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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1128 - Taking You to See More (Seeking Subscriptions)

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That plan in Su Li's heart, she had been hiding and carefully planning for many years, just waiting for the day to come true.

But there had been none.

Because of the poor opportunity, but now Jiang lacked the opportunity to show her the chance to realize it.


Isn't it possible to give it a try.

It was just as well that now that Jiang lack was in high spirits, it was time for him to also experience the real search for the secret realm, the treasure search for the dragon.

Although Jiang Chi had been to the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm before, that level was a bit too low.

"If he can go with me to search those dangerous places, he should be able to gain some harvest."

Su Li said in his heart, "After all, he's at the middle stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and he's not quite what I expected after all."

This man was amazing.

I don't know how he raised his cultivation, but the drawbacks of not cultivating the mind were great anyway, not to mention that she could actually sense that Jiang Lack's talent wasn't strong.

Based on these various reasons, so Su Li had some thoughts in her heart.

Perhaps, it was possible with this Jiang Lack guy.

It would definitely be successful then.


She, Su Li, could also find something good, and maybe she could also obtain a great chance, a supreme feat of creation.

It would be possible to think about it.


Su Li took a glance at Jiang Lack, "Elder Jiang, I have a plan here, I wonder if you could..."


Before she could make this clear, Jiang Xiao interrupted her, "Wait a moment, Patriarch, you shouldn't be too busy talking about your plan.

Then what, can I not listen to this plan of yours?"

He'd always felt weird about not listening and not knowing anything, but once he did, it was different.

Something might happen.

It was better not to know that much himself, it was kind of bad to hear too much.

Not to mention, he felt that Su Li's tone of voice was a bit wrong, as if there was a feeling of trapping himself.

Su Li: "........"

She cryptically stared up, "Jiang lack, what do you mean, didn't you just agree to a condition for this seat?"


Jiang Gou admitted undeniably, "But I think that plan of yours might not be good for me, so I'm a little scared, so it's better if I don't know about that plan of yours."

Especially in the Immortal World.

This kind of plan sounded alarming, and that's what Jiang Qiao thought in his heart.

Something absolutely must not happen.

It might be too bad to trap oneself in.

The gains and losses would ultimately be bad.


Su Li said grudgingly, "This Sovereign just wants you to go with me to search for some treasures left behind by the Giant Engine bigwigs, not any other plans.

I wonder what you think, Elder Eleven?"


Go find those big boys left something treasures it, I thought you didn't want to find it, didn't you say you had to luck to do it.

Now actually ahead of time.

This makes him stunned up, his heart has an inexplicable helplessness.

The light there in his eyes suddenly brightened up again, the more different, "If it's really possible to go in search of those fierce and dangerous places, then it seems to be okay."

Anyway, one's luck wasn't bad.

It had been verified over the years.

Maybe if one's luck really goes against the world and can't even be blocked, then it becomes different.

In that case, the situation might change a bit.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then said, "It's fine for me to agree to you, but first you have to tell me what kind of chance creation is in your plan, Sect Master.

If it's just an ordinary chance creation, I won't agree to it."

"I don't know."

Su Li shook his head, "All I know is that that place is a graveyard, there should be countless techniques and divine powers in there.

Of course there are endless dangers that exist, if you don't want to go, forget it, at worst I'll just find someone else."

It wasn't that she couldn't find someone else, and it wasn't because Jiang Liao was the only choice, he could have more options.

But Jiang Lack was her best choice.

It was because this person was different.

A mid Heavenly Immortal Realm cultivation was definitely not just words that would definitely gain some gains.

In comparison, it was much easier.

After all, today's Eastern Land was no longer the same divine Land Eastern Land it once was, and there weren't many Heavenly Immortal cultivators anymore.

There were already very few.

The situation would become different.

Jiang Jiang was still quite excited, "If I can really find some techniques, then I will be able to obtain the World Origin Power again."

Of course.

For him, Jiang Xiao, the most important thing at the moment wasn't actually the origin power, but the merit method.


Although he had broken through to the mid Human Immortal Realm, his mid Human Immortal Realm merit method was a self-propagation.

The very crude kind.

If there were any other mid Human Immortal Realm Immortal cultivators to compare, he, Jiang Xiao, would be the weakest one.

That was the weakness of the gong method.

It was very different.

He sank his gaze up.

In his heart, he had a different thought, "If I can obtain more merit methods, especially those that were once the merit methods of those giant big brothers of the Immortal World, then I can supplement and perfect the Nine Pieces Dao Merit.

Making this merit even more perfect and suitable for me to cultivate, then my mid Human Immortal realm cultivation will become even stronger.

What's more, I'll need late Human Immortal Realm, or even Human Immortal Grand Perfection merit methods."

And these merit methods weren't necessarily available in other worlds.

But in this Qing Xuan Continent's cultivation world, there were certain to be.

"If I don't obtain even more powerful merit methods in advance, I'm afraid I'll have to continue traveling to the next world."


Still, he agreed.

Jiang Mo knew that he probably didn't have any other choice.

This Sovereign Su Li was probably interested in her own cultivation, which was why she asked him to go with her.


Jiang Mo was full of promise, "Anything you say, Sect Master, I wonder when you plan to leave?"

"It's better to choose the day than to collide with it, so let's do it tomorrow."

Su Li looked pleased and said, "This kind of exploring the dangerous place, seeking that misty chance to create, although the chances are slim, it's better to take advantage of it before it's too late, or else it's not good if others get there first."


Jiang Jiang echoed.


But he continued, "Can I bring my insider with me, you know she's actually quite strong too."

But Su Li frowned, "It's best not to, her cultivation is strong, but it's still not good enough to enter that dangerous place, once something happens your human heart?

What's more, this time this Sect Master intends to take you out for a long look, and let any other sect forces know clearly that the eleven elders of my Hao Ran Immortal Sect are a powerful mid Human Immortal realm existence.

If you bring your inner circle along, what is it?"

Jiang lacked and Huang Rong: "..."

No way.

Although, he couldn't deny that what Su Li said was correct, if something happened to Huang Rong, he would definitely regret it.

But it wouldn't make sense not to take someone out.

But those kinds of places were left behind by the giant bigwigs who used to be in the Eastern Land of that divine State, and they were even more powerful than him, a Human Immortal.

If they really encountered danger, even he, a Human Immortal, wouldn't be enough, let alone the even weaker Huang Rong.

It might be in danger.

If he was in danger because of him, it would be too much for him.

He might regret it for the rest of his life.

After a moment's thought.

Jiang Mo had to admit that Su Li was right, no matter what, nothing could happen to Huang Rong.

This was his bottom line.

There was already a Li Liria who had fulfilled it.

Still alive or dead, he absolutely couldn't let Huang Rong go along with the risk.


Jiang Jiang suddenly said again, "Patriarch, what about you, you're only at the merging realm, I wonder if you're afraid again?"

The Hedao Realm still wasn't enough to see, right?

After all, every single one of those ferocious places was once a giant leader standing in the Eastern Land of the Divine Land, a leading cultivator and ancestor of the immortal world.

How could the Hop Dao Realm be safe in someone's dangerous land.

He didn't believe in that.

Su Li sniffed and said indifferently, "This Sovereign naturally has some means, so it is not to be feared."


Jiang Ji stared at me, "Did you not even exert your full strength when you just sparred with me?"

Su Li didn't answer Jiang Qian directly.

Instead, he asked rhetorically, "Aren't you not giving it your all, we're all just each other, and powerful card tricks naturally won't be used to compete."

Jiang Liao nodded his head.

Also understood.

A bottom card was a bottom card.

It was a life and death struggle, or even some means that could turn the situation around at a critical moment.

Which person in the world didn't have such means again.

They all have them.

The difference only lies in the strength or weakness of the bottom card.

Jiang Mo also had some means that he hadn't displayed, and naturally, the other party also had some strong card tricks.

This was normal.


He said indifferently, "There's no harm, it's good that you have the bottom card means since you have the Sovereign Lord.

In case going out isn't bringing me a long experience, but sending yourself to those dangerous places without one, the meaning would probably be different."


Is that so?

Su Li was cold and arrogant, or inherently cold-hearted and thin-skinned, a pretty face filled with coldness and loneliness.

She said, "Tomorrow, this Sect Master will be waiting for you in the Sect, I hope Elder Jiang you won't disappoint me."

"Don't worry." Jiang Jian said, "I, Jiang Jian, am the most serious about promises, since I promised you I will never break my word."

Just rest assured.

Not to mention, that dangerous place, he, Jiang Someone, actually wanted to go to see it.

Just in case there was a benefit to seeing it.

It was also possible that there might be.

Kung Fu.

He was very short of merit methods right now.

"That's good."

After Su Li said that, he was about to leave again.

But at this time.

She suddenly turned around and said to Huang Rong who hadn't spoken the whole time beside her, "Lady Jiang, this Sect Master wants to take Elder Jiang out for a long journey, I wonder if you'll be worried?"

Huang Rong: "........"

She had thought that this aloof Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master would just leave, but who knew that he would suddenly ask this.

Immediately returned to her senses.

She then said, "Both worried, and not worried."

The words were Ling Mode.

The true meaning of which she didn't point out, so she left it to Su Li to speculate on his own.

Jiang Mo secretly smiled, "Rong'er's intelligence is superb, even in this Qing Xuan Continent's cultivation world, she is one of the best, and Patriarch Su is afraid that he will be eating his words."

And Su Li embarrassed Huang Rong, only thinking that he was angry with him, Jiang Lacking Jiang Someone.

Huang Rong's reply, on the other hand, made Jiang lack almost clap her hands.

This time, it was up to her Su Li to answer.

As expected.

The next moment, Su Li didn't look too happy and said coldly, "Lady Jiang's heart is really big, aren't you afraid that your husband will be abducted by this Patriarch?"

Huang Rong was neither humble nor overbearing and said, "If Sect Master Su really has such skills, then sister here would like to congratulate each and every one of them."

Su Li: "........"


Who's going to be a sister.

To be also to be....


Still can't pawn anything.

She was the Patriarch of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, in addition to being....

How could such a person with such status and position be interested in him, when he was just ridiculing Huang Rong's words.

Who would have thought.

She was rebuffed.

So it was a bit embarrassing.

The heart is not too pretty anymore.

It was also a bit exasperating.

Su Li piled up his face and said, "Don't worry about these things, Lady Jiang, Elder Jiang, this Sect Master is leaving.

Tomorrow, you must keep your promise, or else this Sect Master will definitely not let you go."

How would you not let go of the law?

Jiang Xiao muttered in his heart, You Su Li Su Grand Patriarch can still eat him Jiang Ren.


Because Huang Rong was here, he didn't have the good sense to say these words that were a bit laced with ridicule and banter.

It's better not to stir up trouble.

It's better to be single.

It's better to be single, otherwise how can you have time to deal with matters on cultivation ah.

Su Li was beautiful, even more beautiful than Huang Rong.


There were three thousand weak waters, but he, Jiang Hou, was only willing to take the one that belonged to him.

Not even more for free.


Isn't it very graceful and noble?


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