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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1154 - True Phoenix Bloodline (Seeking Subscription)

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A flash.

A month had passed.

In the past month, the countenance had first raised his Immortal Dao cultivation from the Houtian realm to the Zongshi realm grand completion.

The speed was not too fast.


He still hadn't stepped onto the threshold.

It was because Jiang had told him that the next great realm, the Grand Master Realm, was the true threshold to enter the Immortal Dao.

It was called the Foundation Establishment Realm.

But now.

The problem came back.

It was a very annoying thing for him now.

He didn't have any feats in his hand to exchange with Jiang Chi anymore, resulting in the fact that he didn't have the cultivation method for the Foundation Establishment Realm now.

It couldn't be deduced by himself.

Robbing wouldn't work either.

Neither could pulling together relationships.


It could only be exchanged.

But if you exchange, you don't have an exchange technique anymore.

This made Ji Daoist depressed in his heart, and he had to go out to look for a merit method.

He had to go out and look for a technique.

And yet he still had to go through all this, in fact, Ji Daoist's heart was very sad.

But for the sake of that plan in his heart, he had no choice.

Jiang Jiang.

It gave him hope.

This was the future.

He had seen the end of the Fate Star's path of cultivation, and he could no longer go far.

The Immortal Path....

Perhaps this was a new hope.

After all, this past month, he had been cultivating the Immortal Dao Technique at an incredibly fast rate.

And this point gave him hope.

The hope of becoming a Daoist.

Or rather, it allowed him to see into the future.

The Immortal Dao.

Perhaps it was the future.

It was the future for him, the calculating Daoist.

Since the path of Destiny Star cultivation was no longer possible.

Then, it was possible to go down another path.

For example, the Immortal Dao brought about by Jiang Xiao.

He felt good about it.

Didn't he have the talent to cultivate the Destiny Star, and didn't he have the talent to cultivate the Immortal Path.

It didn't exist.

In this month's time.

He had cultivated from the Houtian Realm to the Ancestor Realm Grand Perfection.

If he didn't have a follow-up technique, he should be cultivating to the next realm by now.


The Grand Master realm.

That is, the Foundation Establishment Realm in Jiang Notch, and now the calculating Daoist didn't have any such techniques.

So he was a bit confused.

Also a little puzzled.

Did he really have to go out and look for other sects and powers' merit methods in exchange?

It might work.

But it always feels weird.

It's a little unlike the state of being yourself.

This day.

The Ji Daoist was about to go out when he noticed Chen Changsheng coming over with an old man and two young men.

He instinctively furrowed his brow.

This place was rarely visited by people, and the sudden appearance of two people....

It's scaring him.

What if something happened.

It would be a problem.

But before he could say the words to send the guest away, he saw the old man and the young man both faint on the ground.

Got to.

Can't drive them away this time.

He looked at Chen Changsheng and asked, "Ah Changsheng, why are you bringing people to the house again without permission."

Chen Changsheng didn't doubt him and explained, "Master, these two people were being chased in the mountains, and I saw them when I went up to the mountains to pick medicine with Brother Yu Ren."


This point had already occurred to the calculating Daoist.


The most crucial point Chen Changsheng did not say.

Since you were being chased, then what skills did you two little guys rely on to save the man?

What a joke.

Whether it was Chen Changsheng or Yu Ren, they were both just children a few years old now.

There was no cultivation at all.

In other words, the two of them were just ordinary people, how could they save that old man and young man ah.

It was unlikely to think about it.

This should be a lie to themselves.


It was most likely an act.

Thinking of this.

Ji Daoist was busy asking again, "Eternal Life, then how did you get the people back?"

It looks like.

All those incoming criminals should be out of luck.

The Ji Daoist was not stupid.

He was well aware of the circumstances.

The old man and the young man were not strong, though they had both cultivated.


Those incoming enemies, the ones who were chasing them, were definitely not the ones they fought off, or killed.


Nor could they have been killed by Chen Changsheng and the rest of the people.

Because neither Chen Changsheng nor Yu Ren, neither of them had such strength.

Without cultivation, there was no right to speak.

This was certain.

It was also an immutable truth in the cultivation world.

So what was the problem?

He kind of didn't understand.

Jiang Xiao, the Immortal Dao cultivator, didn't seem to have made a move either.

He had been wondering about the fate star cultivation for the past few days and hadn't gone out to make a move.

It was reasonable to say.

He was the one most likely to make a move.

After all.

To the Plan Daoist, Chen Changsheng and Yu Ren were both his disciples.

He should make a move.

But bar.

The problem was that he hadn't even had time to make a move.

The result was already over.


It was a bit confusing for the calculator.

Could it be that these two little guys could still have dog luck.

But then he thought about it.

It shouldn't be.

How could that be.

It doesn't exist.

Just as the calculating Daoist was puzzled, Chen Changsheng explained, "Master, it's like this.

A few days ago, Big Brother Jiang said that he was working on something called the Jade Talisman, and then he also developed it successfully.



The Ji Daoist couldn't wait to ask about it.

Was there something wrong with this jade talisman?

Chen Changsheng continued to explain, "This jade talisman explodes when thrown and the energy is so terrifying that those who were chasing it were all killed.

Most of the injuries on their bodies were actually blown up by the jade talisman."

Ji Daoist: "........"

He suddenly felt that he was still underestimating Jiang lacking a bit.

This man.

Really different.

What kind of an existence was he.

For a moment.

The Ji Daoist found himself unable to understand it.

This was embarrassing.

He was busy saying, "So that's it, so you guys are lucky, otherwise it wouldn't be possible for this to happen."

A mere few jade talismans.


He didn't know what jade talismans were though.

But presumably, it was similar to something that was used to set up a battle.

Not much of a difference?

That must be it.

He was puzzled.

Who knows.


Just heal the injuries.

Big deal, delay yourself for a bit.


Ji Daoist continued, "Alright, since you've said that, Master, if I don't save someone, it would be a bit too boring."

That's right to save people.

And rightly so.

The old man and the young man's injuries were serious, but they could still be healed for the Plan Daoist.


He had a hard time when it came to saving the young one.

The other party had the True Phoenix bloodline in his body, and it was now burning brightly, striking the meridians in his body.


The other party was still just a little girl.

Where could she withstand this kind of impact ah, so the eye was about to fail.

The Ji Daoist shook his head, indicating that he was also incompetent and helpless.

Jiang Qiao did know the little girl's history and had the ability to save her, but he didn't interfere.

The plot was still going on.

He knew that Chen Changsheng would definitely save that little girl next.

Her name was Xu You Rong.

A very common, yet uncommon name.


Jiang Mo also knew that Chen Changsheng should be trying to use his own blood to save her, which was why he had a great bond with this one.

He wasn't going to get involved.

It was mainly because it was useless.

Whether Chen Changsheng saved her or not, what did it matter to him, Jiang Liao Jiang someone.

It didn't matter.

The fact that Ji Daoist did not save it was enough to show that he wanted to give the credit to Chen Changsheng.

Of course.

Guaranteed to be this old thing's calculations.

Jiang Mo was just not good at telling the truth.

Was there really no way for Ji Daoist to save Xu You Rong?

Just kidding.

Jiang Xiao felt that he was okay anyway.

As expected.

A day later.

Xu You Rong came to life.

And jumped around.

But Chen Changsheng was almost dead.

This was something that the Plan Daoist also knew, so he even pulled Chen Changsheng into a corner somewhere and gave him a good lecture.

Chen Changsheng said that he understood.

Jiang Jian didn't say anything.

He looked at Xu You Rong, whom Chen Changsheng had brought over, and said under his breath, "Is this, his future fiancée, Xu You Rong?"

It was truly worthy of being a daughter of the Divine General's House.

It was also worthy of being a talented and strong person with the blood of a true phoenix.

Not bad.

At the very least, her qualifications were much better than Chen Changsheng's.

However, Chen Changsheng's tenacity was not something Xu Yourong could compare to.

Different is different.

"Changsheng, take her to play."

Jiang Xiao knew.

There was no need for him to worry about what happened next.

After all, children didn't understand such things as childhood sweethearts, but it was because of this lack of understanding that it was more interesting, right?

Two little ones.

It's even more to deepen the relationship ah.

You can't batten down the hatches yourself.

"How can I possibly stop him when he, Plan Daoist, is pushing the envelope."

As the saying goes, it's better to destroy ten temples than to break up a marriage.

It wasn't unreasonable.

He understood.

And understood it well.

As for the rest of the people, Chen Changsheng's senior brother.

I'm afraid he doesn't have the fortune.

For one thing, he didn't have the chance, and for another, I'm afraid that it was also the idea of the Counting Daoist.

Jiang Ji secretly guessed, "After all, his identity is not simple, huh?"

That Xu You Rong, although she was a daughter of the Divine General's residence, was destined to be a member of the Heavenly Sea Sacred Queen's lineage.


How can the rest of us have anything to do with it ah.


Jiang Qian felt that he completely understood.

What a schemer.

Not bad.

That's a very clever plan.

This day.

He specially came out of the small building to play a game of chess with the calculating Taoist, and then came to drink tea.

He was not good at chess.

But drinking tea he was good at it.

That old general from the Divine General's residence also came over, and after hearing Chen Changsheng talk about the jade talisman, he had to come over to thank Jiang lacking.

And so.

This old general was busy arching his hand and said, "Mr. Jiang, thank you for this, if it wasn't for you, I'm afraid that our grandparents and grandsons would have died."

That was the truth.

Once the planter didn't take action, the outcome was unknown ah.


There was another terrifying point.

Jiang Qian's strength was something he couldn't see or figure out.

So he felt that this person must be a super strong person, it was just that he hadn't heard of it before.


Thanks were necessary.

Jiang Chi's mouth twitched slightly as he said, "No need to thank anything, if you really want to thank, go ahead and thank Chen Changsheng.

If that brat hadn't coincidentally met you guys and coincidentally made use of the jade talisman I gave him, you two might not have had the chance to stand here."


The old general nodded, "Thank you for sure, that kid Chang Sheng, to be honest, I also like him quite a bit.

He is clever and early, and is well versed in the Three Thousand Daoist Treasures.

What's more, he is someone with great wisdom.

In the future, his achievements should not be small."

Although he was just a rough man.


Judging from so many years of experience, there would never be a problem.

After all.

Chen Changsheng's future was splendid.

He was sure of it.


After a slight nod from Jiang Xiao, there was no further comment.

In fact.

It didn't even matter to him, Jiang Xiao, if the Xu Clan's Divine General House wanted to thank Chen Changsheng or not.

It just had nothing to do with him anyway.

The old general mused for a moment and then continued, "That granddaughter of mine is good at everything, but she has an extraordinary physique..."

He didn't finish.

He was interrupted by Daoist Ji, "Your granddaughter is a true phoenix bloodline that is rare to see in a thousand years, this kind of body cultivates with half the effort, I suggest you send her to the south to cultivate, that way in can grow up in the shortest possible time."

"What the Daoist Master said is extremely true, when the old man returns, he will send You Rong to the southern holy land to cultivate."

It was as if the old general had made up his mind.


He took out another piece of brocade cloth from his bosom, and he began to write....


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