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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1137 - Despair is the Worst (Seeking Subscriptions)

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For sometimes despair is the most terrifying thing for a person.

In this ten thousand miles of yellow sand, there may not be majestic mountains, nor magnificent and beautiful landscapes.

But there were endless dangers hidden within.

If one was not careful, one's life would be in danger.

Beneath this endless yellow sand, it's not just yellow sand.

It was said to be 10,000 miles of yellow sand, but in reality, this 10,000 miles was just a claim, and it was probably only that Jiang Kui who knew exactly how much range of yellow sand there was in this third heaven.

After all, he was the one who had laid out the means himself.

How could an ordinary person know the specifics ah.

Even Jiang Kui was just making a bold guess, the yellow sand flying in the sky should be from that Wanfa Ancestor's handiwork.

It just looked a bit terrifying.


Jiang Kuai was also puzzled.

That Jiang Kui must have some purpose since he had created such a trick with the Ten Thousand Miles of Yellow Sand.

"What exactly does he seek?"

Jiang Gou was a bit confused about what the other party was thinking.

At this time.

Everyone continued walking forward, as if they also wanted to see how much energy the Miles of Yellow Sand had.


Suddenly, but the wind was blowing.

It was as if there was an endless wind and frost sweeping over, but it was so terrifying that it was really shocking.


"Hurry up and go, this sudden wind has blown up the yellow sand, we're just going to get lost next, let's leave before this wind picks up."

"Right, we have no choice, we can only do this, run."

"No way, the sandstorm is too big, it's too scary here, we can't find a place ah."


For a moment, endless yellow sands flew in the sky.

Some who were not paying attention fell into it, or were quickly buried, never to rise again.

Their death was already doomed, and they would never be able to live again.

Falling to the ground, where else would they be able to get up.

Jiang Ji looked deeply at what was happening and looked panicked, secretly saying, "It's truly terrifying, and I don't know if this is the result of the formation, or if it's due to the effects caused by something else."

Can't see what the result is anyway.

It was rather muddled.

Originally, those four hundred and fifty cannon fodder, but now there were only four hundred of them left as well.

In other words, dozens of them had died all at once.

This kind of super terrifying level was really unbelievable, especially Jiang Di and Su Li, they were all stunned.

Those who were buried in the yellow sands had both monstrously strong cultivators and those with low cultivation.

The heavens were bustling with profit.

"In reality, they're all on the same side as me,"

Jiang mumbled to himself, "If it wasn't for cultivating immortality, if it wasn't for survival, if it wasn't for becoming stronger, they probably wouldn't have risked coming to a place like this.

But, coming is coming.

Bad luck is bad luck, so it's extremely unfortunate that they've also left their lives in the hands of this place.

If they sought out a remote place to seclude themselves and seriously cultivate for the rest of their lives, perhaps no danger would arise."

It was only a pity.

Sometimes man's plans were just not as good as God's.

There were many people in this crowd that he had quite admired before, but now they were taken away by this roaming yellow sand.

It was unknown how many people would still be left after eventually passing through this ten thousand miles of yellow sand.

Perhaps, this was the choice of each?

It really is a different fate depending on the choice, nothing more than that.

The dangers were many.

The yellow sand covered them, and it was as if those sands carried some kind of great power, crushing them one by one to the ground.

The true qi within their bodies couldn't be exerted either.

After a few moments, they were buried underground and couldn't come out, and then there was no then and there was no follow-up.

It was truly terrifying.

In the following time, Jiang Xiao witnessed something with his own eyes, there were some demonic monsters under those yellow sands.

Anyone who was off guard would be disliked by the yellow sand and eaten to the point where no bones remained.

Immediately afterwards.

There was no telling how many people had died along the way, and there was no telling how many survivors were still alive.

Of course.

Those who were still alive were naturally fluke.


What happened next caused them all to despair.

It was because they rushed all the way by pushing their body's true qi, and only after about half an hour had passed, did it dawn on them that the ten thousand miles of yellow sand seemed to be still.

It should be said that it was still there.

They were still inside.


"What kind of place have we arrived at, this place is inevitably too terrifying."

"What's going on, why does this mangy yellow sand still exist, haven't we been running for half an hour?"

"Oh no, this yellow sand shouldn't be endless, we won't be able to escape at all, how can we do this."

"Good old Ancestor Wanfa, he's trying to wipe us all out."


For a while.

Said they were desperate.

If they couldn't handle it right, they had nothing, and if they weren't careful, it would be over.

The days were hard.

The mind was also complicated.

So, did that mean that for the rest of the time, all of them would die in the yellow sands of the sky.

Because this was already a dead end.

The back road was already gone anyway.

Then only the front path was left, but after searching for half a day they couldn't find where the gate to advance was.

The formation was even less visible.

It was as if they never existed, looking at them all dumbfounded.

Jiang Chi and Su Li looked at each other and both could see the worry in each other's eyes.


Jiang Chi still actually felt that the hint of worry in Su Li's eyes wasn't really that obvious, "Does that mean she's not worried at all?"

And yes, that Su Li was already mysterious and weird, her identity background was very unusual.

"Even if she doesn't have a connection with this Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui, her background is still powerful, she should know where the doorway is between this Third Heaven and Fourth Heaven."

After all, flies don't bite seamless eggs.

Some things weren't as simple as they thought, and although Jiang Kuai suspected it, he didn't have any evidence to prove it.

So his heart was torn.

If he, Jiang Someone, had exercised his mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation, he would have been able to save many, many people.

But now.

He didn't want to save or expose himself so quickly.

After all, he was a strong Human Immortal Realm.

Once he exposed himself, the result would be very different, and he might suffer many people's complaints.

He didn't want to save people and still be grumbled by them, that wasn't the life he wanted to live, let alone the life he wanted to live.


They are all very cheap.

Jiang Qiao felt that those cannon fodder must be like that as well, "Not only will they not be grateful then, they might even complain and grumble about it."

The murmured words ghosted in his heart, he was a little baffled.

It was just that at this moment, it was impossible to do nothing.


He quietly worked the Immortal Yuan Mana in his body and swiftly swept towards those people, expelling the yellow sand around them.

The effect was obvious though, it was there at the beginning, and now it was even more.

The wind and clouds changed.


Terrible power swept and struck up like a storm, watching Jiang Gou stunned, "When did I become so powerful?"


He suddenly realized that something was a bit off, and that was that the yellow sand was still continuing.

"By all accounts, even if this third heaven is a place like a cavern, the cavern created by that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor shouldn't be endless."

Jiang Qiao finally knew something was wrong, it looked a bit mysterious and unpredictable.

Ten thousand miles of yellow sand.

But these yellow sands weren't just ten thousand miles, it was only a hundred thousand miles.

It's very weirdly tight.

"Sovereign, do you know something?"

Jiang Kuai curiously asked Su Li, the Patriarch, after all, she was extremely knowledgeable about Jiang Kuai, the Manifestation Ancestor, she should know some inside information.

"I don't know." Su Li, however, shook her head very directly and said, "In some ancient texts and legends, the Nine Heavens Graveyard of the Old Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws is only a passing reference or a sentence, so we are not sure of the situation."

Asking her was the same as not asking.

That's what Su Li meant anyway.

The corners of Jiang Gong's mouth twitched as he heard, "Patriarch, that's not what I'm saying ah, I'm sure you should know that if this land of yellow sand goes on endlessly and we can't find a passage into the fourth heaven, then..."

"What are the consequences?"

Su Li laughed softly, "Does it matter what the consequences are?"


Doesn't it matter?

Jiang Gu was stunned, "Then what do you think is the most important thing, Sect Master?"

Su Li: "........"

She didn't reply to Jiang Xiao's words, which made Jiang Xiao even more suspicious of her mysterious nature.

"I don't know if it's good or bad that she's here."

Suddenly, Jiang Guiao's heart was instead bottomless and somewhat confused.

This matter might be a bit scary.

If he could, he actually wanted to go through it alone, and he didn't want the cannon fodder.

The main thing was that he didn't want to be with Su Li.

He felt that this person was mysterious and weird, but also terrifying at the same time.


"No, no ifs!"

Jiang Xiao continued, "Patriarch, you should know that if this situation continues, everyone will despair."

One's greatest difficulty was not how unlucky and tortuous things had been, but rather feeling deep despair.

This is because despair represents the absence of all possibilities, the absence of hope.

Death is the final destination.


Right now in this endless yellow sand, doesn't it represent this.

He expressed despair, bitterness and helplessness, and what if something happened.

Despair was the worst thing.

The reason they were cannon fodder was to ward off danger.

But right now this kind of danger was clearly not enough for them to fend off ah.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Xiao took a look at Su Li, and then at the crowd that kept struggling up in the yellow sand.

One bite.

He then used his huge means to quickly blow away those yellow sands, "If I'm not wrong, this should be a formation, everyone, hurry up and break this formation, we can only leave if we break it."

The loud voice rang out, giving the desperate crowd a bit of motivation.

It was as if they saw hope again.

In that way, they were filled with endless thoughts about the future again.

It was wonderful.

It was just that only after experiencing despair could there be such a thing as hope, but their hearts were extremely complicated.

Jiang Jiang didn't know anything about formation, but as a powerful mid Human Immortal realm cultivator, he still had eyesight.

Naturally, he could easily see that this Third Sky's Ten Thousand Miles of Yellow Sand should be a huge formation.

It was all just evolved from the formation, both real and unreal.

Or somewhere in between, I suppose.

A kind of magical existence.

"Good old Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws, he actually made such a method, no wonder a teleportation formation was needed in the second heaven, it was merely a method to transport us to another formation."

"However, even though we all know it's a formation, it's not that easy to break it."

"That's right, it's too scary, who can break a formation like this?"

"We're all only half-witted in the art of formation one, we can't understand the operation of this formation ah."


For a while, no one could understand it.

Even Jiang Kou looked confused, mainly because he didn't know anything about array formations either.

Simple spirit gathering formations those could still be handled, but to say something like this extremely profound formation, it was better to forget about it.

He, Jiang Someone, felt that he wasn't even meant to eat this bowl of rice.

It was really high that he didn't understand the logic of it.

Then the question arises.

How should one break the formation?


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