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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1124 - Testing the Test? (subscription sought)

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At the end of the Jiang lacking dojo.

A snow-white silhouette actually appeared there at some unknown time.

It was as if it had blended into the world, standing there so quietly that if one didn't look closely, one would definitely not notice its presence.

The other party was clad in white and masked, unable to tell if he was male or female.

With a faint true energy mana running on his body, he was currently looking at Jiang Chi calmly.

It was as if he knew that Jiang Chi was coming back.

It was magical.

I don't know what kind of existence it was.

Anyway, Jiang Chi was perplexed, being able to appear silently in his dojo and still be able to break the boundary and protective dao formation without forcing it.

This man was strong.

He could easily feel it.

As for why he was able to come in, he didn't know.

It was probably because of the strength.

After all, people were strong.

The strong ones have the right to speak.

The weak, on the other hand, did not have the right to speak.

In the world of immortality, it was realistic, more realistic than the reality on Earth.

Jiang Mo also stood, he carefully sized up the other party and did not speak up.

In truth, there were already some hidden suspicions in his heart.

But he wasn't entirely sure.

So looking at the other party's appearance in white, as if blending into the surroundings, it was obvious that the realm was very high.

At least in terms of his control over himself and the use of his true energy mana, Jiang Xiao felt that the other party was more than a star and a half stronger than himself.

Who exactly was the other party?

Jiang Xiao did not open his mouth.

It wasn't that he didn't want to open his mouth, but he was now very confused.

It was reasonable to say that the other party could enter his dojo without a sound, so naturally they could easily kill him.

But it didn't necessarily seem that way now.

The other party's powerful strength looked pretty good.

It also seemed to have a few subtleties up, the kind of appearance that seemed to blend with the surrounding heavens and earth, the kind of situation that seemed so normal that it made him feel that this person was not simple.

"Could it be..."

Jiang Mo secretly guessed in his heart.

This person was that legendary Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master not.

Then, why didn't he come out at first.

He had to wait for him, Jiang Someone, to kill Elder Huang before he came out secretly.

Could it be that he was looking down on him, Jiang Chi.


Jiang Chi whirled and shook his head, "It shouldn't be possible, this person's realm is very high, but his true energy mana level is not high, so it seems to be just a so-called higher state of mind."

In the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, another person who could come in quietly.

Obviously it could only be an acquaintance.

Or rather, someone who was familiar with the Hao Ran Immortal Sect's dojo.

This person in front of me was probably such an existence.

Jiang Qian pondered.

The other party didn't say anything, but instead slowly moved closer towards Jiang Kou, seemingly intending to approach.

Looking at Jiang Guiao, he was stunned.

How many meanings was this, could it be that he thought that he was handsome today, Jiang Guoxiang.

But before these thoughts could be pondered out, he saw a fine turquoise green sword slowly drawn out of that person's hand.

The true energy mana on his body was also poured into it like water.

That meaning was obvious.

Desire to win a battle against him, Jiang Liao.

There was a great sense of such thoughts within it.

Jiang Ji's eyebrows raised and he didn't say anything, but his hand moved slightly, and his thoughts turned into Immortal Yuan Mana surging up his hand.

Want to test the waters?

He gazed and secretly said, "It's just as well, I also want to try your skills to see if it's me, the Human Immortal, who is powerful, or you, the Sovereign Lord of the Means of Qi, who is powerful."


Jiang Mo had actually guessed it.

The person in white before him should be the mysterious and weird sect master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

Everyone else said that the Sect Master had gone out and never returned.


Elder Huang Zhan's words just now were the truth.

This sect master should have been at the sect and had never gone out, but for some unknown reason, he had declared to the public that he had gone out and had not returned.

Of course.

The dao of this was unknown to Jiang Jiang.

He just wanted to know now to weigh this Sovereign's catty and see what kind of skills this powerful being had.

Perhaps he wouldn't be disappointed.

After all, the other party's mind cultivation was so high that it could be said that for someone like Jiang Hou who never cultivated mind cultivation, it was the difference between an emperor and a beggar.

Or maybe.

An immortal who could overturn rivers and seas, and a mortal who was only a few decades old.

That was all.

The difference between the two was just too great.

If he, Jiang Chi, didn't have the existence of the Vajra Bracelets, he could absorb the origin of the outside world for cultivation without restriction.

Nor could he describe it as cultivation.

Or it would be more appropriate to describe it as a direct accumulation.

--Because it was also true that this means of Jiang Chi's was all dependent on the World Origin Force, thus forcibly raising it up and directly pushing his cultivation to the peak.

This was the only way to have the strength of today's Human Immortal.

If placed in the Flood Era, he was the typical type that only cultivated mana but not the Heavenly Dao.

If he were to enter the Sealing Tribulation, he would definitely be the type of existence that would be on the list.

Cultivating the mind?

What's with the mind.

Concentrate on cultivating mana. Doesn't it smell good?

That's why he never cultivated his mind, perhaps because of his talent, or perhaps because of something else, which led to the current situation.

Anyway, he was very strong in one piece.

But to say the degree of control over his own state of mind, and his own mana, he was far inferior to others.

Why would he need anything else when he could be piled towards the peak.


It was too tiring to cultivate the state of mind.

Even what Jiang Chi disliked.

It was these various reasons that caused his current cultivation to appear off-kilter.

If it wasn't for the Vajra Bracelets, he wouldn't have made it this far, and even if he hadn't been able to break through, he would have definitely gone off the deep end.

But now.

Jiang Chi was a different kind of existence.

He was very different.

In comparison, he wasn't ordinary at all.

And so.

The Immortal Yuan mana in Jiang Chi's body flowed and slapped viciously at the other party.

No one spoke between the two sides.

The other party was also holding a thin turquoise sword towards Jiang Ji, with no killing intent at all.

Jiang Ji knew that the other party was just testing.

So he became probing as well.

"Patriarch, I don't know how strong you've been all these years."

Jiang Qian secretly thought, "Even that elder Huang Zhan said he had never seen you before, and I don't know what your status is, maybe this seat has a chance to know."

He was a mid Human Immortal realm powerhouse.

It was destined to be different.

After thinking of this, Jiang Qian suddenly burst out with the terrifying energy of a mid Human Immortal Realm, routing down towards the other party.

The first hand exchanged hands and each retreated.

The man was about to prepare his next move skill, but he felt the powerful momentum from Jiang Chi's body.

Crumbling it down to the point that its true qi solidified and stagnated, the powerful momentum was actually a bit unimaginable.

Very strong.

So strong that the corners of the opponent's mouth began to twitch non-stop.

Jiang Mo could even vaguely see it.

The other party probably had the urge to punch someone wildly.

It was actually the Human Immortal Realm.

But how could a human beings be strong to this extent.

Not to mention the fact that Jiang Lack's cultivation wasn't very long, it was only a very short time by all accounts.

Now it was different.

A Sect Master was not even a match for him.

Speaking truly enough to ridicule it.

Very ironic.

It was also realistic.

So this mysterious Sovereign stopped.

At the same time, he also put away the thin, turquoise sword in his hand and said in a ghostly manner, "You have not been here in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect for more than ten full years, yet you have a Human Immortal realm cultivation, how do you cultivate?"

The other party had processed the voice.

Therefore, Jiang Kou couldn't hear whether it was male or female.

Together with the divine means, it also made him look hazy.

There was a feeling of being unable to make out what was going on.

It was fantastic.

He knew that the person in front of him should be the mysterious Sovereign from the legends.

Many people, by the way, should have never seen this existence before.


He was fortunate enough to see it, and he didn't know if it was luck or his unluckiness.

Anyway, it felt magical.


This Hao Ran Immortal Sect's Patriarch didn't seem to have three heads or six arms, nor did he have supreme divine abilities.

It seemed to have an average cultivation.

It was similar to what he had expected, not beyond his thoughts.

It wasn't as strong as him anyway.

Jiang Jiang did not answer the other party's question, instead, he looked deeply at that sect master, "Are you the Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master?"

"It's me."

The other replied, "You should have guessed, why do you need to ask?"

It seemed puzzled.

Jiang Ji breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing the words, "Although I guessed, I'm not entirely sure, so I asked."

He was dressed in a white brocade robe, but he was imposing and domineering.

Coupled with that mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation breath, there was even a domineering presence that looked down on the world.

Very powerful.

At least in that Sovereign's heart, he felt that Jiang Chi was already a strong man.

If there was only dissatisfaction, it would probably be Jiang Chi's action just now and not knowing that it was the Sovereign.

What a failure.

Jiang Jiang was naturally unaware of these circumstances.

He looked at this Sovereign in amazement and said, "I don't know what it is that the Sovereign has come to the dojo of this seat."

This was an unwelcome guest.

Although he thought he was strong, even this Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master couldn't be stronger than him.

But it was still a bit unpleasant at the moment.

After all, this sect master could enter and exit his dojo at any time, so wouldn't it mean that there would be no privacy for the dojo in the future.

Once he was used by the other party, he might even be able to find out where he was sleeping tomorrow.

This would not do.

Besides, this Sovereign wasn't showing his true face at the moment, causing him a small loss.

"Can't you come if you're fine?"

Basically all the elders had been killed by Jiang Chi.

Call it a good helplessness.

Sect Master: "........"

Faintly glancing at Jiang lacking, "So, you are admitting the fact that you beat and killed the Chief Inner Elder?"

As for the remaining elders in the sect.

Other than you Jiang Lack, where are the rest of those elders okay.

None of them are strong anymore.

All of them are some crooked generation, and even if new elders could be promoted out later, they would ultimately be inferior to the previous batch.

Not to mention, it would take countless hours to contain the new batch of elders.

It would have to be allowed to grow up.

Otherwise, it would be nothing more than empty talk and big words.


A kill is a kill.

It was nothing to hide, and there was no harm in admitting it.

Anyway, this Sovereign Lord had already known that this inquiry was nothing more than a test now, and Jiang Qian had already cleared the door.

He continued, "This seat is at least the eleven elders of the sect, if the sect needs it, this seat can also come out and sit down, so you shouldn't worry too much, Sect Master."


What's the point of not worrying more.

The sect master said in his heart, seeing as this sect has been overturned by you, the strength of the entire Hao Ran Immortal Sect has dropped by several percent.

If I don't come out, it's possible that the sect will be destroyed by you, the eleven elders.

In response to this.

Then he felt that Jiang Chi was a very mixed up person, so he continued, "Jiang Chi, you still haven't answered my Sect Master's question, how exactly did you grow up to this point?

The Human Immortal realm is not something that an ordinary person can achieve, and besides, you are in such a poor state of mind, yet you have such an achievement.

Truly unimaginable!"

This sovereign found it incomprehensible.


Jiang Ji saw this but his eyes turned and asked curiously, "Sect Master, do you want to know why?"

The Sovereign gave a blank stare.

Heart: nonsense!

I do want to know, after all, people have curiosity.

Being a Sovereign was no exception.

Which had thought.

Jiang Chi smiled heedlessly and said, "Nothing else, this seat knew that its talent for immortal cultivation was not good enough, so it was going to give up, but who knew that it would be like this after sleeping and waking up."

He spoke extraordinarily pretentiously.

It was a great kind of earthly man who said he didn't know how much money he had.

Hao Ran Immortal Sovereign: "......."

I don't think I'm a three-year-old child, but you, Jiang Qian, have grown up under the personal watch of the Patriarch.

If you hadn't wandered off at a critical moment, you wouldn't know the reason.


Jiang lack's appearance made this Sovereign feel so angry, especially now, very beaten up.

Very beatable!


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