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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1162 - Big Brother, Give a Way Out (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Fate was unpredictable.

The middle-aged Daoist, Ji Daoist, could never have imagined that he would one day abandon the Fate Star and cultivate the Dao of Immortality.

He hurriedly said, "Fellow Daoist, these days I have gone down to this green mountain, looking around for some techniques."

This world.

Since the establishment of the Great Zhou Dynasty eight hundred years ago, after the death of Emperor Taizong, it had been the orthodox world.

And throughout the ages.

There were only three people who could change their lives successfully.

Chen Changsheng wanted to change his life.

And Naturally, Ji Daoist also wanted to change his life.

Immortal Dao was his goal, maybe he could change his life successfully.

As for the success or not.

He felt that it would depend on Jiang Chi.

Over the past eight hundred years, only three people in the Great Zhou Dynasty had succeeded in changing their lives.

Ji Daoist felt.

If he continued to cultivate the Dao of Immortality, he would be able to change his life after that scattered person.

If he could succeed.

Everything would be fine.

After thinking of this, Ji Daoist continued, "Daoist, how much can you see in exchange for some Destiny Star Technique?"

He got a little curious.

If it was possible.

Then, it wasn't impossible.

Jiang Chi frowned slightly, "There are about hundreds of techniques and body and step methods combined, but most of them are just ordinary secret manuals, not precious enough.



"At most, it can give you the early stages of Foundation Establishment, and the ones that follow really aren't worth it, so your most important thing is to find some worthwhile techniques."

"For example..."

"For example, that Wen Shui Sword Technique and so on, it should be very useful, you can go find it out."



The Ji Daoist was almost crying in fear.

It was really a bit of a brain ache, hundreds of secret dao books, but only in exchange for the early stage of Foundation Establishment.

What about after that.

Was there a need for more.

Thinking about it made him feel numb and appalled for a while.

The heavens.

Where were there so many merit methods.

Even if one searched all the merit methods under this sky, there wouldn't be many of them.

Now it was only the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm's methods.

What about the mid and late stages?

Or even concluding?

Once that happened, where would he get any power to exchange.

Not even to sell.

That would be miserable.

What would he do with it if he couldn't go up or down by then?

There's simply no way.

There is really no way to help the flowers fall away.


Even if the planter doesn't choose, there's actually nothing he can do anymore, some things are not his turn to choose.

Fate was unpredictable.

The Ji Daoist sighed inwardly.

His heart wasn't at peace.

He didn't know where he could find the next technique, and what if he couldn't find it.

Wouldn't he be stuck there.

Wouldn't everything he did in the future have to be controlled by Jiang?

Jiang lacked.

This is a real big man, the countenance thought so in his heart, with some anticipation.

What if....?

It's not really a bad thing if you can.

"So, if I want to cling to his thighs, can I get rich too?"

Ji Daoist thought so.

It was just a mere thought, and he was a little afraid to act on it.

Because of fear.

Jiang Xiao was the most unconventional person, and he was actually a bit worried.

In case....

It's not going to be miserable.


In fact, Jiang Gui could see very clearly that the Plan Daoist was now completely under his control.

There was simply no other way.

That was fine.

He could see perfectly well that there were some things that, although he didn't want to be in charge, but if he took care of them in passing, he could actually still do so.


Just reluctantly hug a thigh?

Isn't that okay.

And so.

The Ji Daoist then said to Jiang Ji, "Fellow Daoist, there is something I don't know whether to say or not."


Jiang lacked: "........"

He gave a faint glance at the calculating Daoist, "What does the Daoist have to say?

If you're really reluctant, it's best not to say anything.

That way you're good, I'm good, everyone's good."


Daoist Ji was suddenly choked by Jiang Qian's words and was unable to say anything else.

He cryptically continued, "Fellow Daoist, ahem, this matter is actually quite relevant to you as well, so..."

He wanted to understand.

Are you Jiang lacking, and are you still lacking little brothers?

Or does a big guy like you still need company?

After all.

Someone like Jiang Chi was a big Immortal cultivator, and if he could cling to this person's thigh.

The future was boundless also.

Definitely Hui will get better.

The Daoist knew this in his heart.

Jiang Jiang smiled slightly, "Daoist, it's better if you don't say anything."


"Because for don't want to hear ah, actually I know those thoughts even if you don't say them, but I just don't want to hear them."



The Ji Daoist looked deeply at Jiang Gou, "Fellow Daoist, you seriously don't give a bit of a chance?"

"It's not that I don't give it."

Jiang Qiao said, "It's just that I can't give it, and you know that I'm a person who likes a calm and unhurried life and doesn't like all those detours."

"Does it matter?" The Ji Daoist was puzzled.

The face was a bit unhappy.

He said in his heart, "What else do you want to do, I just want to be your little brother, is that even okay?"

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

If it wasn't for the fact that Jiang Xiao knew how to cultivate the Immortal Dao, he wouldn't have bothered to say these unpleasant words.

It was actually all a bit against his own instincts.

He was annoyed.

His face darkened, "Fellow Daoist, although you can find someone else to obtain the Destiny Star's cultivation method, I think I'm the best choice, don't you think?"


Jiang Gou looked slightly moved, "I don't feel that way, you're probably overthinking it, Daoist."

Wanting to hug his thigh.


No door right.

Jiang Qiao was cold and continued, "Daoist, there is only one transaction between us, nothing else exists."




Even more non-existent.


If Chen Changsheng wasn't still young, or if the real drama hadn't started yet.

He, Jiang Lacking Jiang Someone, would want to leave right now.

While green mountains and green waters were all quite nice, in reality, this green mountain and green water wasn't all he had after all.

It was fine to live in seclusion later.


Living in seclusion wouldn't be the life he wanted to live.

At least not currently.

Jiang Mo's gaze burned with a deep look, secretly saying, "I don't want to have any other collusion with this old thing, he's too deep-hearted."

Can't be good friends with that.


This kind of person is the easiest to become a villain, you don't even know how much calculations are in his heart.

This kind of living for the sake of living in the small town of Xining, cripplingly alive.

What he was thinking about, Jiang Gui was clear about it.

This man.

Just wasn't an ordinary monk.

Although the calculator didn't have a cultivation from the Saint Realm, but what Jiang Kou knew, the calculator also had a name, Shang Xingzhou.

-- That is, the former head of the National Foot Academy, Shang Xingzhou.

A very terrifying existence that was now scraping to live in this Xining town, merely trying to calculate something.


I don't want to get involved in it, nor do I want to be counted because of the various calculations of the Counting Man.

Or to count something.

He didn't want any of that, and it was pointless to calculate and calculate and calculate.

If it was possible, this was fine for now, it was just purely a pure transaction between them.

You take the merit, I'll take the merit.

That's all.

The rest is even more non-existent.

As for the Daoist treasures.

It's worthless.

It's just a matter of looking at it.

Most of the three thousand Dao Treasures were just recorded with some strange stories.

After all.

It had been more than eight hundred years since the Great Zhou Dynasty was founded.

The divine stones that had fallen from the sky had already been forged into the Mausoleum of Heavenly Books.

It was actually very difficult for any ordinary cultivator to go to the Heavenly Book Mausoleum and take a look at the Heavenly Book.

Of course.

These went far afield.


The Ji Daoist just wanted to beg Jiang Lack to give him a way out, otherwise how would that work.

Chen Changsheng was a very important and crucial pawn in the future plans.

And he, the Ji Daoist himself, was likewise so.


That was why he wanted to cling to Jiang Lack's thigh, "Fellow Daoist, do you see if there is any room for discussion, as well as maneuvering, in this matter?"

He was looking forward to it.

Negotiate a ghost.

Jiang Chi's face was cold and sideways as he responded to Daoist Plan, "Daoist Master is joking, Dao can be Dao, very Dao, this is the will of the heavens, not something that can be changed by human power."

Ji Daoist: "........"


He couldn't help but darken his old face and thought, "Do you think I'm stupid, don't I know what the reasoning is?"

If you don't want to give a thigh, don't give a thigh.

It's just one less way to live.

It's nothing but an empty joy.

But he wasn't discouraged.

After all....

It wasn't easy to say such things.

It was just that Jiang Lack's attitude was a bit resolute, which made the countenance a bit depressing.

If he had known that it was like this, he wouldn't have said that, and he might have doubled his face now.

It was also quite good.

Now instead, there was a feeling of riding a hard horse.

It always felt like something was about to happen.

Next moment.

Jiang Xiao continued, "Daoist, it's getting late, Chang Sheng and Yu Ren and the others are still waiting for you to teach them.

Don't delay, go quickly."

Daoist Ji: "........"

He suddenly had a strong urge to punch someone.

This guy was clearly doing it on purpose.

Chen Changsheng and the rest were already quite old, they didn't need to be in charge at all.

Whether it was leading the Three Thousand Dao Treasures, or teaching them how to read and behave, there was no need for him to emphasize on it.

But now.

By bringing this up, Jiang Mo was clearly trying to tell him.

It's time for you to leave.

There was such a layer of meaning.

For a moment, the Ji Daoist felt whether or not it was a mistake for him to take Jiang Gou in on this green hill.

It could very well be what someone else said.

Lifting a stone to smash his own feet.

He felt that his feet were probably going to swell.

It wasn't worth it.

But offhand, he didn't know how to refute Jiang Lack.

Not to mention that this person was actually very strong.

The outrageously strong kind.

What if he got angry?

And what to do about it.

He thought of all the ways he could not cope.

This was where life became dull.

Jiang lacked a smiling face and looked like a harmless person.

In reality.

He was quite happy when he saw the planter take a beating.

"I couldn't stand this old thing in the past, let alone now."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "He thinks he's so powerful that he can calculate that."

Using Chen Changsheng, who had spent more than a decade raising him with his own hands, as a chess piece, he laid out the entire Great Zhou Dynasty and started a terrifying storm.

This was simply miraculous.

"If I, Jiang Someone, hadn't appeared, he might have actually achieved it, but it's not necessarily true now."

Jiang Chi expressed calm up.

The look was normal.

Chen Changsheng and Yu Ren did need to continue teaching.

Because they were still very young.

Whether it was practicing Zen or comprehending the Three Thousand Dao, they all needed a good teacher.

In fact.

The Ji Daoist was a good teacher.

His reasoning is only one word, and that is said: memorize.

Memorize without stopping.

If you memorize the three thousand Taoist teachings, you will be able to memorize them by heart, and you will be able to gradually understand the various truths of them.

That's also possible, ah.

Of course.

For Jiang Xiao, he didn't need to memorize the Three Thousand Dao Treasures by heart, nor did he need to go over the top to understand them.

He had great strength anyway.

Pushing across the past is.

Strength was the way to go ah.

It was nothing more than one word: push push push push.

It doesn't matter what kind of demons and monsters you are, he'll just crush them.

There might be times when it didn't work, but that was definitely not in this side of the world.

For the Counting Daoist.

Jiang Xiao did not give him a way to live, which made him feel painful and desperate.

The future.

There was probably no hope.

Although there were many Destiny Star cultivation techniques in the heavens, there were many that he couldn't obtain.

For example, that Heavenly Dao Academy's, for example, that Star Picking Academy's.

Another example would be that Southern Sacred Land's, and that so-called Departure Mountain Sword Sect's.

None of these he was able to obtain.


Other than these places, most of the others were just small magic doors.

Difficult to ascend to the great hall of fame.

Even this person Jiang Chi couldn't see it.

What's the point of a vain?

He counted the people helpless as well.


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