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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1152 - Starting to Pretend Again (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Invincible again.



It was truly boring.

After a while of comparison through the introduction of the counters, Jiang Xiao found himself invincible once again.

Then he felt that it wasn't much fun.

Then, let's just go and collect the World Origin Force with the attitude of a game on earth.

And don't be so deliberate.

As for whether or not he would encounter a Great Free Realm existence, Jiang Kou felt that was impossible.

This world.

Even if it was at the divine Hidden level, basically no one existed.

Not to mention that Great Freedom.


There was it in the Sacred Light Continent.

However, Jiang Chi didn't want to go to the Sacred Light Continent, after all, that place was unfamiliar to him, and going there would be nothing more than gaining more of the world's origin power.

If he got rid of the entire world's origin power, then the entire world would collapse.

So Jiang Chi didn't dare to do that.

If something happened, he couldn't afford it.

In his heart, he was a bit baffled and murmured, looking at the Plan Daoist, he said, "Daoist, your explanation has benefited me a lot, thank you very much."

"You're welcome."

Daoist Ji's facial skin twitched slightly in response, "However, I'd still like to ask you, Fellow Daoist, to explain it to me in detail, I wonder what kind of system you're practicing?"

about this.

He was rather curious.

If he was able to learn a bit from it, then did he have a chance to break through.

After all, a stone from another mountain could attack jade.

There was absolutely no mistaking this truth, and maybe after a while of learning from it, he would be able to make a successful breakthrough.

Hearing that.

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "Naturally, but the system I'm cultivating is a bit complicated, or it could be something you've never heard of before, so are you sure you want to hear about it?"

"OK, I want to take a long look at it."

The Ji Daoist nodded.

He yearned for the situations that Jiang lacked said, what kind of cultivation system was it.


He also had a chance to get in touch with it himself.

Seeing that this Ji Daoist was extraordinarily insistent, Jiang Qian was too embarrassed to persuade him any further.

He said indifferently, "The system I am cultivating is called the Immortal Dao, which means beyond the words cultivating to become immortal in the end, to reach the level of immortality.

There are divisions of realms.

The divisions are: the Houtian, the Innate, the Patriarch, the Grand Master (Foundation Building), the Jindan, the Yuanying, the Returning, the Hopeful, the Human Immortal, the Earth Immortal, the Celestial Immortal, and so on."

Ji Daoist: "...and..."

Wait a minute.

What do you mean, wait.

When I introduced you to me, it was all made clear to you, how come you're here instead of making it clear?

He was puzzled when.

Jiang Ji explained, "I'm not sure about the realms behind it, but I'm sure there are countless more realms that exist, so maybe I'll find out one day when I'm a bit stronger."


The Counting Daoist's face only looked better this way.

Otherwise, his face was actually ugly and gloomy for a moment.

So unsightly.

So depressed.

When Jiang Xiao kept counting the realms down to the Heavenly Immortal realm, the thoughts of the Counting Daoist were strange.

"There are actually so many realms left, so what is the final realm?"

The heart itches.

Also, is it that after one becomes immortal, one is considered immortal?

Although monks from the Saint realm could also achieve a certain degree of immortality, the countenance felt that it was compared to the Immortal Dao that Jiang lacked introduced.

There seemed to be a bit of a gap ah.

Could it be.

Was there really such a magical realm located in this world?

Well, maybe it did.

But he was in a bit of disbelief.

The mood actually got a little complicated, and he was sad and confused.


Ji Daoist continued to ask, "Fellow Daoist, what kind of cultivation method is this Immortal Dao you speak of?"

Although he had heard Jiang Guiao introduce it, he was very much confused.

What kind of cultivation system was this, had it also developed and multiplied to its peak?

Jiang Ji said, "This is the Dao of Immortality, a method of dual life cultivation that advocates a strong body and an immortal soul.

Of course.

In reality, in different places, it's not even certain regarding longevity.

So even if you become immortal, you're only immortal to a certain extent, but that's not absolute."

It's still easy to be killed if you're not careful a little bit.


This situation should be the exception among exceptions, something that was unusual to see.

"So that's how it is."


The Ji Daoist barely seemed to understand.

He nodded and intoned, "If that's the case, then the Immortal Dao is also developing ahead, not to mention that there are realms to follow."

"Yes, there are still many realms to follow."

"How strong are the most powerful ones?"

"I don't know."


"Because that level of strength, where have I ever seen it before, I'm sure it's just more powerful than you and I imagined."


After talking about these situations, Jiang lacked understanding.

It was only then that it dawned on him.

The heart said, "It turns out that there really is an even more powerful realm.

"I thought at first that he was just making things up, but now it seems that becoming an immortal is not the end, after all, immortals also have highs and lows and strengths."

The Ji Daoist secretly pondered and began to brainstorm the powerful existence after that celestial immortal, it would be great if he had the chance to see it in his lifetime.

Only a pity.

This thought was just a thought.

I'm afraid it was a bit unlikely.

After all, it was not like that level of powerful being could actually see it himself.


Not even imagining it was afraid.

After all, it was strong.

It was definitely not just strong.

They were still terrifying.

Jiang Guiao looked a little strange a few times up, muttering, "If I could, I would definitely obtain this Immortal Dao cultivation method, but this guy surnamed Jiang may not give it ah."

He really got it right.

Jiang Chi might not necessarily give it, but he might not necessarily not give it either.

The difference only lay in his Jiang Lack's mood.


Things were human.

The Ji Daoist didn't give up, but he also knew that if he just brought it up straightforwardly, it would definitely be different.

The situation should have changed.

It should be different from what he had imagined, "So, what do I need to do to obtain this Immortal Dao's cultivation method?"

Just relying on the things that Jiang lacked introduced was not enough for him to cultivate.

He found.

The Immortal Dao was a wonderful thing, and once it was cultivated it might be different, and just by relying on the introduction that Jiang had just given him, he hadn't even touched the threshold.

So it was still necessary to rely on Jiang Lack.

At this moment.

Jiang Chi continued, "Daoist, actually, the cultivation of the Immortal Dao is not difficult, but I see that this Destiny Star cultivation path is not particularly complicated, so I would like to give it a try if I can."


The Ji Daoist was bored with not returning Jiang's words.

This man.

Starting to have to pretend again.

Isn't it uncomfortable to not pretend for a while, really.

That's enough.


Before he could say out what was in his heart, he listened to the ghostly voice of Jiang Yao: "Don't worry, it will definitely not implicate you."

Ji Daoist: "........"

What's the implication or not.

He shook his head and said, "It doesn't matter, it's all just small matters, in fact, I would like to ask Fellow Daoist about the cultivation methods of the Immortal Dao, I don't know..."


Jiang Qiao smiled and said, "It's not impossible, but well..."

"But what?"

The Ji Daoist knew that Jiang Xiao should be trying to make a condition.

That was why he said such words.

He had experienced such a situation before, so he had enough experience.

Smiling, he said, "Fellow Daoist, if you have something to do, I will do my best to help you, if it's something you need, just tell old man directly."

Greatly patted with assurance.

He felt that the opportunity was right in front of him, and Jiang Chi should be aware of it.

As expected.

In the next moment, Jiang Jiang said, "Actually, there is no other request, just that I want to take a look at more of the cultivation methods of this Eastern Land, and if Daoist Master can find one for me, I will pass on just a few words of Daoist Master's words, and if Daoist Master can find more of them, then it's fine to pass on a few realm methods of Daoist Master to you."


Although Daoist Ji's heart was a bit upset, he was actually quite happy.

He clenched his teeth and said, "Yes, but I'll also have to trouble Daoist Fellow Daoist to stay with me for a longer period of time and give me a chance to exchange ah."

He sort of understood.

Jiang Chi's method was a method of exchange.

Got to.

Then search for the method.

He hadn't missed collecting merit methods for so many years, so he still had a dozen or so of them.

It was just that they were all some big roads.

If there were some merit methods from various sects, he would need to search for them separately, otherwise he wouldn't even be able to find them.

Of course.

This was just saying a possibility.

At this moment, when he heard Jiang Ji say that, he immediately agreed.

As soon as he heard the words of the Plan Daoist, Jiang Ji also nodded slightly, "Yes, but I will wait for you for ten years at most."

Because ten years later.

It would probably be the day that Chen Changsheng would be going down to the God Capital.

He also wanted to follow.

"Ten years?"

The Ji Daoist was slightly stunned, as if he had thought of something.

But then he nodded, "Okay, ten years is ten years, and Daoist can also live directly with me for these ten years."


Jiang Chi didn't push this point, anyway, there were plenty of houses here for the Counting Daoist.

Not living in it for nothing.

It was a great opportunity anyway.

He was incomparably joyful, and it would be much easier if he let the Plan Daoist search for the technique for him.

He wouldn't have to go on the run himself.

And with the ten years left, it would be better to study the power of the stars.

Perhaps he could also draw the stars into his body and cultivate it, replacing it with the World Origin Force.

It might be possible as well.

At this time.

The Ji Daoist asked once again, "Daoist, there is one thing I would like to ask, I wonder what your current realm is?"

He didn't see it anyway.

As for the cultivation methods of the Immortal Dao, he was similarly unaware of them.

So this was a bit awkward.

If he was able to determine Jiang Xiao's realm, then the stone in his heart should be able to fall.

The Ji Daoist thought so.

Is the realm.

Jiang Xiao shook his head and said, "Let's not talk about it."

"Eh?" Ji Daoist was stunned, "Daoist, why is that?"

Doesn't he deserve to know?

He didn't believe it.

Jiang Ji was appalled as he looked at the countenance, "I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to be devastated, lest it would be bad if you were under a spell."


Is that really the case?

It seemed as if the Ji Daoist believed it, and a strange look came over his heart.

No matter what.

He didn't really want to believe it anyway.

What if it didn't work.

He at least still knew Jiang Lack's cultivation, so it was a kind of bragging capital, wasn't it.

More importantly, he could adjust his plan according to Jiang Lack's strength.

Now that Jiang Lack didn't say anything, he was a bit helpless ah.

"Why do I always feel like he's faking it." Ji Daoist silently thought.

Jiang Lack was this person.

It was really a bit too scary.

And he had to figure out what he was.


Daoist Ji held on strong and said, "Don't worry, Fellow Daoist, I can definitely hold on, although I'm not a cultivator from the Saint Realm, I'm infinitely closer."


The Ji Daoist remembered that there was still a Great Western Continent in this world.


The distant Great Western Continent didn't seem to have an Immortal Dao ah.

What's up with that.


None of this was enough to sway him from wanting to know about Jiang Liao's cultivation realm, and he was very determined and insistent.

Very much wanting to know what kind of existence Jiang Lack was, "If I can, not only can I pull him in, but I can also obtain some cultivation methods on the Immortal Dao from him, and then I'll have a chance to break through to the Slave Saint realm ah."

Thus becoming the sixth greatest saint in the world!


Five major saints existed in this world, namely: the Holy Queen of the Heavenly Sea, the Pope of God's Capital, the White Emperor of the Demon City, the Great Western Continent Eldest Princess, and the Holy Maiden of the South . The Sacred Maiden of the Peak .

If he could gain benefits from Jiang Xiao, if he could cultivate the Dao of Immortality successfully, then the breakthrough should be easier .

However .

Jiang Chi was once again persuasive, "Daoist, it's really not that I don't want to say it, it's just that I can't, your realm and cultivation are too weak, and I'm afraid that you'll get a demonic barrier after hearing it, and it would be bad to go off the rails then."

Ji Daoist: "........"

If you don't want to talk about it, how can you go off the deep end?


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