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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1136 - Triple Sky Ten Thousand Miles of Yellow Sand (Seeking Subscription)

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The palace gates were eventually opened, by the combined efforts of everyone.

Apart from a few powerful formations on the palace gate, there were no other means.

But it was precisely due to this situation that instead, Jiang Xiao and the others could easily break the formation.

Thus opening the gate.

It was also true that there were countless treasures inside, as everyone had previously guessed.

This included feats, divine powers, pills, and magic treasures.

Everything that was available was in abundance.

If one could see it clearly, one would definitely gain some great benefits.

Of course.

The moment he entered the palace gates, Jiang Chi had already used the power of the Vajra Bracelets to completely topple a copy of those merit methods and magical secrets into the Bracelets.

What those in the back were looking for was actually a follow-up.

And in the back, the pills Jiang lacked didn't take less, and the magic treasures also took a few pieces.

After all, there were a lot of them, and it was enough for everyone to share down.

Moving on to the back.

According to their guesses, the entrance to the third heaven should be within the palace of this second heaven.

When everyone searched carefully, they had found that entrance, but it was no longer just a mere gate.

Rather, it was a formation.

It was something that was like a teleportation array.

"As expected, this kind of thing wouldn't be something ordinary people can do, that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor's skills are really powerful."

"I guess this formation that is like a teleportation formation was also developed by him."

"I have to say, that person is really a powerful existence, it looks like he has some skills."

"Let's go, this should be the passage to the third heaven, as long as we can get to the ninth heaven, we should be able to meet that unstoppable Wanfa ancestor, right?"

"Well, I'd really like to see that mighty Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor ah, I wonder what kind of magnificent face he has."

"So much for looking forward to it, maybe we'll be able to see the living Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor."


For a moment, many people were looking forward to it.

If they could meet that All-Father Ancestor Jiang Kui on this trip, it wouldn't be a waste to come to this Nine Heavens Graveyard.

Of course.

This was the worst possible outcome.

"It's not necessarily a good thing to see that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor."

Jiang Kui secretly mused, "Because the other party is an incomparably powerful existence in itself, and if he's still alive, something will happen."

That Jiang Kui shouldn't be a good person.

In case he had ill intentions, wouldn't it be bad.

But in the end, he still set off with the crowd to go to the Third Sky to see how the situation was.

The third heaven, this place was a bit different from the second heaven.

This was because there was yellow sand flying non-stop, as well as countless rays of light tumbling and sweeping.

Rolling like a tide.

It was truly a bit horrifying and different.

Seeing Jiang Mo's appearance change, he was inexplicably surprised, "This is all a land of yellow sand, it should be tens of thousands of miles."

The yellow sand swept across the sky, and under the breeze it even covered the sky, it looked like a sandstorm was coming.

But this place was even more terrifying than an ordinary sandstorm, there was something terrifying here.

Jiang Xiao didn't know, but instinctively felt that there should be something terrifying in the yellow sand.

The deadly air was lingering.

If you didn't pay attention, you would definitely be swept up in that terrifying power and die, right?

Behind him.

The teleportation formation had closed, meaning that now they could only go forward and not backward.

But in front of them, there was the endless miles of yellow sand that blocked the way for all of them.


Very realistically, they had no other choice, as the yellow sand that was flying in the sky was the only way for them to go.

Once they didn't go, it wouldn't do.

They couldn't stay in this Third Sky's ten thousand miles of yellow sand for the rest of their lives.

That Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor was probably quite pleased to have a companion.

Now well.

The meaning is completely different.

They wouldn't even be able to find the gate to the fourth heaven if they didn't cross this Ten Thousand Miles of Yellow Sands.

Now was the best chance.

As long as they could find the entrance to the Fourth Heaven, it would be good, because both Jiang Xiao and the others had sensed that it was impossible to find treasures in these ten thousand miles of yellow sand.

It was even more impossible to have merit and magical spells those.

Everything was illusory.

There should only be endless killings and dangers existing within this Heavenly Graveyard.

Otherwise, this Ten Thousand Miles of Yellow Sand wouldn't be scrupulous.

Right now was the time to be most scrupulous, and those other people had clearly felt it as well.

But no one had a way to retreat.

"Let's go, let's go over as fast as we can, I'm sure we can easily get over there if we defend ourselves properly."

"Ten thousand miles of yellow sand blocking the way, that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kuai is a good tactic, so that would be completely inadequate for the rest of us."

"No matter what, if you don't want to die, just hurry up and leave, otherwise you won't be able to leave for real."


There was no telling what kind of dangers existed in this ten thousand miles of yellow sand.

Even those forces that came out with their own ancestors' coffins, even if they had the gate blood stopping life in their coffins, they were afraid at the moment.

Not to mention some other people who were timid.

They were also even more bitter.

Compared to that, this kind of unknown Miles of Yellow Sand was really scary.

Because it was the unknown.

The danger would scare anyone, even Jiang Xiao, but his heart was secretly frowning.

He was a bit unable to understand what that Wanfa Ancestor was doing.

"There are more and more suspicions, if the matter of Ancestor Su Li can still be explained by her powerful background that, then how do you explain the matter of the All-Faith Ancestor Jiang Kuai himself."

Jiang Kui pondered some more, "Firstly, since that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor was a magnificent general figure in the ancient era hundreds of thousands of years ago, and even more so that unparalleled existence, then it means that he is not a fool.

Then the question arises, since he was heavily injured, there was nothing wrong with building a Nine Heavens Graveyard for so many years in order to heal his injuries, but why did he set up so many exciting and exhilarating things.

For example, there were techniques, pills and magic treasures, and at the same time, they allowed outsiders to come in and explore and find treasures.

It was reasonable to say that he should just heal his wounds, shouldn't he be sealed off.

That would be the most effective environment to heal, but that was not the case.

Secondly, since that Wanfa Ancestor was still alive, why would he do that.

Wouldn't putting so many people in wouldn't it be just more enemies for no reason at all, and directly sealing the entire Nine Heavens Graveyard.

With the means and skills of that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, he would definitely be able to do a complete ban, after all, he wasn't just powerful in his cultivation, he was also powerful in all his means ah.

Not to mention the number of techniques he had created in his life, there must be some powerful secret techniques among them.

Thirdly, if we've let people in, why do we need to set up some barriers and such, and deliberately set up some dangers to come in?"


Jiang Gong couldn't understand all of them.

He was even a little confused, with all sorts of things that he found unbelievable in his heart.

That All-Faith Ancestor Jiang Kuai, who existed in the ancient era, might really not be a good person, "Then if you look at it this way, he must be planning something, it's just that I haven't guessed his plan yet."

This was a powerful existence.

He must be planning something, this so-called Nine Heavens Graveyard, and even the various information that Su Li knew, might have been deliberately created by him.

It was just to confuse the public, just to set up some unknown backdoor, only for this backdoor to mature many years later, so he could easily pick off the results.

The idea seemed terrifying.


Jiang Xiao felt that this idea was more than just an idea, it could very well be a huge reality.

"What if that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kuai is really as I said?"

Jiang Mo mumbled words, his heart actually had no bottom.

He didn't believe Su Li, but likewise, he wouldn't believe that the All-Father Ancestor really was a great good man.

To be able to survive in an incredibly dangerous era like the Ancient Era, and also just be deeply injured, was enough to show his skills.

The fact that he didn't die during the war that lasted for hundreds of years showed the strength of his skills and the strangeness of his methods.

"If you think about it that way, then the Manifold Yellow Sand is actually one of his methods, it's just that it's not clear what the purpose and meaning of him setting it up like this is."

Rather a pity.

Quite a pity.

That Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor must have some untold secrets, "What exactly is he doing this for?"


There was no room for him to think about anything at this time, as he saw many people supporting each other and preparing to cross the ten thousand miles of yellow sand.

Although, it was true that there were some hidden dangers in the yellow sands, or dangers that might exist.

Right now, all of their retreat routes had been cut off, and it was impossible to go back to the Second Sky.

Traversing through the vast miles of yellow sand was the most suitable path for them at the moment, and they could easily cross over once they were sure.

But could they really cross it easily?

It was unlikely to exist anyway, Jiang Xiao felt, it was simply impossible.

The slightest lack of attention would probably kill him.

But many people still thought that there should be a lot of treasures in the Ancestor of Ten Thousand Ways's Nine Heavens Graveyard, such as feats and magical powers, pills, and magic treasures, and if they could find some, it would be an astonishing fortune for them.

It was based on these ideas of overnight riches that many Immortal cultivators were now excited instead.

Wealth and danger.

If there was no danger, what would it be called to seek riches from danger?

This was the true meaning of seeking riches from danger.

"Don't worry everyone, as long as we cross these ten thousand miles of yellow sand, we will definitely obtain treasures, and I think that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor has prepared many good things just like everyone else."

"That's right, we're all used to this kind of tactics, isn't it just that there might be dangers below these ten thousand miles of yellow sand, what's the big deal."

"Hahaha, cultivating immortality is already against the sky, there are already endless dangers appearing, and now it seems even more so."

"Right, we don't even have a choice of retreating, there's only one way to go, maybe we can even go to the Nine Heavens Secret Realm to take a look at that unstoppable existence."

"Let's go, what's there to be afraid of, the worst that can happen is that we'll be a good man again in eighteen years, it's nothing more than a death."


Cheer each other up, but it's not so scary.

People are inherently dead, or heavier or lighter than a feather.

That's how they think now.

Do what is not dangerous?

Even if you were to quietly cultivate there, there was actually a danger there, and if you weren't careful, you could die.

That's the real pain.

But it didn't matter.

They had everything now as long as they were still alive, and they could have all sorts of incredible things.

For example, the powerful techniques that the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor had created, such as the endless pills and magic treasures he left behind, these would be the things they would gain ah.

Still, I'm looking forward to it.

It would be a good thing if they could obtain them.

Jiang Xiao and Su Li probably didn't expect that these cannon fodder were still capable of this.

How awesome!

But that's good, because....


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