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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1121 - Before This Seat Gets Angry (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Qian was angry and laughed.

This elder didn't know where he got the confidence to feel good about himself.

Anyway, Jiang Ke felt that this old immortal should be in need of cleaning up.

"Maybe that's true."

After all these years, he had been a high ranking Sect Elder, belonging to the second-in-command of the Haoran Immortal Sect, and basically no one could threaten him.

Whether it was in terms of status, or in terms of cultivation strength, etc., it was such a situation.

Jiang Mo sort of understood.

This Huang Zhan was purely here to be funny, and perhaps he should congratulate this elder for the fact that he had managed to make himself laugh.

If he could, he actually wanted to slap Huang Zhan and fly away, and in the meantime, let him see his flying hair palm.

I'm sure it would benefit him for life.


After determining Old Huang's character, Jiang Qian had another thought in mind.

Quickly, he said grudgingly, "Grand Elder, this seat is also giving you a chance to live, or a way out, I wonder if you want it?"

And then.

He didn't wait for the elder to reply, so he spoke to himself.

"Hurry up and leave before this elder gets completely angry, as well as before you have completely figured out how to deal with you."

Jiang Chi said contemptuously, "Right, in the end, you'll have to retreat when you see this seat in the future, or else this seat won't mind using some tactics on you, after all, the enemy needs to be nipped in the bud for it to be best, right Elder?"

"Quite right."

Huang Zhan nodded his head with deep emotion, but then he raised his head and said proudly, "Elder Jiang, what you're saying is also exactly what this Elder is going to say to you, I wonder what you think?"

There was also banter in his eyes.

Probably, in the eyes of this elder, Jiang Lack was just a young and energetic lad, with no other benefit than being younger.

There was nothing else besides that.

With all these circumstances, it made Jiang Xiao feel surprised that this Grand Elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect seemed to have a lot of self-confidence.


"The more confident you are, the more this seat will belittle you and even look down on you."

These words were just his mumblings, but they represented the thoughts in his heart.

An old guy from the Returning Ruins Realm was honestly not very good.

Very ordinary.

Not really a powerful person.


Before he, Jiang Someone, had become a mid Human Immortal Realm powerhouse, this Elder Huang Zhan was still considered a figure.

But now well.

It really wasn't much anymore.

What was the Returning Realm to him, in front of the Human Immortal Realm.

Not enough to look at ah.

And so.

After all, it was rare for him, Jiang Sheng, to open his mouth wide, and in the past, he would immediately dislike the enemy as soon as he decided it was an enemy.

It definitely counted as the most in history.

The Grand Elder hadn't thought of this, he also despised Jiang Chi and sneered, "Elder Jiang, if you're afraid of death, you can actually beg for forgiveness, this Elder is not an unkind person, for the sake of us being in the same sect, I'll definitely give you a satisfactory answer, what do you think?"


Jiang Ji glanced coldly and said, "So, the elder doesn't want to talk with this seat anymore?"

"Think so."

Huang Zhan said lightly, "I just don't know how you want to talk to this Elder Jiang."

He was kind of looking forward to it, though.


If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't feel that Jiang Xiao was already a mole in his palm that he could move at will, he wouldn't have dared to be so bold.

But now.

He had actually decided that Jiang Xiao was deliberately pretending to be strong because he was afraid of death.

Actually, that meaning was already very clear.

It was nothing more than thinking that he was weak, but if he pretended to be strong, he might get someone's attention.

Once he, Huang Zhan, became fearful, or even scared and retreated, then he would have succeeded.

He, Huang Zhan, had seen this kind of scene many times.

It was because of this that he was very sure that what Jiang Lack was doing was nothing more than trying to scare him, and if he was lucky enough to really scare him, he might be able to buy some time to ease the situation.

"Elder Jiang, I must say that you are very smart."

Elder Huang Zhan said indifferently, "However, your cleverness seems to have been used in the wrong place, this Elder is not something you can fool or scare, so you are destined to be miserable."

Jiang Qian: "........"

He silently looked at this self-righteous Hao Ran Immortal Clan elder and couldn't help but laugh and cry.

This old man was inevitably a little too confident.

I don't know where the other party got this kind of confidence from, but almost he, Jiang Someone, believed it.

"Grand Elder, this seat does think that you can actually continue to be the Grand Elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, isn't it bad for a second-in-command of an immortal cultivation sect?"

Jiang Ji said, "But you have chosen to provoke this seat, isn't this digging your own grave, your future days are probably going to be miserable."

Spoken like you're winning the battle.

Grand Elder Huang Zhan thought disdainfully in his heart, he didn't think that Jiang Qian's words could threaten him.

It didn't exist.

Threatening this kind of thing could only be done by him, Huang Zhan, no one else could do it, after all, he was the Grand Elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, or that unimpeachable homecoming realm existence.

This status alone was enough to scare a large group of people.

But now, Jiang Chi was actually threatening him as well, and saying that he, the Grand Elder, was about to die soon.

This was clearly a curse.

But where was he willing to listen to those words.

Immediately, he said sternly, "Jiang Chi, this elder should advise you to restrain yourself, or else I don't mind making you suffer some pain.

Don't worry, since you are also the eleventh elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, this elder won't kill you.

But dealing with you according to the sect rules is inevitable."

For an immortal cultivator, sometimes abolishing him was even more terrifying than killing him.

At this moment.

This was what the elder was thinking.

He felt that this plan was good and useful, and he might be able to witness Jiang Xiao's miserable appearance with his own eyes.

Presumably, it should be easy to teach those in the clan a deep, and unforgettable, lesson.

"Bind your hands?"

Jiang Ji was once again angered and laughed at Huang Zhan's words, "Elder, see you don't know, the power of this seat is not something you can deal with, you should know what the concept of mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation is."

"Good, I know."

The Grand Elder nodded and sneered, "But it's because you know, that's why this Elder thinks you're lying, holding yourself up high, who wouldn't."


You Elder Jiang is using it in the wrong place.

He, Mister Huang, doesn't like it and is full of care.

This time.

Jiang Jiang felt the need to show some strength to show this Elder Huang that he wasn't just bragging.

He, Jiang Someone, was truly in the realm of Human Immortal cultivation.

And this kind of cultivation situation.


Jiang Jiang didn't even care about Huang Zhan's homeward bound cultivation, "Although Old Immortal Huang is already considered strong in the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, he's really not strong for me."


Even if he was a Sect Grand Elder, he was just a mere insect.

It's not really any good.


It doesn't exist.

As for the sense of accomplishment after killing this elder?

That was even less so.

Because Huang Zhan was like an ant in his eyes, the reason why he would talk so much with it, the reason why he hadn't immediately taken action to kill it, was simply because he could kill it at any time.

The victory was already in his grasp.

And the space around it had already been sealed off by him, Jiang Someone.

Even if those disciples outside could see what was going on here, even if they could hear his conversation with the Grand Elder.


As long as he didn't want those disciples to see and hear, they wouldn't be able to see or hear.

Such great strength gave Jiang Lack confidence.

Not to mention that in this Qing Xuan Continent, when he turned his hand over to the clouds, he was at least able to live in a very relaxed and natural manner.

At this time.

The elder continued to say indifferently, "Elder Jiang, this elder feels that you're probably going to miss out on one of the most important choices in your life."

"Is that so?"

Jiang Ji was surprised, "This seat doesn't think so, at least by virtue of your elder's cultivation in the Returning Ruins realm, it's still a bit short, don't you think so?"

To a hammer.

He didn't believe in any of this.

Huang Zhan didn't have a good look at Jiang Lack, his indifferent eyes landing hard on Jiang Lack.

He felt that this was a stubborn fellow who was about to be scrapped and didn't even know that he was about to be scrapped, but he still thought of taking a shot at him and even acted as if he was self-righteous.

Truly stupid to the core!

When he was a fake, it was definitely not a fluke that he had lived for so many years and was fortunate enough to become the Grand Elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

How could it be possible if he didn't have the strength.

The true qi in his body began to sweep up wildly, and Huang Zhan felt that the time was probably nearing.

"Since you are stubborn, then don't blame this elder for being rude."

Huang Zhan felt that he was a grand elder with an honorable status, not to mention powerful.

He was also full of confidence.

Feeling that everything was won, there was nothing to worry about.

Jiang lacked?

After today, he will be a thing of the past.

And will cease to exist.

In the clan.

Those who had ridiculed, mocked, and even bantered with him, Huang, would be avenged by him.

"I'm remembering their faces, so I'll definitely be able to make these bastards feel bad when the time comes."

One must know that he, Huang Zhan, was not a good or benign person, and even he was cautious as well.

Retaliation was also very normal.

He, Huang Zhan, was also human and had anger in his heart, especially when those clan disciples, deacons, and elders mocked him before.

This time.

He must have a clan purge, and it would be best to purge out those whose hearts didn't belong to the clan.

It must be a very good idea.

Of course.

The premise was that he had to get rid of Jiang Lack now, or else there was no way to deal with it.


This clan elder Huang Zhan probably couldn't have imagined that Jiang Liao wasn't an ordinary existence.

Mid Human Immortal Realm.

This was definitely not something that he, Huang Zhan, could deal with, knowing that Huang Zhan was only in the Homeworld Realm.

However, he didn't believe that Jiang Xiao was already in the middle stage of the Human Immortal Realm.

This was something that could not be helped, anyone else would only be afraid that they wouldn't believe it, after all, Jiang Liao was still too young.

It was impossible for him to become a Human Immortal, he would rather believe that Jiang Lack had lucked out than never believe that he had become a Human Immortal.

After all, it was impossible.

Jiang Jiang looked coldly, his face suddenly showing his displeasure, "Oh, ah Elder, you probably don't know, but now you are actually very close to death.

And you've managed to anger me."

"So what?"

Huang Zhan said indifferently, "With the strength of this Elder's cultivation today, can you still do anything to me?"

"What if I could?"

Jiang Ji provoked, "Elder, you should know that this seat is not joking with you, otherwise you think this seat would come out here and talk so much nonsense to you?"

Elder: "..."

He stared at it and said, "Isn't that the way it is?"


Old Huang had always thought so ah.

Suddenly feeling a little startled.

Could it be that there was something about this that he didn't know?


Jiang Ji leaned close to this Grand Elder and said in a low voice, "Grand Elder, I must say you're really an Iron Simpleton."

Grand Elder: "........"


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