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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1150 - I Don't Know How to Cultivate (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The next evening.

Jiang Chi put down the scroll with a calm face, having the feeling that he was not yet finished.

Although through the Vajra Bracelets he had obtained some origin power and stored it away, only to use it when he broke through.


Right now, he had personally read those Dao Treasures and still really benefited from them.

Gaining quite a few gains.

Some of the truths that were previously unknown to him were now understood, as if he had understood many things at once.

He was in a somewhat excited mood and planned to spend more time staying here and reading more.

After all.

In his last life, he hadn't actually read much.

It was only in this life that he had so much time and opportunity to read, and he hadn't had any before.

This life.

He crossed over again and realized the power of the Planter's Cultist method, so he wanted to try it out as well.

Hadn't that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kuai once said that he was in a very low state of mind.

If he read more, would the result be different.


He came up with this method.

The so-called poetry in the belly should be the result of reading more, no wonder that Chen Changsheng looked precocious and knew a little bit about everything.

It should be influenced by reading as well.

After all, reading is a good thing, and you also like to read, not only can you potter your emotions, but also sublimate your thoughts and temperament.

That's important.

Jiang mused, "If I can keep reading, it's actually not necessarily a bad thing ah, but it's a pity that there are only 3,000 Dao Treasures here at this Planter, at most a little over 3,000, not enough ah."


For someone like Jiang Chi, who could be described as immortal, these three thousand volumes of Dao Tibetan were indeed short enough.

Even Chen Changsheng could read the 3,000 Dao Collections in a period of time, and it would be over in a dozen years.

Not to say that it was completely remembered and understood, but at least most of it was remembered and understood.


Even that was amazing.

Jiang Qiao looked at the Plan Daoist on the chair beside him and couldn't help but ask him, "Daoist, I wonder what you have recorded here in the three thousand Dao Tibetans?"

He had only read one book now.

And before even finishing it, he felt that the contents of the Daozo were profound and should have many subtle and exquisite things.

Then the question arises.

What was recorded in the three thousand Dao Tibetan books in that room?

The way to eternal life?

Or is it that supreme way of domination, the kind that can look down upon the world?

Or maybe both?

When the Ji Daoist saw that Jiang was coming over, he put down his books, reached out his hand and waved it to the side, and a tea set flew over, with a pot of tea already brewed.


He had already calculated that Jiang Chi would come over.

And would also speak with him, so he had already made the tea.

Sort of waiting.

Jiang Ji wasn't surprised to see this, the imperial method was just a small technique.

He could too.

And it was a little more colorful than what the Counting Daoist had made.

"Fellow Daoist, please have some tea."

Daoist Ji smiled at Jiang Chi, "There's nothing else good in the mountains and fields, but this tea is quite good, why don't you try it first?"

He did not immediately reply to Jiang lack's words, but instead tasted the tea carefully.

Was the tea really good?

Jiang Ji does not doubt that this person will do something to him, firstly, he has not understood his purpose and identity yet, so it is not good to take action rashly; secondly, he is not afraid of him doing something to him.

In summary.

He felt that the tea should be a prelude to the plan to find out the details of his own.

You can't just come up and ask right away.

That would always be too abrupt.

Jiang Mo nodded slightly and took a sip, sipping it lightly, he felt a sweetness flowing through it, with a faint bitterness and fragrance.

There was also an aura that made one's body much more soothing and transparent.


"Good tea."

Jiang Ji couldn't help but exclaim, "Although I don't touch the tea ceremony, I've drunk a lot of tea over the years, but I have some experience and virtue."

He could sense that the countenance did not lie to him, the tea was really good.

Come to think of it, it was also a spiritual tea.

Otherwise it wouldn't have come with its own aura, and wouldn't have been refined into tea by the Daoist Plan.

"Daoist Daoist Fallacious praise."

Daoist Ji smiled, "I have three thousand Daoist treasures here, and most of what I have recorded are things in cultivation, such as strange stories, such as some ancient mysteries, such as the techniques of various sects and schools, and methods of cracking them..."



All sorts of records are there, the rare and the strange, as well as the popular.

Even the biographies of various people from various dynasties were all included in the 3,000 Dao Treasures.

Among them, more than half of them contained records of feats and methods of breaking, which were terrifying to the cultivators of this continent.

Of course.

To Jiang Ji, it was something very rare and ordinary.

The rare and odd records could be read, but as for the techniques and cracking methods.

He didn't need to read them.

They were only for those who were in the same realm, or for those who challenged at a higher level.

He didn't need it.

It would be more important than anything else to kill countless people in panic.

Of course.

It's actually quite good to take a look at it when nothing happens on a normal day, at least it can be used as an opportunity to read ah.

Jiang Ji was contemplating, but he heard that Plan Daoist say once again, "The three thousand Dao Hidden Treasures are all-encompassing and endless, is Daoist friend interested in this as well?"

"Just reading."

Jiang Gou said indifferently, which actually answered the counters' doubts.


The method of his cultivation was different again.

The Immortal Dao, after all, was different from this world's method of cultivation.

This world's popular method of cultivation was an alternative method that was different from what Jiang Kang had imagined.

There were some records in all of those three thousand Dao collections on how to cultivate, though.


After reading it, Jiang Ke felt that those cultivation methods weren't very important, and they weren't as rigorous as the Immortal Dao's cultivation methods.

It should be considered a very special type of cultivation.


Jiang Xiao suddenly remembered.

The cultivation methods in this world actually fell from the Book of Heaven.

And the Book of Heaven was a legendary divine stone that had fallen from the sky, something very mysterious and strange.

In other words.

Something from the heavens.

Including these cultivation methods, including those things that taught the ten thousand people.

All of them.

"Daolord, could you elaborate on this cultivation method?"

Jiang Qian was curious.

Although there were records in the Dao Tibetan, he could also understand them.

He even felt that the Dao Tibetan spoke in great detail, but it was ultimately not as good as hearing it in person.

So he wanted to listen to what Ji Daoist had to say in person, it might be useful.

Jiang Jiang would be satisfied.

It wasn't because he wanted to practice it, it was just because he was curious.

It was purely this.

Fate star cultivation, invoking stars into the body.

These methods were all wonderful, if he could also synthesize them and treat that star power as the original source power.


Is it possible to succeed?

Can you also practice?

Perhaps he could use the star power in this world to replace it with the original power?

If this conjecture was valid and could succeed, it would be an earth-shattering joy for Jiang Di.

Not to mention Human Immortal, even Earth Immortal Great Perfection was possible ah.

Absolutely okay.

He was impulsive.

Ji Daoist: "........"


The muscles on his face twitched fiercely as he said, "You're a strong man who can't even see through me, but you still say you don't know how to cultivate?"

What a joke.

If you really don't know how to cultivate, then how did you, Jiang Sheng, cultivate to your current state?

Don't say luck.

He, Ji Daoist, only believed in hard work and never in such things as luck.

It was the same thing he taught Chen Changsheng and Yu Ren and the others.

It was a philosophy.

After hearing this, Daoist Ji sized Jiang Ji up deeply before saying, "Fellow Daoist, you really don't know how to cultivate?

Don't lie to me, I've been practicing for so many years, but it's clear enough that you should be stronger than me in one piece.

Now you're telling me that you don't know how to cultivate?"

That's a big joke.

How can you not know how to practice.

It's absolutely impossible.

If you, Jiang Chi, really didn't know about cultivation, then how did you cultivate to this realm and even he couldn't understand it.

Jiang Lack's realm was strange to the countenance.

He really couldn't understand it.

It was scary.

If he could point it out himself....


It doesn't exist.

"Why does he need to instruct himself when he's such a strong cultivator?"

The Ji Daoist shook his head and burst into tears.

He was sort of convinced of Jiang Gou.

Was this a special way to come to his face to pretend, thinking that he was stronger, so he wanted to pretend?

Is it possible that all bigots have this hobby, or is it the case with the people they meet.

Or maybe.

It's possible for both?

While Jiang Ji saw this, he hurriedly said, "Daoist friend, don't doubt it, I really don't know how to cultivate."


Ji Daoist wanted to punch someone right now.

He already had the urge to punch someone, and wanted to kill this guy so badly before he could.


Was he that clumsy himself.


Can't even tell if you're a monk or not?

I was at any rate....


Let's not mention it.

Perhaps it was better that way.

At least other things, he didn't really feel that Jiang Lack was pretending, when it came to the matter of cultivation.

This guy.

It was obvious that he wanted to embarrass himself.

Do you still want to be shameless?

Saying that you don't know how to practice.

Even if there was a first time.

Then, after my husband personally reminded you of it, you should understand it.

Understand it too?


Jiang Ji continued as if he didn't understand anything, "No, Fellow Daoist, no, Fellow Daoist, what I said is the truth ah, I actually really don't know anything about Destiny Star cultivation."


"You have to trust me."


The Ji Daoist only felt his heart so tired.

He suddenly felt that if Jiang lacked was his disciple, he would have slapped him away, right?

Not on the same channel at all.

At least he felt that way, very tired, he was so hard.

Why did it have to be like this.

The Ji Daoist couldn't figure it out, he didn't seem to have done anything to hurt the heavens lately, right?

The heavens are unjust.

He really wanted to shout, are you Jiang lacking a devil?

He had to be tortured like this.



Seeing that the planter was silent, Jiang Xiao felt that there should be a problem with his explanation.


Then he explained once again, "Daoist, I'm telling the truth, I don't have the same system of cultivation as you, so I really don't understand your Destiny Star cultivation ah."

Ji Daoist: "......."


What else can you cultivate if you don't cultivate the Life Star?

Don't bully my husband for being poorly read.


He didn't think that was the case.

You Jiang lacked knowledge of cultivation?

Don't treat everyone as a fool, others are, and he, Counting Daoist, won't be either.

Still saying that you don't understand our Destiny Star cultivation, aren't you Jiang Chi from this Eastern Land?




It was as if one thing had occurred to Ji Daoist, and that was that within some of the information he had studied before, there really was another continent.

And it was one that was distant from the Eastern Land Continent, except that there were endless seas separating the two continents, resulting in no comings and goings or connections between them.


This was not the same as saying that there was only the Eastern Earth Continent in this world.

Then, it was very likely that this Jiang Xiao was from the other continent.

By coming over through some other means or way, and in this way, he would only say that he didn't know how to cultivate just now.

He indeed doesn't know about the Destiny Star cultivation.

To put it this way.

"Just that, is the person from the other continent really another system of cultivation?"

Why another system of training existed and why it was different.

He did not know.

Nor did he understand the situation.

And so.

Ji Daoist began to ask, "Fellow Daoist, are you... are you from another continent?"


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