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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1130 - The Pitfall Plan (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Elder Jiang, do you have anything else to add?"

Sovereign Su Li asked with a raised eyebrow, "Is there anything else you haven't finished?"

Jiang Qian hurriedly shook his head, "No matter, Sect Master, you must be overthinking, I just want to ask what to do next."


Su Li's pair of snowy eyes always looked at Jiang Liao with some suspicion, she always felt that something was wrong.

There was definitely something that Jiang Lack was hiding from her.

It was just that she wasn't able to think clearly.

She probably couldn't have imagined that Jiang Lack had successfully tricked her and blundered her way out of it.

What luck is good, you can ignore everything.

Even break the rules and so on.

All are false.

Talent is not good, which what to break?

Cultivating immortality was an extremely terrifying and overbearing thing in itself.

The slightest carelessness would lead to doom and gloom.

Could it be that this Dao of Luck could really decide everything?

At this moment, even Jiang Xiao himself was suspicious that the words he had made up were most likely true.

He didn't know that Sovereign Su Li was quietly brainstorming at the moment.

"If he didn't lie to me, something like the Dao of Luck can really determine everything, then how do I enhance it?"

Su Li pondered, "What kind of luck does this Jiang Chi, who once had mediocre talent on the Hao Ran Immortal Sect and almost couldn't even enter the inner gate, have?"

Or rather, what Su Li was confused about was how Jiang lacked to enhance her luck.

She didn't believe it to begin with.

"If he has a way to enhance his Dao of Luck, then it would make sense."

Su Li secretly said, "All of his strength should be transformed through the Dao of Luck, and once he's lucky, he can do everything with ease."

In that case, this Eleventh Elder should be a generation of great fortune.

"If I get on good terms with him, will I also be able to obtain some Luck Dao blessings?"

Su Li's heart was silently pondering, she probably couldn't have imagined that Jiang Xiao was actually lying to her.

It was all nonsense.

The truth or falsehood of it, even Jiang Qiao himself was a bit confused as to what was real.

"Patriarch, I wonder where we're going, will it be just the two of us going on an expedition to find treasure?"

He asked curiously, "If you can, you can actually call a little of the others."

After all, there was a need for cannon fodder as well.

This kind of thing couldn't be explained directly, so I thought that Sovereign Su Li would naturally understand.


He said, "I think that we can also call some people to follow us along the way to..."

Jiang Chi's words were understood by Su Li.

Nodding slightly, he said, "Elder Jiang is right, this trip to a dangerous place is indeed dangerous, if we can recruit some people, perhaps the outcome will be different."


She was mentally mulling, "What a good Elder Jiang, it really is different from what I thought, his thinking is obviously more perfect and coincides with my plan."

Through this incident, she felt more and more that Jiang lacked a talent.

After thinking of this, she continued, "Elder Jiang is extremely right, if we gather more manpower, we won't need to personally charge into battle when the time comes."

Jiang Qiao: "........"

He felt that Su Li was thinking a bit too much, and the key was so straightforward.

It truly proved the most poisonous saying about a woman's heart.

Jiang Xiao felt that he himself had been subtle enough, but this beautiful Sect Master was not subtle at all.

Her thoughts were different as well.

Probably, the plan she had in mind was a plan to trap people.

--After all, the two of them were just a bit too weak to be seen as enough.

And if they could have other cannon fodder to help them out, they would be very promising.

Not to mention, there were countless strong people in this Eastern Land, but without exception, you basically wouldn't see a strong person at the Human Immortal realm.

It was because the strongest people at this level were either at the level of some old ancestors who were already at the brake blood stopping life.

Either that, they were some fortunate people who had won the chance to create a fortune, such as the existence of Jiang Chi.

But such people usually wouldn't come out, because they deeply knew that there were still some old antiques hidden in this Eastern Land.

They brake blood to stop their life and have no longevity, but once they came out, their strength would be extremely terrifying again.

But for Jiang Xiao and Su Li, the forces where old monsters of this level were located were extremely easy to fool.

It was because their ancestors might not be able to wait and needed a certain amount of chance and creation to replenish their life span.

And there were only two ways to replenish it: one was to find some heavenly treasures that could increase the number of recipients; the other was to break through the existing cultivation shackles.

But either way, for these old monsters who had begun to brake blood and stop living, there was actually only one option.

That was to go to some ancient secret realm, or ancient battlefield to take a look, and maybe they could find a chance.

So every time those old monsters' disciples and grandchildren had this kind of idea, they were actually carrying the coffin to go.

It was to allow their ancestors to replenish their longevity or break through their cultivation shackles in time.

And this was a win-win thing for them as well.

Because with an old ancestor sitting there, the power they were in would be even stronger and no one would dare to provoke them.

Once there wasn't a powerful ancestor sitting there, then the result and meaning wouldn't be the same.

So for many of the forces that had this kind of gate blood stopping life ancestors, they actually had no choice.

They could only go to those dangerous places to make a breakthrough and see how many treasures were still left behind by those immortal dao giants from the ancient past.

It would definitely be a blessing if they could help their own ancestors find them.


Su Li felt that this plan wasn't exactly a plan to trap people, it was just a plan that was simple to the extreme.

Of course.

There was no shortage of pitfalls in it, but it was just a case of Zhou Yu beating up Huang Gai one at a time.

Jiang Jiang nodded, "Since you have agreed, Sect Master, let's go to some sects and walk around first, we might be able to get something unexpected."

Other sects, naturally, it was impossible for every single one of them to have the existence of an old ancestor with a brake blood stopping life.

Those forces that didn't have that kind of old ancestor existing could naturally be used as cannon fodder.


From someone's point of view, if they could follow behind the big brother to find some treasures or just a magical spell, that would be good too.

It would be of great use to both themselves and the clan.

So it's something you'd like to be able to incite.

Su Li picked up Jiang Lack's words and said, "I happen to know of some sectarian forces on this road, so I can go and lobby them."


There was no pitfall either.

For Su Li to persuade those powers to join him on an expedition to find treasures, I don't think they would refuse.

After all, he was the Patriarch of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, a supreme being, even if he didn't look at the monk's face, he had to look at the Buddha's face.

Jiang Jiang naturally didn't know what this Sovereign thought.

He said indifferently, "Fine, Sect Master, just go ahead and talk, just leave the rest to me, whether it's deterring or forcing them to help each other, it's fine."

This matter, his Jiang Chi's methods were still very strong.

Under the cold gaze, Jiang Liao was all powerful and also intimidating.

One had to know that he was a powerful existence in the Human Immortal Realm, and if those forces dared to disobey, he would definitely take action as well.

"That's good."

The calm Sovereign Su Li, finally smiled this time, "It's best if Elder Jiang can think like that, but I think this matter needs to be discussed in the long run, after all, there weren't that many people in our plan originally."

Now that she agreed with Jiang Lack's statement, she naturally approved of his approach.

If this could also enhance her luck, would it also allow her to cultivate in a smooth manner.

Su Li was looking forward to this.

Because this was really good.

That way, there would be infinite possibilities in the future.

Talent and aptitude would be nothing, it wouldn't even determine one's upper limit of growth.

How great would that be.

Su Li considered himself to have always been a genius, and although he might not be as good as many of the guys in the Eastern Land who had stopped their life in their gate blood, he was still very strong compared to many of his peers.

Hedao Realm.

Not everyone could reach it.

Not everyone could break through to this realm either.

If it wasn't for the Vajra Bracelets, Jiang lacked he wouldn't have been able to break through to Human Immortal.

As for the Dao of Luck, he really didn't know if it could decide everything, and always felt that this matter was very mysterious.

At the moment.

Su Li, the Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master's heart, was already thinking about other things.

"According to Elder Jiang's method, there will definitely be endless benefits from this trip to that dangerous place."

She secretly said, "Of course, apart from that, there are other things such as gaining supreme fortune and allowing one's own fortune to grow."

From before, she had already determined in her heart that what Jiang Lack had said was absolutely correct, and this person was absolutely correct.

Because in Su Li's opinion, as long as a person's Luck Dao was so good that it was absolutely impossible to be hindered if that person didn't do anything that would harm it.

"Follow him for a while, it might be infinitely beneficial too."

Su Li quietly looked at Jiang Lack, "It's not unreasonable for this person to break through to the middle stage of the Human Immortal Realm in just ten years' time.

Since we all have this foretaste of his experience in front of us, it would be too ignorant of me if I don't grab it."

Jiang Qian probably never expected that this Sovereign Su Li would be even more powerful than he had imagined.

Very good at braining.

A moment later, the two of them landed in a clan, and after a bit of lobbying, there was naturally another group of people behind them.

Of course.

Naturally, there were rarely some bright tricks happening in this process, but after all, they couldn't do anything if people didn't cooperate.

The only thing they could do was to reveal their mid Human Immortal realm cultivation, so as to let others see their own abilities.

So that it could be assured.

Thinking that the gate blood stopping life ancestor of their own clan, who just happened to need some chance creation to live another life, they agreed to do so.

Along the way.

Quite a few sects agreed in such a muddled manner, and naturally they were aware of Jiang Liao and Su Li's calculations, but they also had their own ideas in mind.

You have a plan to trap people, and I naturally have a great strategy to get rid of the golden cicada, so I can't say that I'll be able to obtain something then as well.

In the ancient times, those countless Immortal Dao giants and bigwigs with their supernatural means, the war had lasted for countless years.

Back then, there were countless great men who died in this eastern land of the divine state, and many of them were seriously injured and dying, and they might have arranged some means.

Such as living another life, such as being reincarnated and reborn, or taking away a rebirth.

All of these methods were possible, and many of them were directed towards the giants and bigwigs of the ancient past.

As long as they found the means left behind by those people and took it for themselves, wouldn't they also become Immortal Dao generations.

How wonderful.

Therefore, many people knew that Jiang Liao and Su Li and the others had their own plans, but they still planned to follow and see.

It might be greatly beneficial and beneficial, how comfortable.

It was exciting to think about.

In the ancient times, countless ancestors had left behind countless techniques, magical spells, and even some heavenly treasures.

If so many things could be obtained by them, their cultivation would definitely rise to an unimaginable level.

Therefore, knowing that this trip was dangerous and that they might even fall to their deaths, they were willing to do whatever it took.

There was no fear or dread whatsoever.

Because once they could obtain the supreme chance of creation, it would mean that the outcome could be a huge surprise.

So each had a plan, even if they knew that Jiang Lack and Su Li's plan might pit people against each other.

They weren't afraid.

And Jiang lacked....


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