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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1145 - Earth Immortal Realm Technique (Seeking Subscriptions, Paying Off Debts)

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"You finally made your move."

Jiang muttered, "If you didn't make a move, this seat wouldn't even know what reason to find to suppress you."

Now there was.

Here, it was his Jiang Chi's territory.

He was in charge.

The surroundings were already closed, with a golden light lingering around the Iron Surrounding Mountain.

In his sea of knowledge, it was as if a closed battlefield had been formed.


This battlefield was changeable at will.

It was as if it was a void in space, and Jiang Hou was the king of a space, a heavenly being.

It was like a heavenly dao.

This was naturally clear to Jiang Kui.

He also didn't think of overturning anything, only feeling that he had many more chances, "As long as I can devour his infant, I can complete the path of taking over."

After all.

With the secret methods he possessed, everything that followed was easy to resolve.

He had thought that Jiang Xiao would use the Immortal Binding Rope and the Evil Sword, but when he jumped in front of his eyes, he found that Jiang Xiao was useless at everything.

The Immortal Binding Rope wasn't there, and the Evil Sword was even less.

"Could it be..."

Not good, there's fraud.

He probably realized it.

This brat Jiang Chi was really unconventional, he should have thought of another method, so he was planning to use another method to deal with himself.


What's the method?

He didn't want to come to terms with it, he just thought it was hard.

But the next second.

Jiang Kuai knew the specifics.

Jiang Kuai was an existence that really couldn't be messed with, or else he would really have to capsize in the gutter.



A terrifying golden light erupted from Jiang Kui's palm.

It ruthlessly suppressed down towards that Jiang Kui's spirit, as if it wanted to directly suppress the spirit in front of him to the point where he couldn't rise up to resist.

A terrifying pressure rose up from the heavens.

Mighty pressure burst forth.

The light was boundless, and the power that looked down upon and tyrannical emanated from that vajra bracelet.

Old Ancestor Wanfa had never dreamed that such a day would come, and what he had been waiting for did not come true.

Devouring Jiang Xiao didn't do it either.

All the secret methods he had performed seemed to be useless and ineffective in front of the vajra bracelet, and everything had become pale and powerless.

The strength was also completely gone.

"What's going on?"

Kang Kuai could never have imagined that he would end up in such a situation.



He was a person who had existed since the ancient times, and he was extremely gifted and his talent was even more magnificent.

It was absolutely impossible to fall into this place.

Nor could it be possible for the gutter to turn the boat upside down, there must be something wrong, that's why this scene occurred.

Could it be that the secret method was wrong?


The secret method is correct.

So what's wrong with it?

He couldn't figure it out, and his mood was so low that his astonishment hadn't disappeared at all.

In any case, he couldn't figure out one thing, and that was why Jiang Xiao could resist his secret method.

One had to know that this secret method of his had been deduced and tested countless times with success.


He had actually failed when he tested it himself.


For a moment, he was actually so embarrassed.

"This can't be real."

Jiang Kui frowned, "It must be an illusion, it must be me dreaming, this kid is only in the Human Immortal Realm.

And I, Jiang Kui, already broke through to the Earth Immortal Realm Great Perfection hundreds of thousands of years ago, definitely an existence that he looks up to."


He felt that Jiang Kui must have performed some sort of advanced illusion.

It resulted in an illusion.

This was the situation now, and the illusion was obvious.

But it was not.

It wasn't an illusion at all, but rather a true reality.

Jiang Kui sneered, "You probably can't figure it out, but how can this seat's methods be something you can handle."

Jiang Kui: "........"

He was a little puzzled.

Obviously, he was the most powerful cub, possessing all sorts of secret methods.

Why couldn't he devour Jiang Xiao's infant, why couldn't he seize him?


Where is it wrong.

He suddenly remembered something.

There was actually a golden aperture above his own head, "What is this?"

And when did it happen?

He stared at the scene in disbelief.

And the looks were all bizarre.


When he tried to keep moving, he found that he couldn't move at all.

The spirit couldn't move either.

It was as if it was frozen there and had no power to move at all.

Everything was so normal.


To the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui, this was simply a great blow.

It was terrifying.

It was also extremely terrifying.

In case something happened....


Something was about to happen now alright.

Jiang Kuai knew that once he was unable to please this status quo, it was very likely that he would be made to die in this Violet Sea of Knowledge by Jiang Kuai.

Although this possibility was very small before, it was now very large.

It was possible that he, Jiang Kuai, Hall of Ten Thousand Laws, would have to give a complete account of himself.

"Kid, what kind of demonic magic did you cast on this seat?"

Kang-kyu asked with an angry glare.

So not angry.

"It's not a demon law."

Jiang Kui shook his head, "It's just a foreign treasure, I'm not sure what exactly it is.

But it's my greatest card, and you may have to give an account today, Old Ancestor.

But is there any last words you want to tell me?"

Kang-kyu: "........"

He was so angry that he stared at Jiang Lack, his old face twisted in a hideous fury.

It looked like.

It was as if he was coming to attack and kill Jiang Lack, the whole desperate turn of events.

That was probably what he was thinking.


Jiang Chi glanced coldly, "O Old Ancestor, actually, if you were to honestly befriend me from the start, if you could hand over all of your techniques and powers, this seat could also make a deal with you.

After all, this throne is not the kind of person who likes to kill innocents indiscriminately.

It's a pity that you didn't do this."


Jiang Kuai was so angry that he was blue in the face.

Although his current condition was just the spirit, he still had that feeling of being angry.

He just felt that Jiang Kuai, this person, was annoying him, and this guy obviously didn't want him to have a good time.


Next, Jiang Kuai clearly didn't want him to continue living.

Although he, Jiang Kui, had survived until now, he had also barely relied on the method of stopping life by the Gate Blood, and had blinded the heavens in this Nine Heavens.

That was how he survived.

After all, he was different from those people outside, what he needed was an even more terrifying Life Stopping Technique.

It was definitely not on the same level in terms of degree.

So those people outside only needed a good coffin board, and they could wake up at any time.


Strictly speaking, those people outside weren't really gate blood stopping life generation.

They were just trying their best to control the rate at which they were losing life.

In order to achieve the effect of stopping life.

And in reality.

They all still had at least several years, or many months, of life left.

It was different for the Old Man of Ten Thousand Laws, Jiang Kui, this old man was truly performing a secret method, a true life gating blood stopping.

The kind that made the lifespan stop.

That's why he needed to blind the heavens, that's why he had to perform that kind of seizure.


This was also the way out.

It was only because he had no choice that he did it, otherwise he would have left this Nine Heavens Graveyard long ago.

It was just that he was clear that once he left it was his own death.

So he could only guide others in.

So Jiang Chi came.

But Jiang Lack was a different person.

He wasn't a Gryphon, but a daddy-like existence.

It was daddy-like.

Even if Jiang Kui had once been an Earth Immortal Great Perfection, he didn't appear to be enough to stand against it.

This time.

Jiang Kui's heart was depressed.

He struggled and said, "Jiang lacking, what are you trying to do?"


Jiang Ji shook his head and sighed, "Old Ancestor, you're wrong again."


"Where did it go wrong?"

Jiang Gou's face darkened, twitching his old face as he asked, "Why didn't I know?"

"It's not what I want to do, but what you want to do."

If it weren't for your own bad luck, if you hadn't been thinking of taking away the Shenman, he, Jiang Sheng, wouldn't have taken a gamble.

And there wouldn't have been so much going on.


Jiang Kui had gambled after all.

And it was obvious.

And so.

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Kuai gambled as well.

It was as it was now.

Jiang Kuai: "........"

Jiang Qiao's words he naturally couldn't understand.

Very confused.

It was also very complicated.

But when he still couldn't move a single bit after applying countless secret methods, his heart began to cool down.

In his haste, he hurriedly begged for mercy, "Elder Jiang, please spare me this time.

I have a lot of cultivation techniques and supernatural powers here, I'll give them all to you.

Just beg you to spare me."

There was no other request.

I only wish that Jiang Chi would just let go of me.

As for the rest.

Jiang Kui really didn't dare to ask for more.

He didn't dare ah.

In case he provoked Jiang Kui, he would have to shed his skin.


After looking at Jiang's seemingly smiling expression, he felt that it wasn't just a matter of shedding a layer of skin.

It was very likely that he would be handed over.

He wouldn't even be alive by then.

How else to engage.

The fact that he had barely survived a few hundred thousand years of gates and blood stopping life, and his cultivation had fallen instead of rising, had already made him furious.

It was hard to see the hope of living another life, as long as he could finish seizing the Jiang Chi.


Now that Jiang Lack was so powerful that he was dreading it, there was no chance to seize it again.

He would even have to die himself if he wasn't careful.

This was terrifying.

What should be done?

Kang Kuai's heart had grown cold and his face was ugly for a while.

His mind was actually very complicated.

Because he didn't know what would be the best thing to do, what if Jiang Qiu, this person, was a deadbeat.

Wouldn't he have to give in here himself?

It's horrible to think about.

It absolutely couldn't be like that.

I wanted to live, even if it meant begging for mercy from Jiang Chi, even if it meant living in the most humble way.

But that was still living.

At least it was still alive wasn't it.

"There's hope in living, and one day a miracle will happen."

Jiang Kuai secretly said, "Once you die, then it might really be one and done, nothing."

He was able to truly gate blood to stop his life and live for decades, just to live.

Now that he couldn't see any hope of taking away his life, he would naturally ask for mercy, even if it meant begging for mercy from the young man Jiang Chi.

It's not a bad idea.

It was possible.

"Old Ancestor, do you really think so?"

Jiang Qiao curiously asked, "Are you also really willing to hand over all the techniques and powers that you know?"

"Willingly, I'm too willing."

Jiang Kui hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Little Friend Jiang, I, Jiang Kui, keep my word and will never deceive anyone.

Also, I'm sure you know that I claim to be the Ancestor of All Methods, and have also created countless feats.

I can give all of these to you, little friend, and hope that they will be of help to you."

It's just merits and divine powers.

None of it mattered.

That wasn't what you wanted yourself.

After all, for Jiang Kui, as long as Jiang Kui let himself go, he could continue to blind the heavens in this Nine Heavens Graveyard.

Continue to gate blood to stop life.

Live a life of hoodwinking.

Of course.

Would Jiang Kui let go of such a good opportunity?

He knew that even if he had agreed, judging by this Jiang Kui's character and experience, he would never easily give the technique to Jiang Chi.

There must be a follow-up.


Jiang Kui was not going to let this Manifestation Ancestor go, "After all, I'm afraid of trouble, so if I let you go today, won't I be annoyed by you the next day."

He didn't want to be the Holy Mother.

To set up some hidden enemies for himself, and this enemy was still so terrifying.

Forget it.

It was best to cut down the grass and get rid of the roots.

Moreover, for Jiang Kui, even if he devoured Jiang Kui's soul, he would still be able to obtain the other party's memories.

At that time, he would just as well be able to obtain that endless number of feats and divine abilities.

So this was possible.

It wasn't unworkable.

After thinking it through.

Jiang Kui then coldly refused, "Hehe, I'm afraid you're thinking a little too naively, Old Ancestor, aren't you?"

Think of it from a different angle.

If he was the one begging for forgiveness, would Ancestor Jiang Kui of the Ten Thousand Laws spare him?

Absolutely not.

Taking away the possibility was the theme.

So there was no such possibility of letting go, Jiang Kui drove the Vajra Bracelets and crushed down viciously.

The next thing he heard was Jiang Kui's scream, so he swiftly activated the Ninth Grade Dao Power and began to absorb its spirit power.

At any rate, it was an energy.

It was also able to be greatly replenished.

So good.

And so, the next magical technique that emerged from his mind was also quickly absorbed by the Vajra Bracelet.

Not only had Jiang Xiao obtained the origin power, but he had also raised the grade of the Nine Daoist Techniques to the Earth Immortal realm.


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