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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1140 - March 3 Nine Heavens (Seeking Subscriptions)

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If there is anything irreversible in this world, it is time.

The traces of time hitting the body.

But in the end, they still left traces, even if only a little.

March and three days had passed.

Jiang lacked a calm face as he stood in the ninth dimension of the graveyard, and there were no longer many people left around him.

There were only four or five.

Including that Sovereign Su Li as well.

For many people, it was just over three months.

But to Jiang Xiao, time was a pig-killing knife.

Killing him to the point where he couldn't laugh or cry.

After a series of difficult breakthroughs, he had finally arrived at the ninth heaven. The cannon fodder was thus used up.

But fortunately, he had finally reached the end.

The next step was to face that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor was, "I wonder if he's really still alive?"

And if it's alive, will it come out?

"I guess so."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "He's a big shot, if the Nine Heavens Graveyard is all Nai's calculations, he must have been paying attention to us three months ago.

Then, now that we've reached his coffin board, he shouldn't be holding back anymore."

After all, it was time for a showdown.

Although it was harder.

But yet it was definitely possible.

Rather than being nervous, Jiang Qiao got a little excited.

"Old Ancestor of the Ten Thousand Laws, an unstoppably powerful existence, what a great anticipation."

If one could meet with such a person, it would actually be rewarding, right?

After all, the other party was very genius.

Jiang Mo really couldn't help it, someone who was able to create an average of one technique a day was definitely a super genius.

Definitely not an ordinary person.

"Now, there are still a few cannon fodder left, apart from the mysterious and bizarre Su Li, there are still four left, but each of these four people are resisting a coffin, which means they actually have the existence of the ancestor of the Gate Blood Stop Life."

This is much more interesting.

The ones that remain are all elites.

They all looked a bit stronger still, not something ordinary people could handle.

March and three days.

From the first heaven to the current ninth heaven, they had experienced life and death battles over and over again.

They were robbed countless times.

Almost didn't survive, luckily they were lucky enough.

So they were still alive.

However, the next thing they all looked at each other and got a little confused.

Where was that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor?

I didn't even see it.

Its coffin board wasn't even visible.

It was like daylight in the ninth heaven instead, and I don't know what method was used to set it up.

It was powerful anyway.

Jiang Chi faintly looked at the remaining five people, "It seems like there should be a good show to watch next."

Regardless of whether these people would resent him or put aside their hatred for a while, there was a great show to be seen.

Of course.

If Su Li was going to put on a show as well, it would be more than just a big show.

"Gentlemen, now that we've made it to this Nine Heavens, that means we can meet that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, how about we join forces together?"

"That's a good proposal, based on what Patriarch Su said earlier, it's very likely that Wanfa Ancestor is still alive."

"I also agree."

"Yes, but after the Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor is resolved, the things in this ninth heaven will have to be determined by each one's own abilities."


In short, you can't lose.

Not even the slightest bit.

The corner of Jiang Chi's mouth was also faint, "Yes, I can do whatever I want, mainly you guys."

Everyone's faces darkened together.

It's mostly just you, right.

If it wasn't for the existence of your black goods, they would have joined forces long ago.

Of course.

They were also cautious when facing Su Li.

Relying on her own strength, she was able to make it to the ninth heaven, which was also enough to show that she was not simple.

Although she had the cultivation of the Dao Merging Realm, there were many Dao Merging Realms that had died.

She, Su Li, was still alive and intact.

This was different.

It was enough to show how powerful she was.

"Patriarch, aren't you going to introduce yourself?"

Jiang Mo's eyebrows raised, "This ninth heaven of the graveyard must be different from the other eight heavens, right?"

Su Li: "........"

Naturally, she knew.

There was something in Jiang's words ah.


Su Li didn't care, but said, "The Ninth Heaven is the place most carefully laid out by Old Ancestor Wanfa.

There is no danger here."

Others: "........"

All of them stared at the news with incredulous faces.

That included Jiang Chi.

The eyes were laughing and crying, filled with helplessness.

It was as if they were saying, do you see us as three-year-old children?

There's no danger yet.

This is the Last Sky. How can it not be dangerous?

What a joke.

"Because here, that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor is the greatest danger."

Su Li said grudgingly.

Jiang Qiao and the remaining four people looked at each other.

For a moment, they felt.


A bit awkward.

A bit too that.

The reasoning was so simple, so why didn't they turn the corner just now?

A little bit not thinking clearly.

Now after being reminded by Su Li, it dawned on them.

Just like that, their hearts were even more complicated.

Would they be seen as retarded if they didn't even know such a simple thing?

So worried.

"Ahem, Patriarch Su, are you saying that that Wanfa ancestor is likely to come out and make a move on us?"

One person asked.

The rest of them took the opportunity to cast a questioning glance.

That was what they wanted to ask.


Su Li had said that Jiang Kuai was still alive.

So here was the question.

Since this old immortal was still alive, would he come out to say hello or something.

After all, a visitor is a guest.


That was hundreds of thousands of years ago, after all.

What if.....


That is, what if the other party wasn't friendly.

After all, being able to establish a foothold in the Ancient Era hundreds of thousands of years ago would be a clear indication that the other party was not a simple person.

If something were to happen, wouldn't it be like a great enemy again.

Not good.

It would be better to take a different stance.


Although I was prepared for it.

But it was still a bit scary.

After all.......

That was a powerful being hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Old monsters.

Or even old immortals.

"What, are you all scared?"

Su Li suddenly laughed, "Didn't you look forward to it before you saw it, and now you're not?"

This is nothing.


Jiang Ji was the first to explain, "Not scared, just a little appalled, if hundreds of thousands of years were to be counted, that Wanfa ancestor should have already recovered from his injuries."

Then why continue to stay in this bird's nest.

Don't tell him he can't leave.

The Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor wasn't a simple person, he was capable.

Wouldn't it be easy to leave this Nine Heavens Graveyard.


There must be a secret.

The others sniffed, but they bowed their heads.

Some embarrassment.

One old man said.

They actually only wanted to explore and find treasure.

Didn't want to talk about life and ideals with that old immortal Jiang Kui ah.

The thought of an old monster who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years made their scalp tingle ah.

Thinking carefully.

That old monster's mind couldn't be guessed either.

If they could, they wanted a dead Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor, not a living Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor.


Some things weren't up to them to decide.

Like right now, for example.

Inside this ninth heaven, the ghosts knew if they had been eavesdropped on by that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kuai in conversation.

There was still no bottom in their hearts.


Jiang Qian was somewhat silent.

He would like to meet the living Wanfa Ancestor, the legendary character from the story.

Perhaps to talk about life ideals.

Or maybe he could become friends?

Of course.

In fact, it's a scary thing to be friends with a being like that.

It should be possible to talk about it.

Tea is no good, drinking is always okay.

Su Li burst into tears as he looked at Jiang Lack's eyes.

Everyone else was afraid to be afraid, but he was the opposite, and although he was surprised, he wasn't afraid anymore.

Instead, he even got excited.

What the hell was this.

What was this guy's brain circuitry.

What is it all thinking.

Can't understand it, can't understand it up either.

In an inexplicably depressed mood, she had thought that Jiang Gou would be afraid of meeting Old Ancestor Wanfa just like the other four.

But it didn't seem like that now.

Jiang Lack was different.

He and very different.

The other four just wanted to gain benefits, just to let their gate blood stopping life ancestors live another life.

Or allow their own strength to advance greatly.

But one said one and two said two, they were afraid to see the old monsters from hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Old Ancestor Wanfa.

This was also a ruthless man.

God knows how many feats and powers he had created in his life.

Wouldn't it be too many to count?

A very crazy thing ah.

It was a bit cryptic when Jiang Xiao thought of it this way.

"However, there are no techniques or divine abilities in this ninth heaven at all, which means there's no chance."

This was the most depressing part.

But to say that there wasn't any chance at all was wrong.

After all, there was still a Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor Jiang Kuai.

"He must have an endless number of feats and powers there, and if I could obtain them all, it would completely raise my Ninth Grade Dao Grade to an unimaginable level ah."

It was exciting to think about.

Very practiced.

That old immortal Jiang Kui was both danger and chance ah.

Jiang Kui sort of figured it out.

He said, "Patriarch, you make a lot of sense, but I think there's something you're not saying right."

"Hmm?" Su Li was stunned, "Go ahead and tell me, what's wrong again?"

She didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

It was all quite right.

Jiang Jiang said, "Patriarch is wrong about one thing, since that Wanfa ancestor is still alive, it's actually not necessarily dangerous.

Since he hasn't been able to heal his injuries for hundreds of thousands of years, it means that he was seriously injured back then, and his remaining life span over the years isn't right either.

Otherwise, there was no way he wouldn't go out, and with his strength no one should be able to stop him.

Therefore, he should be just like these coffins where the gate blood stopped his life expectancy.



Su Li's eyes flashed with a hint of panic, "I... how do I know."

She quickly changed the subject, "Elder Jiang, won't you take a look around at this ninth heaven?"

What's there to see?

Jiang Xiao shook his head to indicate that he didn't need it.

The other four took a look at the coffin next to each of them and made their stance clear as well.

There was no need to stroll.

They were only looking for chance and nothing else.

It wasn't like they were here for fun and sightseeing.

It wasn't important anyway.

Right now.

They suddenly had a feeling.

That is, the ancestors inside the coffin board seemed to be assisted by some kind of external force to get up from the coffin board.

Probably the coffin board couldn't even cover them anymore.

Although the blood of the gate has stopped living.

But it's actually still alive.

In other words, the body had temporarily stopped functioning and closed everything.

Now there was a tendency to come back to life.

It's numbing to see if our ancestors will come out of the coffin by themselves.

Although this one is scary.


They were really worried about their own ancestors.

In case they were out of control, were they going to pop out at any moment.


So, was the Self-Ancestor going to fight against that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor?

It was hidden.

Including Jiang Gou was looking forward to it, if this thing was possible, it was really feasible.

Really good.

There was no time to think about anything else.

Just a crashing sound was heard.

"What sound?"

Someone asked a question.


He already knew in his heart what was going to happen.

It was just that his heart was still unbalanced.

Afraid of stirring up something big.

Jiang Mo spared a glance at these four people, "I'm afraid your ancestor can't stand the loneliness anymore, so I guess he's going to climb out of the coffin board.

Why don't you guys open it and see what's going on?"

Those four: "..."

They all stared at Jiang Gou fiercely.

In their hearts, they couldn't help but think, "Your ancestor only ran out, your coffin board only couldn't hold it down..."

But then.

The accident happened!


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