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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1148 - Chen Changsheng (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The bright sun was high in the sky, pouring down through the gaps in the forest, nourishing the flora and fauna of the mountain range.

Jiang Xiao woke up from his settling in.

Last night's harvest was huge, and after eating a meal of wind wolf meat and soup, he only felt soothed and better than ever.

As expected.

There were spiritual things that were good to eat.

--Truths that Jiang Da Xian had personally practiced.

The benefits are many.

Naturally, life had to be on the agenda to get there.

Daylight had begun.

He needed to get out of this mountain range, and after last night's events, he wasn't going to use flying.

Anyway, after arriving in this world, he wasn't like many systemic travelers who erased their hosts at every turn or couldn't stay in one world for long.

He had proven that he could stay for a long time, and the time in each world he crossed was different.

Plus his own attitude.

This time, then had the idea of traveling the world and taking a good look around.

Then decide what to do the rest of the way.

There's no rush anyway.

Jiang Chi thought so, so after extinguishing the fire, he took out an iron sword to open the way, intending to walk out towards the east.

He was an immortal anyway.

A real immortal walking the mortal world.

Not that kind of banishment immortal.

They were fundamentally different.

He was more powerful, and looked extremely ordinary even when he was introverted.

Nothing at all to see.

It's so ordinary.

And it wouldn't be tiring, and you could exercise your feet.

How nice.

So Jiang Xiao chose another way to go out and see the features of this mountain range along the way.

Maybe even meet some people on the way and ask them about the world, that would be even better.


At the same time.

At a certain place in this mountain range.

Two five or six year old boys were each carrying a basket, holding a small hoe, picking some medicinal herbs on a mountain bag.

By the way discussing the efficacy and effects of these herbs, their young age was no worse than adults.

"Brother Yu Ren, we all need to pick these herbs back and dry them out before we can put them into medicine."

A slightly younger boy said with a straight face, "Let's keep digging some more while it's still early, we won't have much time to come back later."

Next to him.

It was that slightly older boy, who was called Yu Ren.

It was the younger boy's junior brother, and they worshipped under the One Man together, becoming brothers.

Growing up together.

Yu Ren did not speak, but nodded with a dangerous nod of his head.

He was born mute.

The younger boy, on the other hand, was called Chen Changsheng, and was also a poor man.


As they were picking the medicine, they suddenly noticed movement coming from around them.

As they were fixing their eyes to look, it dawned on them that there was a wind wolf attacking not far away.

"Brother Yu Ren run."

He hurriedly shouted for Remnant to hurry up, and the two youngest immediately moved through this jungle.

Could they be their age, and where could they outrun the wind wolf.

Within a few moments, the wind wolf seized the opportunity and then caught up with them, just as they were dropped to the ground.

For a while.

The situation was dangerous.

Yu Ren pulled Chen Changsheng to run, but Chen Changsheng paused, "Brother Yu Ren, we can't run, the wind wolf is the king of the jungle, a wind attributed demon beast, we can't outrun it."


Yu Ren, on the other hand, cast a curious look, what if we can't outrun the wind wolf?

"Let's talk to it."

Chen Chang Sheng said, "Although I don't speak wolf language, I can speak dragon language, so maybe it will too."

Whether it was useful or not Chen Changsheng didn't know, he could only give it a tentative try now.

In case it succeeded then all was well.

If it failed.

All was forgiven.


Before he could say the Dragon Language, a white-robed, brocaded figure suddenly appeared next to him.

It wasn't Chen Changsheng and the rest of his master.

Rather, it was Jiang Lack.

The Great Immortal Jiang who had crossed over.

Originally thinking of leaving from the east, who knew that he had run into such a stall.

He couldn't ignore it.

After all, those two children were still young, and with their names being somewhat familiar to him, he felt he should do something about it.

Maybe he would be able to find out what kind of a world it was.

So he came out.

The person hiding in the shadows, on the other hand, did not come out, but instead frowned and quietly stared at Jiang Xiao non-stop.

At this moment.

Jiang Mo threw out a wolf bone, and when the wind wolf saw it, it could only run away without a trace.

It didn't dare to come up again.

That wolf bone just now was obviously its companion.


It was instinctively scared and instinctively wanted to dodge, so it ran for its life without looking back.

It was mainly afraid.

Jiang lacked the ability to kill its companion, so naturally, it could also kill it.

This was the threat.

The wind wolf felt it and deeply understood what Jiang lacked.


At this time.

Only then did Chen Changsheng and the two youngest of the remaining people relax slightly, and thanked Jiang Xiao respectfully, "Thank you for your benefactor's help, otherwise it would have been dangerous for our brothers and sisters."

"No harm, just passing by here in passing."

Jiang Xiao smiled lightly, "Why are you two young enough to be out picking herbs, this mountain range is very dangerous."

The rest didn't speak.

Looking at Jiang Chi was a little wary.

Instead, Chen Changsheng explained, "Benefactor, this is actually a kind of cultivation, my master said that everything is a cultivation."


A little sadly.

My own understanding of the Dao was actually inferior to that of a five or six year old child.

Was I really that bad?


This is absolutely not true.

It should be because I was too tired to do this before.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Xiao put aside this unpleasant matter and asked, "What are all of your names?"

"My name is Chen Changsheng, this is my senior brother Yu Ren, he Heavenly Ruin."

Chen Changsheng said coming forward.

Not afraid of Jiang Chi at all.

"Benefactor, was that a wolf bone you just threw out?"

Chen Changsheng asked curiously, "No wonder the wind wolf ran away, it must have known that its companion had been killed."

Such sentient creatures had some ability to think.

He did not doubt it either.

Jiang nodded, "Chang Sheng ah, you're very smart, that's a wolf bone, it's the bone of a wind wolf that I killed last night."

"You're good, benefactor."

Chen Changsheng said with admiration, being able to single-handedly kill a wind wolf was at least much more impressive than him and his remaining senior brother.

"And don't call me benefactor, my name is Jiang lacking, you can call me big brother Jiang."

He waved his hand and smiled.

It was just a mere name calling.

He didn't care.


Chen Changsheng and Yu Ren were slightly hesitant, but in the end, they still looked respectfully at Big Brother Jiang.

"That's right."

Jiang Chi said, "Although I'm older than you guys, age really isn't an issue in the entire cultivation world."

"Big Brother Jiang, did you come in from outside?" Chen Changsheng asked curiously.

In his impression, very few people would come to a place like this, after all, remote and mountainous and sparsely populated.

Basically, no one would come.

But it was a rare thing that he had met Jiang Xiao today.

In fact.

When he saw Chen Changsheng and the rest of the people, Jiang Chi had already had a little idea or remembered something in his heart.

He continued, "Changsheng, do you two brothers and teachers live around here?"


Chen Changsheng echoed, "Brother Jiang, why don't you come with us and sit down, just so my master can thank you."


Jiang Ji was startled, "You have a master? I wonder what your master's name is?"

He looked like he was curious.

It was actually getting stranger and stranger, "Is it possible that this is the world I know?"

Although the level of this world's power wasn't too high, this world had quite a few things.

Sort of didn't come for nothing.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Chi became happy and looked forward to Chen Changsheng's answer.

Chen Changsheng nodded his head and said, "My master's name is Ji Daoist, and he is a powerful Daoist in the Eastern Land."

Jiang Chi: "........"

Mr. Kiddo?

Got to.

That's right.

That's him.

"It seems that I've come to a very majestic big world."

It was just that this world was also divided into several continents, and the continent where he was now should be called the Eastern Land Continent, while there was another Holy Light Continent.

Although he knew these circumstances, Jiang Kou's thoughts were simple.

The Three Thousand Dao Treasures were definitely something to see, "With my status as the savior of Chen Changsheng and Yu Ren, I think I should be able to see the Three Thousand Dao Treasures here at the Counting Daoist.

As for the rest of the places like the Heavenly Book Mausoleum, we'll talk about it later when we go to the divine Capital.

Of course.

In this process, one couldn't get to know that Metered Daoist very well, after all, he wasn't an ordinary person.

Even more so, he's not a good person."

To describe it as ruthless and calculating, it was actually possible.

It was even light.


Jiang Qian also had his own confidence.

He was an immortal cultivator, the best in the Immortal Dao, and his cultivation was even at the middle of the Human Immortal Realm.


As long as he had enough World Origin Power, he could break through to the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm.

And in this world.

There was probably only the so-called divine Hidden Realm, or the free realm equivalent to the Human Immortal.

At least.

In this Eastern Land, he, Jiang Xiao, was invincible, no one was his opponent.

So he was so strong that no one could fight against him.

Because he was invincible, his heart was big at ease.

An indifferent look.

Calling Chen Changsheng envious, this Big Brother Jiang's demeanor was really good.

It would actually be quite nice to make a good acquaintance, after all, he somehow felt that there was a very attractive feeling about Jiang Lack.

"Big Brother Jiang, would you like to go sit at the place where we're staying?"

Chen Changsheng invited, "There are beautiful mountains and water there, but it's a good place to cultivate your body, you'll definitely like that place."


Jiang Chi pretended to be surprised and said curiously, "Since you've said that, Little Everlasting, I'll have to go and take a look, and maybe even have tea with your master."

He wasn't interested in the private affairs of the countenance daoist.

As long as that planter didn't interfere with him, it was fine.

Hearing Jiang Chi's words, Chen Changsheng was overjoyed, "Brother Jiang, come with us."

Their residence was not far ahead, and no one had come as a guest for so many years, and even if they had, they were uninvited guests who had already been cleared by the Plan Daoist.

It was not Chen Changsheng's turn to see them.


Truly speaking, Jiang Xiao was considered the first outsider that Chen Changsheng and the rest had seen.

"Fine, you guys slow down."

With a smile on his face, Jiang Xiao was actually thinking, "Since this is the world, I can get many of the techniques, and raising the grade of the Ninth Grade Dao Technique shouldn't be much of a possibility, the only way is to obtain that World Origin.

The only way is to obtain that World Origin. There's also that Zhou Garden, which can actually be visited, and there should be quite a few World Origin as well, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to create a world of its own.

As for other methods, I can't think of any yet ah."

He didn't want to fight for world domination again.


What is the only thing to do that has great merit?

Destroy the demons?

It might be possible, but Jiang Xiao felt that this possibility was actually not very big.

Very, very small.

It would probably work in other worlds, but in this world, it might not work.

This was awkward.

"Forget it, it's better to take one step at a time next."

Jiang Ji secretly said, "I'd better finish reading the three thousand dao treasures of the Plan Daoist first, but this world is huge and I still have plenty of time anyway.

Although my appearance may disrupt some of the plans of the Counterfeiter, I don't affect him.

Each is their own, and it's just that they don't affect each other."


Each has a different pursuit.


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