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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1149 - Ji Daoist (Seeking Subscription)

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When it came to the Plan Daoist, the first thing that came to Jiang Chi's mind was his classic quotation.

--The sky is my house, the earth is my bed, the five mountains and rivers are my bridges, the mysterious dou yuan essence is my clothes, out of the nine emptinesses, into the impermanence of law.

It sounds very Xuan.

In reality, it's not very useful.

Cultivation still relies on strength, and only great strength is the guarantee of everything.

Without strength, relying on calculations would not last long.

After all.

No matter how powerful a calculation was, there would be a day when it was missed, and when that day came, in the end, it would need to be backed by strong strength.

Otherwise it wouldn't work either.


Strength was the fundamental.

If you have great strength, then you can push past with great strength, allowing your calculations to be exhaustive, your finesse to be astute, and your strength to be extremely strong, you obviously won't be able to.

Pushing across the present.

The only thing that is truly strong is to tyrannize over the world.

In the past those were all false, the only thing that was fundamental was to strengthen oneself, this point Jiang Chi deeply understood.

So he followed Chen Changsheng.

And he wasn't afraid of that planter.

It had to be said that when he was a child, Chen Changsheng was actually quite cute, but when he grew up he was all delayed by changing his fate against the sky.


None of this affected Jiang Xiao's judgment of Chen Changsheng.

He was a stalwart person, and one who did not believe in fate.

When everyone betrayed him, he was still able to live openly.

He was very different.

At least.

Jiang lacked the ability to do the same with him.

So, some of Chen Changsheng's strengths were worth learning from him.

After all, he was also a pitiful person.

Following Chen Changsheng and the rest of the people, they slowly made their way through the jungle to a place that looked incredibly pleasant to look at the scenery.

Here was a place with a few houses, all of which were clear and well-built.

A small loft in the landscape is most nurturing.

It was perfect for seclusion.

If he had the chance, he would also like to live in seclusion here, and it would be fine if he spent all day practicing qi for entertainment.

As for other ideas.

Don't even bother.

Jiang Chi was actually a bit impressed with the countenance, being able to live in a place like this for over a decade.

What he wanted was not small.

No wonder something happened later.

It was a bit of a pity.

If someone like Ji Daoist was dedicated to the Dao, perhaps the outcome would have been completely different.

Jiang Xiao followed along.

Looking at the place that was like a landscape home, he couldn't help but be envious.

He didn't have such a nice place himself.

What a pity.

If it was possible, he actually wanted to say, "It would be nice to live in a place like this from now on."

Living his own little life.


It was just another feeling in Jiang Xiao's heart, if he really lived in seclusion in this place, then he would probably just be a mid Human Immortal in this life.

It was estimated that there was basically no chance of breaking through.

It's hard.

His cultivation was directly piled up by the World Origin Force.

It was different from other people's hard cultivation.

He, Jiang Qian, was rather special.

So he still had to continue to search for techniques, or think of ways to get world origin power, otherwise he wouldn't be able to do anything.


There were also three thousand Dao Treasures here.

There were countless of them.

Although not necessarily all of them were cultivation methods, most of them were some of the most important principles of world cultivation.

According to the Counting Daoist, one only needed to be able to read them and would naturally know their meanings later on.

This was somewhat similar to the test-based education that Jiang lacked encountered in his previous life.

No matter what, you have to memorize it first.

Even if you can't recite it by heart, you have to read it by heart, and when time passes and you experience more, you will gradually understand the deep meaning of it.

This was something he agreed with Ji Daoist's approach.

Perhaps, if he taught his disciple in the future, he could also use this method.

After all, this method was not the best, but it was universal.

He thought it was good and useful.

If he continued to make use of it, there might be unexpected results produced, and it would definitely be a great good thing for him, Jiang someone, when the time came.

It was exciting to think about.

"Big Brother Jiang, this is my and Yu Ren's master, he is known as the Master of the Plan."

Chen Changsheng introduced it.

As for this Plan Daoist's other name, he did not introduce it and did not know if he knew it.

But Jiang Jian himself was aware of it.

Shang Xingzhou.

The former senior of the State Teaching Academy.

A fellow of extraordinary strength, or the senior brother of that pontiff.

The two of them used to be in the same school.

But now.

Each of them had their own calculations in mind.

Jiang Ji looked at all this indifferently, his heart somewhat inexplicable, and also said, "Meet the Daoist Master, I thought that the Daoist Master should be a young fellow, but I didn't expect that the Daoist Master is already of flowery age."

This was naturally just a false statement.

In reality.

Shang Xingzhou had lived for roughly a thousand years.

Where could such a person be called a flower-armored ah, it was clearly only an old monster.

But Jiang Xiao did not reveal it.

"You are?"

The planter pretended to be curious about nothing.

At this time.

Chen Changsheng introduced it, "Master, he is the one who saved me and Brother Yu Ren today, Brother Jiang is a good man."


The planter was a little depressed.


The apprentice's elbows were turned outward.

"So it's Mr. Jiang."

The Ji Daoist nodded and smiled, "Thank you Mr. Jiang for saving my two apprentices, if you don't mind, please take a look inside."


The Ji Daoist originally was just a polite remark.

But Jiang Jiang also agreed.

He said, "I heard from Eternal Life that there are three thousand Daoist treasures here and that the Daoist's Dao is profound and inscrutable, so I wonder if I could have a chance to see some of them?"

Jiang Chi was quite eager to take a look at the Three Thousand Dao Hidden Treasures.

Even Chen Changsheng could memorize the Three Thousand Daoist Treasures by heart, so he naturally wanted to see what kind of strange book they were.

If it was helpful to him, there was no harm in taking a look at it.

The Ji Daoist, on the other hand, stared at Chen Changsheng fiercely at his words, "O Changsheng, Master, I've been sold to you."

But Chen Changsheng said, "Master, Brother Jiang has saved us, and we have nothing to repay him, so it's okay to let him take a look at the Three Thousand Dao Tibetan."

It's just a few books.

It's not like it's anything special.

Even if Jiang Chi couldn't get the Dao Tibet here, he could still get the Three Thousand Dao Tibet from somewhere else to view it.

It might be a good thing too.

It wasn't that Ji Daoist was complaining about this matter, but it was because Chen Changsheng hadn't kept it a secret.

Got to.

Let's just watch.

He nodded, "If Mr. Jiang wants to see the Dao Collection, naturally he can, but with Mr. Jiang's strength, he actually hasn't seen the three thousand Dao Collections?"

That's a bit surprising ah.

Never heard of Jiang Lack before, at least not in the many years he had lived.

Never having heard a single bit of information about Jiang Lack, it was as if this person had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

For a while.

Rather, it made the planter a little worried in his heart.

What if Jiang Lack was related to the Divine Capital.

He was afraid that he would ruin his plans.

After all....

He had big, big plans.

"Daoist Master is polite."

Jiang Chi also responded extremely politely, "I am Jiang Chi, if you don't mind, you can call me a Daoist friend as well."


Ji Daoist was stunned, "Are you a Daoist too?"

He thought that he was the only one who was a Daoist, but he didn't think that it would be rare for Jiang Xiao to call himself a Daoist as well.

"Sort of."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Just a mere cultivator, it's not much of a great thing, and it's far from a Daoist."

Flattering words would have been said by Jiang Chi.

He didn't feel the need to offend the Daoist calculator, he had only come to this world to seek origin power.

Other matters had nothing to do with him.

So he didn't want to get involved in the schemes of the Counting Daoist either.

"Fellow Daoist is polite."

The Counting Daoist continued, "I have the three thousand Dao Hidden Treasures here, if Daoist friend wants to look at them, you can do so anytime."

"Thank you Daoist, in that case it will be necessary to bother you Daoist for the next period of time."

Jiang Qian was also satisfied down.

Since this Plan Daoist had agreed, the matter of the Three Thousand Daoist Treasures was no runaway.


For the next period of time, he would need to stay with the Counting Daoist.


Chen Changsheng was happy, "Brother Jiang you can live here, so we can become friends."

"Nonsense, you have to call Sir."

He reminded.

Here, Daoist Ji was more disciplined, especially when it came to teaching his disciples.


Jiang Chi was more normal there.

He shook his head mindlessly and said, "No harm, just call each one his own, I'm more in tune with Chang Sheng instead, you should continue to call me Big Brother Jiang from now on."


Chen Changsheng's eyes turned, but he was happy, he felt good to be able to make friends with a strong man like Jiang Chi.

"Alright, so be it."

Seeing that he couldn't be persuaded to move, Ji Daoist could only smile bitterly, "But when you go out in the future, you must not mess up your manners."

"Yes, Master."

Chen Changsheng echoed.

The heart was happy.

Basically, no other outsiders would come here, and it was unexpected that Jiang Chi had come recently, which was a rare occurrence.

With the presence of the Counting Daoist, there was no worry about food and drink.

After all, this Plan Daoist was strong and powerful, so it wasn't easy to get some food over.

After the meal.

Chen Changsheng brought Jiang Chi to find a room to stay in, it was all regularly cleaned, so it was also clean.

If it wasn't for the fear of that planter being frightened, Jiang Chi would have wanted to build a house or palace with his own hands.

After all, he was used to living there.

Of course.

He didn't do that.

Instead, he felt that the house built by the planter and Chen Changsheng and the others was quite nice and dry and breathable.

After settling down.

Chen Changsheng brought Jiang Ji to another room, where there was a room dedicated to placing books and dao collections.

The Ji Daoist's three thousand dao collections were actually hidden inside.

Each one of them was neatly arranged.

The number of Taoist scriptures looked very unusual, there were three thousand such Taoist collections.

And each book was as thick as an adult's three fingers.

Chen Changsheng introduced, "Brother Jiang, this is the three thousand Dao Tibetans that Master has collected over the years, some of them may be obscure and difficult to understand, if you don't understand any of them, you can also ask me about them."


When Jiang was stunned, he asked curiously, "O Eternal Life, have you now understood all three thousand dao treasures?"

"It's not a complete understanding, I guess, and there's still some that I can't understand, and I only understand part of it."

"How old are you?"

"Five years old."


Jiang Mo suddenly felt like he had a feeling of being defeated, Chen Changsheng was obviously not very old, but he always made people feel old-fashioned and quite capable when he did things.

Even the Dragon Language could speak, and this point himself was no good.


It's really annoying to compare people.

He's been so smart since he was a child, no wonder he was able to change his fate against the sky.

It's not unreasonable.

The person himself is capable of this.


Jiang Xiao nodded and said, "Okay, then I'll take a look first, and if there's anything I don't understand, I'll ask you again, so you go play."

"Then I'll leave first."

After Chen Changsheng left the house.

Jiang Jiang knew that the Plan Daoist was also secretly observing him, but he wasn't afraid.

Secretly, he told the Vajra Bracelets to scan all three thousand Daoist Hidden Sects, so naturally, he didn't need to watch them himself.

What was more shocking to Jiang Que was that he had actually succeeded with this method and gained some origin power.

It couldn't be done falsely.

"So it really works."

Jiang Xiao laughed loudly and said with satisfaction, "If that's the case, then my next goal is clearer.

I've just gained quite a bit of origin power from the Three Thousand Dao Hidden, and I don't know if I can use this opportunity to break through to the late Human Immortal Realm.

It's rather promising."

On the surface.

Jiang Qian was still seriously picking up a volume of Dao Tibetan and reading it.

It was said that the meaning of reading a hundred times was self-evident.

There was no mistaking that.

He firmly believed it.


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