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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1161 - If I'm Willing, Yin and Yang Reversed (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Is the practice easy?

Simple as hell.

Never simple, and never ever simple.

The Ji Daoist couldn't help but sputter in secret, only to feel that Jiang Qian was pretending in front of him.

Pretending to be profound and inscrutable, but also deliberately profound and mysterious.

The end was not for the son of a man.

He was clearly planning to discuss the exchange of merit methods, but now this kind of thing was actually happening.

Saying that the question of whether or not cultivation was easy was to convey something again?

He couldn't understand it.

Suddenly a bit confused and bewildered.

What do you mean again.


Ji Daoist interrupted, "Fellow Daoist, let's talk about the matter regarding the exchange of cultivation techniques, nothing else is important, is it?"

To him, those other things were not so important how they were.

Whether you, Jiang Chi, have an unparalleled talent, or are supreme, or whether it's just that your cultivation is simple as you say.


For the Counting Daoist, none of these things had anything to do with him ah.

He only came to discuss the exchange of merit methods.

As for the rest.

He felt that it had nothing to do with him.

The half-assed kind of nothing.

Of course.

The meaning of Jiang Qiao's words was that he didn't guess it right now, nor did he understand the dao of it.

Naturally, he didn't understand.

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "No harm, if Daoist Master doesn't want to exchange merit methods with me anymore, then I'll just exchange someone else, there are plenty of people in the world anyway, so I'm sure someone will be willing.

What's more, I'm the only one in the world who cultivates the Dao of Immortality, so you should think carefully, Daoist.

One wrong step will be the wrong step.

When the time comes when it's irreversible, Daoist Master, you can't blame anyone."

Daoist Ji: "........"

He felt like he should be threatened.

To be threatened again after all these years was a nightmare for the countenance.

He looked cold and stern.

He didn't know if there was a bit of truth in Jiang Gui's words.

Only that.

Previously, it was also true that he had gone down to the mountain to search for more life-star techniques because of Jiang Chi.


He had already inquired about it.

He hadn't heard the slightest bad thing about the Immortal Cultivation System.

It was as if there was no such cultivation system at all.

It was even more as if it was unheard of by others, as if it was a book of heaven.

No one had ever heard of it.

If he hadn't personally cultivated himself to the Great Perfection of the Ancestor Realm, he probably would have doubted even himself.

So for this matter, he actually gradually knew one thing, Jiang Chi was really not telling a lie.

In this world.

The Immortal Dao probably really was something he alone could do.


He could only exchange his skills from Jiang Xiao, and had thought that Jiang Xiao didn't know about it.

Feeling that its young.

He thought that he was young and should not know that much.

Now, it seemed that even if Jiang Kou was not deeply involved in the world and was an exceedingly strong person, it couldn't overshadow the fact that he was a powerful generation.

It couldn't be helped.

The Ji Daoist's heart sank as he secretly said, "This guy, he's clearly making a threat on purpose by saying this."

Unfortunately, he didn't have any evidence to prove it.

For a moment.

He only felt bitter in his heart.

All kinds of helplessness.

It seemed that discussing with Jiang Chi to settle the matter of exchanging merit methods should not work.

The Way of Immortalism.

There is only this one.

There was no other branch.

In that case, he, Ji Daoist, would have no more superfluous options.

He could only give in.

This was a monopoly.

Even if he wanted to change things, he couldn't change anything.

This is the reality.

Ji Daoist's heart was in a mess like twine.

Some came to be depressed.

He actually didn't want to be like this, but the reality was cruel, and it was really hard to stop the bitterness.

"Daoist, it hasn't gotten to that point yet, no."

Daoist Ji was busy saying nice things, "Let's talk about other things, such as your cultivation, now that you've become an immortal, right?"


Although this diversionary skill was a bit rough and far-fetched, it didn't prevent him from admitting the fact that he was a wimp.

Especially in front of Jiang Qian.

He was nothing.

Do you want the Immortal Dao Technique?

The Ji Daoist did indeed need it.

Because even if he didn't want it, he was already in a pool of stagnant water above the cultivation of the Destiny Star.

The only thing that gave him hope was the Immortal Dao Technique.


If he practiced the Immortal Dao himself, he would still be a super genius.

After all, there hadn't been any before.

Now if there suddenly was, it might not necessarily not be a genius.

After thinking of these circumstances, the heart of the calculating Daoist became different.

No matter what, he couldn't lose the thread of Jiang Lack.

He would have to continue exchanging the Immortal Dao Technique.


It would be a terrible disaster for him.

"That's right."

Jiang Chi nodded and continued, "The Immortal Dao Technique is supreme, even I only know a part of it."

"Yes yes yes..."

The Ji Daoist was busy nodding his head up.

Regardless of whether what Jiang Gu was saying was true or not, he agreed to it first, but he couldn't fight against this person anyway.

The Immortal Dao Technique was only this one.

He didn't want to cut himself off from his own path, it wouldn't be worth it.

It was better to think about it.


Jiang Chi, on the other hand, spoke freely, "Daoist, you probably don't know that it's actually really simple to cultivate the Immortal Dao."


Ji Daoist actually wanted to answer, I'm damn clear ah.

It took me a very short period of time to cultivate from Houtian realm to Ancestor realm.

So I've experienced it too.

There's absolutely no problem.

Of course.

He didn't know about the other things.

Not having built a foundation yet, he hadn't really stepped inside the threshold of immortal cultivation.

How it would be in the future wasn't clear to him.

But for now, the countenance had renewed hope of becoming a strong person.


No matter what, he could not give up.

Otherwise, the one giving up might not be the Immortal Dao, but himself.

But for him.

The Immortal Dao was a new hope again.

The Ji Daoist's mind cluttered up, and he even said, "Daoist, don't worry, I will keep my mouth shut and will not disobey you."

You say what you will do.


Jiang was stunned, "Daoist, you may have misunderstood something."


Daoist Ji shook his head and said, "There's no misunderstanding at all, Daoist, you can swap feats as you wish."

He was completely fine with it.

There was no need to say anything else at all.

Jiang Qian: "........"

Why are you bringing this up again?

He was a bit confused.

Surprised, he said, "Daolord, let's talk about this later, let's talk about the cultivation first?"

The Ji Daoist was stunned.

What is there to say about cultivation.

Just practice your own.

Even if it doesn't work, you can still look at the Three Thousand Dao Treasures and learn some ways of doing things.

Wouldn't that be better.

How nice.

Jiang Qiao had big ideas in mind, he had planned to speak with the Plan Daoist about the Dao in it.

By the way, he would see how the future was going to be.

Who knew that it would end up like this.

Instead, he cried and laughed.

"Fellow Daoist, there's nothing to talk about in cultivating the one path."

Wasn't everything normal.

He felt nothing.


Jiang Ji continued, "Everyone else finds it difficult to become an immortal, but I find it very simple and easy."

Wasn't he an Immortal now.

And he was still a late Human Immortal cultivator.

Not worried at all.

Jiang Ji, who had just left the gate, was very happy and wanted to talk to someone about his cultivation.

Originally this object was Chen Changsheng.

But now well.

It had turned out to be the Plan Daoist.


Only the Planter himself looked bitter, he only wanted his own benefits.

As for the matter of cultivation.

He really didn't want to have them, and this fact was a little too embarrassing.

For one thing, he was feeling that Jiang Liao was too pretentious.

After all, it had happened before.

Secondly, there was no need to bring out such things as cultivation to show off ah.

On the other hand, Jiang Lack had no intention of letting him off the hook.

And so.

This unstoppable Plan Daoist was gradually led astray.

He said, "Fellow Daoist, how strong are you, and what kind of skills do Immortals actually possess?"

In fact, the countenance didn't understand.

It just felt that the air on Jiang Liao's body was thick, deep and terrifying.

There was also an aura that looked down upon the world.

It was truly awe-inspiring.

And thus.

Ji Daoist's heart was curious.

What if....?

It's good to know where the upper limit of the Immortal Way is, so you can have a decision to make.

Immortal Dao Myriad Methods.

He actually wanted to have it.


For now, he could only go to Jiang lack to exchange some cultivation methods.

And it was the kind that was priced down.

It was completely uneconomical.

Jiang Gui heard the words, but his eyebrows lightly raised, "I have become an Immortal, late stage of the Human Immortal Realm, you will understand this realm later.

As for how strong an Immortal is.

If I wanted to, I could overturn everything right now, the mountains and rivers are reversed, the yin and yang are reversed, and the universe is in my place."

Ji Daoist: "......."

He was confused.

In his mind, he couldn't help but say, "What do you mean, all of this sounds very mysterious, but it seems like someone from the Saint realm of cultivation can do it."

It was nothing more than the required true essence being a little thicker.


Ji Daoist might not know that.

What Jiang Qiao said was not at all on the same order of magnitude as what he thought.

It wasn't even the same thing.

It was just the same.

Jiang Ji frowned and continued, "Daoist, the future path of the Immortal Dao is still long, even a strong late Human Immortal like me has only touched the threshold of the Immortal Dao.

You, on the other hand.

There's still a long way to go in the future, but if you want to exchange more Immortal Dao gates and magical spells from me, you'll need to go in search of more Destiny Star cultivation methods.

It also includes those body techniques, steps, moves, and so on.

Whether it's the Righteous Path, Demon Path, or Devil Path, I want them all here, and you can see it as recycling.

As for how to recycle the methods, you just need to bring those techniques and I'll naturally have a solution."



Actually, Daoist Kei didn't think much of it.

He looked startled and said, "Daoist friend, don't worry, I will definitely seek out the Destiny Star Technique, Body Technique, Steps, Moves and all other methods in the world for you, I only hope that you will not be stingy in teaching me the techniques of the Immortal Dao."

"That's for sure."

Jiang Ji smiled, "What I just said to you is also my promise, Daoist, you can rest assured that although I am young, I keep my word and there is never a situation where I don't count."

Daoist Ji was worried in his heart though.


At the moment, he didn't think about it that much.

It was just that his mind was complicated.

If he already had the Immortal Dao method in his hands, if he could deduce it, where would he need to make such a scorching exchange?


Everything would have to depend on Jiang Chi.

Otherwise, he, Ji Daoist, would have to temporarily dwell in this remote Xining town just like before.

To live a reclusive life.


Such a life was not what he wanted.

Nor was it something he wanted.

It was the reality that he had to live in this way for a while.

"Then, if I cultivate the Immortal Dao, the future will be different."

Ji Daoist thought in his heart, "Because I'm not strong enough to even be a Slave, I need to practice the Immortal Dao Method, then I won't have to hide and choke, and I won't have to live my life."

That would be the best.

For example, the current Jiang Lack was actually envied by the Counting Daoist.

It was nice to have great strength in one's body.

No demons or monsters existed, and even if they did, it didn't matter.

The worst that can happen is to push across.

There might even be a good outcome.

The Ji Daoist pondered so.


When he looked at Jiang Xiao, he always felt that this person was pretending.

Just pretending in front of him.

He couldn't understand it.

Also very confused.


After the muscles at the corners of his mouth twitched countless times, he finally recognized reality.

Jiang lacked this person.

It really wasn't something he could deal with.

This person was ridiculously strong and terrifyingly strong.


Could he be brought together by himself.

Judging by the previous attitude Jiang lacked towards himself, the countenance felt that there was a chance.

But for now.

He needed more Destiny Star cultivation techniques, after all, he knew about such things as pitching in others' favor.

And so.

A plan was born in Plan Daoist's mind.

"Maybe it's feasible."

Ji Daoist thought silently in his heart.


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