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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1158 - Jiang Chi's Invoking Star Into the Body (Seeking Subscription)

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The true qi in his body rolled up those origin forces and swiftly rampaged up.

It was as if it was trying to treat Jiang Qian's body as a battlefield.

Jiang Kou was also used to it.

There was no doubt about anything.

As soon as his body's true qi rolled, he swiftly revolved the nine Daoist powers.

The middle and late Human Immortal Realm methods.

He had already started operating them.

This time.

Saying whatever it took to prepare for the breakthrough.


If he was serious about counting.

He had actually stayed in this realm for quite some time.


Still, there was still a chance.

Jiang lacked a glint in his eyes and said to himself, "There's still a chance that I'll be able to succeed next."


Although the origin power was a bit low.


That didn't rule out his next act.

It might be possible....

Just thinking.

The momentum on Jiang Xiao's body suddenly rose, as if he was really about to break through, calling for a stare.

Really surprised.


Is it possible to break through this time?

In response.

Jiang Chi's heart smiled slightly as he secretly said, "In that case, it will be easier for me, Jiang Someone, to collect World Origin Power in this world."

Of course.

Being happy now was indeed considered too early to be happy.

Because the next thing he needed to do was to break through the realm.



It was as if the momentum was really stuck there.

It looked like Jiang Gong was stunned.

In his heart, he couldn't help but say, "What's going on?"


When did the world's original power run out?

It's over.

How are you going to break through next.

There was no way to break through at all.

Because there wasn't enough World Origin to break through, he couldn't.

It was a difficult thing.

Jiang Gou sank his gaze, "No, there must be another way to do it, there must be many more things I haven't thought through."

But no matter how much he didn't believe it.

The facts were in front of him.

Got to.


"It's that close."

He was close to breaking through.

Now well.

There's nothing left.


What a hopeless situation.

Could this be the fate that Chen Changsheng and Ji Daoist and the others had been talking about?

Is this how fate should be.

But the problem was that he, Jiang Xiao, was not a native of this world.

Even the legendary Great Freedom Realm couldn't compare to his current mid Human Immortal Realm.

Something must have gone wrong somewhere.

I was pondering.

Suddenly something else came to mind.

Jiang Chi secretly said, "Previously, that Plan Daoist showed me the Three Thousand Daoist Treasures, and there was actually something recorded in there, and it was said that the way to cultivate the Destiny Star was to condense the spirit, to set the star, and to cleanse the marrow by drawing the star into the body.


Could I just draw the stars into my body, and just not wash the marrow, and use these drawn down stars to cultivate.

Follow the previous idea of replacing that origin force with the star force."

According to Jiang Kou's vision, the World Origin Force was the most fundamental and primordial kind of energy in a world.


The Star Force was actually considered a pure power.

Although the effect might not be as powerful or as good as the World Origin Power.

But now.

Stuck at the peak of the mid Human Immortal Realm, it was close to breaking through.

It was really a bit hard to bear.

He didn't want that much, and according to what was recorded inside the Dao Collection, he was directly ready to start star gazing.

These two steps were actually going to be very easy for him.

But for all worldly cultivators, if they first gazed at their gods, they could set the stars and they could draw starlight to wash the marrow.

Condensing the spirit was no problem.

And fixing the stars....

This can be a bit of a problem.

After all, you are not a native of this world.

It was very likely that one would not be able to determine the stars due to their various identities.

"It's true that people in this world can determine their destiny stars by gazing, including Chen Changsheng as well."

Jiang Ji frowned, "But, I'm different, I'm not from this world, and I'm afraid that it will be difficult to take the step of fixing the star."

He was afraid.

What if it didn't work.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to become human.

Thinking it was unprofitable, he came with a gloomy face.

"But this time, I've got an arrow in my quiver and have to send it."

There was no way not to send it.

There might be no other chance.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Ji gritted his teeth and secretly said, "It's fine if I try and succeed, but if I don't, I think with my strength, I should be able to expel those stars."

It wasn't impossible.

He still had a way to deal with it going on.

And so.

The next step was for Jiang Ji to follow what was said in the Dao Tibetan and begin to concentrate.

This step was easy.

If you could concentrate, you could set the stars.

Basically, there would be no mistakes.

And fixing the stars.

It was to determine one's destiny star.

According to this world, every person has a corresponding star in the sky.

Among them are big ones.

There are also good ones.

And even more messed up ones.

Jiang Xiao wasn't sure he could set the star, he was not convinced that he had his own destiny star in the sky.

Once the destiny star was destroyed, wouldn't even people die.


It didn't matter to Jiang Chi.

All he needed was the power of the stars, not really the lifestars.

Then all that was needed next was to set the star.

Jiang Mo secretly thought about it, the fate star wasn't really easy to determine, it would fail if he wasn't careful.

It was once recorded in the Dao Sect that many people were unable to determine their fate star and ended up unable to receive starlight into their bodies to wash their marrow.

If you can't wash the marrow, you can't sit in the light.

Then one cannot enter to become a powerful lifestar cultivator.

"Concentration is done."

Half an hour later.

Jiang was satisfied, "The next step is to set the star."

How should one set the star.

It was an indeterminate choice.

If it was possible....

"Let's begin."

While others used their mind, he used his consciousness.

Begin to go out of your body and go to those nine stars in the sky to find your own star.


Jiang Xiao had it all figured out.

As long as he could identify a certain star that was close to him, he would try to try to draw the star into his body.

If it was possible, then he could receive the starlight into his body.

"I'll then operate the Ninth Grade Dao Power, and I wonder if I can rely on this kind of fetching to break through."

Jiang Qian was looking forward to it anyway.


It should be possible to succeed.

After all, star power was essentially the essence of a star as well.

Wasn't a star essence equivalent to a world book.

It should all be the same thing.

The instructions were still somewhat unbelievable for Jiang Xiao at the moment.

Could he really succeed?

It's probably not easy to say.

"There are so many stars in this sky, which one is meant to be with me."

You can't just find one at random.

After all.

Sometimes it was impossible to find.

Even if one was chosen at random, it might not be able to catch the star power down.


It would require the one that was destined to be there.

According to this world, that would require one's own destiny star.

Find it out for yourself from those thousands of stars.

If you can't find it.

Then sorry, there would really be no point.


So this step was still quite difficult.

Jiang was satisfied.

Rather happily, he said, "If it's possible, can I sense it with my own perception."

That's what it says in the Daozo.


This will set the stars.

So Jiang Kou dared to give it a try.

It might work.

And so.

Without anyone noticing, Jiang Ji began to perform his star fixation.

It was as if there was a star with him.

It was as if there was a star that was destined for him.

Jiang Kou sensed it.

"There's really a star that's destined for me, Jiang Gu."

That was good.

Quite an interesting thing.

Could we continue with the star fixation next?

Thinking of this.

Jiang Jian continued to do so.

He began to use various means to find it.

His divine sense was strong, so naturally, he could easily find the one that belonged to him among the many stars.

And it was the most powerful one.

--at least it felt that way to Jiang Xiao.

This star was really quite good.

Very good too.

In that case, he had a plan.

And so.

Jiang Qiao began to make his next move.

"You're it."

He murmured, "According to the Dao Tibetan, once you determine the destiny star, you need to establish a connection with it, and the best way to do that is to brand your own consciousness."

It was equivalent to making a mark.

And it was a refined kind of mark.

He believed.

It would definitely work.

This method had already been tested countless times in the cultivation world.


You're a genius yourself.


That's how Jiang Xiao felt.

But wasn't he just a big genius that could think of things like branding his consciousness by himself.


What else couldn't be imagined by himself.


The world was very, very big.

The starry sky was even bigger.

But it was this incredibly huge world of stars, all of which he could find the star that was destined for his own home.

That's awesome.


After branding his consciousness.

Jiang Yao then felt that he was actually considered to have fixed the star.

"Next, it should be time to invoke the star into your body."

The so-called attracting the star into the body.

It was to receive the power of the star from the sky's own destined star down and into the body and wash the marrow.

This step is called washing the marrow.

It is also called the marrow washing realm.

A very powerful realm.

At least.

For this side of the world, it was already considered good.

There weren't many teenagers in the heavens who could reach this realm.


Jiang Xiao didn't know one thing.

Right after he identified his destiny star and branded his consciousness on it, the surrounding stars began to shake.

It was as if they were about to burst open at any moment.

It looked like he was stunned.

In his mind, he couldn't help but think, "Eh? What's going on here?"

Surprisingly, there are still people fixing stars.


Let's go ahead and fix the star.

You're actually making such a big noise.


"Who the hell is fixing the stars in the middle of the day, isn't he afraid of arousing the doubts and suspicions of countless powerful people?"

"This is a ruthless person, a single fixed star in the area actually caused so much discomfort to come."

"All the surrounding destiny stars were shaken by him, who is the person who just set the destiny star?"


For a while.

Many people were curious.

Since that was the case.


What kind of existence was this person?


Before the curiosity in their hearts could die down, they saw the star that was originally vibrating suddenly burst into a terrifying light.

The crowd: "........"

Those strong people who were surprised to the point that they were once again condensed.

The hearts were unwilling.

It was really a bit puzzling.

This person.

Is actually going to draw stars into his body?

The marrow?

Didn't you just determine your own destiny?

Isn't it too fast to draw stars into your body so soon?

It was a moment.

Many strong men were laughing and crying.

Of course.

There was also a deep gravity between their brows.

After all, this was invoking a star into the body ah.

"I don't know what kind of genius that is, but it has this kind of strength."

"From that obscure scent, it shouldn't be a genius that we people are familiar with, who the hell is he?"

"It's probably some genius we don't even know about, and will definitely be a strong man in the future."

"Then, what should we oldies do?"

"Cool it."


There were all sorts of people who were talking to each other, and if it weren't for the fact that Jiang Mo wasn't interested in taking care of them, they would probably be laughing this time.

What genius.

Where is he a genius.


At least Jiang Gou didn't think he was a genius.

Never was.

If it wasn't for the World Origin Power, if it wasn't for the Vajra Bracelets, he would never have come this far, Jiang Gui Jiang Great Immortal.

To be able to have the skills he had today was also because the heavens were blind.

Otherwise, it wouldn't have been possible like this.

Receiving the power of the stars.

It had already begun.

He didn't know what changes would occur next.

Nor was it clear that certain things might happen in the future.

But there was one thing that Jiang Chi understood, "The power of the stars has really been drawn down by me..."


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