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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1146 - Preparing to Begin Crossing (Seeking Subscriptions, Paying Off Debts)

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The generation of the Old Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws was also ended as Jiang lacked ruthlessness.


That Ancient Era's Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor, that old immortal surnamed Jiang, after surviving for hundreds of thousands of years.

He finally died.

This time it was a complete death.

The soul was scattered.


It couldn't exactly be said that the soul flew away.

It was because Jiang Kuai's soul was completely absorbed by Jiang Hou, turning it into the purest of soul powers and being sucked clean.

Of course.

Jiang Kuai hadn't forgotten one thing either.

He had acquired all of those memories of Jiang Kui, except for the memories related to the techniques and Avatar that had made the Ninth Grade Dao Kung Fu an Earth Immortal after being lifted away by the Vajra Bracelets in one go, he still needed to continue sorting out the others.

At the same time.

He also used the World Origin Force he had obtained to consolidate his mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation to a complete state.

The kind that was unbreakable.

No longer would he be on edge, nor would he worry that the techniques he was pushing out had various flaws.

He was very relieved that the Vajra Bracelet Grand Master was working.

"How nice."

Jiang opened his eyes in satisfaction, "This time, not only have I raised the grade of the Nine Daoist Techniques to the Earth Immortal Realm, I won't have to worry about insufficient techniques for a long time to come.

I've even used those newly acquired World Origin Powers to thoroughly consolidate my realm.

Next, I only needed to continue to collect World Origin Power so that I could continue to break through to the next realm.

And the next realm is the late Human Immortal Realm, an incomparably powerful realm.

I'm really looking forward to it."

That Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui, who was ultimately harming others, thought to seize Jiang Kui and be reborn, desiring to live another lifetime.

But now well.

Reality was still cruel.

He didn't even know that Jiang Kui had a card like the Vajra Bracelets, so he unknowingly fell into a big pit.

He couldn't be blamed for ending up in a pit.

After all.

For Jiang Kui, he didn't have good options.

If he was to be blamed, he could only blame it on the fact that he had met Jiang Lack.

And that, probably, could only be attributed to the layer of bad luck.

After all.

Sometimes luck was also a form of strength.

After all, not everyone had good luck, and not anyone could act on luck.

Probably, only he, Jiang Kuai, could do so.

If Jiang Kuai couldn't do it, naturally, neither could anyone else, so Jiang Kuai ended up being unlucky, and his pure spirit power was turned into nourishment for Jiang Lack's infant.

All he had planned for this day, I wonder if he would regret it?

Probably hadn't thought of that possibility.

After all, he was already dead.

A body of memory, including those countless years of experience, and the countless techniques and powers.

All of them had become Jiang Xiao's things.

And this time, Jiang lack's greatest gain wasn't the killing of Jiang Kui, nor were those world origins he had obtained, nor was it his consolidation of the mid Human Immortal realm, those were just little things.

At least in Jiang Kuai's opinion.

The most important thing was actually another thing, he had elevated his technique to the Earth Immortal Realm.

And it was the Great Perfection of the Earth Immortal Realm.

So, in that meant that for the next period of time, he had all the necessary feats for his cultivation.

No worries about the aftermath.


What made Jiang Kuai so confused was that in Jiang Kuai's memories, there were several eras before the Ancient Era.

And in those eras, there had been endlessly powerful people born, such as that Three Clear Daoist, that Nuwa Nui .

"Is it..."

Jiang Xiao's heart couldn't help but ponder, things were probably a little different from what he thought.

The Three Clear Daoists.

And that Nüwa Niang.

Aren't these all stories from the myth of fate?

Is it even in this world?

Or is there some kind of collusion with the myths and legends in your own memory?

It was quite possible.

Just for the time being, his mind hadn't thought much else about it, and he'd always thought it was a little bit weird as hell, a little bit different than what he probably thought it was.

Of course.

These situations were only temporary.

Jiang Qian had better thoughts in his heart, "Now that my Ninth Grade Dao Power has been raised to Earth Immortal Great Perfection, the next realm only needs to honestly harvest the World Origin to break through."


Now it's time to leave this Nine Heavens Graveyard, "But before I leave, I still need to do one more thing, this Nine Heavens Graveyard has all sorts of treasures and cultivation resources that Old Ancestor Jiang Kui once left behind, but what I can't use Rong'er can."


There were also some rare things that existed, which were quite useful.

At least to Jiang Kui, these were all good things, and collecting them now would be of great benefit later.

Thinking about it put him in an exciting mood.


No matter what world or era it was in, it was very important.

Just like now.

If he could have great wealth, it would mean that there were infinite possibilities in the future.

Going to other worlds was the only way to not be trapped, and that kind of fighting for a bit of resources was still not worth it.


There were cheap resources to possess right now, so why not take them.


For Jiang Que, not all of the resources left behind by that Jiang Que were bad.

A lot of them were good.

At least they looked pretty good.

He was satisfied, his face bursting with joy.

"According to the method in Jiang Kui's memories, I only need a set of secrets to open this Nine Heavens Graveyard."

In this way.

It wouldn't be difficult for him to leave.

Instead, it was a pity that Su Li was actually seized by a strand of Jiang Kuai's old, immortal soul.



It was fortunate that he didn't have any thoughts about her before, or else a grown man's soul....


It's horrible to think about.

Or not.

I don't have any particular hobbies of my own, and I'm fine with the situation as it is.

And so.

The next time.

With a wave of his hand, Jiang Xiao waved those things around him into the vajra bracelet.

Originally, they hadn't noticed it.


After digesting some of Jiang Kui's memories about this, he gradually understood.

It turned out to have these many benefits.

That was great.

He was satisfied with it, whether it was a technique or some real cultivation resources, such as spirit stones, millions of years of spirit liquid, and so on.

These were all rare and good things, very rare and absolutely impossible to have in ordinary times.

To have them now was truly an eye opener for the heavens.


What does it have to do with the heavens.

Jiang Xiao smirked, "These are all my Jiang someone's own skills, and have nothing to do with the heavens, although sometimes luck has to play a part, but definitely not the majority."


When Jiang Chi returned from that Nine Heavens Graveyard to the Eastern Land of Qing Xuan Continent again, the Nine Heavens collapsed.

Out came destruction.

This was a game designed by Jiang Kui himself.

To have this kind of result now was really expected, and it was not beyond his imagination at all.

It was normal.

Jiang Kui was calmly looking at what was happening in front of him, and when he once again returned to the Eastern Land and stepped onto this land, he was booing in his heart.

There was a feeling of a robbery after a robbery.

This feeling made him inexplicably moody, and he almost died at the hands of that Manifestation Ancestor Jiang Kui.

If Jiang Kui had been more cautious, if the other party had directly suppressed his Immortal Yuan mana, or suppressed it with a formation.

Maybe Jiang Kui wouldn't have the power to resist at all.

It might be that the one who came out alive now would be the unstoppable All-Forgiving Ancestor, and not him, Jiang Kui Jiang Someone.

What luck for himself.

"It's good to be alive."

He looked at the sky outside, the sun hung high in the void, life pouring out onto the earth, it was really good.

It was warm.

There was a very inexplicably happy feeling, he felt excited, "After obtaining that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor's inheritance, I need to return to the Green Xuan Continent next."

No longer would he continue to explore and search for treasure.

He knew.

Now was not the time.

There was a movement in the Vajra Bracelets, signifying that his next crossing was imminent.

Moreover, it had been more than half a year since he had left the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

He needed to go back and report to Huang Rong.

Flying in mid-air.

Jiang Jiang was ready to go back to the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.


He suddenly thought of a very serious matter.

"In the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, those elders are all finished with me, and now even Su Li, the Sect Master who was taken from me, is finished."

Jiang Jiang pondered, "Then the question arises, now in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, wouldn't I be the only one who is the biggest?"


He definitely hadn't thought about that.

And from a certain sign, those elders from the previous Hao Ran Immortal Sect going out might have been laying out for that Jiang Kui.

The direct controller should be Su Li.

Now those elders were all dead.

And Su Li was also finished.

As a mid Human Immortal Realm Cultivator, he became the most powerful existence in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.


The sect was managed by the two brothers, the Ninth and Tenth Elders, so there wouldn't be any chaos for the time being.

But in the long run.

There would definitely be chaos.

At heart, Jiang Xiao actually had feelings for the Haoran Immortal Sect.

That's why he hadn't really been following the law, only a very simple understanding of some personal grudges.

"Should I go back and mention that the country can't be without a ruler and the family can't be without a master, let alone a sect."


Jiang Chi didn't want to be a sect master, but he didn't want the Hao Ran Immortal Sect to fall into the hands of others.

Plus, Huang Rong was also on the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, and he even needed a peaceful and stable cultivation environment.

So it seemed.

Becoming the sect master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect seemed to be his best choice.


Whether it was from the current state of the current Hao Ran Immortal Sect, or from the strength of his cultivation, he, Jiang Chi, could become a sect master.

"When I go back, I'll mention it to the Ninth and Tenth Elders and have them prepare for it, and when I return through the next world, I'll proceed to prepare to become the sect master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect."

Jiang Mo secretly thought.

It didn't need to be very high-profile, it just needed to be known by the entire sect.

As for the other sects.

It didn't matter whether they knew or not.

His mid Human Immortal realm cultivation strength was enough to suppress everything.

Based on the circumstances.

Three months later.

Jiang Chi returned to the Hao Ran Immortal Sect and also directly explained the situation to the Nine and Ten Elders.

Although these two elders were skeptical about the fact that Patriarch Su Li was seized by someone else, they had never met that Patriarch.

Not to mention that Jiang Jian had grown up with their own eyes, and was now an immortal in the middle of the Human Immortal Realm.

Such a reality forced them to bow their heads and they had no choice but to agree to it first and promise to work hard to prepare for it.

After hearing Jiang Xiao say that they were going to go into seclusion for a few months, they were slightly settled in their hearts.

They just needed to make sure that their Hao Ran Immortal Sect's Patriarch was truly in an accident, or that he wouldn't be able to return for whatever reason, then they would have enough reasons to convince the others.

Although the Hao Ran Immortal Sect was managed by the two of them, it wasn't their sect after all.

There were some other ordinary elders, as well as some deacons.

Although, according to Jiang Xiao, he could let those people come over and he would personally convince them.

But whether it was the Ninth Elder or the Tenth Elder, they all actually understood it very well.

The persuasion that Jiang Lack was talking about was nothing more than using his fists to convince and deter the crowd.

They always felt that this wasn't the best way, nor was it the only way.

So intended to change the way.

Wouldn't it be better to intend to persuade the others with a softer attitude, so that Jiang Gou could smoothly become the Sovereign of the Haoran Immortal Sect?

And so.

They each went down to get ready under the expectant gaze of Jiang Xiao.

Jiang Ciao himself, on the other hand, returned to his dojo's suspended island slowly and leisurely.

After speaking in detail with Huang Rong about his experiences and gains from this trip, he and his warmth for a few days, then began to prepare.

The next crossing was coming.


Since Jiang Chi didn't know what kind of world he was going to cross to next, he needed to make a few preparations.

It had already started up.

Spiritual stones were essential, because he was an eleventh elder, so he didn't miss out on obtaining the sect's spiritual stones in his daily life.

In addition to the ones given to the protectors, he still had some left over, and with the money he had picked up from his previous trip to the Nine Heavens Graveyard, he had instead stuffed the Qiankun Bag and the Vajra Bracelets to the brim.

On this day, while the world was silent, unusual spatial fluctuations appeared in Jiang's dojo.

After bidding farewell to Huang Rong, Jiang Ji allowed the Vajra Bracelets to take him on his next journey through the world.

This time, what kind of wonderful world would it be?


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