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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1142 - Su Li's True Identity (Seeking Subscription)

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Just then.

He saw a very strange thing.

A golden coffin appeared across the sky, engraved with some strange totems and patterns, as if a magical formation had been rigidly placed on it.

It looked extraordinary.

Immediately afterwards.

That golden coffin plate also began to vibrate, probably unable to hold it down anymore.

After all, the other four had already been unable to hold it down, so it was only right that he couldn't hold it down.

Jiang Gu guessed secretly, "This one, I'm sure, must be that ancient era's strong man, that is, that Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws, Jiang Kui."


What made Jiang Kuai somewhat incomprehensible was.

What kind of existence was this Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor?

He was still curious.

Although, curiosity killed the cat.

But sometimes it meant something different to them.


Jiang lacked a sweep of his eyes.

He saw Su Li beside him.

This woman still had a calm face, it wasn't like she had come to look for treasures, it was strange.

So, what kind of purpose did she have?

Jiang couldn't think straight.


The other party's expression was a bit too calm.

Su Li wasn't a human immortal.


She must be hiding some ulterior secret, but it was just that this secret was still unknown to Jiang Di at the moment.


Should I break this peace myself, I won't be happy until I figure out Su Li's purpose.

Jiang Hou thought so.

Where did he know that at this moment, Su Li was somewhat happy.

She even looked back towards Jiang Xiao.

That expression had a very satisfied meaning in it.

It was truly unreadable.

In the Ninth Heavenly Graveyard, only Jiang Xiao and her were left.

The two of them were here.


Jiang Chi suddenly shouted, "Are you... are you hiding something from me?"

"Yes." Su Li nodded his head up, not denying the matter.

Jiang lacked: "........"

Is it so straightforward.

He was stunned for a moment.

Startled, he said, "Patriarch, you're not competing for treasures on this journey, and it's not like you're searching for merit, so what are you here for?"

There was nothing good in the world.

Bringing him over for no reason while he has no desire to be here?


Such a selfless person shouldn't exist, Jiang Xiao mused darkly.

He felt like he wasn't a fool.

"Elder Jiang, you want to know?"

Su Li raised his eyebrows and asked, "Do you know that the more you know, the more dangerous it is?"

Jiang Cai had naturally heard this before.

But he didn't want to be so unclear.

Seeing his silence, Su Li continued, "It seems that Elder Jiang you are determined to break the casserole to the end, but it may not be beneficial if you know about it."

Her hidden purpose was obvious.

Jiang Mo also faintly guessed, "So, did you deliberately lure me here?"

"That's right."

Su Li nodded, not denying the incident.

She did do it on purpose.


Jiang lacked a very silly question, just like when men and women broke up, they would ask a silly question about why.

He also wanted to know why.

After all, they were essentially family.

Su Li was the patriarch of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

And he, Jiang Lack, was the eleven elders of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, shouldn't they be a family.


From the current situation, it didn't seem like that was the case.

It was really calling him incredulous.

"Because you're a mid Human Immortal realm cultivator." Su Li explained.

This explanation was weak and puerile, sounding like a joke.

But Jiang Ji understood that it was definitely not a joke, and that this Su Li Sect Master had really led him here because of it.

"Are you very confused?"

Su Li asked, "I told you not to ask too many questions, that's what you have to ask yourself."



"I've probably guessed, I'm just not sure yet, because that guess is just too unbelievable."

"Maybe you're right and you should face up to your guess, because there's a chance you won't get to face up to it."

"You're confident?"

"That's the truth, it's called confidence."



Jiang Qian admitted that he was feeling very complicated.

He had already guessed Su Li's purpose, but he had trouble believing it all.

Su Li, wasn't she the Master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect?

Himself as an eleventh elder.

Shouldn't they be family?

It looked a little weird, and he couldn't even believe it.

Could this be real?

I can't believe it. We were doing so well before.

Why did this happen?

Puzzled is puzzled.

At this moment, Jiang Qian was still looking at Su Li in a very complicated way, "Since you know that I'm a mid Human Immortal Realm cultivator, why do you still dare to bring me here?"

"Middle Human Immortal Realm doesn't mean it's the end of cultivation, nor does it mean that it's invincible and just needed, so you're the target."

Su Li's voice was flat.

It sounded as if it had nothing to do with Jiang Kou at all.

But in Jiang Kou's opinion, this woman was really hiding so deeply, and she was also really damned.

She had deceived herself.

Even though he had doubts from the beginning, he had been willingly tricked.

After all, he needed the endless merits of that Wanfa Old Ancestor.

But right now.

It was ultimately hard.

He was angry.

Angrily glaring at him, "You're doing this on purpose, you're still the master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect..."

Before Jiang lacked the words, he heard Su Li say, "Patriarch? Maybe you're the only one who thinks so."


Jiang Gao stared at him, he suddenly thought of a possibility, "Are you... are you a fake?"

"Not so much."

It seemed to feel like everything was under control, even this mid Human Immortal Realm Jiang Xiao in front of her couldn't escape from her own five fingers.

She then answered, "It's actually very simple, this body was seized by this seat after an injury, so it's also considered to be the master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect."


Jiang lacked: "........"

He stared up.

It was a flash in his mind, and he finally understood what was happening in front of him.


It was like this.

He had misunderstood it all before.

This person was both the master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, but not actually.

Seize it!

What a glaring two words.

He had also planned to let Huang Rong seize the rebirth to come over, but had been taboo so he hadn't acted on it, and then Huang Rong was considered to have seized the Innate Demon Vine.

At this moment.

This Sovereign Su Li had great intentions.

He has been planning for a long time.

Or rather.

Her name wasn't Su Li at all.

As expected.

The next moment a male voice came from Su Li's mouth, "There was no you in this throne's plan, but you suddenly intruded into the eyes of this throne's law, so there was an extra you in the plan."

That's why there were all the things that followed.

Jiang Gou understood.

It was like a sudden realization.

Everything was coherent, everything was logical, he could connect the dots.

Things turned out to be like this.

So what happened next, was it the same as saying that he had actually been trapped when he met the white-clothed Su Li that day.

The other party had always known that he wanted to search for the method, so he took the opportunity to bring up the matter of the Ancient War, and then made himself take the initiative to explore and find the treasure.

In the end, he also searched for this Nine Heavens Graveyard set up by the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor.

It was all his purpose.

It was all done by her.


Even if Su Li didn't tell him who its true identity was, Jiang Xiao had actually guessed it.

The one who could bring him here and take away his life, there was only one possibility left.

I blame myself for trusting her too much in the past.

"However, I, Jiang Someone, haven't lost anything, and the reason she's tearing off that disguise now is simply because she thinks that I'm already under her control."

That was all.

As if some bald-headed monk felt that even some monkey couldn't jump out of his five-fingered mountain.

Everything is just frontal.

You can do nothing.

You can't do anything about it.

Hey, hey, hey!

There's simply no way, alright.

The strength of the other Jiang lacked was not something ordinary people could compare to.

That's why.

That's why there was this showdown.

Look at the other party's purpose.

Jiang Hou knew that people should want to make their death more understandable.


Jiang Hou was only planning to repair his own immortality.


The kind of immortal cultivation in peace and quiet, he didn't want to do some kind of trickery and calculations.

Although in the immortal cultivation world, it was common for you to plot against me and me to plot against you.

It was also common.

But he really didn't want to do that.

There was no point.

Wouldn't it be nice to cross his legs like a bulldozer?

He'd like that.

But reality hit him so hard that he had to come to his senses.

Seriously face up to it.

The Su Li in front of him was no longer the Su Li he knew after all.

She wasn't her anymore.

It had become him.

"Even though he didn't identify himself, I, Jiang Someone, am not stupid, so how could I not understand what he meant."


An old monster, going so far as to take away a young girl.

I don't know what to think about it.

Although this kind of thing was common in the Immortal World, even in the ancient land of the Eastern Land of the Divine Land.


It still seemed very weird to Jiang Xiao.

Perhaps it was because of the gender, but it made him still resent the matter.

Calculation ah.

What a calculation.

This was a great plan for the ages.

How could an ordinary person think of it?

"Perhaps only a big man like this could have thought of it."

As expected.

Those who could live in this world and still become a big brother, none of them were good.

All of them are just a bunch of bad existences.

This was probably the result of the hideous and realistic cultivation world.

Jiang Xiao thought so.

He was understandable.

But it was disagreeable and also felt abominable.

After all, he was also a victim.

"So, should I continue to call you Patriarch Su, or should I call you Grandmaster Wanfa?"

Jiang Kui had just guessed this.

Su Li was merely the seized body of that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui.

At the same time.

It could also explain why Su Li was clear about the Nine Heavens Graveyard and why she was able to easily walk to the ninth heaven.

This was what people created.


The one lying in the coffin board was also that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor ah.

Jiang Ji secretly chanted for a while before thinking clearly about the key, "I suppose it's a strand of your split soul that used some secret technique to escape out and take rebirth.

However, you probably wouldn't have thought that a split soul is a split soul and the original soul is the original soul.

So you still have your life span about to expire and are about to face the danger of death.

And because of this, you can't wait to call me, a mid-human immortal cultivator.

Because I've become an immortal, you want to take away my lifespan, just like those before, right?"

Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor: "..."

At this moment.

Su Li didn't move.

But from that golden coffin, a voice came out, "You're smart, if you were in the ancient era, you would definitely be able to match up to the likes of San Qing and Nuwa, but unfortunately..."

"Pity to have met you?"

Jiang Qiao said sternly, "Why don't you think that meeting for is actually a pity, after all, you don't have much life span, and even if you just devoured a few people, it wouldn't be enough for you to live."

"That's why you are needed."

"You're confident?"

"Isn't it, you may have some more card tricks I don't know about, after all I haven't seen you display them either, but now you're in the Nine Heavens Graveyard I've set up you."

"So what?"

"As long as I can devour your lifespan, this seat will be able to live another lifetime, and I can once again look down upon the present day."



Old Ancestor Wanfa spoke freely, only feeling that Jiang Mo was already his food on his plate.

After all, this was his turf.

And Jiang Chi.

Although he was a strong mid Human Immortal Realm cultivator, he was far from being able to compare to him, Old Ancestor Ten Thousand Laws.

After all, he had been planning for countless years and was an existence that counted the ages.

A single Human Immortal could be more powerful than a thousand Hedonic Realms.

The Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor was looking forward to it.

"As long as I go out here, I'll have countless ways to continue living, and my life span won't be limited to this seat, hahaha!"


His dynasty desires to devour Jiang's lifespan....


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