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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1141 - The Coffin Board Can't Hold Down the Coffin (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Knock knock!"

The sound of hitting the boards was getting louder.

And it wasn't just the coffin boards next to those four people either.

It was as if there were sounds coming from all directions, and everyone suddenly had a creepy feeling.

It just felt like a great terror was about to happen.

Could there really be a ghost.


People like myself are immortal cultivators, what are they afraid of ghosts and monsters.

It's better not to deceive ourselves.


It's not to scare yourself.

There shouldn't be any ghosts.

Even if there were.....

It should also be able to cope.

After all, they were all immortal cultivators.

He had ever been afraid of ghosts.

It didn't exist.

Ghosts had to be destroyed even if they came, but they were lawless immortal cultivators.

And who have they ever been afraid of?


Hearing that thud against the boards was really making them feel numb again.

A brain ache.


One part of the sound turned out to be from their ancestors, while the other part was coming from all directions.

It was as if there was one from every direction.

It looked extraordinarily bizarre, and it really made one feel a little guilty and scared.

Could it be that the coffin plate of one's own ancestors couldn't hold it down, could it be that even the coffin plate of that All-Faith Ancestor Jiang Kui couldn't hold it down.

Was he that strong?

It's scary to think about.


What if the body turns?

They were thinking that although their own ancestors hadn't died, they had inevitably shouted at them to get up and deal with it before in order to break the formation and break through the barrier.

It was inevitable that at some point, the old ancestors wouldn't be able to sustain themselves and then collapse completely.

They collapsed down with a bang.

Quiet death was also very possible ah.

They thought so, their minds incomparably complicated, what if their own ancestors really did come back to life.

Should they slap it down, or should they pretend that they hadn't seen anything?

To be honest, they were actually a bit torn right now, just in case something happened.

There was also that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, if he really wasn't dead, was he about to come out of his coffin board.

What if he popped up to cause trouble and said that this Nine Heavens Graveyard was actually all his layout and tactics.

It's scary to think about.

It was a bizarre thing that made them all look downright ugly.


It was actually rather frightening as well, in case that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor made a move, what would they use to deal with it.

With their cultivation and experience, they were afraid that it wouldn't be enough for the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, who had been dominating the world in the ancient times.

There were no treasures in the Nine Heavens.

In fact, they were overthinking it.



It's all a little embarrassing.

That's right.

Su Li was indeed right, that Wanfa Ancestor himself was a treasure.

After all, people were still alive.

As long as one could obtain the memories of that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, then everything would be worth it.

According to many legends.

This Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor had created countless techniques and divine abilities back then.


Being able to get his memories of his work and magical powers would explain it all.

How nice.

Jiang Xiao expressed excitement.

Also very excited.

The rest of those four though also knew the reason for Jiang Lack's excitement and understood the meaning of Su Li's previous words.

They even secretly thought about it in their hearts.


Right now, listening to the sound of the non-stop banging of the coffin board, they were truly afraid.

In case something happened....

With that Wanfa Ancestor who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, would he be able to bury himself and others with a secret method.

Thinking about it made me feel aggrieved.

Countless heroic names ruined in one fell swoop ah.

This was finished.

If that Jiang Kui was furious and tried to kill them.

Wouldn't it be....

There was no resistance at all.

How can they be an opponent with their strength?

There's no way around it.

As for the old ancestor in the coffin, he probably couldn't carry that Manifestation Old Ancestor either.

For a while.

Those four people were even a little scared.

They wanted to retreat and leave.

But when they found that the way to get here was long gone, and the method to leave was still missing for the time being, they didn't know what to do.

That was difficult.

So they all got burnt out.

They cast their eyes towards Jiang Lack.

They found that Jiang lacked a calm face, a calm color surging up on his face as if nothing had happened.

It looked normal.

It was as if the sky and the earth had nothing to do with him.

The incessant crashing sounds around him were nothing in Jiang Mo's eyes, as if he hadn't heard them.

A faint glance at the surrounding area calmed him down.

Coldly, he looked on.

"Fellow Daoist Jiang, you..."

"I'm fine."

"No, I wanted to ask you what you think of the situation at hand."

"Stand and watch."


The person who asked the question was almost angry to death.

You Jiang Chi knew that I didn't mean it, but you deliberately hid it and didn't make it clear, right.

How many meanings is it?

Don't they deserve to live?

This is how they get angrier and angrier.

They looked at each other angrily.

But Jiang Jian didn't even look at them.

As if it didn't matter.

Of course.

For someone like Jiang Gui, even if those four early Dao Closing Realm guys were together.

He wouldn't care.

Afraid of the ball.

The worst that could happen was to settle it early.


Before he could make a move, he heard a ghastly sound coming from the coffin beside those four guys.

Immediately after.

The coffin panels exploded and flew apart towards the surroundings.


The four people watching were confused.


What the hell is going on here.

Why did the ancestor's coffin plate explode.

Couldn't hold it down?


Even if you can't hold it down, it shouldn't explode and open, right.

Then could it be...?

When they took a look back, they had already discovered something terrifying.

That was... the coffin plates of their ancestors seemed to be really overwhelmed.

But those ancestors in the coffin, who were still alive and well before, were now losing their vitality at a rate visible to the naked eye.

What the hell?

Had the ancestors met that Wanfa ancestor hundreds of thousands of years ago, and so were ashamed of themselves?

And feel ashamed and give up on yourself?

How is this possible.

Thinking about this matter was filled with all sorts of unbelievable things.

After all, the ancestors had only gated blood to stop their lives, only temporarily closing their six senses and shutting off their perceptions.

How could they completely lose their vitality?


As those four looked, their respective ancestral bodies were also diminishing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

That's right.

They were turning into a corpse.

And it was still a very dry kind.


What happened to the old ancestors.

For a while.

They were a bit confused as to what had happened.

What the hell was going on?

Still, I couldn't figure it out.

"As expected, the coffin board is still unable to hold it down."

Jiang Xiao could not help but sigh in his heart, "That Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor might really be coming out, he's really powerful."

But isn't he powerful.

One strike and the old guys who were so unstoppable that they even scrupulously gated blood to stop their lives in order to live, trying to gain some chance to create another life.

Those are clearly a bunch of old immortals.

It was frightening to think about.


Jiang Jiang wasn't as afraid as the four people beside him.

Others were afraid, but he, Jiang Gu, wasn't.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago.

It was the Ancient Era, a time when heavenly pride was rampant and endlessly powerful people emerged.

It was terrifying.


That was all in the old days.

It wasn't hundreds of thousands of years ago now, and besides, that All-Faith Ancestor was still lying in the coffin board, which was enough to show that he had been seriously injured.

A very terrible injury.

So much so that it was dragging on to this day.

Not to mention, after so many years, that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor might have already reached the end of his life span.

After all....

He had just sucked some of the remaining life force out of those four old immortals.

It was different from what others saw.

As a mid Human Immortal realm cultivator, Jiang Kou saw things very differently.

"Life force?"

He muttered to himself, "It seems like that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui is also about to reach the end of his life span.

In that case, the logic is coherent and clear.

When he set up this Nine Heavens Graveyard hundreds of thousands of years ago, he had actually calculated up to this point, and knew that his life span was not long.

That was why he had set up a barrier, to get the most powerful ones in front of him for him to absorb his life force.

And just now he had done just that.

Perhaps for him, there might not really be much lifespan left, so he absorbed those four unlucky old immortals.

Just because they were the weakest.

In that case, he would be able to barely live on the few remaining lifespans of those four old undeads.

Because there were still many options in front of him next, such as those four cannon fodder, and it seemed like they were destined to become cannon fodder as well.


I'm not to blame for this, Jiang Sheng."

He was all set to let these four people go, but now it seemed that that Wanfa ancestor wasn't going to let them go ah.

So it turned out.

That Jiang Kui's calculations were like this.

It really was a generation of geniuses.

Laying out the backhand all one set, it was extraordinary.

If it was someone else, he might have made a move to stop it.

But Jiang Kui didn't.

Not only did he not, but he also hoped that the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor would quickly suck those four obtrusive cannon fodder dry.

After all.

Those four were an eyesore.

Secondly, he also wanted to get the memories in that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor's mind.

"After all, that's all a piece of work."

How could he give it up.

That was the purpose of his Jiang Sheng's visit.

It was for those merits of the Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor, and besides that whatever treasures were there were of little use to him.

Merit methods were his fundamentals.

If he had the merit methods, he could raise the grade of the Nine Daoist Merits, he could obtain the World Origin and then cultivate it over and over again.

They would be the big brothers then.

How nice.

What if that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor didn't suck up some life force and run out of life at a critical moment.

He didn't want to fall out at a critical moment.


Even Su Li didn't move.

This Great Sovereign Su seemed to be very different.


Jiang Xiao's heart was very different up, he wasn't an ordinary person.

The mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation determined the difference between his horizons and others.

Right now.

Those four people at the early stage of the Merging Realm were watching their own ancestors be sucked dry and become dead.

Then the corners of their mouths twitched.

Damn it.

With the old ancestor gone, it was the same as the cards they had in their hands being gone.

This was terrifying.

What were they told to do next?


Before they could make a move against that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor, they didn't even wait for them to figure out the way of it.

The Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor made his move.

This time.

Together, he made a move towards those four early Dao Merging Realm powerhouses.

That's right.

The early stage of the Merging Dao Realm, in this land of the Eastern Lands, was a strong man.

It was also a party's supreme elder, or an ancestor level existence.

It was incomparably domineering as well.

But nowadays.

They didn't even resist for a moment under that Wanfa Old Ancestor's means.

"It's a complete unilateral crush."

Jiang Ji muttered, worthy of being the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, even in that chaotic era of the ancient past, he had survived.

There was absolutely no mistaking that ancient, vicissitudes, mysterious and terrifying aura.

Although, that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor hadn't come out of the coffin board yet.

But Jiang Xiao had felt everything.

That Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor was definitely a strong party, and it was truly creepy.


As expected, those four unlucky souls from the Dao Merging Realm ended up being cannon fodder.

Although Jiang Xiao finally gave up on making them cannon fodder, that was their fate.

It couldn't be helped.

"As expected, you can never wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep, and you can never reverse the fate of space-time."

Cannon fodder.

This was the fate of those people.

Otherwise, people wouldn't have waited for hundreds of thousands of years for Old Ancestor Wanfa.

I guess they would have been waiting a long time ago.

Not everyone could live for hundreds of thousands of years, and not everyone had the talent like him to create many, many feats.

Presumably, he had created quite a few even for life prolonging feats.

After thinking of these circumstances.

Jiang Mo's eyes suddenly became a little wild, perhaps he could....


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