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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1144 - The Abominable Jiang Da Xian (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Kui indeed did not expect it.

Jiang Kuai's infant was even smiling and waiting for him in the Purple Sea of Knowledge, and his first reaction was that there was a deception.

Something had gone wrong.

There was no way that this brat would still be this calm if he was invaded by himself.

This situation now could only mean one thing, the other party was doing it on purpose, "He's been waiting for me to invade and take over, so he must be playing the trick."

This time I figured it out.

But the bitterness in my heart was even deeper, people who could do this were definitely not simple people.

"What does he want to do?"

Old Ancestor Wanfa secretly thought to himself that at the moment, his divine soul was out of his physical body, so naturally he was also completely releasing the restrictions of his physical body.

In other words, he was now completely a person who had let go of his blood gates and stopped life state.

The consumption of life force was extremely terrifying.

He had thought that although Jiang Qiao had cultivated into a Human Immortal, he shouldn't be very strong, and judging from his countless feats, it should be easy to deal with it.

But now the situation was different, it was really a bit cryptic.

"You're very confident?"

Old Ancestor Wanfa frowned as the mysteriously glowing spirit that was spinning around his body swiftly landed in Jiang Lack's Violet Sea of Knowledge.

Cautiously, he looked at Jiang Qian.

His gaze was incomparably cold, "Don't think that this seat doesn't know of your calculations, you've intentionally led me here."



To think that he had once been the Ancestor of the Ten Thousand Laws of the Ancient Era, but he had been pitied.

He was so angry.

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Talking about not being confident, it's mainly because I feel that Old Ancestor Ten Thousand Dharma you are more than half your age, and you have gated blood to stop your life before, so it's not good to suddenly let go now."


Jiang Kuai's mouth twitched up a few times, and his old face was a bit ugly, so wonderful.

Although it was only the spirit.

But it could also try its best to show that it was quite wonderfully spectacular under that complicated look.

What do you mean a great age, what do you mean it's not good right now?

He was a strong generation himself.

He was so angry at being spoken to like this by Jiang Chi.

What's the term brake blood to stop life?

Damn it!

This brat was definitely doing it on purpose.

What an abominable fellow, he originally thought that Jiang Xiao was just an ordinary person mid Xiantian realm powerhouse.

Now it didn't seem like that at all.

This person was so abominable and despicable that he could not wait to devour his infant now and come to a rebirth.

However, he was afraid that Jiang Xiao had some special means.

After all, from the information he had received from Splitting Souls, this person definitely had a jumpy personality and was someone who did not follow common sense.

It made Old Ancestor Wanfa a bit unable to judge.

He felt that Jiang Lack was a bit scary, in case....


There's no just in case of this kind of thing.

There's absolutely no if that happens, "I've got to control this because he's my last hope."

Once this one failed, it could very well be the last time.

Jiang Kuai was clear enough that he didn't have much time left, and besides, using his soul to enter Jiang Kuai's Violet Sea of Knowledge was inherently risky.

It was a big gamble.

If he didn't pay attention, he would be unlucky, and then he would be finished.

Therefore, Jiang Kui's heart was secretly tight, "I don't have a better choice ah, it can't be helped."

Although he, Jiang Kui, had countless secret divine powers and spells.


He was just a man whose life span was about to expire.

"Manpower, after all, is frail."

Wanfa Ancestor Jiang Kuai looked at Jiang lacking faintly, "But, I actually want to struggle a bit."

Without struggling one didn't even know where one's limit was, and wouldn't it be perfect in case one succeeded.

One could live another life if one succeeded in seizing it.


Jiang lacked good qualifications.

It should be a powerful existence that gained some benefits.

If he succeeded, he might be able to inherit that chance creation he had obtained.

That would be satisfying.


He probably couldn't have imagined that Jiang Lack was a monstrous and thorough person with an extraordinary strength.

His greatest card wasn't the Immortal Binding Rope, nor was it the Evil Sword, nor was it the Ninth Grade Daoist Skill he was practicing.

Instead, it was the Vajra Bracelet!

Although, Jiang Xiao did not know the exact origin of the Vajra Bracelets, nor did he know why exactly that grand master was on him.

But he always felt a very magical feeling.

This vajra bracelet seemed different, able to carry him through the heavens and space, able to resist the terrifying power of time and space on his behalf.

Thinking that the vajra bracelet must be extraordinary, "If I can use the power of the vajra bracelet to suppress this old thing this time, does that mean that I can also not be afraid of anyone's seizure?"


At the thought of this possibility, Jiang Xiao's heart rejoiced.

That was exciting.


He could only be secretly happy about all of this, after all, it hadn't been practiced yet, and he didn't know if the Vajra Bracelet could really suppress that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui.

"I hope everything will go well ah, otherwise I'll be miserable."

Jiang Kui muttered to himself, "If the Vajra Bracelets can't suppress it, then the one who becomes the unlucky one will definitely be me."

There was no doubt about that.

It was definitely the case, and Jiang Gou knew it well in his heart as he sat alone in the Violet Palace Sea of Knowledge.

Although he was holding the Vajra Bracelets in his hands, in reality, Jiang Lack's heart was bottomless.

Not even a little.

After all.

That Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor was a powerful existence that had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, a great powerhouse that had once traversed the ancient era.

He could be magnificent in that chaotic era, he could be brilliantly talented, and he could create a few techniques every day.

And it wasn't bad.

Once he was trapped, it would be really miserable, and he would end up helpless.


There was another point that Jiang Kui felt feared, or even scrupulous about.

This Ancestor of All Methods, Jiang Kui, he had created quite a few merit methods in his possession, and there was no telling what kind of merit methods he had in his hands.

What if this strange and mysterious technique could not be suppressed even if he had a vajra bracelet.

And what to do.

There was no way to do it.

Old Ancestor Ten Thousand Dharma, he must not be allowed to seize it, or else his life would be over.

Jiang Ji's gaze was electric, and his Violet Sea of Knowledge's infant was now forming a divine hand seal.

Jiang Chi exclaimed, "At least, among the people I know, you are the strongest generation, although I don't know why you ended up in this situation.

But not if you want to take away from me."

"Thank you."

Jiang Kuai smiled slightly, "Although this throne is about to seize you, at this moment, this throne would like to thank you for coming here.

Because of your arrival, this throne has seen hope that it will no longer continue to gate blood to stop life, and in the future, this throne will live another lifetime.

Don't worry, as long as you offer some last words, this throne will definitely help you do it.

--Although this throne is just an old monster who has lived for many years, this throne actually has beliefs as well.

So, Elder Jiang, do you have any last words you haven't said?

If you don't say it now, you may not get the chance to say it later."


After all, he, Kang Kui, wasn't an old man.

He was only doing this to stay alive, and as long as he could continue to live, that was the best.

As for Jiang Kui.

Let's just die.

At the worst, he would fulfill the promise he had just made, and as long as this person could give up his resistance, he could agree to any reasonable request.

Jiang Xiao: "........"

"You're confident?"

He really didn't understand where this Kang Kui, where did he get his confidence from.

Was it because he had lived for many years, so he felt self-confident and also felt that he had infinite possibilities in the future?


"Not to mention that I have a vajra bracelet in my hand to suppress you, even without it, I'd have to shed my skin if you wanted to take it away."

He, Jiang Chi, was not easy to provoke.

After all.

He wasn't a good stubble either.

"Because, this seat is the Old Ancestor of All Laws."

Jiang Kui said confidently, "Elder Jiang, so far, is it hard to believe that you still think you're strong?"

"Or what?"


Where is it strong?

He didn't see it anyway.

Jiang Kuai fell silent for a while.

This kid surnamed Jiang before him was really shameless.

It was fortunate that he had the memories brought by his split soul and knew that this was someone who didn't follow common sense, otherwise he would have been really upset.


After a slight distraction, Jiang Kuai said once again, "Elder Jiang, instead of continuing to persist, why don't you give up, you don't have a chance anymore."

"Where is there no chance?"

Jiang Jiang smiled, "Old Ancestor Wanfa, you're afraid you still don't know how you got in here.

Without this seat's indulgence, you would have been able to enter this seat's violet sea of knowledge?"

What a joke.

If, he hadn't wanted to take the opportunity to gamble, if he hadn't wanted to obtain the Ten Thousand-Faith Ancestor's memories of his feats and prowess, this Jiang Kuai wouldn't have had the chance to seize him anyway.



What else is going on?

Kang Kui Ton was a little embarrassed.

On the surface.

But still, he said in a very hardened manner, "Elder Jiang, haven't you ever heard of a saying?"

"What words?"

"Ginger is still old!"

"Oh? You probably haven't heard a word about that old ancestor either."

"What words, you might as well tell me."

"Even a gutter can turn over a boat."


Turn over your grandfather.

There was no way his ship could turn over, his Kang Kui's ship hadn't turned over in the ancient times hundreds of thousands of years ago, how could it turn over now.

It wouldn't capsize.


He stared fiercely at Jiang Kuai, "Elder Jiang, do you think this seat will capsize the ship?"


Jiang Qiao looked at the unstoppable Wanfa Ancestor, who had now fallen from grace.

It had become very ordinary.

He felt.

Even though this Ten Thousand Laws Old Ancestor Jiang Kuai had countless secret methods and many unknown tricks, he couldn't exert his maximum power.

"After all, he has to live."

Now, this Kang Kui was only a divine soul, which limited many situations.

Not to mention, he was already nearing the end of his life span, so he probably wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Such a situation was difficult.

And this was Jiang Kui's chance ah.

At least that's what Jiang Lack thought, it was the greatest possibility for him to take a gamble.


Jiang Kuai's words eventually caused Jiang Kuai's soul to twitch viciously.

Of course.

If he had a physical body, this twitch would probably be more pronounced.


Jiang Kui really hated to kill Jiang lack right now, this kid was simply too eloquent.

Besides, if he went down before he even applied his means, he might be angry at the other party first.

"Truly worthy of a generation, it's definitely not a coincidence that he was able to become a Human Immortal in an era of general decline in the Eastern Lands."

Rather, it was inevitable ah.

This kid is not simple, but I just don't know what his origin is.

"Not right."

Jiang Kui suddenly thought, "No matter what his origin is, no matter what status and background this surnamed Jiang has, I can't give up, after all, this is my only chance ah."

This Nine Heavens Graveyard was originally a back-up he had set up, a game for the ages.

But now.

The only ones in the game were him and Jiang Chi.

So this was his only chance, and if he couldn't succeed, it would be difficult for him to even get out alive with his longevity.

"Only here, using the method of blinding the heavens can I gate blood to stop my life, if I'm outside, it's impossible to blind the heavens."

As an Old Ancestor of the Ten Thousand Laws, he knew this very well.

This was because in those ancient times, he had also studied longevity and heavenly machines.

Right now.

The black-bellied Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor, originally you might have been fine without entering this seat's Violet Sea of Knowledge, but now you have no chance."

Couldn't get out.

But Jiang Kui shook his head, "I haven't planned to go out since I came in."

"You'll die."

"What if it's you?"

"Impossible, this seat still has a card you don't know about, you don't stand a chance."


Kang Kyu was getting mad.


He pounced towards Jiang Kui's infant, as if he wanted to devour his mid Human Immortal Realm infant cleanly before he would stop.


Can he really devour Jiang Xiao's infant?


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