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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1133 - Nine Heavens Graveyard (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The eastern land of China, a place of canyons and dangerous places.

Here year-round, the clouds and fogs are persistent, and there are miasmas that appear, sometimes haunting one's body and turning.

If it weren't for the fact that Jiang Chi and his group were numerous, giving full play to their strength in numbers to come, it wouldn't have been this easy.

At this moment.

The crowd stood calmly on top of the mountain, calmly looking at what was happening in front of them with complex thoughts.

"This is the entrance to the Nine Heavens Graveyard set up by that Ten Thousand Laws Old Ancestor."

Su Li said indifferently, "As long as you break these miasmas, you can enter the Graveyard One Sky, and there are naturally things left behind by that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor from back then."

Such as divine powers and magic methods and so on.

As well as countless pills, magic treasures, and even some attractive heavenly treasures.

Calling countless people to rejoice greatly.

"Hahaha, we have finally arrived here, after so many days of climbing mountains and traversing all sorts of magical places."

"Although that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor was once brilliantly gifted and magnificent for an ancient era, he wasn't able to avoid the Great War chaos later on, and is now just seriously injured, why should we fear him when there are so many of us."

"That's right, there's no need to be afraid or anything, even if he's very powerful, we can still not go to the Nine Heavens, we can just scour the eight heavens in front of us."

"That's good, but what do you all think we should do in terms of distribution?"

"It's better to each his own."


After each had conferred, the next step was to begin a new journey, and their minds looked forward to it.

Was there a great opportunity this time?

A heavy danger.

However, for all of them, at the moment, they all felt that there was a good chance that their means were strong enough after all.

As for the others, it was nothing at all.

Jiang Ji's gaze burned and moved as he secretly said, "Having cultivated for countless years and months, this is considered a true expedition for treasure hunting, I hope this Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor won't let me down ah."

Once upon a time, this Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor might have criss-crossed the Ancient Era, but that was just the Ancient Era and had already passed.

It had become the past.

"So, even if he hasn't died yet and has spent these hundreds of thousands of years trying to recover from his injuries, there's no chance of stopping this seat from collecting merit methods."

Jiang Mo secretly thought, "For me, merit methods are everything, and with them I can infinitely synthesize and raise the grade of the Nine Daoist Merits, as well as rely on those merit methods to obtain the World Origin Force through the Vajra Bracelets to make a breakthrough."

Therefore, this Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor's Ninth Heavenly Graveyard's merit methods were imperative for him to obtain.

Old Ancestor Ten Thousand Dharma.

This one was a very powerful existence from the ancient past, if he could obtain the endless merit method he left behind, would the outcome be different?

Thinking of this, Jiang Ji looked around at the silhouettes, "They're all looking forward to it as well, but for the merit method I only need to topple a copy, and I won't take more than that."

What he wanted were the methods of performing feats, not those jades.

"Patriarch Su, this Nine Heavens Graveyard is protected by formations, how do we get in?"

"Yeah, to say to do it without being swallowed by these miasmas that's fine, but to say to break these miasma barriers and directly dispel them and open the method of entering the Nine Heavens Graveyard, it's not something an ordinary person can break."

"Then what do we do now?"


It's awkward for them when people are talking to each other.

The miasma.

It was simple to say, but very difficult to do.

Especially the means laid out by that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor himself, it was specifically used to deal with these immortal cultivators.

So it was afraid that it would be a bit difficult for them to break it.

"If you can do it, you'll have that endless creation."

Su Li said indifferently, "If you don't break it, you won't be able to enter, and you won't be able to obtain the various opportunities that the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor once left behind."


The crowd was stunned at the words, but pondered over the meaning of Su Li's words.

If they couldn't enter, wouldn't they have come here for nothing, and all the opportunities would all go away into nothingness.

How could there be.


The crowd nodded their heads in agreement.

"Since Patriarch Su has said so, let's go by Patriarch Su's words."

"That's right, although our strength isn't strong, but we are more than strong enough, we will definitely be able to open the entrance and enter that Nine Heavens Graveyard, and obtain the various opportunities left behind by the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor will also be no problem."

"Let's all contribute our strength and merit."


Everyone spoke one word at a time, and they had all been drawn to that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor's Nine Heavens treasure.

That was an endless treasure.

At the same time, it was also enough to make all of the ancestors from their own family who had stopped living their lives with gate blood live again.

How good this was.

As long as one's own ancestors could live another lifetime, there would be infinite possibilities in the future, and it would be absolutely no problem to suppress the world and calm the Eight Wastes.

I believe that all the resources in that Nine Heavens Graveyard would be theirs by then, and as for who would obtain them after entering it, that would depend on their respective means.

Mutually, before they even entered that Nine Heavens Graveyard, their respective hearts had actually become different.

Gradually, they began to guard each other in case the other was the right person.

Whether it was chance or creation, it was better to swallow it all by oneself.

Taking it out and sharing it with others was something that basically no one would be willing to do, even if it was Jiang Liao and Su Li and the others.

Jiang Chi looked slightly moved, his cold gaze looking towards the crowd of excited people not far away, "Rejoice, after entering that Nine Heavens Graveyard later, you should know that that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor is by no means kind and benevolent and left behind a chance."

The reason why he would set up the means was only afraid that it had to do with his convalescence and the fact that he would be reborn in the future.

Whether it was reincarnation and rebirth or the most common seizure and rebirth, it was actually just a method.

Seeing that everyone had agreed, Jiang Chi also said, "Since that's the case, let's all work together to dispel all these miasmas before entering that first heaven."

"Let's all work together so that we can also enter the First Sky earlier, this Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor's Nine Heavens Graveyard hasn't been excavated."

As Su Li continued to add a sentence, many people's hearts had changed.

The fact that it hadn't been excavated meant that everything inside was in its most primitive state, and although there might be numerous dangers, there were also infinite possibilities.

Opportunity must have created it all.

And the fact that it hadn't been short-circuited before was like the best kind of outcome.

At least for them.

For a moment.

The crowd's minds couldn't help but get excited, if they were the first to rush in, would they be able to take away the chance creation inside at the first opportunity.

Whether it was a technique, or a pill, a magic treasure, a divine ability, or that endless amount of heavenly treasures.

As long as their hands were fast enough, they would be able to obtain those things in the first place and put them into the Qiankun Bag.

Thinking that even if the people behind them saw it then, they wouldn't say anything.

After all, it had already been agreed that it was each by their own means, and as such, they should naturally enjoy this treatment if they rushed to the front.

Moreover, rushing to the front was actually dangerous.

--After all, no one knew what kind of means this All-Faith Ancestor Jiang Kuai had set up in the graveyard.

Perhaps the only person who knew the bottom line was the cold and aloof looking Patriarch Su Li Su.

At this moment.

Each of them came with their own different thoughts, in many people's opinion, Old Ancestor Wanfa's arrangement was right in front of them, they should have a chance to obtain it.

In the future, are they still worried about becoming immortal?

There was absolutely no need to worry anymore.

At least now they didn't have to worry about anything, the Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws' techniques and divine powers could lead straight to the path to immortality.

Even the lowest level of Human Immortal.

Unlike what these people thought, Jiang Jiang was more cautious, "The Nine Heavens Graveyard is so important, and that Wanfa Old Ancestor was once again unstoppable, so I guess it's a bit more dangerous.

Then, what true purpose does she have, Patriarch Su?"

Regarding how she knew so clearly, Jiang Xiao was actually very strange in his heart.

He felt that this matter was very strange.

But at this time, since she, Su Li, didn't even say it directly, he wouldn't try to break anything down.


Jiang Xiao was still wary of the Nine Heavens Graveyard, this Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor had definitely left behind a means to put people to death.

"In other words, he's actually even more terrifying than I imagined."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "This time, although I have the chance to raise my Nine Daoist Grades, but at the same time, I may also be facing the most dire situation."

Maybe that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor had personally arranged some means in order to be reborn, or to recover from his injuries.

It was also possible.

Jiang Mo's gaze sank, killing intent sweeping out in a circle, rolling and internalizing.

He knew that this time it really was just a matter of seeking riches.

If he wasn't careful, he probably wouldn't be able to seek it, and if he wasn't careful, something would probably happen to him as well.

"But, I'm fine."

Jiang Chi secretly smiled, "The cannon fodder around here add up to as many as four or five hundred, it's a huge good thing for me, Jiang someone."

With those cannon fodder around, I suppose I should be able to easily raise the grade of the Ninth Grade Daoist Skill.


"As for Su Li's side, I don't know what she's thinking, and I don't even know what kind of purpose she has.

However, as long as she doesn't get in my way, I'm sure she can raise the Ninth Grade Daoist Skill."

As long as the grade of his own cultivation was raised, he would be able to solidify his mid Human Immortal realm.

He could even obtain a certain amount of World Origin Power, "If I, Jiang Someone, am lucky, I might be able to raise my cultivation to the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm ah."

So this trip would definitely be rewarding.

The only thing that worried him more was how far that All-Faith Ancestor had recovered from his injuries now.

Back then, back in that ancient era, that Heavenly Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws should have surpassed the Human Immortal Realm in all his cultivation.

What specific realm he had reached was unknown, but it was assumed that that powerful existence should have been very powerful.

"So, I should be careful and cautious and strive to keep a low profile as a human, that's the true meaning of the King's Way."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, looking still a little strange.

Right now.

Facing that Nine Heavens Graveyard, yet the crowd had already started attacking, wanting to expel all those miasmas one by one before they could.

It looked like that was what they were thinking, having completely agreed with Su Li's idea.

Jiang Jiang didn't do anything, but cautiously observed, he wanted to see if there was anything powerful around.

It wouldn't be a good thing for himself if something happened.


There was nothing terrifying in the process of expelling those miasmas, and although there were dangers, each was prepared and careful.

So there were no unexpected circumstances either.

Based on such a fact, Jiang Xiao could not help but secretly skim his lips, "Those cannon fodder actually didn't die, that's surprising, but this is only the beginning, there's still a more terrifying crisis after that first heaven, right?"

Only to know or not to know, that was unknown.


It was only when a loud bang sounded that Jiang Xiao suddenly saw that there was a terrifying bronze gate in the place that was covered by the miasma.

It had a faint bronze rust on it that had infested this gate and was engraved with some strange patterns.

That was the formation.

It really was powerful enough.

Jiang Ji muttered words, his gaze like that eagle's eye, "But it shouldn't be difficult for these people, it's not even my turn to make a move now, so I'll just keep a low profile."


What happened next, however, completely overturned Jiang Qian's perception of everything.

Or rather, subverted his thoughts.


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