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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1159 - Late Human Immortal Realm (Seeking Subscription)

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It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

It quickly fell into his body.

It was prompted and refined by Jiang Ji with his Ninth Grade Dao Power, and it was like a divine help.

Dao power of the stars turned into light and fell down.

Jiang Qian was naturally delighted.

This was a good thing.

The next step was to verify it.


A miracle would really happen.

It was also possible.

After all.......

There were no absolutes in everything.

If he was lucky, Jiang someone might be able to break through.

He was looking forward to it.

Thinking so in his heart, he was already smiling deeply.

Of course.

It wasn't up to him to decide if he was lucky or not.


He was looking forward to it.

Because it felt like he had always had good luck.


He began to operate the Ninth Grade Dao Power to refine the star power he had obtained and use it to break through.

Maybe even better.


The power of the stars.

There seemed to be no problem with this kind of energy going bigger.


To the more careful, there were problems.

"Must break through ah."

Jiang Guiao muttered words, "Otherwise all my efforts will be in vain, it will be meaningless."

The current realm was, to put it nicely, the peak of the middle Human Immortal Realm, but to put it badly, it was nothing.


It was still necessary to break through.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Qian's heart really couldn't rise with half a bit of excitement.


Only rely on the power of the stars that received and descended.


There was no way for him to break through ah.


Breaking through was another thing that wasn't completely certain.

What if it didn't work?

The thought of this situation made Jiang Xiao's heart incomparably brain-ache.

It was really a bit helpless.

Continue refining.

An Immortal Yuan mana rushed down, running over and over again, refining the star power that had been received.

This star power was derived from the stars in the sky.

The end was endlessly mysterious.

Although it couldn't compare to the previous World Origin in terms of energy level, this kind of star power was actually quite precious.

It was a difficult thing to cultivate.

At the very least, such a thing was boring for Chen Changsheng, so there was only one thing he had done in his life since he was a child.

That was to familiarize himself with the Three Thousand Daoist Treasures.

Even if he couldn't memorize them, he could still read them by heart.

He knew all the major cultivation techniques, strokes, body no's, steps, and so on like the back of his hand.

Naturally, it was clear enough.

Dao Zang had three thousand.

He read slowly and with great difficulty, but slowing down to savor the truth of it was also rewarding.

This day.

He was still reading the Dao Tibetan as usual, diligently.


A blinding white light flew over from that day, winking into the next room.


Chen Changsheng couldn't help but be shocked, "Isn't that house where Brother Jiang lives?"

That light.

It was still starlight.

A terrifying light emitted by the power of the stars.

And with all kinds of incredible abilities, it really surprised him.


Chen Changsheng was suddenly stunned, "Brother Jiang is receiving the starlight into his body, is he trying to wash the marrow?"

A strong man like Jiang lacked, he didn't need to wash his marrow ah.

This kind of thing had already been done, right?

It should be a distant thing for Jiang Lack.

Chen Changsheng secretly shook his head, "This shouldn't be possible, Big Brother Jiang is incredibly strong and has unimaginable abilities and skills, how would he be able to invoke a star into his body and wash the marrow."

He would never believe that Jiang Chi was merely going to wash the marrow.

There were other ideas, I guess.

It was just that he didn't currently know.

Without a frown in his heart, Chen Changsheng was aware that the brilliant white light was starlight.

It would be good if one day, he could also set his life star and receive into his body, even if it was just a simple marrow cleansing.

He didn't seem to be able to set the star.

Instead, he could gather divine thoughts.

But he hadn't dared to set the star, because his own master had said that it was fate.


Chen Changsheng muttered to himself, "If I cultivate, it would be life folding, and the more I cultivate, the more I'll fold."

I really envy those who can cultivate.

If one day I could also receive the starlight of the Destiny Star into my body to wash the marrow, then I would be able to sit and illuminate.

Sit and watch the mountains and rivers within.

From then on, one would not be able to wait.


I'm afraid that all these thoughts of Chen Changsheng's will become a thing of the past.

Of course.

These thoughts had merely flashed in Chen Changsheng's mind.

There couldn't really be any.

Even if there were.

I'm afraid it wouldn't be now.


It was better to continue to familiarize himself with the Dao Tibetan.

The rest of the people who were not far away were looking at Jiang Lack's abode a bit out of sight, wondering what he was thinking about.

I always felt that this matter was very strange.

The Ji Daoist still hadn't returned, presumably continuing to search for more methods of destiny star cultivation, thus preparing to negotiate with Jiang Lack.

After all.

Their exchange deal was actually not reciprocal.

The Ji Daoist felt that he was at a disadvantage.

He took out so many techniques, but in the end, he got very little in exchange.

This made him feel very bad.

No matter what, it had to be paired up one-on-one.

Otherwise, he would be at a great disadvantage.

If Jiang Chi knew what he was thinking, he would definitely want to laugh even more.

After all....

That Immortal Dao cultivation method was only available to him, Jiang Shi.

No one else had it.

In other words, Jiang Hou was actually the monopoly of the Immortal Dao, and if the calculator did not exchange at his point, there would be no chance to exchange.


In the end, the initiative in this matter still rests with Jiang Xiao, and I'm afraid that the ideas and plans of the countenance daoist will be in vain.



It was probably something that the calculating Daoist had never dreamed of.

Right now.

Jiang Chi's cultivation had reached a very crucial moment, and he was continuously receiving a lot of star power.

It caused many people who were paying attention to this vision to twitch their lips.

They probably felt that this person who could receive so much star power down was just another monstrously strong person.

I wonder if it was a human or a demon?

Or is it a demon?

All the forces, all the big shots, were speculating.

Once such a powerful person appeared, changing the situation was certain, the difference only lay in the magnitude of the change.

Jiang Mo silently refined those star powers, and he found that they were like aura and could be refined.


It was different from it again.

Probably, there was probably some origin force present in his body, and he made some comparisons.

It only felt that the origin force was different from this star force.

The star power, this was the power of those stars in the starry sky, just being picked up by someone.

For their own use.


It was different from the World Origin Force.

If the World Origin was just a simple power, crude and direct.

Then the Star Force was much purer.

Definitely different from anything many people imagined, star power was too terrifying.

It was something that was incomparable.

"Let's give it a try."

Jiang Xiao could only take this attitude.

He didn't know if it would work or not this time.


He found it difficult.

After all, it wasn't the World Origin Force that could directly push him to the peak of his cultivation.

Like a pig in the cultivation world.

After a long time.

I'm afraid that this pig would be able to open his spiritual wits.

Although this wasn't a good analogy, Jiang Kou felt that it fit him well.


He was that pig himself.

The pig that was constantly pushed into the limelight.

As for the star power.

If it was refined into Immortal Yuan Mana, it might be quite good and could replace the aura.


This kind of power wasn't necessarily a substitute for the World Origin Force.

He found it to be difficult anyway.

The Nine Pieces of Dao Gong ran over and over again, this time operating at the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm.

There was no longer any need to open any meridians now.

It was only the metamorphosis of the Violet Mansion Yuanfu, which gradually became different.

In the Sea of Knowledge of the Purple Mansion.

Jiang Mo's YuanYing was seated on a lotus platform, sitting upright, pinching a hand seal spell, and Daoist Immortal Yuan mana was lingering around his fingertips.

All sorts of strange lights were flipping and changing.

It was truly a bit extraordinary.

These were all hidden in the dark, and they were all kinds of radiance rolling in and changing things.


Jiang Qian's infant had become different.

Immortal aura was pervasive, like a true immortal, and the lotus platform was even shining with light, which was extremely extraordinary.

"My YuanYing is undergoing a change, a magical change that I don't know about."

He was able to clearly sense all of these changes.

In his own Violet Sea of Knowledge.

The primordial infant had begun to grow even stronger, "It seems that those star powers are actually having an effect, but this effect seems a bit slow."

At this moment.

Jiang Gong was glad that he had such a magical technique like the Nine Pieces Dao Kung, it was most fitting for himself.

It was great.

The cultivation was good, which was something to be happy about.

If it wasn't for that, he felt that his cultivation probably wouldn't have changed at all.


This situation was not necessarily the same now.

Jiang Chi looked slowly pleased, "So it seems that I, Jiang Someone, am going to break through to the late Human Immortal Realm, which is a bit embarrassing."


That's really good.

He was already looking forward to it.

Never thought it would really work.

At this time.

Jiang Lack had felt the terrifying momentum on his body, the powerful breath that was his breakthrough, a terrifying storm.

It then began to gradually spread out towards the surroundings with Jiang Liao as the center.


A time.

The starlight that had disappeared and calmed down in the Eastern Land.

A majestic momentum suddenly appeared.

As soon as this momentum exploded, one could feel that unimaginable power.

Next to it.

Chen Changsheng and the rest of the world naturally felt it as well.

It was like a terrifying hurricane was sweeping and striking wildly.


Even Chen Changsheng was a little unsettled at the moment.

He muttered, "Is this a breakthrough for Big Brother Jiang? That's a bit too powerful, isn't it?"

A god?

Or a being more powerful than a god?

He's not sure.

The fact of this matter was too incredible.


Chen Changsheng and the rest of them swallowed secretly together, their hearts already very inexplicable.

This was scary.

"What kind of an existence is Big Brother Jiang, ah."

Chen Changsheng was lamenting when he suddenly realized that the terrifying presence had disappeared again.

It was abrupt.

It was as if it had vanished out of thin air.

No one could believe that they had actually just experienced a terrifying event.

That momentum that had suddenly appeared was actually as if it was not even like a dream.

It was just a dreamlike passing.


Call it shocking.

At this time.

In fact, Jiang Xiao had already restrained his breath, so naturally, bystanders couldn't sense it.

Very normal.


Jiang Kou had indeed broken through.

And had broken through from the middle Human Immortal Realm to the late Human Immortal Realm.

A moment ago.

He was still a mid Human Immortal Realm cultivator, considered an invincible and powerful existence in this world.


The next moment.

He was a Late Human Immortal Realm Immortal, an existence so powerful that he couldn't raise the slightest bit of resistance.

Truly powerful enough.

In the future.

At least in this side of the world, he was an old grandfather-like existence.


It should be even more terrifying than old grandpa.


It was very lonely.

The current Jiang Xiao had this feeling.

"I actually made a breakthrough, but going forward, if I continue to receive star power for cultivation, I'm afraid that I can only add some Xian Yuan mana."

Knowing his own family's business, Jiang Kou knew exactly how talented he was now.

It was really not very good.

Without the Vajra Bracelets, he probably wouldn't be able to cultivate at the Human Immortal Realm.

At the very least, he would be at the top of the Human Infant Realm.

This was still with means and chance, otherwise it would be at most like the Foundation Establishment Realm, or the JieDan Realm.


With a wave of his hand, Jiang Mo absorbed the aura from the surrounding spirit stones.

Followed by.

He waved his hand again.

Then he broke the gate, and anyway, with his Jiang someone's means, rebuilding it would be a matter of minutes.

No need to worry too much.

"Breakthrough, what a nice weather."

Chen Changsheng, Yu Ren: "........"


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