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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1132 - Old Ancestor Jiang Kui of Wanfa (Seeking Subscription)

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Old Manfa, what kind of an existence was that?

Someone asked, "Patriarch Su, why don't you tell us more carefully about that All-Faith Ancestor from the ancient past, what kind of person was he?"


Or is it unstoppable and powerful to the core?

Seeing the longing eyes of the crowd, Su Li explained, "The Ancestor of All Dharma, Jiang Kui, is said to have had a heavenly vision at birth, a dragon and phoenix melding.

Immediately after.

He succeeded in cultivation when he was one year old, and later, he even became an immortal at the age of ten.

Knowing that his strength was profound, he began to create his own divine power from the age of ten, which also included the practice of magical prowess.

It is said that in the aftermath, he created a method every day, and hundreds of years later, he didn't even know how many great divine powers and spells he had created that could be practiced.

Gradually as he taught others his techniques, he became known as the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor and possessed an endless number of divine powers and magical powers, involving the yin and yang and the five elements, all sides of the spectrum, and was endlessly powerful ah."

The surrounding crowd: "......."

After listening to Su Li's words, they were all shocked.

Their faces were bizarre to the extreme.

It turned out that in that ancient era, that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor still had this kind of skill.

At the age of ten, he became an immortal.

And then created his own divine skill and method, creating countless techniques over the course of several hundred years, it was truly somewhat terrifying.

What a powerful talent and great wisdom it would take to do that.

At least none of them could do it.

This person's strength was definitely beyond their expectations.

Old Ancestor Ten Thousand Dharma, he was truly magnificent.

It was a pity that he died a little too early.

Including Jiang Chi sobbing up, if that Ten Thousand Laws Old Ancestor didn't die, perhaps there would be a place for him in this Qing Xuan Continent.

Creating his own technique.

Was this like something an ordinary person could do?

By no means.

At this moment, countless powerful people were amazed.

If it was really like what Su Li said, then it would really be different, that Ancestor Jiang Kui of the Ten Thousand Laws was so powerful that it was incomparable to ordinary people.

In this life, if they could meet that existence back then, it would not be a waste to come to this world.

Creating their own techniques, many of them thought that they couldn't do it.

Perhaps, if they were poor they could create a low-grade cultivation method, but that was only the lowest kind, and it was estimated that they could at most cultivate to the YuanYing realm.

This still required a better talent.

If the talent was almost as good, I'm afraid that one would only be unable to form a YuanYing in a lifetime of cultivation.

That would be the most fatal thing.

Seeing that everyone was scared, Su Li's heart naturally rejoiced and said, "Don't disregard that Old Manfa in your eyes, he was magnificent back then, not to mention, just that cultivation that surpassed Human Immortals was enough to make us all fearful.

One must know that even the centuries-old war in those ancient times was only deeply wounded for that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor.

He did not die!"


The crowd was all shocked.

Without even being able to voice their surprise, they asked Su Li with a frightened face.

"What? Patriarch Su, is what you just said true?"

"That powerful existence is even still alive, is this not a joke?"

"God, if people are still alive, then wouldn't it be a death wish if we were here now discussing how to get the back-ups that people left behind?"


For a while, many people were afraid.

That All-Faith Ancestor Jiang Kui, being able to be magnificent in the ancient past hundreds of thousands of years ago, was enough to show that it wasn't something they could move.

Or rather, the fact that someone's name was enough to scare their guts out.

Who would dare to go?

If a person died, even if they had the means, then they weren't afraid.

Even if the person didn't die, as long as they weren't a powerful existence like the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, they wouldn't be afraid of it.

But now it was different.

This powerful existence was really a bit frightening.

Back then, that war that lasted for hundreds of years had not even gotten that giant big brother killed, so it was true that the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor had more Dharma and Avatars and should have survived because of this.

Although one side was surprised why Su Li knew, the other side was also extremely shocked.

Since this Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor Jiang Kuai was still alive, it was definitely terrifying news for them.

What were they going to do next.

There was simply no way ah.

He was still alive, so was it hard to run to dig up someone's grave?

At the thought of this situation, many people looked on with tears and countless bitterness in their eyes.

They were filled with helplessness.

At this time, Su Li continued, "That's right, Old Ancestor Ten Thousand Dharma is indeed still alive, but he's alive but he's still heavily injured and hasn't recovered well from these hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation.

As far as I know, he's hidden in a cemetery, that tomb was built when the Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor Jiang Kui was seriously injured and was about to recover, it's a very dangerous place.

Not to mention that there are all sorts of traps inside, as well as all sorts of restrictions and formations, just the Nine Heavens Boundary that was personally set up by the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor back then is not something that ordinary people can compare to.

But, as the saying goes, in the midst of a crisis, there are naturally great riches and opportunities. The endless techniques and magical powers created by the Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor back then were all said to have been made into jade simplicities one by one, and then placed in the graveyard he built.

And every layer has them, the more advanced the techniques and Avatars are the further back, and I heard that the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor deliberately placed them this way back then to attract people to rob his tomb."


After hearing the words, however, the crowd was somewhat puzzled.

"Patriarch Su, since that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor Jiang Kui has already been severely injured, why would he build a graveyard to seal himself up and put so many merits and magical methods into it?"

"A graveyard of nine heavens, I'm just afraid that he's higher than the first heaven."

"It's terrifying to think about, if we break open all nine heavens one by one, how many divine powers and magical powers can we obtain?"

"It can't be said that way either, that Old Ancestor of the Ten Thousand Laws was outrageously strong in the Ancient Era hundreds of thousands of years ago, an existence that could create its own techniques at the age of ten, do you think someone of that level is something we can deal with?"

"Isn't he already deeply injured, even though he's been recuperating for hundreds of thousands of years, it's enough to show that he hasn't recovered from his injuries, and this is our chance."

"Everyone, I've heard of the Nine Heavens Graveyard, although that place is terrifying and bizarre, but that kind of place, once you've gone through one, you'll gain more benefits than you'll give, don't you think that's important?"


For a while.

Many people were talking to each other.

So unpromising.

That's right.

Although the graveyard of that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor Jiang Kui had nine heavenly boundaries set up, each one of them had rich rewards ah.

The most were jades of merit and magical powers.

Of course.

Apart from these, there were also things like pills, magic treasures, and even some heavenly treasures.

Other than having these things, nothing else mattered.

It was a dangerous thing to be rich, after all, but if there was no danger, how could they wait until they were still talking about it now.

It should have been dug out by now.

Not to mention digging up the ground, but it would have been plowed over and over again already.

It's really scary.

Many people had made it clear that they wanted to go and check out the Nine Heavens Graveyard Legend, but they wanted to see what was going on.

What if they were lucky enough to obtain some divine power and magic methods that allowed them to cultivate to the highest level.

So this kind of thing was worth the risk of getting rich.

It must be done.

After hearing Su Li's introduction, Jiang Ji was also a bit cryptic, "That Nine Heavens Graveyard situation, with my mid-Human Immortal realm cultivation and so many Daoists working tirelessly as cannon fodder, I should be able to get through it.

It's just that the only thing I'm worried about right now is whether there are people in that Nine Heavens who are above the Immortal Realm's Dharma Gate?

If there is one, it's worth it for me to go on this trip, if not, I'm afraid I'll be screwed.

Of course, as the unstoppable All-Father Ancestor from hundreds of thousands of years ago, the other side's powerful Jedi were undeniable, and that Jiang Kui must have left behind many cultivation methods that just hadn't been found.

However, there was another situation.

According to what Su Li had just said, that Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor Jiang Kuai was actually alive, what kind of realm had such a powerful existence grown to after hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation?

In case he's almost recuperated by then, that's not a good thing for those of us who go in and disturb the clear dreams."

At this moment.

Jiang Qian's heart was filled with mixed emotions, and he felt that he was a bit unable to understand Su Li.

Why would this Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master know so clearly?

"You know, the matter of the Old Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws back then, although there may be some legends that have been circulated, but it's been hundreds of thousands of years in the past, it shouldn't be possible to have a more detailed introduction."

Jiang Ji intoned, "Then the question arises, Su Li she is the Master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, she also looks very young, how on earth did she know so much about it?

Even if there's a mysterious identity, even if the power behind her is so powerful that she can completely ignore it all, having a legacy about hundreds of thousands of years ago, that's just a general idea, it's absolutely impossible to be this detailed."

But Su Li knew in detail, and wasn't afraid to expose it and even explain it to someone.

Could it be that she had bona fides, as well as an untold secret?

Jiang Ji's heart suddenly so thought, looking strangely incomparable, "If that's the case, then I might have to be careful after entering that Nine Heavens Graveyard as well."

Don't be afraid of the ten thousand, just be afraid of the unthinkable.

What if something really goes wrong with the yin and yang, wouldn't it not work.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Xiao began to keep an extra eye out, so that once Su Li had any secret plans he would be able to handle them with ease.

Now well.

Seeing as those people around had been agitated, the majesty of the Nine Heavens Graveyard could no longer be covered.

For them, even if they only went in for a single day, they would be able to obtain some remarkable things.

Such as cultivation techniques, such as that magical spell, such as that countless number of pills and magic treasures.

These were all good things.

For a time, the crowd was soaring, and as long as it was beneficial, it was worth it.

Not to mention, there were many gate blood stopping life ancestors in some of the forces, and they even needed those techniques and collections in the graveyard of the Old Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws.

So they can't avoid going.

It was naturally best to go, then they would be able to gain some benefits along the way, which they would be able to benefit from for the rest of their lives.

Old Ancestor Ten Thousand Dharma, in the ancient era hundreds of thousands of years ago, that was also a magnificent existence ah.

Achieving Human Immortality at the age of ten.

This might not be a big deal in that era hundreds of thousands of years ago, after all, at that time, the Eastern Land of the Divine Land was a rich land, and as long as one's talent was good, one could definitely become an immortal.

And that All-Father Ancestor's talent should still be good, so it was nothing for him to become an Immortal at the age of ten.

The only thing that made even Jiang Di sigh was that this person could create a set of feats or divine abilities every day.

"Even if he's not really a set every day, but it should be similar, I suppose."

While legends were just legends, sometimes legends were more than just legends, after all, there was still a saying that there was no such thing as no wind and no waves.

The fact that there was none, even if he, Old Ancestor Ten Thousand Laws, propagated it no matter how hard he tried, was useless, and only this current situation was enough to prove everything.


If you counted it this way, that Ten Thousand Laws Old Ancestor Jiang Kuai was more than just a man with ten thousand laws, even a hundred thousand laws should have them all, right?

It was just that he hadn't noticed it at first, but now he thought that that Ten Thousand Laws Old Ancestor should have countless methods on him.

"So, I have to go ah."

Jiang Ji secretly said, "I have no choice in the matter, but I just don't know, what kind of place is that legendary Nine Heavens Graveyard?"

There was also some hidden speculation, but the speculation in his mind might not be right because....


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