were merit methods, Jiang Chi still treated him politely.

When there were no merit methods.

Who cares what he does so much.

Anyway, in his eyes, this Ji Daoist was nothing more than a powerful old yin dog.

Of course.

This so-called reality.

Jiang Qian also admitted.

He didn't look favorably on the Plan Daoist, nor did he like him, so he felt that this person's existence was meaningless.

These past ten years or so.

Jiang Kou had instead regularly closed the door to cultivate.

So even the Counting Daoist could come to an out of sight out of mind, but he was barely able to get by.

So uncomfortable.


Eventually, the Daoist Master had to choose.

Go searching all over the world for a technique?

Or should he give up on the Immortal Dao and continue cultivating that Destiny Star Dharma Gate.

He didn't think in his mind.

It was true that the Immortal Dao could see the future, but the techniques were with Jiang Xiao, and he had no way to acquire them.

There wasn't any other way other than to continue to exchange for that Destiny Star cultivation technique.

That would be a great loss.

Ten years passed.

Jiang Hou was out of the gate.

And Yu Ren and Chen Changsheng, too, had grown up.

They turned into a teenage boy, but their brows were much clearer.

It looked like they hadn't missed looking at Daozo all these years.

Chen Changsheng was still in that state.

A sickly state.

It was so pitiful.

This man was miserable.

Jiang Chi slowly pushed open the door and saw Chen Changsheng, who was drying herbs in the courtyard, and said to him, "O Changsheng, haven't you cultivated all these years?"

"Brother Jiang, you're out of the gate?"

Chen Changsheng immediately put down the herbs in his hands and ran over to Jiang Jian to take a closer look.

It really was his big brother Jiang.

He was really out of the gate.


Chen Changsheng thought that Jiang Chi would continue to be in seclusion for countless years and months, but he didn't expect that he had only been in seclusion for a few years this time.

He was already very accustomed to the fact that Jiang Lack needed to spend long periods of time in closed-door cultivation.

Jiang Chi was like this in the past.

A year and a half of seclusion at every turn, and he didn't know what he was secluding.

He didn't understand what he was breaking through.

Jiang Chi's words, however, made him feel a little depressed.

A bitter smile.

Chen Changsheng said to Jiang Chi, "Brother Jiang you're right, I haven't even cultivated up to now.

Master said that I was sick, I asked him if he could heal me and he told me that he couldn't.

So this is my fate."

Born to be unable to cultivate.

Jiang Ji: "..."

between heaven and earth.

It is true that there are some people who cannot practice.


Such people definitely did not include Chen Changsheng.

You can't practice because you have the power of the stars in your body?

According to Jiang Gou, this was not only practiceable, but also twice as effective with half the effort.

Of course.

It was practicing the Dao of Immortality.

That was why it was said that Destiny Star's cultivation method should be flawed.

If Chen Changsheng was willing to abandon the Plan Daoist and follow him to cultivate Immortality, he might have already formed a Golden Dan.

Where was the need to live such a miserable life now.

The extra star power within his body could clearly be used as nourishment for cultivation.

That way, one could practice with half the effort and become a big brother long ago.


Because of the Destiny Star Technique, it caused such a good seedling as Chen Changsheng to be ruined.

"However, there's still a chance."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "In a few days, it should be the day when Chen Changsheng will descend from the mountain, and then he will have to leave this Xining town and head to the God Capital."

In the following time.

He could guide Chen Changsheng to cultivate the Dao of Immortality.

It could be considered leaving some Immortal Dao in this world, but while the Counting Daoist also cultivated it, the Counting Daoist he didn't take it to heart at all.

It was just a mere late stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

It was not a true immortal cultivator at all.

It hadn't yet formed a dan.

Everything was still up in the air.

And it was possible for Chen Changsheng to pass on his Immortal Dao, after all, he was the protagonist.

And a very special one at that.

So it would definitely work.

But for now.

Chen Changsheng was still suffering.

It was time for him to suffer now, so that his heart would be as solid as a rock ah.

Otherwise, how could there be any heart for the Way.

Ten years of time.

It's enough to wear down many things.

Including the years and so on.

It also wore down to nothing.

Jiang Chi looked at Chen Changsheng calmly, "Chang Sheng ah, you've changed him quite a bit over the years."

It did look great.

It was a leap from a small child to a teenage boy now.

"Big Brother Jiang, have you broken through again this time?"

Chen Changsheng inquired curiously.

According to past experience, Jiang lacked every time he closed the gate, he would come out only after gaining something.


Was it the same this time as well.

He was actually somewhat looking forward to it.

After all.

He didn't know how strong Jiang Lack's entire body of strength was, he was just clear that this person was much stronger than he had imagined.

Probably the kind that was unreachable by himself.

He thought so.

The look was a bit strange.

Jiang Chi shook his head slightly and said, "It's not much of a breakthrough, it's just that what I broke through before, I've just closed the gate to consolidate it this time too."


Even so.

It was enough for Chen Changsheng to be envious.

Cultivation ah.

He also wanted to cultivate.


His own fate was bad, so he couldn't cultivate.

It would be good if he could also cultivate.

"Eternal Life, there are wind-seeking cranes coming."

In the distance.

The sound of a white crane crowing rang out.

Jiang Ji looked up, but it was the wind-seeking crane that had come.

Perhaps because Jiang Hou had opened the opening of the formation boundary, all of the wind-seeking cranes were able to fly in.

Chen Changsheng was stunned at the news.

It had been many years since he had seen a Wind Seeking Crane.

This sudden appearance, however, surprised him, "For so many years, the Wind Seeking Crane has not appeared, I thought she had forgotten..."

If it wasn't for Jiang Xiao reminding him, he would have been about to forget about the matter of seeking the Wind Crane.

It turned out.

She hadn't forgotten herself.

It turned out.

It was just that he hadn't seen it.


Will there still be wind-seeking cranes in the future?

"But I'm not going to live that long."

The future was looking bleak.

He simply didn't know what to do.

"Perhaps, between me and Little Rong'er, it's destined to be fate."

Chen Changsheng sighed grudgingly, "Perhaps, I should go to the divine Capital to make things clear."

That would be good.

It would save other troubles that would arise.

After thinking clearly.

Chen Changsheng's thoughts were clear.

He was also clear that he was just an invalid, an ordinary person who didn't know anything.

It was not worthy of Xu You Rong.


He planned to go to the God Capital to try to see if he could change his fate against the heavens, and also go to that God Capital to find Xu You Rong to clarify.

He wanted to withdraw this marriage.

Can't delay someone's girl ah.

We can't do whatever we want too much.

Chen Changsheng's heart was somewhat saddened by how happy they were together when Xu You Rong was still young.

Green plum and bamboo horse, two little ones.

It should have been the happiest and luckiest couple, but the ending now was sad.

Very helpless.

Chen Changsheng didn't say anything more.

Instead, Jiang Xiao said, "Changsheng, are you planning to go to the God Capital?"


"Are you still planning to withdraw?"



"Because I won't live much longer, and I don't want to delay Little Rong'er, so let her forget about me."

"Do you know what was written in the letter that this wind-seeking crane brought?"

"I don't know, but I don't want to know anymore."

"And why is that?"

"Because it doesn't make sense anymore."

"So, is that why you insist on going to the Capitol?"

"Sort of."

"Do you know that even if you go to God's Capital, you may not see Xu You Rong, and it may not really be what you want it to be."

"I'm still going, how do I know the outcome if I don't try, maybe if I back out, I'll have another ending, but that's not the real me."


Jiang Xiao originally wanted to persuade.

But now.

Seeing how resolute Chen Changsheng was, he was too embarrassed to persuade anymore.

Persuading was tantamount to persuading in vain.

There was also no point to be made ah.

Forget it.

Since he was optimistic about Chen Changsheng, the worst that could happen was that he would accompany him on a trip to the divine Capital.

"Anyway, with the strength of my cultivation, no one can compare." Jiang Qian secretly thought in his heart.


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