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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1160 - Cultivation Is Simple (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Chi was out of the gate.

The cultivation had ended, and he slowly walked out of the broken door with a calm face.

With a slight shock, he flicked away the dust on his robes.

A white robe.

The end was of extraordinary temperament, by no means ordinary.

The temperament was different.

As he slowly walked out, he was able to see all those extraordinary things, the mountains were mountains before, but now they were not mountains.

It also became different.

That's nice.

Jiang Ji couldn't help but exclaim, "Eternal Life, Yu Ren, what are you two hiding away from?"

He doesn't eat people.

Acting as if he was terrifying, those who didn't know would probably think he was weird.

Jiang Chi's eyes twinkled.

Continuing, "I was able to break through today and am in a good mood, and the tunnel is willing to talk about life with you guys."

The two of them: "........"

You think they don't know anything.

Now they're just trying to show off.

It's obvious that they want to show off. It's an abomination.


Right now, when facing Jiang Liao, both Chen Changsheng and Yu Ren's hearts were more complicated.

Jiang Lack.

Had really broken through.

Was he even that powerful?

Then, their previous speculations were false, this person was clearly even more terrifying than an immortal ah.


What can you do on your own.

It was helpless, too.

They looked ugly and gloomy.


It was also because they had no grudge against Jiang Lack, so they didn't think much about it.

Chen Changsheng looked at Jiang Lack and had to come over and respectfully say, "Brother Jiang, congratulations."

"No need."

Jiang Chi waved his hand and said, "It's just a mere cultivation, it's nothing more than a matter of water, it's not a good thing."


Chen Changsheng suddenly felt so angry.

This Big Brother Jiang was somewhat laughable.

"Big Brother Jiang, which realm have you broken through to now?"

Chen Changsheng inquired curiously.

What kind of realm was this Big Brother Jiang's strength.

Washing the marrow?

Or is it a sitting photo?

Or is it from Saint?

It seemed all possible, not to be appalled by a few.

He looked odd.

Jiang Jiang said, "It's only the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm, it's not strong, the path of the Immortal Path is far away, it's still a long way to go."

A very distant thing.

Chen Changsheng: "........"

Suddenly he didn't know what he wanted to say, the man was a little too pretentious.


It was different from the image in his own mind.

The original image that was so high and mighty seemed to have collapsed in an instant, making it a little hard for Chen Changsheng to accept for a moment.


Wasn't it too embarrassing.

He didn't have time to think about anything else, so he continued, "Brother Jiang you're amazing."

Although he couldn't understand it.

What late Human Immortal Realm, what cultivation path was still far and indefinite, it all sounded very strange.

He couldn't understand it at all.

What kind of path was this Immortal Road again?


What's a fairy?

He was completely confused.

The mind became complicated.

"Brother Jiang, didn't you receive the star power of the destiny star down at the Nine Heavens before I looked at it?"

"It did happen."

"And how did it turn out?"

"The method of Destiny Star cultivation does have certain advantages and uniqueness, and is indeed quite extraordinary, but..."

"But what?"

"Destiny Star cultivation methods are too reliant, and it's really not advisable to practice them with doomed results."



Chen Changsheng understood.

Jiang Chi was actually belittling the Destiny Star Cultivation Method, which Chen Changsheng had heard from the start.

It was just that he didn't have the good sense to take the words.

Nor did he know how to answer.

Yu Ren on the other side was even more at a loss, he had no idea what was being said between Jiang Xiao and Chen Changsheng.

So he just looked calm.

Not knowing anything.

It was as if he didn't understand.

Immortal Dao.

Chen Changsheng's head reverberated with these two words for a long time without dissipating.

He was thinking about one thing.

According to his own master, he was weak and sickly, and was born with a powerful star power hidden within his body.


He couldn't practice on his own.

Otherwise, it would be just a matter of losing one's life and shooting oneself in the foot.

"Then, what about cultivating immortality?"

Chen Changsheng mused in his heart, "Brother Jiang once said that the system he practiced was called the Immortal Dao, which was different from the system called the Destiny Star."

Then himself....

Will it be different from that.

Or is it.

Will it be the same?

It's not life if your own problems are solved.


Is this also a chance for yourself?

Chen Changsheng's heart was so filled with thoughts.

Once upon a time, he was also confused.


He frankly accepted it.


"Brother Jiang, I think..."

However, it was the Return of the Plan Daoist.

"Master, why are you back?"

Daoist Ji smiled slightly, "You're here too, Changsheng, didn't I, Master, see that your big brother Jiang has broken through, so I rushed back to congratulate you."

"Then I am grateful to the Daoist."


"For the weak, it's easy to scare people, what if they get sick all over; for the strong, the method is too clumsy and pointless."


The Ji Daoist was unable to refute Jiang Xiao's words, and he had thought that this would reveal his powerful skills.

Who would have thought that it would become a clumsy tactic in Jiang Chi's eyes.

How infuriating.

The gloomy gaze was like that of a god.

Cold cold mane rolled and moved.

The Ji Daoist saw this.

He could only admit that he was a coward.

Who let him not even be from the Saint realm.

Although he now had the idea of switching to the Immortal Dao, in the Immortal Dao, Jiang Chi was even more of his ancestor.

Couldn't be provoked.

Nor can he be provoked.

Never waste the other.

Otherwise, if something really happened, he wouldn't even have a place to cry.

That would be truly miserable in the extreme.

For a moment.

The mood of the Ji Daoist was so overwhelming that he regretted coming back.

How many waves out is not fragrant.

Had to come back.

This time, he was probably going to get himself into it.


It was good that Jiang Jian did not delve into anything.

With a slight wave of his hand, he continued, "Did Daoist Master come back just to congratulate me?"

That's honorable.


Jiang Qian's face didn't feel flattered at all, but rather felt very sparse and normal.

There was no sense of being very surprised at all.

It seemed....

The Ji Daoist's return was as clear as if he already knew the true meaning of it.


I don't know how many Life Star cultivation techniques this old Daoist had harvested, but if it was enough, then he could be a friend.

If it's not much...

Then it's better not.


Jiang Qiao felt that he was quite realistic as well.

But this world, itself, was a very realistic world.

He was merely drifting with the current, and there was no half-measure.

It was in vain.

Not good.

So it was quite helpless at the moment.

As soon as Ji Daoist listened to Jiang Qian's words, he said, "Fellow Daoist misunderstood, but I have come back here with something important to discuss with you."


Jiang Ji was slightly stunned, "I don't know what it is, the Daoist may as well tell us, I will certainly listen with ears open."

Daoist Ji was about to speak, but he looked at Chen Changsheng, "Ah Changsheng, you should first go with the rest of us to make some food."


The next topic he didn't want Chen Changsheng and the rest of the people to hear.

Or rather, some of the next things might be a bit humiliating for him.

Therefore, he did not want to let Chen Changsheng and Yu Ren's two disciples see it.

Lest they hurt the harmony.

"Yes, Master."

Chen Changsheng opened his mouth, originally wanting to say something, but after seeing the Plan Daoist, he was too embarrassed to talk about the Dao of Immortality.

In his mind, he searched for a time later when the time was ripe to talk about it.

It was ultimately premature now.

After all, the Plan Daoist was his own master.

He was very different.

Only after Chen Changsheng had left did the Plan Daoist slowly say, "Fellow Daoist Jiang, this trip down the mountain, I have harvested quite a few Life Star cultivation techniques, but..."

"But what?"

With a raised eyebrow, Jiang Ji asked on behalf of the other party, "Is Daoist Master planning to bargain with me?"

It was hidden.

He had actually guessed the outcome.

But he never expected that this planter might be even more terrifying than he had imagined.

This man seemed a bit scary.

Of course.

Jiang Chi was not afraid.

He sized up the old man, the Plan Daoist, carefully, "Daoist, before everyone gets the conversation out of the way, there are some things I'll say in advance..."

"You said."

The Ji Daoist also frowned, secretly displeased.

He was also confident.

In his heart, he chanted to himself, "Hmph, what a joke, you Jiang Lack are indeed powerful and indeed know the art of the Immortal Dao, but you tricked me into selling the Life Star cultivation method cheaply before, and I haven't gotten even with you yet."

If you were to say it carefully, the calculating Daoist felt that he was also accounted for.

He was able to get his hands on some Lifestar cultivation methods, but others might not necessarily have this zong ability.


It was because of relying on these that he, the Plan Daoist, was so fearless.

Thinking that nothing could be resisted.

Jiang Xiao would definitely compromise as well.

"I will then be able to take the opportunity to ask for more Immortal Dao Techniques, and I will make this person regret it."

The Ji Daoist thought so in his heart, he didn't actually have Jiang Gui in mind at all.

This ministry over was just a small person.

If it wasn't for the sake of the Immortal Dao cultivation method, Ji Daoist felt that he probably didn't have a connection to be involved with this person.

The Immortal cultivation method, he was bound to get it.

Jiang Ji looked at the Plan Daoist with a surprised face and thought to himself, "I don't know where this person got his self-confidence, he's interesting, huh?"

He dared to bargain with him now.

It's really interesting.

This is a ruthless man.


He was no ordinary person, Jiang Ji.

"Daoist, if you have anything to say, just say it straight."

"I do want to say it straightforwardly, but I'm afraid you'll get angry."

"Don't worry, I won't get angry, after all, everyone has different ideas."

That was normal.

He didn't feel like it.

"Fellow Daoist, how about I trade you one of the great realms of the Immortal Dao in exchange for one of the Life Star cultivation techniques?"

The Ji Daoist looked expectantly inquiring.

As if Jiang Chi would really say yes, but it made him laugh and cry.

This man was interesting.

As such, he had a different idea in mind.


Jiang Chi then said, "Oh, does Daoist think I will agree?"

Ji Daoist: "...and..."


But his words were out.

The Ji Daoist suddenly looked at Jiang Chi with a bad face, "Fellow Daoist, I admire you, but you can't be complacent."


Jiang Xiao laughed.

He continued, "Daoist, I actually went so far as to suggest that you ask me how I practice."


The Ji Daoist was stunned and said under his breath, "Is there any variation to this?"

Rather interesting.

But then, isn't that...?

At this moment.

After the Ji Daoist looked at the seemingly smiling eyes of Jiang Xiao, his heart was instead a bit empty.

He was a bit empty.

There must be a certain purpose as to why Jiang Lack would say that.


What exactly was his purpose.

It was a bit hard to say.

"Fellow Daoist, how do you cultivate?"

The Ji Daoist was puzzled, and this was the only way to ask about it.

Jiang Chi's eyebrows raised and said indifferently, "Cultivation, it's actually very simple, when luck comes to block it, it naturally breaks through, all without the need to actively cultivate anything."

Ji Daoist: "........"

He seemed to understand a bit.

Also understood why Jiang lacked to guide it like that, this guy wanted to pretend.

It must be like this.

Otherwise, he would never have said the words he just said.


The Ji Daoist suddenly slapped his head, "This isn't right, what does cultivation have to do with the matter of merit?"

There's no connection.

What is this?


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