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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1157 - Closing the Gate to Breakthrough (Seeking Subscription)

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Xu You Rong walked away.

Took Chen Changsheng's token with her.

She was clinging as she left.

Very attached.

It would be nice to meet Chen Changsheng again, even though a marriage contract had been made between the two.

There was that marriage letter in hand.


Xu You Rong deeply remembered what Chen Changsheng had personally told her, that his life would not be long.

So, would he still be alive until then?

"Little Daoist, this is the Wind Seeking Crane, you can find me by holding it."

Xu You Rong said, "Also, you can use it to send messages to me, it will bring me any news you have."

"Okay, I'll make a note of it."

Chen Changsheng answered down.

Seeking the Wind Crane.

This was the only thing Xu You Rong had left behind that could communicate with her.


She didn't know about the Wind Seeking Crane not being able to cross the boundary anymore.


Just barely.

In the end, Xu You Rong also, still left.

Left with regret.

Old Master Xu didn't know everything about Chen Changsheng, but he looked calm and calm as usual.

A calm face.

The Ji Daoist and Chen Changsheng personally sent the person away, and also personally spoke about the specifics.

But to no avail.

Jiang Qian's face was cold, gazing at the green hills and green water somewhat out of breath, startled for a long time.

After Chen Changsheng's incident.

There would be a growth period next, continuing to familiarize himself with the Three Thousand Dao Tibetan, and becoming well versed in astronomy and geography.

With the amount of time he had, if he wasn't smart, he wouldn't be able to remember so many things.

Even if he had to familiarize himself with it every day.

There were some things that could not be comprehended by familiar reading.

But the good thing was that Chen Changsheng was smart.

So by solving these problems from the ground up, he was able to impress Jiang Ji.

As expected.

The main character was the main character and could not be discussed normally.

This was completely different.

After a long sigh, Jiang Kou had nothing more than envy.


When Ji Daoist and Chen Changsheng returned, Jiang Ji said, "Daoist, I will take care of the mountain for a while, you can go too, but I will probably be closed for a while."

Jiang Chi's words were naturally understood by Ji Daoist.

He nodded with a complex look, "There is an array boundary in the mountain that I have set up, so I don't think anyone will trespass in, nor is it likely to be too dangerous.

Daoist friend, just go to the closed door and cultivate on your own, I'll take care of some things for Everlasting Life and Yu Ren and the others, then I'll make a trip down the mountain."

So very good too.

It was quite good to go in search of a technique to exchange Immortal Dao cultivation with Jiang Ji.

Jiang Chi was very happy to hear that.

He even said, "Since the Daoist is so determined, I won't say anything more, just go, I'm here, nothing can go wrong."

Although he was going to close the door to cultivate, it wasn't purely a closed door cultivation.

It was more of an attempt right.

If he could succeed, then he would be much better off in this world next.

Jiang Mo took a deep breath.

No matter what kind of plan the old man had, it had nothing to do with him.

He was just here to find the origin power.

It was to have the opportunity for a breakthrough.

"If, I can succeed in this experiment, then the rest of the way will be much smoother."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "Maybe in this side of the world, he will gain a lot."

Not to mention breaking through the Human Immortal to become an Earth Immortal.

It might be possible to become a Human Immortal Grand Perfection as well.

Of course.

Taking it a step further wasn't impossible.

Perhaps he might be able to test it out if he was lucky enough to be Jiang Hou.

It was also possible.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then said to the lovelorn Chen Changsheng, "O Changsheng, you and your remaining senior brother should go to read the Dao Tibetan together, I'm going to close down and cultivate for a while, so I won't accompany you."


Life was cultivation everywhere.

But for Jiang Ji, there was only one cultivation for him, constantly breaking through himself.

In terms of the Green Xuan Continent's cultivation world, the cultivation of others' immortal realm might be considered strong in the Eastern Land of God.

But in terms of the entire Green Xuan Continent, he really wasn't much.

A breakthrough.

It was just a matter of wanting to become even stronger.

"Brother Jiang, you're so powerful, do you still want to continue cultivating?"

Chen Changsheng seemed a little puzzled.

Jiang Lack's strength was already very strong, and his master, Ji Daoist, had once quietly revealed that Jiang Lack's strength should be even stronger than that.

In Chen Changsheng's perception.

Master Ji Daoist was already considered to be a very strong existence.

But then.

Master said that Jiang Chi was even stronger than him.

He was confused.

It turned out that Brother Jiang was so powerful.

"Everlasting, you are familiar with the three thousand Daoist treasures, you are inherently early and precocious, you should know the truth that learning is endless."

Jiang Ji explained, "In the same way, apart from endless learning, there is actually no end to cultivation.

For many people, it's difficult to condense the spirit, but for many people it's also difficult to draw stars into the body, wash the marrow and so on.

But you're not ruling it out.

In this world, in addition to the existing realm, there is the next realm."


There is no end to cultivation.


Chen Changsheng nodded his head slightly.

Indicating that he understood.


He also said, "Brother Jiang, don't worry, Brother Yu Ren and I will take care of ourselves."

As for Jiang Chi's cultivation.

He felt that he shouldn't be able to help much.

His mind was calm instead.

After nodding, Jiang Chi nodded and went to prepare on his own.

The boundary must be there.

This was to avoid accidents arising.


In addition to that.

After doing all this.

Jiang Mo was relieved.

And said, "The only next step is to proceed to the next step, which is to first refine the World Origin that was previously drawn through the Three Thousand Dao Treasures, as well as the Destiny Star cultivation technique from the Planter."

And right now.

The opportunity had come.

He only needed to continuously refine the world origin collected within the vajra bracelet, and he should be able to break through in the shortest amount of time possible.



If you're lucky, you might be able to break through.

By then, he would be at the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm.

Jiang Qian's heart was happy at the thought that he could break through.

If he could.

He might really be able to break through to another powerful realm in this side of the world.

Earth Immortal.

A legendary realm.

At least.

This realm was already considered to be the top of the sky in the Eastern Land of God.


He himself was invincible in this side of the world.

Therefore, there was no room for half-heartedness in Jiang Kou's heart, no matter if it was the legendary Zhou Difu or that unstoppable Heavenly Sea Holy Queen.

None of them were enough to look at in the eyes of Jiang Jiang.

"Late Human Immortal Realm, if nothing unexpected happens, it should be possible to break through."

Jiang Kou muttered to himself.

He was sitting alone in a hut, with intentional spirit stones placed around him.


After some of his running techniques, the state in his body had returned to its peak.

This was good news for him.


The next step was to refine those originals.


Refining it was a tedious task.

Not even a day or two's work.

It would basically take a month's time.

At least for Jiang Xiao.

He was helpless.

A month was just a month.

It was better than no origin power.

In comparison, at least the origin power was still there.

That was good too.

Because he saw hope.


Chen Changsheng and Yu Ren were sitting in the courtyard, somewhat stunned, "Brother Yu Ren, what kind of realm do you think Brother Jiang is in, a strong man like him actually needs to continue cultivating, that's amazing."

Yu Ren: "........"

He did not know.

He could only shake his head slightly at Chen Changsheng.

Indicating that he was actually not sure.

He couldn't understand what Jiang Lack was doing, and wouldn't it be reasonable to say that a strong man like Jiang Lack would be good enough to rest and recuperate.


Yu Ren felt that Jiang Lack wasn't a person who liked to be quiet.

"There are countless ways of the world, and there are only three thousand Dao Treasures recorded in it, but there should be countless kinds in Brother Jiang's eyes."

A strong man like Jiang Chi was originally not something he could guess or delude himself about.

Because it would never be possible to guess his mind.

He was strong.

So strong that Chen Changsheng was a little jealous.

Was this man truly invincible?

Of course.

The current Chen Changsheng didn't feel that this was a bad thing, at least Big Brother Jiang was treating himself quite well.

He might have to rely on him in the future.

After thinking of these circumstances.

Chen Changsheng continued to say to Yu Ren, "Brother Yu Ren, Master he has already gone down to the mountain.

I... I'm also going to familiarize myself with the Three Thousand Daoist Treasures.

Brother Jiang once told me that the Three Thousand Dao Tibetan hides the Great Dao within."

Yu Man nodded.

But his face was calm, as if he already knew.

Immediately after.

Without saying anything more to Chen Changsheng, he turned his life around and entered the house.

Chen Changsheng did not know why Yu Ren was like this.

He was only surprised and murmured, "Is Senior Brother Yu Ren going to cultivate as well?"


Do you have to pick up the pace yourself.

After all.

You don't have many options to choose from.

If you can't practice it, you can't practice it.

It wasn't like there were no opportunities.

When you grow up, you will surely be better, there must be another way.

"Life, it may be hard to change, or it may not be able to change at all."

Chen Changsheng's eyes had a deep determination, "Master once told me that this star power of mine is a disease to me, but to others, it is a life-saving medicine.


He also said it's fate.

But I don't believe in fate, and the fate of the world is indeed predetermined by that underworld of the heavens.

But I, Chen Changsheng, am partial to not believing it."

He doesn't believe in destiny.

It must be against the heavens to change one's fate.

Although this was difficult to do, although he didn't even have the means to deal with it.


It must be persisted.

He saw hope in Jiang Lack and saw his future path clearly.

He didn't know that Jiang Chi had gone into seclusion to cultivate this time, and that the bit of star power in his Chen Changsheng's body was due to the Star Plate Formation.

But honestly.

There was nothing that even the Plan Daoist could do about this matter.

But for Jiang Chi, it was not necessarily a bad thing, and the reason why he hadn't taken action right away was to hone Chen Changsheng a bit.

Only making a move at the most crucial moment would be the most important move.


It would just be icing on the cake.

What he needed to do was to send charcoal in the snow, he needed to take his time, or else there would be no future admirable Chen Changsheng.


It wasn't difficult for Jiang Xiao.

It was just refining the origin force.

What was difficult was those comprehensions, for the Dao.

He didn't want to comprehend that much now.


And it was a relief.

The Late Human Immortal Realm was definitely a realm that no one could compare to in this world.

Who could resist it?

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Xiao's heart became a bit excited, "In that case, I am actually considered a super strong person, Jiang Someone."


As a strong man, he could ignore all schemes and tricks.

Strong enough to support him to push across the past.

It was stronger than anything.


Even if it was the Plan Daoist, even if it was that Demon Race.

Or even that Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea and that Incredible Pope.

Anyone who dared to stand in his way, Jiang Jiang couldn't help but say that he would have to make a move against him, the kind that would directly slap him to death.

One month later.

The refinement of the Origin Force had reached a critical time.

Or rather.

He had already completed the refinement of his origin power, so the next step would be much easier.

"Prepare for a breakthrough."

Whether or not he could break through the middle stage of the Human Immortal Realm depended on this time.

Just in case he, Jiang Someone, was lucky and the timing worked out, he might be able to make a breakthrough at the critical moment.


Was Jiang's luck really good?


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