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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1155 - That Paper Marriage Contract (Seeking Subscriptions)

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And #13;


Jiang Mo and Ji Daoist were both slightly stunned, a bit baffled.

What was this old general planning to do?

Jiang was stunned.

He had vaguely guessed, but didn't pick up on it or stop it or do anything directly.

Drink tea.

Just drink tea quietly.

As for the Plan Daoist.

He, on the other hand, smiled slightly, as if everything was under control.

Although there were some discrepancies from what he had planned in his mind, it was not a big problem and should be able to continue.

Not long after.

The old general was done writing.

He said to Jiang Chi and Counting Daoist, "Mr. Jiang, and Daoist, there is an unpleasant request, I wonder if the two of you can grant me?"

"Nothing to do with me."

Jiang Xiao shook his head and was the first to leave it out.

It was also true.

It was true that it had nothing to do with him in the slightest.

He was just a guest staying here for the time being.

It was a matter of time before he had to leave.

As for the saving of his life.

Anyway, it was Chen Changsheng who saved the man, not him, Jiang Sheng.

Instead, Ji Daoist looked at the words on the cloth and smiled, "General Xu, what do you mean?"

The old general slightly arched his hand at the plan Daoist, "Daoist, my granddaughter is already about the same age as the two disciples under your seat.

My intention is to choose one of them to enter into a marriage contract with, it would not be in vain for us to get to know each other, what do you think?"

He felt that this method was the way to befriend the two strong men.


It would also give his granddaughter something to rely on in the future.

He had seen.

Whether it was Yu Ren or that Chen Changsheng, they were actually quite good.

He liked it.

Speaking as a man who had lived for many years, he used his own experience to tell the world.

This was actually the most correct.

So he wanted to decide like this.

"Rong'er, it's the only way you won't be bullied in the future, grandpa is doing this for your own good."

He muttered in his heart.

Not to mention the powerful skills and healing techniques of the Plan Daoist, let's just talk about Jiang Lack, a man who seemed gentle and elegant, but actually possessed great terrifying powers.

This was something that the old general had personally experienced.


He felt that he was not wrong in his decision.

Isn't the reason why Chen Changsheng could hold the jade talisman given by Jiang Lack outside, only because he got Jiang Lack's initial approval.

Then here was the problem.

Jiang Lack would definitely not see anything happen to Chen Changsheng.

A powerful existence like Jiang Lack, clothed in white brocade robes, was graceful and elegant in its own way.

This was really good.

To be able to hug such a thigh, it would be a good home for the Xu family in the future.

Everyone else thought he was just a martial general.

And yet, they didn't know.

He knew it better than anyone else, understood it better than anyone else.

Jiang Ji waved his hand, indicating an attitude of I don't want to meddle in other people's affairs.

Daoist Ji was satisfied, and he said, "Yu Ren was born with a handicap, and this child, Changsheng, is not bad.

Let's give it to Changsheng.

What do you think, Old General?"


He was fine with that.

Whether it was Yu Ren or Chen Changsheng, it was all expected.

If one really had to compare some ground.

He actually felt that Chen Changsheng was probably more suitable.

As for why.

He couldn't figure it out, it was probably an underworld feeling.

Of course.

It was also possible that he had sensed it wrong.

Once this Old General Xu agreed, Ji Daoist was also slightly relieved, "In that case, please trouble the Old General to write your granddaughter's birthdate on the marriage book along with her birthdate.

After the eldest generation is born, I will have him bring the marriage certificate to the God Capital to find your Xu family."

"Good, good."

Once Old General Xu was happy, he wrote Xu You Rong's birthdate with a large stroke of his pen.

He was really satisfied.

Chen Changsheng.

He was also very optimistic.

Although Jiang Qian didn't take a position on the side, from his experience over these days, he was mostly satisfied as well.

Moreover, Yu Ren was different from Chen Changsheng.

Yu Ren was disabled.

Chen Changsheng, on the other hand, was not.

It still looked a bit satisfied.

Jiang Qian: "........"

He never expected that the marriage letter would still happen.

Although it was all a matter of mutual consent, he always felt that the marriage letter was the direct reason that drove Chen Changsheng to the God Capital.

Of course.

There was another most fundamental reason.

That was, Chen Changsheng needed to go to the God Capital to find a way to change his life against the heavens.

In reality, that was the stick that stirred up the clouds.

Stirring up the world to its core.

The marriage book.

It was eventually given to the Plan Daoist.

The Plan Daoist, on the other hand, was wondering when to give the marriage letter to Chen Changsheng.

Although, the current Chen Changsheng didn't know what it represented.

But the Counting Daoist was clear.

One day, he would understand.

It was his life.

As in, Chen Changsheng's life was not long.

It wasn't a disease.

It's fate.

It was destined to be so.

Jiang Chi was a little surprised and said, "Daoist, it would be better for you to give this marriage certificate to him earlier."

The reason for mentioning this.

It was to remind the calculating Daoist that you can't forget everything because of your own calculations.

The marriage certificate is Chen Changsheng's.

Then instead of waiting for it to grow up, it's better to just wait for it to grow up holding the marriage book, so that there's an idea in his heart.

It wouldn't be awkward.

Daoist Ji understood.

He nodded, "I understand what you Daoist said, once Eternal Life and the others return, I will give it to him, so that he will understand what the way of marriage is earlier."


After nodding his head, Jiang Yao said nothing more.

But through this small matter.

That Old General Xu saw something unusual.

Jiang Chi cared a lot about Chen Changsheng, a lot, at least compared to that silent and unnoticed remainer of his, who didn't even have anyone to pay attention to.

Chen Changsheng got a lot of attention from Jiang Lack.

This was bizarre.

He was old and shrewd and had already guessed something.

But due to everyone's face and emotions, they didn't even say it directly.

Handed over the marriage certificate.

After giving the token, he sighed long and hard, "The future, after all, is the world of young people."

For example, Jiang lacked.

It made him admire him a lot.

Being so capable at such a young age, the strength of one's cultivation seemed even more terrifying than that Plan Daoist ah.

It really was extraordinary.

It was so powerful.

It also made this Old General Xu's heart a little different, "It would be good if I could hold this one's thigh tightly."

The thoughts in his heart had changed after he knew that Jiang Chi was not weaker than that Plan Daoist.

Jiang Chi, however, was unaware of Old General Xu's thoughts.

"Mr. Jiang, I wonder if you will go to the God Capital?"

The old general suddenly asked.

He actually wanted Jiang to go.

After all.

What could be better in this Xining town.

A place like the God Capital was one of the most prosperous places in the Eastern Lands ah.

After going to the God Capital.

He would be able to suck up to it himself.

How nice that would be.


Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Well, the God Capital, going is definitely the way to go, but not now."


The old general was delighted, "Mr. Jiang, if you go to God's Capital, you must remember to visit my Xu House for a seat."

He would also do his duty as a landlord.

"Say it again."

Jiang Qian did not directly promise.

Instead, he lightly replied, "The Xu Family will be the God's Capital in the future, but a proud and complacent God's Capital.

When this old man Xu died, it would be hard to say how his son and daughter-in-law would treat people.

Jiang Kang was not optimistic about it anyway.

The God Admiral's Mansion.

He might not be able to afford it himself.

That was why he didn't agree.

After all, this old general had died early, so it would be hard to say some things.

Old General Xu thought that Jiang Qian was just deliberately excusing himself as a sign of modesty.

Therefore, he didn't care.

Rushing at Jiang Chi, he said, "Mr. Jiang, God's Capital is one of the prosperous cities in the world, if there's a chance, I'm willing to be a guide for you."


A strong man like Jiang Chi was a rare good thing for them to do, as long as they could befriend him.

It was just a pity.

Jiang Lack didn't seem to eat that.

At the moment.

Jiang Lack really didn't notice that much.

He waved his hand to interrupt Old General Xu who wanted to continue speaking, "Wait, Old General, let's talk about things later."

After all, no one could say for sure later.

So it wasn't good to take a stance now.

Ji Daoist: "........"

He was suddenly a little envious of Jiang Gou.

This person could actually stand out and be sought after even without speaking.

The heavens were really unfair.

He regretted it.

He couldn't help but secretly grumble about Old General Xu.

He is also a strong man, alright.

And also your savior, can't you talk about it properly.


Now this situation, but it made him depressed ah.

What limelight did he lose.

Robbed by Jiang Xiao.

A clean kind.

At any rate, he was also a man of some ability.

But now it seemed that the limelight had been completely stolen by Jiang Xiao.


He couldn't say anything yet.

Because Jiang Lack was strong.

So outrageously strong that if he dared to have an opinion, would he still need the subsequent Immortal Dao cultivation methods?


After thinking of all these circumstances.

Ji Daoist felt his brain start to hurt.

This was not necessarily a good thing.


Who didn't want to get along with his surname Jiang in general.


That was definitely the case.

It definitely wasn't because he was powerful in Jiang Lack, and it definitely wasn't because he was a cultivator of the Immortal Dao.

He himself was a person of status.

At the same time.

And also a man of principle.

And doesn't engage in those fancy things.


Neither do you need those impractical things yourself.

Because it's all useless.

Right now.

The Ji Daoist deeply understood that he was not strong enough right now.

So he needed to continue to survive.

That was the king's way.


He said, "Fellow Daoist, but after some time, I may have to go down to the mountain for a while as well, I wonder if you would be willing to help me take care of Yu Ren and Eternal Life?

Don't worry, they're good.

They won't get into trouble."


The corner of Jiang Mo's mouth twitched slightly.

Naturally, he knew what this guy was going down the mountain for.

It was nothing more than for the Destiny Star Cultivation Technique.

The merit methods he had collected here had already been used, and they were almost used.

It was precisely because of this.

That's why there was now nothing at the Counting Daoist that could be exchanged with him for the Immortal Dao merit method.

He needed to go down the mountain.

As for how to obtain the merit method, that was self-explanatory.


Jiang Mo didn't break it down.

He nodded slightly and echoed, "Alright, since you've said it all, if I still don't agree to it, you'll probably just be reluctant."

See this.

Jiang Qian promised.

He was well aware of the character and thick-skinnedness of the Countermeasure.

If he wasn't so abdominal.


If the Plan Daoist wasn't that extreme, he could actually be friends with him.


Some things.

It's impossible.

It's not your fault.


The Ji Daoist was also slightly relieved to see that Jiang Chi had agreed, "It seems that my Immortal Dao skills will have a future."

He must become a powerful cultivator in the Immortal Dao.

But only if he continued to collect some merit methods.

He knew.

There were still many sects and powers in this world that had cultivation methods and they were still perfect.


There were many methods to obtain.

He had his own ideas.

Naturally, Old General Xu was unclear about the thoughts of the Plan Daoist, and he thought that the Plan Daoist and Jiang Xiao were just joking.

It was just to bring along a disciple.

There was no need to deliberately advise on such things.

After dealing with the matter of the marriage certificate, this Old General Xu also started drinking tea.

As soon as that granddaughter of his returned, he set about preparing to leave Xining Town.

It had been out for a long time.

God Capital.

That was where he was going to stay.

There were still many things he needed to deal with, so now he needed to go back.


That granddaughter of his had been out with Chen Changsheng since morning and hadn't seen anyone back by the afternoon.

I don't know where she ran off to.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was sure that the area was no longer dangerous and had been set up by the Plan Daoists.

Old General Xu might have really been worried to death.

A mountain not far from the residence.

In a stream....


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