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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1135 - Sulking (Seeking Subscriptions)

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An ancient saying: kill and set fire to the golden belt.

But Jiang Xiao felt that this kind of person should not live long.

After all, it was easy to stir up trouble.


It would be different if they were to muffle a great deal of money.

Naturally, the person who gained this benefit was Jiang Lack himself.

He faintly looked at those who were so tired that they had even started running for their lives, and he couldn't help but reveal a hint of pride.

"Hehe, although you are all old and cunning like foxes, in reality, none of you know that the Nine Heavens Graveyard of the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestors, this seat is the one who benefits the most."

It wasn't that he, Jiang Chi, looked down on anyone, it was just that these people were so bad.

Even Su Li didn't notice his small movements.

"Low-key is the way to go."

Jiang Chi muttered to himself, "Only if I continue to keep a low profile will I have a chance to survive until the end ah."

The path of immortal cultivation was inherently ferocious, and no one knew how terrifying things were going to happen in the future.


It was better to be in the current situation, with many cannon fodder to help cover it up, he just needed to be more cautious.

There was no need to do much of anything.

Other people naturally didn't know about Jiang Lack's situation, even if it was Patriarch Su Li who had been following him all the time.

She only felt Jiang Lack lightly wave his hand, but before she had a chance to look around, she was being crowded towards a short distance away.

At the end of this first heavens, there was also a bronze gate.

She immediately said, "This is the gate that leads to the second heavens, everyone, hurry up and break it open, or else the second wave of that formation's attack might be coming."

"Good, everyone listen to Sect Master Su, break the gate together first, or else we all will be finished."

"Quick, we must be ready, or else how many people might be killed or injured when that formation light wave comes."


The crowd spoke in seven different voices, perhaps it seemed to them that by entering this second heaven in the Nine Heavens Graveyard, they would be able to evade the attacks of the formation.

It was actually just as they thought.

Because the second heaven was completely different, there were only some Yin attributed monsters here.

But compared to the formations that left people powerless to fight back, many people felt that the Second Heavenly Sky was normal.

Even if those Yin Attribute monsters existed, that wasn't enough, because those monsters were just monsters.

With the strength of the crowd, they could naturally be easily resolved.

Compared to an irresistible formation, monsters could still be killed, and the strength of the crowd could also blast them to pieces.

Whereas a formation was powerful, it required another means to break it, which was far more involved.

Once the means weren't strong enough, or couldn't get close enough to the formation base, then everything was a waste of effort.

Also, a person who was proficient in the way of formation was needed.

And killing monsters was not so much a requirement, it only required strength, whether it was a melee attack, or standing at a distance like a mage to output, it was actually possible.

Right now, these people were doing just that.

They were displaying supreme means and were approaching those Yin attributed monsters step by step, a magical spell blasting down as if it was free.

It almost left the crowd dead and injured.

They probably didn't expect that they would one day face those Yin attributed monsters like this.

A terrifying war had begun, and an incomparable killing was continuing.

The monsters were powerful, but when the crowd gathered their strength, they could easily see them.

It really is strong enough.

Moreover, the greatness of humans was even more endless, with a remarkable means of displaying all sorts of brilliance dazzlingly displayed.

It looked very ornamental.

Jiang Lack, on the other hand, hid in the crowd, quietly working out, and for him the people in front of him were enough.

Those Yin Attribute monsters weren't very powerful either, so naturally he could easily kill them.

Thus he didn't need to expose himself.

In the second day.

There was a huge golden palace with closed doors, and on top of the palace was a golden pearl of light, a night pearl.

Everyone present saw it and was shocked.

But then after looking at each other, their hearts were all excited ah.

This was a good thing.

For them, it was definitely an incomparably great good thing.

It was because that palace definitely had treasures of feats and divine powers, as well as those streams of pills and magic treasures.

Whichever one it was, no matter how much they got, it was a great fortune for them.

It was a huge harvest.

Thinking about it made them excited, and their entire body was so happy.

"Quickly, everyone, hurry to that palace, there should be an endless amount of treasure there."

"Hahaha, finally finding the treasure left behind by the All-Faith Ancestor Jiang Kui back then, what an imperial heaven."

"Let's go and have a look, we're bound to dig up that palace and find all the treasures as well."


This was the great opportunity and great creation, and they had risked their lives to come here to gain the opportunity, right?

Otherwise, who would come here.

Right now was an opportunity, that palace must contain something, just think about it, it was a treasure.

There must be something heavenly, otherwise how could it be explained that the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui would build a palace, if not to contain those treasures, then what for?

It must be like this.

Thinking about it made me feel excited, their next chance was there.

Jiang Kui muttered, "There must be something in the palace, next I'll have to hurry up and widen all those techniques into the Vajra Bracelet, that way I can further keep a low profile and still be unseen."

Low-key is the way to go ah.


If the crowd knew what he, Jiang Sheng, was thinking, they would definitely attack him en masse.

I'm afraid that they would have the heart to kill him.

Of course, this was just Jiang Chi's own speculation, but no matter what, he felt that it would be good to get rich in a muffled voice after all.

It would be fine to follow the crowd and just hang around, never mind the flood.

Jiang Ji's gaze was like lightning, secretly saying, "Now, even if I don't touch those jades, as long as I'm close enough, I can let the Vajra bracelets first widen its contents into it, and I'll be able to do it without anyone finding out."

Even that mysterious and inscrutable Su Li Su Grand Patriarch was unaware of Jiang Xiao's thoughts at this time.

I wonder how she would feel if she knew that Jiang Liao had muffled thoughts of making a fortune.

I'm sure it would be weird.

Jiang Lack's gaze was burning and divine as he looked at the crowd that was moving frantically towards the palace's place, and he rushed over without any hesitation.

Hoping that blending in with the crowd wouldn't be so obvious.

Others probably didn't know what he was thinking, nor did they know that this Eleventh Elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect still had such skills.

At this moment.

The crowd each exerted their own body techniques, and after crossing the place where those terrifying monsters were, they landed in front of that glorious golden palace door.

A golden gate made of gilded casting, two huge door rings shone with divine mane.

Many people were secretly surprised as they watched.

"Is this the palace built by Old Ancestor Jiang Kuai of the Ten Thousand Laws back then?"

"It looks gloriously domineering, it really has an imposing presence that looks down on the world."

"Why don't we go take a look, that kind of terrifying presence is really powerful, no wonder it's different."

"There's this kind of terrifying existence in just the second heavenly graveyard, so what about the ones behind it?"

"Yeah, aren't the last few heavens even more terrifying."


All at once, the crowd felt the pressure.

It was terrifying.

However, the only thing they had to do now was to break through the palace walls and go in and take everything inside.

That would count.

There was deep joy in each of their eyes, this palace definitely had an inexhaustible amount of treasures within it.

Since they had come here, it naturally belonged to them.

As for the others, what did it have to do with them?

What did it have to do with them.

They were only seeking wealth.

Right now was the opportunity to seek fortune, and the fact that it was forcefully laid out in front of them really made them feel a little bit happy.

Jiang Mo's gaze was also delighted.

If I could obtain the resources of this second heaven, would that result in a different outcome.

It might be possible for me to take my Ninth Heavenly Dao further and become an even more powerful Immortal cultivator as well.

At the late Human Immortal Realm, he, Jiang Someone, was looking forward to it.

If he could become such an existence, it would definitely be worth it, definitely a good deal.

One trip to the adventure and one would be richly rewarded, with absolutely countless benefits, and thinking about it made Jiang Guiao excited.

Immediately afterwards.

One could hear those people around him continue to speak.

"You guys, look, this palace is built so brilliantly and domineeringly, looking down upon the world, it must not have been built brick by brick."

"Oh? Then I wonder how they got it out?"

"It's possible that it was directly refined, and the only person who could do that is that Wanfa Old Ancestor from hundreds of thousands of years ago."

"It seems to make sense, after all, this is the territory of that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, and the graveyard he built out should be what he made."

"Could it be that this Ten Thousand Laws Ancestor is still an alchemy magnate?"


Although this was unlikely, it wasn't nothing.

That mysterious and bizarre Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor, since he could create new cultivation methods and some divine secrets, it was assumed that he could also create artifact refinement methods.

So, thinking about it this way, that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kui should also be able to refine weapons, and it looked like he wasn't bad at refining weapons.

At least this palace should be from that person's handiwork, and it looked quite imposing.

An ordinary person wouldn't be able to refine this.

It must have cost that All-Faith Ancestor Jiang Kui quite a bit of money to refine this palace back then.

Because this palace itself looked extremely extraordinary.

Even from the perspective of Jiang Kuai's mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation, it should be a magic treasure that could be put away.

A very terrifying place.

If they had any strange thoughts after going in there, and that Manifestation Ancestor Jiang Kui was still alive, they would definitely become a turtle in a jar.

"Of course, this should be unlikely, after all, that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor has been healing for the past several hundred thousand years, enough to imagine how serious the injuries he suffered in the first place were.

So, naturally, he doesn't have the extra energy to bother with these matters, which means this is our one chance.

However, there are exceptions to everything, and it's not good to say that that Wanfa Ancestor is also waiting for our arrival."

Jiang Mo's gloomy gaze was also extremely cautious.

This palace was easy to enter, but I'm afraid it's not easy to get out ah.

Of course, all of this was just the worst case scenario, and the situation might be a bit less than optimistic once something like that actually happened.

Don't think that Old Master Wanfa was a good person. He was definitely not a simple person who could go from being a proud man of the heavens to a big shot.

He was definitely not a simple person, nor was he a kind-hearted and benevolent person, he was probably an incomparably terrifying existence.

If it had any other back-up, I'm afraid that no one would be able to stop it, after all, it was an old monster that had lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

How could an ordinary person resist it, and if they couldn't carry it, wouldn't it be even worse.

Thinking of this, the Immortal Yuan Mana in Jiang Qian's body involuntarily began to move.

It was as if something terrifying was going to happen at any moment.

They probably didn't know that Jiang Xiao was a mid Human Immortal realm cultivator.

Of course, Su Li was clear about it.

It was just that at this time, she also felt a bit helpless and didn't seem to feel anything unusual.

But the more it was like this, the more terrifying Jiang lacked felt that something extremely terrifying might be about to happen.

It was just that at this time, everyone was excited, as long as they could obtain the things in the palace, it would be considered that they hadn't come for nothing.



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