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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1138 - Breaking the Formation and Seizing the Spiritual Pearl (Seeking Subscription)

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Do you break the battle with skill or with brute force?

It's a multiple choice question.

But in the end it's just a single choice question.

Because you have to break the formation no matter what, or else you'll be trapped in this formation for the rest of your life.

The yellow sand is not just a simple yellow sand, but something that can wear down true energy mana and cover one's consciousness.

Under the influence of the formation, this power could explode at any time.

Calling people to the heavens with no way to enter the earth, despair came from the heart.


How terrifying it would be once they really fell into a desperate situation.

Although Jiang lack's words suddenly gave the crowd a bit of hope, seeing that there was still a chance to live.

However, that would require breaking the formation as well, or else they would only remain trapped here and thus unable to resolve the situation.

The only way to leave was to break the formation.

However, here was the problem again.

Although there were some of them who were familiar with the formation, they were limited to being familiar with it.

It wasn't even considered to be proficient.

If it wasn't for Jiang Guiao's sharp eyesight, they probably wouldn't even know that this Third Sky Graveyard of the Nine Heavens was different.

It was completely supported by an array formation.

Such a huge formation, it was probably only that unstoppable Ancestor of All Laws Jiang Kuai could have set it up.

How could an ordinary person have any chance of laying it out.


Right now, there was simply no one who was proficient in formation, so how could one talk about breaking this great formation with ingenuity.

There was simply no way to talk about it ah.


After thinking of these situations, a group of several hundred people looked at each other and looked a bit confused and cryptic.

Who was going to break the formation?

Or rather, who can break the battle?

It's like no one can break it at all.

How is this.

If they weren't proficient in the formation, they simply couldn't break it.

The other thing is, with their strength, even if they worked together to break it, they wouldn't be able to break it.

Thinking about it is laughable, a group of people you look at me, I look at you, look at each other and somehow come.

That's hard.

"What should we do ah, the formation is too powerful, it's clearly a monstrous formation."

"That's right, the means laid out by someone's Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, is it like a simple formation?"

"So we people will stay in here until we die?"


They were all panicking.

If they couldn't break the formation, there was no possibility of getting out at all.

Even if they went to the fourth heaven.

Trapped here?

It's just a trapped beast, and if you're not careful, you're dead.

What's the point.


Jiang lacked: "........"

He was also helpless, was he going to reveal the fact that he was a mid Human Immortal now?

So what.

Jiang Qiao bitterly rose a few points, he really didn't want to show up right now.

But now he didn't speak either.

Looking at everyone quietly, if you guys don't make a move, I, Jiang Gu, naturally won't either.

Besides, the first person who couldn't endure it was definitely not him, so what was he worried about?

When the time came, even his Jiang Gui's mid-immortal means would be enough to deal with the formation.

Even if he were to forcefully break the formation, he would be able to do it, a means to the heavens and earth ah.

And how could it be compared to ordinary people.


Jiang Mo looked calm and quietly looked at Su Li, secretly saying, "This Grand Patriarch Su is actually calm as well, does she have some tricks up her sleeve as well?"

You have a secret hand?

"If that's the case, then I, Jiang Someone, will have to be on my guard to do so, or else I might have to suffer a big loss."

Jiang frowned, looking a bit strange.

It was not good to be whole.

But at this time, one could only respond by not moving, even though those people were cannon fodder, and even though Jiang Liao didn't want them to die now.

However, if these people really did die on their own, there was nothing he could do, he couldn't save them.

In the worst case scenario, he would just make his own way in the back.

It wasn't like he didn't have a heart to prepare, he was already prepared, even if all those cannon fodder died, it was normal.

Even if the cannon fodder died, it was normal. The cannon fodder was just cannon fodder anyway.

It's normal for them to die, it's just for them to die.

The aftermath would just take care of itself.

It was no big deal, he didn't believe that one by one those people would get desperate, or that they wouldn't do anything.


He, Jiang Liao, could not be afraid.

After thinking of this, Jiang Jiang instead looked calm, as if he was sitting on the wall.

It was as if it was none of his business.

Very good.

In the end anyway, even if he was the only one left, he would be able to break the formation.

"O Old Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws, what kind of an existence were you back then?"

Jiang Mo was curious, this Nine Heavens Graveyard was not a simple nine hurdles, and how would an ordinary person have the opportunity to set it up.

If he could, he would like to go and meet that existence right away.

To be able to set up such a big game, it must be that he wanted something big in his heart.

It was just that the specific Jiang Xiao hadn't guessed yet.

In the following time, some of those people began to complain, with a great deal of resentment.

There were also some who began to secretly prepare, even if it was then to directly open the coffin, overturning the coffin board to let their own ancestor out ah.

These people looked calm, and they suddenly realized that Jiang Qian and Patriarch Su Li had become different.

Extraordinarily calm.

Then, could they do something else as well.

Jiang Gai's gaze turned, and his light flipped up slightly.

At this moment, someone began to speak.

"Everyone, we can only gather the strength of the crowd now to break this formation that was left behind by the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui."

"Yes, we must break the formation, if we can't, all of us will be finished."

"Once trapped here, there's only one way to die, I propose that everyone who doesn't want to die hurry up and break the formation together, otherwise we'll all die here."


The crowd was stunned.

Nor could they be bitter.

Immortal cultivation was difficult.

All sorts of difficulties and calamities, and if they were not careful, they were afraid that they would end up in a deadly situation.

In the face of death, everyone was afraid.

Old Ancestor Wanfa's methods were truly powerful, truly awesome.

"Fine, let's do it together, the Nine Heavens Graveyard, we must go to the top level to find out."

"That's right, we people must live, the only way to survive is to live, let's break the formation together."

"Whoever dares not to break the formation, we all of us will do it together, we must get him killed."

"That's right, that's quite good."


You're all talking, and you also know that they can only go in to the next stop if they can pull together.

Otherwise it's over for everyone.

And right now.

Jiang Qiao was thinking, "Since this is a formation that was once set up by that ancient era's Ten Thousand Methods Ancestor, whether it's this Ten Thousand Yellow Sands or the True Endless Means, it should be something that can only be performed by a formation.

Then the question arises again, since this formation is so powerful, does it mean that there is actually a treasure in this formation that serves as the base of the formation?

If I can take it away the moment I break the formation, is that the same as saying that I, Jiang Someone, have gained some benefits for no reason."


Jiang was calculating and counting, and he felt that he would have to clean up for the others, sort of picking up some scraps.

Just think of it as a contribution to others.

How nice.

Jiang Xiao muttered to himself, "I, Jiang Someone, am definitely not greedy, I'm just removing some obstacles for them, after all, it's not something that's political or legal, and I don't think it's useful for these people, I'm helping them."

After all, if this guy wanted to swallow the benefits all by himself, then being able to set up a great array of 10,000 miles of yellow sand like the Third Sky must be a treasure.

Therefore, this item that set up the formation must be something good, but he just didn't know what exactly it was yet.

Jiang Jiang was feeling rather strange anyway, he looked inexplicable, "If this treasure was once also magnificent, it would represent the extraordinary nature of this Wanfa ancestor."

At the same time, it also signified the uniqueness of that treasure.

To be able to set up such a great formation like the Ten Thousand Miles of Yellow Sand, it must have been an earth-based treasure, as only earth-based treasures would be able to set up something like this.

Right now.

Even those forces that had the Gate Blood Stopping Life Ancestor had to free up their hands to help.

They only needed to use brute force to break the formation, and only needed to continuously erode the power of this formation, believing that they would be able to solve the problem.

It was just that it was still unknown whether or not this solution to the problem would be possible.

After all, no matter what, this great formation was still set up by that Ten Thousand Laws Ancestor Jiang Kuai.

That Ancestor Jiang Kui, even in an era where geniuses were rampant, immortals were worse than dogs, and celestial immortals were everywhere, that was a generation of greats.

What's more, he was an ancestor-level existence.

How bullish.

It was numbing to think about, so the means created by such an old ancestor must be outrageously strong.

This formation wasn't really easy to break with a brutally strong force, that was true, at least in Jiang Guiao's opinion.

He had some inexplicable come in his heart, looking strange, and also followed the crowd's efforts, but he didn't even have a third of his upcoming.


Jiang Lack had always disguised himself as a Returned Immortal, and even if he had shown his strength in front of those few people in the beginning, it was only momentum.

Moreover, who would dare to say that he, Jiang Lack, hadn't used his full strength?

Grand Patriarch Su Li Su might be able to, but she shouldn't be able to tell, that Su Li Su wasn't an ordinary person.

At least.

An existence that even Jiang Kou was secretly afraid of, definitely not a simple person.

Not to mention whether or not she was related to that Wanfa Ancestor, even if she wasn't, Jiang Xiao felt that Su Li and himself were just along for the ride.

Based on the fact that they were all the way along, so he wasn't afraid at all.

In the third heaven.

Jiang lacked a cold gaze up, he had sensed that the formation was shaking and should be shattering immediately.

So, was his chance coming?

He was overjoyed.

Then, he secretly prepared the Vajra Bracelets and just waited for that formation to break in a split second.

Absolutely not giving anyone else any chance to discover it.

Of course, this was only what Jiang Chi was thinking in his own mind, it would be bad if something else happened.

When Jiang Xiao thought of this, he prepared to take away the treasure, although he didn't know what kind of treasure the treasure that was about to appear was until now.

But, it must be of tremendous benefit to think about it.

"Although it's most likely just an earth attribute item, for me, Jiang Someone, it would be good if I could fuse it into an Evil Sword, or into a Binding Immortal String."

Currently, these were the only two types of magic treasures that Jiang lacked, and the Vajra Bracelet naturally couldn't be included in this list.

It was different on its own.

The wind clouds surged, the great change was unpredictable, and the ten thousand miles of yellow sand began to shake as if the ship was about to capsize at any moment.

It was a stunned sight to see Jiang Fei.

Only now it looked like the situation was a bit peculiar, and the formation collapsed with the expectant eyes of the crowd.

But an accident had occurred.

A yellow light flew out from the center of that formation in an imperceptible situation to the human eye.

But it was directly collected away by Jiang Jiang using the Vajra Bracelet.

Never to be seen again in the slightest.

"Look, the fourth heavenly passage has appeared, let's go."

I don't know who shouted, but the crowd flocked together to the Fourth Heaven, but he, Jiang Gou, had obtained a treasure for nothing.

An extraordinary treasure.

An earth attributed bead, Jiang Hou called it the Earth Spirit Pearl.


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