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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1123 - Sovereign Lord? (subscription sought)

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Sect Master?

Jiang Chi was not afraid.

He was now a powerful cultivator of the Human Immortal Realm, and even if the mysterious and inscrutable Sovereign of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect came, he would be able to battle for three hundred rounds.

It was not feared in the slightest.


Even if this elder lifted out that mysterious sect master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, he would feel indifferent.

It was just a mere sect master.

Could it be any more powerful than the other Immortal Realm?

Obviously there couldn't be.

Since it wasn't even possible for him to be powerful, it was naturally impossible for him to be scrupulous, but Jiang Lack's strength was terrifying.

To this.

He was also confident.

It was just the Patriarch, and he was confident that he could handle it easily.

Even though Elder Huang Zhan had already lifted up that Sect Master, he said disdainfully, "Hehe, Elder you are afraid that you are joking, even if the Sect Master sent you here, what do you think this seat has to fear with its mid Human Immortal realm cultivation?"

Elder: "..."


He instantly stopped saying anything.

It wasn't that he didn't want to, but he didn't dare anymore.

Jiang Liao's strength he might not have seen before, but now he was truly feeling it.

Not as good as is not as good as.

Although he didn't know the geometry of that Sovereign's cultivation, he thought that it would be considered remarkable if he was only at the Dao Merging Realm.


Even the Merging Dao Realm wasn't good enough.

Jiang Qian was a Human Immortal above the Hapkido Realm.

This realm was enough to make Elder Huang Zhan feel despair, the deep kind.

What could he do.

As if at this moment.

At the age of one hundred, he became an Elder of the Haoran Immortal Sect.

And then, even more so, by relying on his various incredible means, he would sit decadently paralyzed on the ground.

He knew that he didn't have much of a chance.

Jiang Chi would definitely attack him, after all, he had previously threatened to take revenge by killing Jiang Chi.

Now it was his turn.

It was just that the reversal had come a little too quickly, leaving him a little startled and even crying.

The mood was complicated.

"Jiang... Elder Jiang, can you give me a decent death?"

Huang Zhan was grief-stricken and very miserable.

I thought that this trip out to seek Jiang Chi's displeasure should be an easy and smooth affair, even if Jiang Chi didn't come out of the gate, he would have a way to deal with it after a long time.

After all, he was an immortal cultivator and the Grand Elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, and he hadn't lived all these years for nothing.

After thinking about these situations, his heart was a bit different.

It suddenly became different.


You can survive on your own, too.

Of course, the premise was if Jiang Lack wasn't so powerful.

But now, it seemed that all the things he had done before were useless, and Jiang Liao was still so strong.

He still couldn't fight against it.

Mid Human Immortal Realm.

At any rate, he was dipped in an Immortal.

What should he do?


Huang Zhan now only begged Jiang Xiao to give him a decent death.

After all, he was considered a big shot anyway, wouldn't it be a loss of face if he died without knowing why.

That would be miserable.

Thinking about it was somewhat more than worth the loss.

Naturally, he didn't want to do things that way.

And asking Jiang Qiao to forgive himself was even more of an impossible thing to do, after all, Jiang Qiao had said earlier that he would leave before he got angry.

Unfortunately, he hadn't bothered to understand that either.

It led to an awkward situation now.

His resolution was brutal, but it wasn't the outcome Huang Zhan wanted to see, and he actually wanted to live well.

That might be the best outcome.

But now it seemed that the situation was somewhat contrary to what he had suspected.

It was difficult.

At this moment.

Jiang Chi was smilingly looking at this Hao Ran Immortal Sect's Grand Elder Huang Zhan, as he said indifferently, "O Grand Elder, this seat originally had no grudge against you, but you've come to provoke me in vain."

Grand Elder: "......."

He was a black heart, but could not help but secretly twitch up the face.

My unlucky brother was killed by you, wasn't he, and you, Jiang Hou, even opened your eyes and lied, dared to swindle the others.


Do I really know nothing about Huang Zhan.

He was self-cold to the core, and cold light swept over him.

If he wasn't convinced that he couldn't beat Jiang Xiao, he actually wanted to test Jiang Xiao's skills.

Weigh his weight.

But it was the case that Jiang Lack was even stronger than he had imagined, and he felt that he had no way to deal with it.

 "Grand Elder, what kind of a decent death do you want?"

Jiang Qian curiously asked, "Can you tell me first, if it's not hard to do, this seat also likes to fulfill people."

Huang Zhan heard the words, but he no longer held any hope.

He said, "Letting me reincarnate with a wisp of my soul, I don't want Elder Jiang to reincarnate me in the next life, I'm just willing to live my life peacefully."

It didn't seem like a big deal.


Jiang Chi smiled coldly, "Elder, I must say that you still have some wisdom, but unfortunately it's just used in the wrong place.

Even at this point, you're still thinking of reincarnating and living another life, I'm afraid that relying on those backers of yours, it would be easy to reawaken the memories of your previous life.

Embarking on the path of immortality once again, relying on your memories of this life, you might grow up at the fastest speed, and by then the throne will have an enemy for no reason and not even know it.

Is that so?


Elder Huang Zhan's mouth twitched, but he shook his head defiantly and said, "It's not like that, Elder Jiang you've got it wrong, I... how could I have such an unrealistic idea.

Moreover, Elder Jiang you have convinced me, I would never do that."


Jiang Chi nodded inexplicably, but said, "Don't worry, only the dead will be completely free of threats, and this seat will definitely not leave any threats behind."

Although it was a bit overbearing to act like that.


It was still a good thing for Jiang Xiao.

The heavenly kind.

Letting this elder reincarnate, he would only do that unless he had a bag in his skull, or was in water.

Otherwise, he wasn't stupid.

How would he do such a laborious and unpleasant thing.

Killing Huang Zhan completely was better than anything.

The reason why he, Jiang Someone, hadn't done it yet was because he wanted to draw that mysterious Sovereign to show himself.

Huang Zhan was already in the palm of his hand anyway.

It would be easy to annihilate it as well.

It was truly a painful experience.

The great elder who once himself had to be envied and even looked up to, was now only a prisoner of his Jiang.

I'm afraid others wouldn't believe it if I said it.

But that was the truth.

Originally, Huang Fighting Despair was no longer able to resist.

A pale face and a heart as white as death.

It looked as miserable as it was going to be.

But he suddenly realized that Jiang Chi hadn't done anything yet, and the words he had just spoken were just words.


Then he became a bit curious, "Elder Jiang, you... why haven't you made a move yet?


Jiang Ji was stunned at the words and said with a raised eyebrow, "What, are you so anxious to turn into ashes, Elder?"

Simply put, you're looking for death?

Naturally, Huang Zhan wasn't looking for death.

Well, he was just curious.

After all, after hearing Jiang Xiao talk for half a day and not seeing him put his hands into action, he was naturally curious.

It was only human nature.

After Jiang Jiankou's ridicule and banter, the elder blushed a bit.

He was quite embarrassed and said, "Elder Jiang, it's only a matter of success and defeat, but now that I, Mister Huang, have fallen into your hands and gotten my death at the hands of an immortal, it's not insulting."

At any rate, one who had seen an immortal.

--Although it was the worst kind of immortal.

But it was indeed an immortal, the kind that called him envious, "It's a pity that I, Huang Mou, won't have the chance to see it again, if I can, I must become such a powerful immortal in the future."

It's just that Jiang Yao wouldn't necessarily let him go.


It should be destined not to let him go.

Jiang Kou had just made it clear that he would never let him go, and bruising the bones was probably the easiest thing to do.

It's the final outcome that will end up with his soul flying away ah.

The thought of these situations.

He felt his skull hurt and looked helpless.

At this moment.

Jiang Chi once again said to Huang Zhan with a smiling face, "Elder, since you want to die early so much, then this seat will fulfill your wish, and the Sovereign Lord you're talking about shouldn't be able to do anything anyway."



Huang Zhan seemed to have understood something.

He immediately said, "Elder Jiang, do you want to use me to draw out the Patriarch?"

Not that it was stupid.

Jiang Gou did indeed have this idea.

However, it was only a mere thought, and he didn't have this thought very strongly.

In case that Sovereign Lord didn't come out, he had no choice ah.


Jiang Ji shook his head and said, "Yes, but it's not all right, speaking of which, it's the first time I've ever met the sect elder who faces you, let alone that inimitable Hao Ran Immortal Sect Master.

Tell me, who is that sect master, what kind of cultivation and strength does he possess, and what kind of methods and skills does he have?"

Huang Zhan: "........"

After hearing the words.

He, on the other hand, gave Jiang lackluster a glance, "What kind of person do you think the Sect Master is, that kind of existence is something you can just meet if you want to?"


Jiang Gui's eyebrows raised, "Then I wonder if you've seen the Grand Elder before?"

Huang Zhan shook his head up for a while and sighed, "No, although I'm the Grand Elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, the Patriarch's divine dragon is nowhere to be seen, and I've been out a lot in the previous years, so I've never seen the Patriarch, I only know that the Patriarch has always been in the sect."

Jiang Ji: "........"


Been with the clan?

Does that mean that everyone knows about my little tricks over the years?

Maybe even the matter of traveling through space and time is known.

Even if you don't know about it, I think you can deduce some information based on some traces.


That's horrifying.

For a moment.

Elder Huang Zhan's words shocked him immensely, and his heart, which was like an ancient well, gradually grew restless.

He began to worry.

Did that mysterious and inscrutable Sovereign Lord already know his secret.

Or perhaps.

People had been silently observing him in secret.

Jiang Mo had probably forgotten that the one time he rejoined the sect, it was someone who helped him cover his Qi.

Of course, Jiang Xiao was unaware of these circumstances.

After all, at that time, his cultivation was still very low and he couldn't even get on the stage, so naturally, he wouldn't know about this situation.

Right now.

He, however, heard Huang Zhan's words and felt that he was powerful and domineering, though.

But he might not be truly invincible in the entire Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

Maybe that mysterious Sect Master was in the shadows.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Jiang fiercely slapped his palm down towards Huang Zhan.



Huang Zhan, a great elder of the first generation of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, a revered king, had fallen.

The kind of soul that flew away.

His flesh and soul gradually turned into ashes with the energy of Jiang Qian's palm.

It was estimated that even he had thought that he would actually die in such a way.

Death had begun.

Once upon a time, this Great Elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect was an extraordinary existence.

Jiang lacked the ability to look up and around, and then leapt deep and landed on his own dojo, still not finding any suspicious people.

"Although it is said that a man's words are good even if he is about to die, but this is the realm of Immortalism, a hideous place that eats people without spitting bones, and a man's words may not be good even if he is about to die."

That Huang Zhan knew that he was bound to die, and he might not necessarily have no intention of trapping Jiang Liao.


On this huge Hao Ran Immortal Sect, only that Sect Master was still mysterious, so he wanted to use Elder Huang Zhan's death to draw him out.


Jiang Ji shook his head and sighed as he was about to enter his palace, but he quietly discovered that at the end of the dojo there was....


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