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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1151 - Fate Star Cultivation Sayings (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Another continent?

Jiang Chi sniffed.

Then he fell silent.

Only after a long time did he say, "Yes, but no."

Ji Daoist: "...."


How many meanings is this.

He wouldn't believe what Jiang lacked, hearing him very confused and not understanding all of it.

Yes is.

Is not is not.

What do you mean yes and no.

What about playing word games.

He looked at Jiang Chi and continued to ask, "Fellow Daoist, is the cultivation method of the other continent really different from that of the Eastern Land?"

"Same or different I don't know."

Jiang Xiao shook his head up, he really didn't know anything about that Sacred Light Continent.

As for the current continent that was called the Eastern Land, the methods of cultivation all relied on invoking the stars into the body.

Then fixing the stars.

To put it simply, it relied on the fate stars to cultivate.

This was also referred to as the fate star saying by Jiang Jian.

It had certain merits, but it also had certain limitations and frustrations.

Fate stars.

Ultimately, it was an external object.

However, according to Jiang Xiao's guess, if the stars in this world were useful to him.

Then, he would have to come into contact with the power of the stars ah.

Now that the situation looked like this, the Star Force should be theoretically feasible.

But specifically he hadn't tried it yet.

"Daoist, I really don't know, so why don't you tell me more carefully?"

He doesn't know how to practice.


He just doesn't know how to practice the Life Star.


There were countless worlds, and it was normal to have other cultivation methods.

Thus, the Counting Daoist had figured it out at the moment.

Another continent that really existed, it was called the Sacred Light Continent.

It was a long, long time ago, and it was said that there was a disaster on the continent at the time, the specifics of which he wasn't sure.

He only happened to see a mere mention of it when he was researching some information, but since there was a vast and boundless sea between them, it was simply impossible to cross over.

Then there was only one possibility left.

Coming over through a secret method.

It was said.

There are some powerful magical powers that can actually shatter the void.

In addition, there was also something called a teleportation array that could also teleport people over.


Weren't these things lost long ago.

When did they appear again.

Could it be that that Sacred Light Continent was really much more powerful than the Eastern Lands?

Or maybe.....


He was surprised and amazed.


Ji Daoist was actually curious as to what kind of place the Sacred Light Continent was.


What he had never expected was that Jiang Xiao was not at all what he had imagined it to be.

It was not from that Sacred Light Continent at all, but from a great world of immortal cultivation called the Green Xuan Continent.

In comparison.

What was the Sacred Light Continent.

That was why Jiang Xiao would say yes and no, but couldn't directly deny the matter.

It was the Ling Mode.

The Counting Daoist couldn't tell the difference between reality and virtual, so he didn't know the specifics.

He continued to ask, "Fellow Daoist, could you first tell me about the Sacred Light Continent.

I've been yearning for the Sacred Light Continent for a long time, so why don't you tell me about it carefully?

Don't worry, I'll follow up by telling you about the Destiny Star cultivation."

Jiang Ji: "........"

How so?

There was no way for him to say ah.

You know.

He was someone who came in from the outside.

Not from the Sacred Light Continent at all, and it didn't seem like it would work to say cheating.

Apart from knowing that Chen Changsheng was probably from the Sacred Light Continent, he also knew something about angel wings and such.

It was said that when people in the Holy Light Continent reached a certain level of cultivation, they would be born with angel-like wings.

This was rather like the world of sword and magic.

At least it was very similar.

But he didn't know about the rest, so he couldn't tell people anything.

It wouldn't be good in case the countermen really believed it.


After thinking about it, he shook his head up slightly, "I'm neither from this continent, but I'm also not from the Holy Light Continent.

As for where I come from, that's a matter of privacy, so it's inconvenient to give you, Daoist.


I'm still curious about the lifestar cultivation methods in this Eastern Land, can you trustingly describe them?"

Ji Daoist: "...and..."

He felt that he must have been trapped by Jiang Gou.

How else could this situation occur now, there must be something wrong, and this guy didn't even tell himself.

What an abomination.

And in vain he trusted him so much.


Just don't tell him.

If you didn't come from the Sacred Light Continent, you, Jiang Liao, could still be from the Outer Heaven.

He didn't think too much.

He simply introduced it.

The Ji Daoist sat down and spoke freely, "But all cultivators in this world must first condense their spirit.

Do you know about Concentration of the Spirit?

It's to first condense the divine idea."

And divine thoughts were something that could only be understood but not communicated.

Since the Plan Daoist already knew that Jiang Xiao was not from this Eastern Land, he thought he couldn't understand.

So he really wanted to explain it clearly.

By the way, he wanted to pull Jiang Kou close.

Even if he couldn't rally him, he shouldn't be an enemy.

A strong person like Jiang Lack could never be an enemy of it, or else something would happen.

But bar.

Of course I wanted to try to explain, but I found that Jiang lacked a slight nod of his head, "I know, divine mind and consciousness are a thing, right."


What is divine sense?

The Counterpart said he didn't understand.

It was simply unheard of.

Was it his world's way of cultivating?

Divine sense, divine mind.

It all seems to be about the same.

And so.

The Ji Daoist then continued, "And after condensing the mind, one can determine the stars, the process is to determine one's life star.

In our Eastern Land cultivation, the method to determine one's destiny star is very simple, just use one's condensed divine sense to sense the stars in the nine heavens.

And every person has a star that belongs to them."

"Does each person really belong to their own lifestar?"

Jiang Xiao couldn't help but wonder, "What about people like me, do they also have their own destiny stars?"


The Counterpart wasn't sure anymore.

He said, "Maybe there is, maybe there isn't, but let's say there is."

Then let's pretend there is.

Jiang Qian didn't dwell on this matter.

The planter shouldn't be clear anyway, since he hadn't seen it either.

So the words of reply would carry a lot of uncertainty as well.

Jiang Ji frowned and pondered, "Daoist, go on, I'm all ears."

There seemed to be something wonderful and desirable about this Destiny Star cultivation talk.

So he was still curious.

It might be good if he could learn from it.


Was it really possible to draw on it successfully?

There was no bottom to Jiang Ji's heart on this.

The Ji Daoist continued, "As long as you can determine your destiny star and have reached this step, you can draw starlight to wash the marrow.

That is the legendary washing of the marrow, which is similar to this.

Only slightly different because it was the starlight of one's own lifestar, this marrow cleansing could change one's physique.

To a certain extent, one could achieve a hundred diseases.

Of course.

Not everyone can determine their own fate star, and not everyone who is sure of their fate star can receive starlight and enter the body.

There are times when one cannot invoke starlight into the body, and once one invokes starlight to wash the marrow, something may happen.

After all these years, those who can cultivate are only a small portion after all ah."

At least.

Most people were ordinary people.

They couldn't practice, although, they had the chance to train their offspring to practice, and they might shine one day.


Some things were different circumstances.

The people who couldn't draw stars into their bodies to cleanse their marrow included Counting Daoist's disciple, Chen Changsheng.

That guy who looked rather precocious to Jiang Xiao was also incapable of cultivation.


Perhaps it couldn't be said that he didn't know how to cultivate.

He did know how to cultivate.


The Ji Daoist had once told him that he couldn't cultivate or his lifespan would be reduced exponentially.

Therefore, to Chen Changsheng, cultivation was life reduction, a horrible thing.

Thus, the Counting Daoist did not allow him to cultivate.

When it came to this.

Ji Daoist looked towards Chen Changsheng, who was sorting herbs with the rest of the people not far away, and could not help but feel a little bitter.

How unfairly the heavens had treated him.


If Jiang Mo knew of Ji Daoist's thoughts, he would definitely ridicule and laugh at him.

The heavens are treating Chen Changsheng unfairly, but you, as Chen Changsheng's master, are treating him unfairly as well.

Ji Daoist continued, "As long as you succeed in invoking the stars to cleanse the marrow, you can sit and watch yourself."


Jiang Ji nodded, "Isn't this the same as internal vision."

There wasn't much difference between it and the Immortal Dao's inner vision.

If you really want to say the difference, probably the only difference is that the Immortal Dao can look within when it's at the Foundation Establishment.

Whereas, the saying of Life Star Cultivation cannot.

One must say that one can only enter the Sitting Illumination Realm after invoking the star into the body and washing the marrow.

The level is very strict.

Ji Daoist also introduced: "And to sit illuminated, you can mind through the seclusion, the creation of tomorrow's earth.

At that time is to truly embark on the path of cultivation and enlightenment, this is by no means ordinary people can compare.

It's very different."

"So that's how it is."

Is this the Tong You.

It's truly one link after another ah.

Unlike what came to mind, this cultivation had yet to reproduce to its peak.

Jiang Ke could clearly sense the flaws in it, and lacking a certain link wouldn't even work.

But the Immortal Dao was different.

It was possible to become a human immortal directly from the first infant after forming the first infant.

The prerequisite was to have such a great chance.

And this world's Destiny Star cultivation method was different.

It had to be done one link after another, and the order couldn't be messed up, let alone make a mistake.

Otherwise it wouldn't work either.

Ji Daoist ghostly words continued to come out, "And if one is able to pass through you, one will be able to gather stars in one's body, and from then on it will be extraordinary.

If you are able to gather stars, you will be able to walk from the holy to the wind, like a god, and in the Eastern Land, the Heavenly Sea Holy Queen is in this realm.

Then you can be hidden in the world, not in the wheel of life, jump out of the river of destiny ah.

Finally being able to be on earth and reach for the stars is even more mysterious than the legendary divine seclusion realm.


This realm never existed only in the imagination, it was called the Realm of Great Freedom.


In the Eastern Land, after year after year of development, there were nine great cultivation realms.

They are: condensation, star fixation, marrow washing, sitting illumination, passageway, star gathering, from sainthood, divine seclusion, and great freedom."

When it came to these, Ji Daoist was actually envious.

In the Eastern Lands.

The From Saint realm was already considered remarkable.

It was said that there were five of them in the current world.

The Heavenly Sea Sage Empress was one of them, so she called many people scrupulous.

The Ji Daoist's heart was envious.

If he could, he actually wanted to be divinely hidden in the heavens and earth.


He couldn't do it.

"So this is how the path of Destiny Star cultivation works." Jiang Wei nodded his head.

He sort of understood.

These nine realms were the corresponding to the Nine Extremes, the ultimate way of this world.

It was just that in that case, the cultivation realm of this world would have to be changed and reopened in opposition to the Immortal Dao side.

It might also be feasible.

"From Saint, it would be equivalent to the Returning Realm, with all kinds of incredible divine means.

And from Divine Concealment, it would be equivalent to the Realm of Harmony, walking the world and possessing immense strength in one's body.

As for that Great Freedom, it would be equivalent to the Realm of Human Immortality.

As one who has become an Immortal."

It was just that for people of the Immortal Path, the Human Immortal Realm was only also a beginning.

There were still infinite possibilities in the future.

Such as that legendary Earth Immortal, such as the Heavenly Immortal on Earth Immortal and so on.

They were all uniquely strong ah.

In comparison, the cultivators of this world were much weaker.

Jiang mumbled, "So, if you look at it this way, I'm actually invincible in this side of the world?"


Is it wrong again.

He was a bit uncertain and panicked ah.

In life, the worst thing about being invincible was how lonely as snow!


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