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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1134 - One Heavens, One Calamity (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The Graveyard of the Nine Heavens, each of which had a great deal of danger.

In fact, they were all the means laid out by that extraordinary Ancestor of All Laws Jiang Kui, and ordinary people could only die after going in.

Fortunately, none of Jiang Kuai's group were ordinary people.

So they gathered the strength of all of them and easily broke open the sealing power, the bronze gate had already been broken open by all of them.

It was believed that nothing would be able to stop them next.

In the next time, apart from clearing those miasma, all they had to do was to go in through the bronze gate.

There might be a good result.

Jiang Xiao and Su Li both followed the crowd, not being very high-profile, and they weren't the ones walking in front.

Rather, they were some of the people of the Returning Ruins Realm who thought they were strong, so they thought that being first would give them great benefits.

But now, they had no idea how much danger there was in there, and they wouldn't be clear on what kind of terrifying existence there really was.

It was still an extremely terrifying thing, and Jiang Xiao also wanted to see the methods of those who were ahead of them.

It might be interesting to say the least.

"The cannon fodder moment is about to begin, although it's inhumane, but I can't help it if dead Daoists don't die poor."

Jiang Chi secretly thought in his heart that the future path of the Immortal Dao was destined to be full of setbacks and uncertainties.

If one had to die, then one could only die others, but not oneself, otherwise there wouldn't be that saying that one could not die for oneself.

Su Li, on the other hand, was only afraid that he had the same thoughts as Jiang Xiao.

They walked in the middle together, and when the bronze door was opened, some of them who couldn't wait, went in a flurry.

Feverishly, they went inside.

It looked as if they hadn't seen treasure in countless years and were rushing madly inside.

They were probably aware that if they came across something good next, they would be able to be maximally unaware in this pitch-black cemetery if they included it in the Qian Kun Bag at the first opportunity.

They had people who had done this kind of good thing before and felt like it worked pretty well.

So when they felt that there were more than 400 or 500 people, if they didn't speed up their pace, the subsequent series of events might have nothing to do with them.

Based on the experience they had gained before, they felt that they should do one thing right now.

Charge ahead and take advantage of the chaos in the crowd to collect everything one by one.

--At least, a part of it, or else they wouldn't get anything if they followed behind.

Probably only eat dirt.

Because there was definitely a limited amount of stuff in there, whether it was power or magical powers, or other streams such as pills and magic treasures.

In fact, the situation where there were too many people resulting in not being able to share anything in the end, they had all experienced it before.

And had truly felt the situation.

As long as one started out fast enough, they could do it unnoticed and be the first to bag the things before anyone else had a chance to react.

Of course.

It was also dangerous.

If it was the kind of supreme treasure that everyone wanted, then one would have to think about the consequences, or else one would incur the wrath of the crowd and be attacked by the group.

It might not be good then.

It would depend on the control each one had, and if they got it right, there might be endless benefits.

Once it wasn't done right, the consequences could be severe.

Jiang Qiao naturally discovered these situations as well, but he didn't expose those people.

Because he knew that these people were only staying for the time being, and their idea of bagging all the treasures in the first place would only be difficult to achieve.

For one thing, there were many people, and naturally there were people keeping an eye on the front; secondly, there were endless dangers, and there were endless dangers; thirdly, there shouldn't be many good things existing in this first heaven.

Of course.

For the Returning Realm Immortals, even the treasures in the First Sky were actually more important.

At least to them.

That was why some people were scrambling forward, with the intention of swallowing all the goodies for themselves.

Jiang Chi naturally looked on indifferently as well, his appearance incomparably calm, "Charge, you'll know regret later when that First Sky's dangers erupt."

And at this moment.

He didn't think so much about it.

In the First Sky, he had already felt that terrifying crisis, he just didn't know what that terrifying place was coming from yet.

But that was all.

The first heavens.

It was pitch black, so it was impossible to see the specifics clearly, and there was no telling what kind of terrifying existence was hidden in this darkness.

It just gave both Jiang Xiao and Su Li a feeling that a terrifying crisis was arising, and if they forced their way forward, they were afraid that they would only touch something.


They then deliberately slowed down, just to wait for those who liked to rush ahead to test the waters.

After all, those people were already cannon fodder, at least they were cannon fodder in the eyes of Jiang Lack and Su Li.

The terrifying onslaught continued.


Just a moment later, but there was a sudden flash of scarlet light.

It almost blinded the eyes of countless people.

This moment, everyone instinctively froze there for a second or two.


But in just this one or two seconds, something terrifyingly terrifying happened.

Only to see those red lights from far and near, in everyone's pupils then rise and shrink to meet them, like a huge red aura, swiftly coming towards everyone.

Obviously, those Ruins Retribution Realm cultivators at the forefront were the first to be attacked.

That's right.

Those red lights were the methods that the All-Faith Ancestor had laid out back then, they were simply terrifying.

"Quickly dodge it, that's the Killing Formation being activated."

A knowledgeable person immediately shouted out loudly, his heart in his throat.


They then circulated their techniques and covered themselves tightly, just in case they were strangled cleanly to go by the power of this formation in an instant.

That would be disastrous.

So what they needed to do now was to protect themselves immediately before saying anything, they needed to be alive no matter what.

They couldn't die.



The terrifying red light rippled over silently like that ripple of water.

It was as if it had to sweep away this group of incoming people one by one before it could be swept away.

Right now.

Those who were running at the front looked ugly, their old faces all turning as if they were liver colored.

They had never dreamed that they and the others would encounter such a thing.

It was truly unheard of.

That Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor Jiang Kui had even set up a formation right here in this First Heavenly Graveyard, what an abomination.

"It's over!"

"I don't know if we can suppress it with our cultivation, but if we can't block these formation attacks, then I'm afraid we'll just have to..."

"It's better to dodge, the formation is dead after all, as long as we work together in one place, we think we can break the formation."

"I didn't expect that after hundreds of thousands of years, the formation laid out by this Ten Thousand Laws Ancestor Jiang Kui would still work, awesome!"


Many people were horrified and afraid.

After all, the one who set up the formation was the Ancient Era's Ten Thousand Laws Ancestor from those hundreds of thousands of years ago.

This one's power was evident to all.

Then, how should they deal with these formations.

I'm just afraid it's not too good to deal with.

At the thought of this, many people's hearts were bitter, they had just entered this First Heavenly Graveyard, and before they could do anything, they had already been hit by that formation aura.

Like a ripple of water, the formation circle was now rippling over like crazy.

The group of Jiang Lack and the others were large in number to a certain extent, so they were locked onto their target.

There was divine sense on the formation, so naturally, it could also strike with precision.

This innovation made Jiang Xiao look up to that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor a few times and secretly said, "Worthy of being the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, he really is powerful."

If he could even innovate a formation one, then what was there that he couldn't innovate, thinking about it, there shouldn't be any.



At this time.

The sound of a scream sounded out very abruptly, looking at both Jiang Xiao and Su Li in a daze.

Those few Homecoming Realm Immortals who were at the front were now being swept by that scarlet light, and even though they had already placed layer after layer of restrictive shields on their bodies, it was useless.

Being hardened and breaking the shields, the momentum went down and directly crushed them quite miserably.


In the end, but nothing could be done about it, those people's bodies were in pieces.

When that red light swept through, there was nothing else on the spot, leaving only a ground of ashes that could still prove that they had existed and come here.

Even a strong person of the Returning Ruins Realm could not stop that terrifying red light ah.

Being swept away by it, no matter if it was the protective cover restriction on their bodies or some defensive treasures, all of them were useless.

Jiang Mo's eyes had been, looking a little surprised.

"This group of cannon fodder is really dead."

It was a bit of a pity, he felt that these people shouldn't have died here, but it was partial that the scarlet formation glow was terrifying.

It definitely wasn't something that a Returned Ruin Realm cultivator could deal with.

He, Jiang Someone, could deal with it, after all, he was a mid Human Immortal Realm powerhouse, but he didn't make a move.

Jiang Jian was hidden in the crowd, so low key.

If it wasn't for Su Li's presence, no one would probably even know of his existence, let alone remember that he was also from the Eastern Land Haoran Immortal Sect.

Now well.

Jiang Jiang still wasn't going to make a move, "Just to see what kind of mighty power this Ten Thousand Laws Ancestor has laid out, it might have monstrous abilities."

He was blocking the scarlet light's attack anyway.

At this time.

Someone began to shout loudly.

"Everyone, hurry up and leave, this attack has already passed, our chance is right in front of us, hurry up and leave while we can."

"That's right, the formation light hasn't arrived yet, it should take a few breaths of the world before the next round takes place, this is our chance to leave the place enveloped in the formation."

"But this space is already enveloped by the formation."

"There are some jade slips on the ground, they're all feats and magical powers, should we pick them up first?"

"I'm just afraid that if we have the life to take it while not having the life to enjoy it, it's better not to."

"Let's go to the second heaven first, otherwise we can only break the formation first, but this formation is so powerful that it's hard to have the means to fight it even if we gather all of our strength."

"Let's go, go find the entrance to the Second Sky."

There were naturally many jades on the ground, including those for cultivation and some magical spells.

All in all.

There were innumerable jades here.

With a little attention, one could see them all over the ground after all.

The strange thing was that when that formation ripple rippled over, it didn't damage these jade slips.

"There are both ancient and fresh jade briefs, it looks like there are quite a few of them, it's just cheap for me."

Jiang Kang was most pleased, he quietly used the Vajra Bracelets to scavenge all the techniques inside, whether they were magic doors or other divine spells.

Jiang lacked all comers.

Although this first heavenly technique might not be too advanced, it would always be able to more optimise his Ninth Grade Daoism, and it was collected.

It would also be of great benefit to continue to fuse and optimize them.


He, Jiang Hou, then collected them without a word and became the biggest beneficiary.

It was estimated that even those who first rushed into this graveyard were worse off.

Jiang Lack was the pup who gained the most.

This dark first cemetery did have a lot of Yin attributed vegetation, and it looked like some heavenly treasures as well.


There was no one to care about that at this time.

Even Su Li nervously followed the crowd and continued to move forward, coming to a gate in a few short breaths of time.

According to her, this should be the gate to the Second Heaven.

So, without anyone's attention, Jiang lacked a light wave of his hand and took away the heavenly treasures within this first heaven.

He instantly became rich and became the biggest beneficiary.

If anyone else knew about it, I wonder if he would become the public's wrath and be killed by the crowd together?


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