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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1147 - New World (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The world was relative, but it was also absolute.

Jiang Xiao had once again crossed over.

When he woke up again, he had already appeared in another world.

Perhaps one day, he himself would be able to rely on his own strength to travel through the worlds and stand on the shore of the long river of time and destiny.

Stirring up the wind and clouds.

Of course.

The current Jiang Chi couldn't do that yet, as he was just an ordinary person now.

He ghostly woke up and looked around at the pines and cypresses that were so tall, their branches and leaves spread out, but they were quite lush.

It was quite extraordinary.

This was a new world, just to say familiar or unfamiliar was still unknown, as he was now just in an ancient mountain forest.

After carefully sensing it, his cultivation wasn't restricted, and there was also heaven and earth spiritual energy around, and there was quite a bit of it.

It looked like it should be able to be cultivated.

"This should be an advanced world, but I wonder if there is such a thing as cultivating immortality in this world?"

Although this side of the world had a pure heaven and earth spiritual energy, and it was also relatively dense, enough to indicate that the world level was higher.


Not every world had the existence of the Way of Immortality in it, for example, the previous Dou Dao World was not a world that practiced the Way of Immortality.

Relatively speaking.

Jiang Qian still believed in the Immortal Way, after all, it was a life-and-life method of dual cultivation.

Although he didn't deliberately cultivate his mind, this particular method of the Immortal Dao was different, as long as his infant remained alive, he could live infinitely longer.

Of course.

This was only theoretical.

Since he was still alive, then life needed to continue.

Jiang Ke could vaguely sense that there should be quite a few things on this mountain, such as some demonic beasts and the like.

But the breath was weak.

It wasn't enough to see in front of him, after all, he was no ordinary person.

He was all-powerful, and not an ordinary person either.

Middle Human Immortal Realm.

Even in this new world, he was mid Human Immortal Realm.

A powerful cultivation realm was an ironclad fact that absolutely nothing would happen.

So he wasn't afraid at all.

Lying quietly on the ground, he was somewhat dazed as he looked at the stars in the sky.

That's right.

The time he crossed over was at night.

Based on this situation, Jiang Xiao didn't run around, it was always right to be cautious and low-key.

After all, he wasn't aware of the world's situation, so he planned to stay for one night first.

It would be good to wait for the daytime.

As for his ability to fly around, he didn't want to use it now.


It was always bad to be too high-profile.

If someone knew what Jiang lacked, I wonder if they would be shocked by his thoughts.

That was a little too cautious.

Lying down for half a day.

Jiang Lack finally came back to his senses, he was rested.


Sitting up from the ground, he quietly pondered, "Let's just leave it for one night first, anyway, I, Jiang Someone, am a strong immortal cultivator, I'm definitely not afraid."

Not afraid at all.

Jiang mumbled, then stretched out his hand towards the surroundings, and an Immortal Yuan Mana swept out, so it turned into a gale that swept all the dry wood around.

For a moment.

It was like flying sand and stones.

If someone was watching around, they would definitely be scared silly.

After all, this kind of tactic of Jiang Xiao was really unusual and somewhat strange and unpredictable.

It also looked extremely unusual.

If it wasn't for the fear of being discovered, the spread would have been even greater.

The dry wood was gathered into a pile by him, his right hand clenched his fist and opened his five fingers slightly again, and after a transfer of mana, the red light began to flicker from Jiang Ciao's hand.

It was a fire.


With a casual throw, the bright, incomparable fireball, about the size of a fist, sliced through the eyes and fell into the dry wood.


The sound of dry wood burning sounded before Jiang lacked the satisfaction of nodding his head, "This is only a bit of temperature, otherwise the darkness is too uncomfortable."


All of them would be afraid of the dark.

Even after cultivating immortality, it's an instinct I guess.

Jiang Xiao secretly thought.

Although he himself felt that the mid Human Immortal realm cultivation was actually already very strong.

But this was just his own thoughts, what if he wasn't actually very strong in terms of this world.

It was also possible that he might not be.


It would be better to settle for one night first.

Low-key was the king's way.

Only after stepping onto the king's path will you be invincible ah.

Otherwise, he would be a loser after all.

He lit the fire.

Sitting by himself was a bit boring, and he didn't want to meditate and practice qi, but anyway, he got this body of cultivation from the World Origin.

There was no need to practice all the time as many ascetic monks did.

He, Jiang Ji, was different.

It was because of these various differences that he was unusual.

Jiang Guiao mumbled a glance around, but under his consciousness, there was nowhere to hide from any danger.

"Still need some meat, it would be nice if a rabbit ran over here."

That way he could have a barbecue, although he didn't know if the meat in this world was good, but judging by the way his Jiang lacked barbecue, it shouldn't be that bad.

Thinking that after mixing it with all sorts of seasonings, it should be delicious as well.

Jiang Hou pondered so in his heart.


Of course after looking around a bit, he found that there were no animals around, not even a single rabbit.

"Strange, this mountain range is obviously full of spiritual energy, how could there be no animals?"

Even the most common animals should have it, this was a not small mountain range, perfect for some animals to live in.

But now there was actually none.

That was strange.

It really made Jiang Kou a little cryptic, was it different here.

Or maybe.

There were certain demonic beasts and the like here, and this place was considered their territory, that's why no animals existed?

But spin Jiang Ji shook his head, "This should be impossible, there is no competition for resources between ordinary animals and demon beasts, nor is there any taboo against them, they are all just different from each other."

Some demonic beasts that opened their spiritual intelligence normally wouldn't expel those animals within their territory, instead sometimes they might even spot some spiritual animals and open their spiritual intelligence.

This would harvest a batch of underlings.

Otherwise, those demon beasts would just be a bare bones commander without even one of their men.


As Jiang was losing hope, he suddenly saw a place not far away that seemed a bit off.


The frowning Jiang Kou's divine sense swept over and saw a huge wolf with pale white fur appearing more than a hundred meters away from him.

At this moment.

This wolf was looking at him fiercely.

It had the intention of eating him.

"There's actually such a big wolf?"

Jiang Gai was suddenly stunned, "By the looks of it, this should be a wind wolf?"

After all, it was fast.

One moment Jiang Kou didn't even notice it, and the next moment this guy appeared.

It was obvious that it had come from the outside.

About four to five meters long and over a meter tall, not fat or thin, with agile and powerful footsteps.

This one was quietly looking at Jiang Kou with evil intent in its eyes.


It was also extremely wary of looking at Jiang Kou, and it was perplexed.

It seemed to sense that Jiang Liao was not a simple person, and it was as if a great power was generated on its body.

It was definitely a medium powerful enough to crush it, but there was another voice in the underworld that seemed to be telling it that it could evolve further after devouring this person.

At that time, transforming into a human form would be absolutely no problem.

Relying on self bitterness and general cultivation, there was no telling how long it would have to cultivate before it would have the chance to transform into a human.

Now that there was such a good opportunity in front of him, he was actually impressed.

If he could succeed, wouldn't it be a great benefit to himself.

Thinking of this.

The wind wolf moved in his heart and attacked towards Jiang Chi like mad.

Jiang Qian: "........"


I didn't mess with you, did I?

Why do you want to fight me? You're the Wind Wolf, so you can do whatever you want?

He doesn't believe it.

And, I don't think he looks like the kind of person who invites hatred.

Nor does he look like the kind of person who could pull hatred.

Why target himself.

He couldn't see it.

Nor could he figure out if this wind wolf was not smart in the head and it didn't know its own strength.

That's quite possible.

Jiang Mo muttered, "However, you have come at just the right time, just right."

He was just in time to kill this wind wolf and eat its flesh, the flesh of this kind of demonic beast that was sentient and knew how to cultivate itself, thought it would be good.

It should also have a different taste when grilled.

It's pretty good.

He said he liked the Wind Wolf.

Wolf meat.

I've never eaten it in my last life or this life, and this was the first time.

There were quite a few spices placed in his Qiankun bag, which was prepared by Huang Rong for him, saying that he could make his own delicious food when he was gluttonous.

So it was as good as it was now.

Jiang Xiao was looking forward to it.

This wind wolf wasn't very strong, and with his fighting power, he would naturally be able to easily clean up the head wind wolf.

With a simple wave of his hand, the Immortal Yuan mana in his body turned into divine power that flew out and rolled towards the wind wolf like a rope.

And it possessed a good amount of power.

It looked a little terrifying, and the power swept out.

The wind wolf soared into the air just in time, and was stuck in mid-air, unable to move.

It was as if it had been immobilized by Jiang Hou.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Ji smiled mysteriously, "It was as if it had been fixed by Jiang Ji.

Jiang Ji smiled mysteriously, "It's useless for you to beg for mercy, you were the one who made the first move, and this seat was only fighting back in self-defense.

However, since you have already failed, you will have to accept the punishment for your failure.

As a Wind Wolf, it might be a bit difficult to catch you in ordinary times, but now that you've brought yourself to the door, this seat can only accept it with a smile.

Your meat should be very good, I just don't know if it smells good."

He looked forward to it.

As he said it, it was as if he was drooling.

He knew that the wind wolf must have understood and was regretting it at the moment.

It probably wanted to die.


Isn't acting like this now like sending it to its death.

In the hands of the starving Jiang Xiao, how could they still struggle?

There was no chance left.

There was only one way to die in front of it now, and it was foolish to rush over to devour Jiang Xiao.

After all, it hadn't kept its mouth shut after all, if it had, it wouldn't have ended up like this.

What a pity.

Originally, it was a wind wolf in this mountain range, so powerful that basically no one could brush it off.

The ones that did would let it eat and drink, or else it would only die.

I didn't expect that after all this time.

Such a thing fell upon itself, making itself the least popular one, and to die too.

To be eaten.

It probably didn't expect that it would actually die like this one day.

It also probably didn't know that Jiang Xiao was gesturing towards him with his hand as a sword, and a sword qi was slashed out in a moment.

At this time.

It was slicing through its fur at a speed visible to the naked eye, cutting through its wolf body, and blood was gurgling out as well.

But it didn't fall to the ground.

Jiang flipped his left hand and a cauldron appeared in his hand, then took it down.

Then he took out a handful of small knives and began to slice the meat, one after another.

During this process, the wind wolf was actually not dead, it was struggling painfully until it finally couldn't endure the immense pain and eventually fainted.

And then it slowly moved towards death.

It probably couldn't have imagined that it would end up being eaten by others even though it wanted to be the king of this jungle.

The fragrance of meat still came from time to time.

A water spell cleaned it up, and it was no longer dirty.

Even some bacteria were cleaned up by him.

One by one, they were killed.

The bones were stewed in soup, while the meat was used for barbecuing, and this distribution Jiang Xiao felt quite good.

Tonight, he might have to eat a full meal himself.

"I haven't eaten like this for many years, but this is a rare opportunity, it's nice."

The wind wolf died.

It died very sadly, amidst the shattered thoughts of the river and the scent of its own meat.

On its deathbed it didn't even know why it had to be so stupid.

If it hadn't come out to settle the score with this person, if it hadn't born the idea of devouring him, wouldn't this series of events have happened.

How stupid of myself.


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