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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1116 - Strange Happenings (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Three days later.

Everything was ready, Jiang Jiang lightly embraced Li Lili, and there was Immortal Yuan Mana surging out to envelop the two of them in the perimeter of his thoughts.

Daoist silver-white light spread out, and there were all sorts of divine and incredible luster appearing.

Immediately after.

It wrapped the two of them at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into a stream of light that ordinary people could hardly detect and disappearing into the sky.

Like that star, it flickered.


And filled with divine brilliance.

It eventually turned into a small black dot that flickered from near and far until it disappeared.

Gone very suddenly.

It was also very silent, and no one's ghosts or spirits noticed it.

Not even that Lord of the Three Realms, Li Er.

He hadn't noticed Jiang Mo and Li Li's departure.

He only had a vague feeling that something big was about to happen, as if something important was leaving him.

A pinch of his finger counted but nothing came to mind.

When he looked again with his magical powers, there was still nothing, nothing to be seen.

It was as if nothing had happened.

She was truly stunned, and couldn't help but murmur, "What the hell is going on, what happened?"

There were things in heaven and earth that he didn't even know about.


Li Er didn't think about Jiang Xiao on it.

He chanted his gaze, "Someone, go and find out for me if there are any major events happening in this world."

I don't know why.

Li Er always felt unsettled, like there was something big happening about him.

He was very puzzled.

Already being the Lord of the Three Realms, what could be related to him.

His Majesty Li Er couldn't really think of it.

And unable to calculate.

It was confusing.

And confused.

Since the gods under his hands had led their orders, now that the Heavenly Soldiers were complete, the three thousand six hundred gods had been able to complete the throne without any defects.

It could be counted as perfect.

After all.

More than a thousand years had passed.

The countless years that had appeared to fill down the talents had also filled up those holes.

The only thing that was different was probably those talents that were uneven.

But that didn't matter.

There would still be time in the future, so he could just take his time to replace them.

He could look forward to it infinitely anyway.

Right now.

Simply leave.


Just as he had guessed.

The vajra bracelet was mainly just sheltering him alone.

As for Li Lili, perhaps the Vajra Bracelets looked out for his sake, so it gave some protection.

But Jiang Kou clearly felt that the layer of protection that fell on Li Lili's body was weak.

His mood sank all of a sudden.


A moment.

He used his own mana as the base to rigidly hold up a shield on Li Li's body.

But his shield was nothing compared to the power of time and space.

It could be said to be fragile.

One heaven, one earth.

A human immortal was a human immortal.

Relying on his own strength was simply not enough to counteract it.

As for the shield he had laid for Li Liria, it was like paper mache, torn to shreds when touched by the power of space-time.

There was no longer half an existence.


"Could it be that I, Jiang Someone, have cultivated the Immortal Dao for half a lifetime and still can't even keep the person I love the most?"

He was bitter.

But also resigned.

He thought he was strong, so he felt that there was no problem travelling through the heavens.

But now, he watched as the endless space-time power strangled over, and the protective shield boundary he had set up was like paper mache.

It was rigidly torn into several halves.

Not a single point remained.

At the same time.

The layer of protection provided by the Vajra Bracelet also resisted slightly the moment the space-time force made contact with it.

Then it shattered with a slight shake as well.

It lasted a bit longer than Jiang's.

It was only a matter of a few breaths of time before the layer of barrier had shattered aside like glass, and the multicolored space-time power strangled down, calling her flesh to turn into a cloud of ash in a matter of moments.


He tried to reach out and grab it.

But there was nothing to grab onto, only a cloud of ash from the flesh.

The flesh collapsed.

It was strangled cleanly by that temporal force, and there was no good left.

Even though Jiang Jiang's heart was prepared and had even predicted such an outcome, it was still filled with grief and anger at the moment.

The anger in his heart could hardly be quelled.

"It's all my fault."

Jiang Gong pounded his feet, if he hadn't softened and loosened his heart and allowed Li Li to stay in the Great Tang World, but instead quietly left himself.

Would the ending have been different?

Maybe she was still alive and well in the State Counselor's Mansion, and not dead.

Nor would she have ended up in such a miserable state.

It was all my own fault.

Jiang Jiang incomparably blamed himself, "If I had continued to hold on for a bit longer, would Lili not have had to die?"

He blamed himself ten thousand times.

It was all because he hadn't stuck with it.

How else could he have fallen.

Jiang Qiao was grief-stricken for a moment and cried tears, although he had predicted this possible ending.

But when it actually happened, it was still hard for him to accept.

After all, a person who had accompanied him for over a thousand years was gone like this.

It would only be hard to put it on anyone.

It wasn't like there hadn't been half a bit of emotion, let alone a bit of affection, for so many years.

On the contrary.

Their feelings were deep.

That was why Jiang Xiao was sad.

He thought that at most he would be a little injured, and that his strength would be enough to shelter most of the damage.

But the result was....

Makes him think he's thinking wrong.

Big mistake.

"By the way, Reiji's remaining soul must be preserved."

Otherwise, there was nothing left.

If you have a soul, then you can still be reincarnated and reborn, or taken away and reborn, or directly cultivated.

It's all possible.

Even if it was just the remnant soul coming, it was still very promising.

He would then be able to use all sorts of heavenly treasures for Li Li, and maybe have a chance to continue his rebirth like Huang Rong did.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then hurriedly searched for it, but he didn't find Li Lili's soul in the various glories that filled the space-time passage.

"Could it be..."

You think they'll just hang your soul?

He was terrified, and if that was the case, he would be like burying Li Liqian with his own hands.

How unprofitable that would be.

Moreover, this possibility existed now as well.

He searched more carefully and still didn't find it, not even within the vajra bracelet.

Even if it was just a residual soul.


Jiang Mo's face was gloomy to the extreme.


He suddenly thought of a possibility, could it be that Li Lili had integrated into the vajra bracelet?

"I'll have to double check." He said, "While Reiji's cultivation is not enough to counter the power of time and space, the vajra bracelet is sheltering her, and while that power is small, it does exist."

There was no reason for her to be gone.

Perhaps it was somewhere within the Vajra Bangle?

It's possible.


Jiang Hou hurriedly searched again to see if Li Li's remnant soul had gone to some object within the Vajra Bracelet.

Attached to it, perhaps it was just an instinct.

It might not be found if he didn't look carefully, so he cleared up the pieces one by one, letting the surrounding space-time channels flow.

At the same time, he also got really scared.

In case....


Jiang Jian fiercely shook his head, "There's absolutely no chance of that happening, Lili she has good luck, it shouldn't be possible for this to happen."

She must still be alive.

He definitely couldn't give up at this critical moment.

Maybe Li Lili is waiting for him to rescue her, just need to continue to persevere for a bit longer, maybe he will be able to find out.

Jiang Qian thought so anxiously in his heart.

He had no other way out.

From the Immortal Binding Rope to the Evil Sword, to within every single thing collected within the Vajra Bracelets, there was actually none.

Jiang Qiao: "........"

Has the worst come to pass.

He kind of wanted to cry.

Lee Li Li had been with him for over a thousand years.

It was just gone.

His heart burned with anger, this was not the ending he wanted.

Reluctantly, Jiang Xiao searched inside the Vajra Bracelets once again, wanting to find Li Lili's traces.

This time he searched very carefully.

Every corner was spared, and he had to swear that he couldn't let anything happen to Li Lili, or he would feel guilty for the rest of his life.

Right at this moment.

A miracle actually appeared.

In the inner wall space of the diamond bracelet, a divine pattern appeared on it, something that had never been seen before.

The pattern gradually transformed into Li Lili's appearance, followed by the appearance of her scent within the vajra bracelet as well.


Jiang Mo was hardened and froze there for half a day.

How could he have never thought of what was going on in this situation right now?

It was reasonable to say that Li Li's remaining soul was still there, he should be happy.

After all, there was also her scent within the vajra bracelet, and this could not be faked, which meant that she was still saved.

Just when had her remnant soul fused with the vajra bracelet.

Whether this was good or bad, Jiang Xiao's heart was suddenly bottomless.

He wasn't sure what kind of condition Li Li was in now, nor did he understand how her remaining soul had fused with the inner wall of the Vajra Bracelet.

Could it be...?

He was a little skeptical.

But wasn't entirely sure.

That's why Jiang was very confused and puzzled.

He didn't even know why it was like this.

If it was true that Li Li Qiu was sooty that he didn't even have a soul anymore, he would believe it.

At most, it was just hard to accept.

But in this situation right now, he was actually confused and didn't know what to do.

"Lili, can you still hear my voice?"

Jiang Mo tried shouting, but Li Li Qiu didn't respond.

If it wasn't for the fact that he could still sense that she was still alive, and that residual soul breath couldn't be faked, Jiang Gao would only have to do it now.

To still be alive meant that the opportunity was rare, at least for Jiang Hou.

He could only think about Li Li's matter later.

There was still a chance after all.

What kind of divine existence the Vajra Bracelet was, he didn't really know, he only knew that it had various functions.

Beyond that it was not known.

For example, its origin.

But these things were all a bit confusing to him now, in case the Vajra Bracelet was a backhand left behind by another big brother, a means set up by someone else, then wouldn't he be finished.

After thinking of all these circumstances, Jiang Guiao's heart didn't feel good, and he knew that probably the worst thing was about to happen.

Of course.

These were just his thoughts and guesses at the moment, it was still unknown what it was.

He also hoped that it was a false alarm.

But was it possible that it was a simple false alarm?

He didn't feel like it.

Rather like it was just a coincidence that he bumped into it, "Lizzy she's not going to be okay, is she?"

Jiang Lack's mood was heavier.

Even at this time, he couldn't care less about the ever-advancing space-time passage, his focus was on Li Liria.

Try as he might, he couldn't get in touch with Li Lirian.

This made him feel a little scary.

It seemed like there was an even more terrifying secret that was probably about to be revealed to him.

Only he wasn't sure yet.

Afraid of any accidents, the consequences of which were beyond his ability to bear, Li Lili was able to merge with the inner space of the Vajra Bracelets, and Jiang Xiao felt that this was definitely not an accident.

He always felt that there was something unknown about it.

It was just that he didn't know yet.

"But, no matter what now Lili is considered to have survived, although I'm not sure at the moment why she's fused the inner walls of the Vajra Bracelets in a biased manner, so I'm sure there's something unknown in there."

There must be some circumstances in it that he was unaware of.

Otherwise, this wouldn't have happened.

He frowned, his face unsightly.

Jiang Xiao continued to ponder, "However, this isn't the worst case scenario yet, as the worst could be yet to come."

Now well.

At least Li Li's remaining soul was still there, or at least she hadn't died yet.

There was still hope for everything to change.

Strange things happened.

But at the moment, Jiang Xiao had to collect his mind and focus on dealing with another matter.


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