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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1129 - I'm Afraid of Being Misunderstood (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The sky was high and the miles were windless and quiet.

There were no clouds, and the calm was shockingly calm.

Early morning.

A white figure appeared on the arena of Jiang Qian's dojo, and Jiang Qian had not yet awakened from his ennui.

To him, this trip to the dangerous places was of great significance, both to fulfill the promise and also for the supreme merit of those dangerous places.


There should be quite a few merit methods left behind by those unparalleled giants and great predecessors, and if he could find them it should be enough for him to raise the grade of the Nine Daoist Merit to the late stage of the Human Immortal Realm.

Or even great perfection.

As well as stronger.

It was all possible.

The attraction was so great that he had to agree to Sovereign Su Li's request.

"Maybe if I, Jiang Someone, have good luck, I'll be able to collect the techniques of the Human Immortal Realm then."

Jiang mumbled his words, more prepared to become an even more powerful Immortal in the future.

"Sect Master Su, coming so early to disturb people's dreams."

Jiang Qiao teased, "There's no hurry to go to those dangerous places, the days are long anyway and it's by no means a problem that can be solved in a day or two."

There was no telling how long one would have to wait after this trip.

After all, things were big.

It was possible that a little half a year would pass, and even if he hadn't experienced that dangerous place, he understood that it was absolutely impossible for it to end immediately.

"End it sooner rather than later."

Su Li said indifferently, "Besides, the Eastern Land is huge, and this trip will take half a month just for the road."

She was so breezy that she watched Jiang Mo secretly sighed, "This Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master is beautiful, just a little too much in mind cultivation, causing her entire body to be cold and indifferent, without the gentleness of a woman."

This was very bad.

Su Li still looked at Jiang Lack very calmly and said, "Elder Jiang, but you want to say goodbye to your wife?"

Kang shook his head, "I already said goodbye last night, but I don't need to now."

Just keep walking.

But Su Li said indifferently, "I'm afraid of people misunderstanding, so you'd better make it clear."

"I'm also afraid of misunderstanding." Jiang Chi faintly said, "So it's better not to be deliberate, and you don't want to call people to gossip."

That was bad instead.

Although Su Li was beautiful, comparable to the number one beauty of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

At the same time, she was also the Patriarch of this Hao Ran Immortal Sect, a peerless generation, with an outrageously strong means.

If this iceberg beauty could be taken down, there was no telling how many detours she would have to take, at least a hundred years of less struggle.


For this kind of situation Jiang Xiao said that he didn't need it, he Jiang someone had his own ability to deal with it, even if he became a strong man, he was fearless.

Now that he had surpassed Su Li, he only needed to gain a little more chance creation to completely establish his invincible posture.

Thinking of this Jiang Qian was happy.

He then said, "Patriarch, what's done is done, let's leave now, we might even be able to go to that dangerous place sooner to have a long look, what do you think?"

Su Li: "........"

She looked at Jiang Chi in surprise, "Elder Jiang, it seems that you are very interested, and I don't know what you are thinking, I should have known that I wouldn't have mentioned the conditions."

It was fine to think that there were no conditions, after all, Jiang lacked a lot of interest.

And plainly wasting him with a condition, it's really depressing, I should have known it wouldn't be like this.


The corner of Jiang Chi's mouth was drawn, but his face was discontented for a while, "Patriarch, I wouldn't agree with you if you didn't mention this matter, I wouldn't know of a dangerous place, and even with a mid Heavenly Immortal cultivation, I wouldn't be able to go on a treasure hunting expedition alone."

A person was just a person after all.

He was unwilling to go.


Jiang Jiang continued, "Alright, let's go now."

The Sovereign Lord must have known about the specifics, and this Dao Closing Realm cultivator had shown him its strangeness.

There should be some mysterious and unpredictable methods in place.

If it's possible, then isn't it possible to do it in another way.

Exploring for treasures together, along with finding the secrets of this Haoran Immortal Sect Master, it might be able to scare people.

Jiang Ji chanted his gaze as the Immortal Yuan Mana around his body drummed and changed rapidly.

It rolled without stopping.

There was a very strange sense of immediacy, and the power around his body swept and tumbled.

Immediately after.

Jiang Ji leapt straight into the void, "Sect Master, do you want this Elder to take you for a ride?"


Su Li, on the other hand, had a shallow smile on his lips, "Yes, so it would be troublesome for Elder Jiang."


Just in time to save some bargains.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xiao's eyebrows rose, and he was a little cryptic.

He secretly said, "I'm just being very simple and polite, do you need to be so rude."

With a gloomy face, Jiang Ji was still greeted with a smile at this moment and said, "Patriarch, please."

Su Li really just unceremoniously jumped onto the clouds that Jiang lacked condensed, very skilled and not at all embarrassed.

Seeing that Jiang Lack was stunned, she even said, "Elder Jiang, what are you waiting for, don't hurry up and prepare to leave."

She was aware of Jiang Chi's extraordinary skills, and the mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation was no joke.

This level of cultivation was enough to bring even her with her, especially when she saw the darkly twitching corners of Jiang lack's mouth, her heart was happy.

It was still satisfying.

If it was possible, she actually wanted to take advantage of it and tell him that it was definitely not a good thing to offend himself as the Sovereign.


Thinking that she, Su Li, was an Immortal Wizard, but Jiang Xiao's existence shattered her imagination of an Immortal Wizard.

Obviously she was only a strong immortal cultivator, what are you Jiang Xiao, in that your talent wasn't strong and you didn't have many resources for cultivation.

But the question is.

How did you Jiang Lack cultivate into the middle stage of the Human Immortal Realm, and how did you cultivate into the middle stage of the Human Immortal Realm without cultivating half of your mind yet.

She was puzzled.


Wanting to take a closer look at it, maybe she could discover something, maybe she could see certain things that were different.

After pondering for half a day, Su Li suddenly continued, "Elder Jiang, honestly, how exactly did you cultivate to your current state of cultivation?"

The middle stage of the Human Immortal Realm was not something that an ordinary person could cultivate.


It was terrifying to think about.

She also wanted to become an immortal, even if it was the simplest of human immortals.

After all, a human immortal was also an immortal.

Immortals were different, and immortals were also different, how much she, Su Li, wanted to become an immortal as well.

Right now, it was a good time to ask about the details of Jiang Liao's background, and see how this mysterious and weird guy was cultivating.

"If I can learn from this, can I also break through to the Human Immortal realm?"

Su Li thought about it so much.

Feeling a little unsettled, he began to think about the feasibility.

If it was feasible, then himself....

At this time.

Jiang Mo indifferently looked at Su Li, this sect master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect had once been mysterious and bizarre.

Now it seemed that this Sect Master was just an ordinary person well.

"She's actually prying into her own secrets, tsk tsk..."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "Is this Su Li Sect Master not afraid that I, Jiang Someone, will misunderstand if he acts like this?"

After all, they were two lonely men and a woman, so if people misunderstood, wouldn't they have a good show to watch.

After sizing up Su Li, Jiang Lacking Jiang said, "O Patriarch, do you really want to know how I broke through?"


Su Li said, "Elder Jiang, you are the eleventh elder of my Hao Ran Immortal Sect, your status is distinguished and extremely high, and now that you are at the Human Immortal realm, naturally, I would like to know how you cultivate."


So straightforward.

Rather unexpected of him, before, Jiang Qiao had always thought that this Su Li Patriarch might be a bit more subtle, that he might not be so obvious.

But now it seemed so direct.

There wasn't the slightest intention to hide it, and there was no telling what she was thinking.

Jiang Ji, on the other hand, sunk his gaze and said with a shallow smile, "Sect Master, there's actually nothing to look forward to when it comes down to it.

The reason I was able to break through was nothing other than better luck.

In this world, even the most talented people will eventually fail to grow up or die due to one reason or another.


There was a moment of silence after that.

"But what?"

Patriarch Su Li asked, "Could it be that Elder Jiang has other different insights?"


Jiang Qiao smiled, "Actually, there's something you may not know about Sect Master, but when luck is strong, it can't be stopped.

There are times when you will feel like drinking water can increase your cultivation, do you think it's magical?"

Su Li: "........"

She felt that it was indeed miraculous enough that Jiang lack's breakthrough was different from what she had imagined.

Can people with good luck really be smooth in their cultivation, can they really ignore talent and qualifications these?

Is it really possible to do whatever you want with luck?

Thinking of this, Su Li's heart was suddenly somewhat unsettled.

She secretly pondered, "If this Elder Jiang is not wrong, if he didn't tell me a lie, if all the things he said just now are true, then..."

There will be a huge reversal ah.

Something very scary might be about to happen, and if this speech of Jiang Xiao's really spread out, then it would only be a huge unimaginable thing for the entire Qing Xuan Continent, right?

After all, this matter was truly terrifying.

The Dao of Luck could decide everything.

Thinking about it, she felt weepy and speechless for a while, "When luck comes, it can't even be blocked, so that this matter of cultivating with half the effort would be logical."


There was still something in Su Li's heart that he couldn't understand, if something like luck could really decide everything, then wouldn't it be useless even if talent and qualification were strong.

Because if luck was bad, no matter how strong the talent was, it would be useless ah.

At that time, you can even drink water to gag your teeth.

It was terrifying to think about.


If talent is not good, wouldn't it be better to be able to break through in anything as long as one's fortune is good?


Although Su Li didn't know if what Jiang Xiao said was true, she actually believed it a bit in her heart.

"So in that case, is the only reason my luck is bad is because it's not good enough?"

Su Li's heart was inexplicably up, and for a moment, she felt that everything Jiang lacked said was correct.

At this moment.

Jiang Qian was thinking, and when he saw that expression on Su Li's face, he knew that this Sovereign Lord should believe it.

"But, all that talk I just said was just nonsense ah."

In other words, he was just talking nonsense.

But this bragging, Su Li actually believed it, and he actually thought that good fortune could just be cultivated.

It sounded a bit unbelievable.

But Su Li could actually believe that it was all true after hearing his Jiang Man's nonsense.

"Could it be that some of the things I just said really have some truth in them?"

Jiang Qian so contemplated, "Perhaps there really is such a possibility, after all, according to normal logic, as long as one's luck is good, one can obtain infinite additions."

Wouldn't it be even more beautiful to do everything with good luck when the time comes?

How nice is that.

It's good to think about.

Jiang Qiao pondered and looked a bit weird, "If that's the case, then should I also have to rightly believe what I just said."

Like, having a good luck first.

Although, Jiang Qiao had always felt that he had pretty good luck, but now it was different.

He had to treat this matter as a priority to be implemented.

"Patriarch, what are you thinking about?"

Jiang Jiang suddenly asked, "But thinking about that luck channel?"


Su Li threw a couple of big greetings at Jiang Lack with a strange gaze.

It was as if she was asking, "What are you trying to say?"

Is there any change in what we just did?


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