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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1131 - Dead Daoists Don't Die Poor (Seeking Subscription)

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Jiang Chi was even more fearless, as he believed in the saying: dead Daoists don't die poor.

Since those people had followed, for whatever reason, they were all grasshoppers on this road.

It was also an existence that was to be abandoned at a critical moment, as the situation in front of them was realistic for Jiang Chi and the others.

But each was just thinking for themselves.

All of them had their own agendas, except that this agendas did not conflict with Jiang Lack and the others.

Or rather, he could take it easy and make use of it along the way.

That would be fine too.

Jiang Lack chanted his gaze coming, looking I strange as he muttered, "These people aren't good, the only ones who need to worry are probably the ones in those coffin boards."

Those people used to be the ancestors of each family, and every one of them was imposing and ridiculously strong.

If it wasn't for the fact that they had lived for many years resulting in their lifespans approaching, they wouldn't have gone to gate blood to stop their lives.

Although it was difficult, this method of stopping their life expectancy had proven to be very effective.

If it was possible, it could actually last for a long time.


If one could find some heavenly treasures, the result might be different again.

Thus, in just a few years, countless powerful people had gathered, and they gathered into a pile, wanting to go on an expedition to find treasures.

To see for themselves.

Although they all had their own intentions, they were still apparently united at the moment, and they all greeted each other.

It was interesting up.

Jiang Ji faintly looked at all the things in front of him, and his appearance could not help but get a bit strange, "Dead Daoists don't die poor, the more people gathered, the more terrifying that dangerous place will be, and it can also mean that the better things there are, and there might be endless techniques that I, Jiang Someone, need to exist."

Wealth and wealth moved the heart.

It was nothing more than that.

Regardless of whether they wanted to obtain the endless treasures inside, or for their own ancestor who had gated blood to stop his life, they all went at the moment.

Su Li didn't tell Jiang Xiao, so he didn't know where he was about to go, but it was a bit far away and the number of people converging on the three religions was increasing.

It looked vast and scary.

A large group of them all.

Adhering to his mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation, Jiang Xiao felt strong and simply couldn't be resisted by those right now.

"Worst case, when the time comes, this seat will throw them all out, and with my current mid Human Immortal realm cultivation, I can easily throw them out and use them as cannon fodder."

To this.

Jiang Qian's heart was still quite satisfied.

Strength was the way to go.

With cultivation, he would have the strength to boldly do a detrimental thing.

Like getting those guys killed.

Such things as Kung Fu were sometimes even more important than treasures, at least in Jiang Qiao's opinion.

"Elder Jiang, you should take a good look at the rest of the journey, there are definitely some dishonest people among these people."

What they wanted to do, the other party must be clear enough.

Naturally those promises or no promises were probably just some normal words.

It was like this for Jiang Xiao.

"Don't worry."

Jiang Hou nodded and said, "With the strength of the two of us, although we can't directly push across, we can make these people use them for us."

Many people thought they wouldn't be controlled by him, Jiang Chi, although many powerful existences felt that we still had our ancestors and thought we could escape this disaster.

Jiang Lack's gaze was cold.

At this moment.

Su Li, however, looked at Jiang Lack with an envious face and thought, "Only someone like Elder Jiang can do whatever he wants like this."

She was envious.

If she could, then she would actually like to obtain a powerful fortune and then cultivate well as Jiang Xiao said.

"It's just that luck is something that has only been heard about in relation to qi luck throughout the ages."

Su Li contemplated, "But, in terms of qi luck being so enhanced, how to improve it and so on, there's no final conclusion."

It was as if it didn't exist.

Along the way.

Many people converged, they were envious of going to that kind of treasure left behind by the powerful people from the ancient past.

If it could be obtained, it would definitely be a great opportunity and a great creation.

After all, most of those giants and bigwigs from the ancient times had already died, and even those who were still alive and not dead were just dying.

Death might be imminent.


These people were now so bold because for them, even obtaining the bones of those Immortal Dao Giant Greats from the ancient past would be excellent.

It could also be counted as a great opportunity.

It might even be possible to use the bones of those giants and grandmasters to refine some magic treasures, or even use it as an opportunity to break through.

It's also possible.

Jiang Ji chanted his gaze, also looking forward to it, "I don't want anything else, but that ancient time's techniques, those giants and grandmasters that were once collected or cultivated by those giants and grandmasters, as well as those magical spells, would be very important to me."

Rather than burying them underground, it would be better to dig them up and use them.

Even if it meant digging three feet into the ground, it would be fine.

There were many people around him anyway, and for him free hard labor was already available.

Those weak people would be able to do bitterness as well.

Of course.

They were unaware of it at this moment.

Jiang Lack's appearance looked a bit strange, but some of the people who were very close to him were shocked.


Su Li also came over.

She told Jiang Lack that the place they were going to this time was an extremely dangerous and dangerous place.

"It is said that in those ancient times, the Eastern Land of the Divine Land was a vast region of land, where the heaven and earth's aura was dense and had ten thousand tribes, and there were once endless immortal cultivators here.

Later, as there were more and more powerful Immortal Dao giants, a series of changes occurred, causing countless Immortal cultivators to fight, which lasted for hundreds of years.

And during this time, many of the giants had arranged some means before they died.

Or thinking of resurrection, or reincarnating to find what they originally had, they could get back what belonged to their previous life in the shortest amount of time and stand on top of the world again.

And what we have to do is to take food from the hands of these once unstoppable giants and bigwigs, so it's vicious and dangerous, so you must be careful."

As Su Li's words finished, many people looked at her in amazement, this woman who claimed to be the sect master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect seemed to know quite a bit about the ancient times.

This definitely didn't look like an ordinary Sect Master, she looked very different.

Although many people hadn't guessed her background, it must have been uncomplicated.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to know so much about the situation.

Jiang Mo was looking at her with the same weirdness in his heart, this mysterious Su Li Sect Master had only been in charge of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect for many years.

Yet no one knew her identity.

What a bizarre existence this was.


Countless years and months.

The Ancient Era, that distant past, the once unstoppable powerhouse once ruled the world and was majestic to the eight directions.

And what a powerful place the Eastern Land of the Divine Land had once been.

How unstoppable the countless flying ancestors had once been, but now, hundreds of thousands of years had already passed.

Once upon a time, those ancestors either used secret techniques to hide in some dark corners of their respective arrangements, gradually waiting for the right time to live again.

Although the wait was long, as long as they could wait until the time came, they had a future.

Of course.

There were still some powerful Immortal Dao giants who were once mighty in the eight directions that were now in the past, disappearing forever into the long river of history.

And, they had also become part of history.

Most of them did.

At this time.

Even if hundreds of thousands of years had passed.

Even if the ancient era that had once been so powerful had long passed, they still listened with joy.

Of course, even if they weren't old ancestors, they could still be called just an old ancestor.

Now, they were looking forward to this supreme treasure.

Even though hundreds of thousands of years had passed and they were still alive, there were many people who thought like Jiang lacked.

Only thinking that he had good luck and should be able to gain some benefits.

"Patriarch Su, I wonder where we're going this time?"

Someone asked very curiously.

Here, apart from those ancestors in their respective coffins, there was only Su Li, the Master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, who was still clear about the situation in the ancient past.

Everyone else was just curious.

Knowing a little bit about it.

Compared to Su Li, who had a mysterious identity background and was the Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master, they were still too far behind.

It was not enough.

Su Li didn't conceal anything when he saw this and directly said, "Gentlemen, I'm sure you all know that in this land of our divine Eastern Land, there used to be countless Immortal Dao giants and big brothers.

And there are some of these places that everyone must have already been to, but there are some places that they definitely haven't been to.

That's why the place we're going to this time is known to be the graveyard of the Ancestor of All Laws back then."

Everyone: "........"

Ancestor of all laws?

What kind of an existence was this.

With such a generation, wasn't he afraid of being attacked by many groups of people?

It looked incomparably bizarre.

Anyway, Jiang Ji's heart was a bit weird, and the corners of his mouth twitched, "Ancestor of All Laws, if this title isn't an exaggeration, then for me, Jiang Someone, I have the Nine Dao Merits."

Very good also.

And the others present were equally startled.

Because they were equally unfamiliar with the existence of the Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws, whether it was some legends or something recorded in some ancient books, they all knew that in the ancient times, there had indeed been an Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws.

It was said that he was known as the Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws.

He was an extremely clever and powerful existence with an unparalleled talent, and one person was the Way of Ten Thousand Laws.

It was definitely not something ordinary people could compare to.

Such an existence caused many people to look forward to it, although there were no other heavenly treasures.


Yet there were other benefits.

"According to the legendary records, this Ancestor of Ten Thousand Laws numbered Ten Thousand Laws Old Ancestor, and the cultivation divine powers created in his life, as well as countless divine spells are as numerous as a cow's hair."

"Yeah, it would be good if we could acquire a little."

"At least for us, it's definitely considered a matter of great fortune, even if we let the ancestor and the others cultivate, we can stop our lives without gate blood."

"That's right, from the legends, that Old Ancestor of the Ten Thousand Laws has a monstrous means, and many of the cultivation techniques in his hands actually have the ability to prolong life, even many of the current ancestors of the various sects who have had their life stopped by gate blood can be revived again."

"Since Sect Master Su knows the specifics, let Sect Master Su help lead the way to take a look, or let us all dip our toes in the water, maybe we can even find the technique created by that Ten Thousand Dharma Old Ancestor."


Just as it should be.


Su Li would know one thing, these people around her had taken the bait.

It wasn't false that they were going to look for the back-up left by the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor, but at the same time, she didn't tell these people that the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor from the ancient past had numerous methods.

It was rumored that he had left behind countless cultivation methods, as well as countless cultivation techniques that were also filled with endless dangers.

Once discovered, accidents would definitely occur.

How many of these would turn into cannon fodder.


Adhering to the practice of a dead Daoist never dying a poor Daoist, neither she nor Jiang Xiao had spotted it.

It was just as well that a Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor was enough to attract these people and also enough to let them know the purpose of this trip.

Otherwise, these people might have made trouble.

Only, many of them were more curious about this Wanfa Ancestor.

The legends they heard were just legends, but Su Li knew more and looked like he knew the roots of the matter.


Many people then looked forward to it.

That ancient time, was the Ten Thousand Dharma Ancestor also a magnificent and powerful existence?


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