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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1115 - Returning (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The Great World of Tang.

It had become different today.

However, these changes didn't matter to Jiang Xiao.

He was leaving.

For the first time, he was leaving this world where he had stayed for over a thousand years.

Those worlds in the past didn't have this, and he had barely stayed for a thousand years.

This was the first time.

But no matter what, he was going to leave.

It was too long to stay in this world, and he was going to return to the Qing Xuan Continent to continue cultivating immortality.


There had to be a solution to Li Li's problem, otherwise everything would be a cloud.

But now here was the problem.

Li Lili begged to go with him, even if she had to die for it.

Is Jiang Hou willing?

Wouldn't it be nice to stay in this world and be known as an ancestor?

Why leave with him.

What was he good for.

He was about to continue to persuade Li Lili, but the latter didn't even give him the chance to persuade him and left together anyway.

This then made one laugh and cry.

What could he do if he didn't want to separate even if he wanted to live or die.

He could only leave for the time being.

And told Li Lili that he might not be able to shelter her in the event of an accident, to which Li Lili readily agreed.

That great danger was better than being alone in the world and thinking hard about it with no end in sight.

At least she could die without pain.

And if you don't die and stay, that pain is always there.

It was a terrible thing.

So he refused, thinking that it was better to be in the current scenario, at least he could still be with his own husband.

That would be enough.

Jiang Yao sighed quietly and said, "Lili, I hope you won't regret your choice today, otherwise I..."

He didn't know whether to blame himself or to be cruel.

It seemed impossible to make a decision at the moment.


"Lili she can follow if she wants to, although my strength is not enough to give her much shelter, the worst result is nothing more than leaving behind a residual soul, like Rong'er's, which needs endless nourishment to transform again, but it's better than being two worlds apart."

Two worlds, if nothing strange happened, they might never see each other again in this life.

Now that there was suddenly such an opportunity in front of him, even if it was to get along as a broken soul, it seemed good.

It was better than being separated from several places, and besides, the development of this side of the world had entered a bottleneck state.

I'm afraid it's unlikely that it will continue to develop well again.

Unless the world was once again promoted, and once again had the chance to leap into a more advanced world.

Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible.

This world was already beyond promotion.

Unless a local creature that was an evil demon appeared and led this world to make another leap.

Otherwise there would never be a chance.

Ever since Li Lizhi insisted on going with him, Jiang Ji understood that this matter was different.

As a husband, he should be responsible.

Otherwise, what was the point.


Bright eyes hung high in the void, calling for a bit of a glare.

Jiang Xiao woke up Li Lizhi who was asleep on her body, "Lizhi, I've decided to take you away with me."

There was no ambiguity.

He didn't want to hide anything anymore.

This matter was probably the last thing for Li Lili, who was also in the same boat as himself.

He hadn't wanted her to be hurt.

But there were specifics of things but he couldn't make that kind of decision, feelings were not a matter of one person after all, but of two.

"Husband, are you serious?"

Li Li Qiao asked with wide eyes, "You really decided that? Don't you dare lie to me."

Her eyebrows furrowed, very afraid that Jiang Gou would lie to her.

"Silly girl, when have I ever lied to you?"

Jiang Xiao said slowly, "Since you and I have met, every word I have said has come true and never lied to you, nor have I ever thought that way."

"Mm." Li Lizhi nodded, also couldn't help but recall all these years, "Husband, you are a great hero at the top, your words naturally count, and you have never broken your word."

She believed him.

Trust from the bones.

Self-husband was that unstoppable and powerful existence, and when he said he would take himself away, he would do so.


Lili added, "Husband, even though it might be extremely dangerous to leave this time, and I know you've been worried about my safety.

However, I really don't want to be alone in this world.

I want to go with you, even if this trip has great dangers, even if I will die as a result.

What's more, I never regret it."

Jiang Qiao: "........"

He sighed grudgingly, "Do you know, fool, what's it worth?"

What kind of virtue is it to get a girl like this.

His heart was moved.

This would mean something different to him ah.


Jiang Gao said incessantly, "Lili, I will do my best to bring you away, although it's impossible to guarantee one hundred percent freedom from harm, but I will try my best."


Li Lili nodded and was content when she leaned her little head against Jiang Xiao and listened to his heartbeat.

Jiang lacked a heavy gaze, looking up into the depths of the void.

He didn't know if he still had a chance to return, but there was bound to be danger present on this trip.

"Forget it, let's not say goodbye to His Majesty and the others either."

With a glance at Li Lirian, as if muttering to himself, "Let us become the legends of this world."

"Aren't we already legends?"

Li Li Qiao curiously asked, "In these more than a thousand years, your reputation has long spread throughout the world, and almost everyone revered and worshiped you quite a bit."

"Not the same."

Jiang Ji sighed, "These thousand years have kept my legends alive, and that's because I'm still in this world, so there are legends.

However, when we leave this world, the legends will be just legends, and it will be different from before."


Li Lili listened a bit confused and puzzled.

But she still didn't say anything, marrying a chicken to follow a dog to follow a chicken, as long as she could follow Jiang lack, it was fine to go to the ends of the earth.

She didn't mind.

Moreover, the cultivation strength had reached Jiang Chi's level, and the pursuit of things was no longer just materialistic.

"Husband, you're so great."

Li Li suddenly said, "You have single-handedly established the cultivation system, allowing this world to promote and leap to a higher level of existence, as well as rebuilding the three realms of heaven and earth and perfecting the three worlds, so you can be said to have immense merit."

"Fallacious praise."

Jiang Ji waved his hand and said, "Actually, I just did something that went along with it, and besides, it was beneficial to me, and I'm sure you know that I gained a lot of merit from it."

So it was a win-win situation.

"Husband, so when are we going to leave?"

Lili became curious again.

They were tired of being here, having been through so much in the endless years.

It might be good to leave.

It would be good to go in search of a new world, to experience something that they couldn't experience before.

Thinking about it.

Li Lijian continued, "I really want to go outside and see the world, and I wonder how those things are like out there, will they be the same as us?"

Jiang Xiao chanted for a moment, but then explained, "Some of it is the same and some of it is different, but you'll know exactly what it is if you go see it for yourself."

It didn't count if he said it.

For over a thousand years, he had been stuck in the middle of the Human Immortal Realm for many, many years.

He wanted to get a breakthrough once again.

"Then, the only way is to go back to the Green Xuan Continent first."

Jiang Qian deeply knew that it might be embarrassing for him to travel through other worlds now.

So it was better to go back to the Green Xuan Continent to replenish his knowledge.

"However, if I return to the Qingxuan Continent with my current strength, I'm sure I'll be at the level of an ancestor."


According to Jiang Xiao's previous guess, he should be invincible in the entire Eastern Land.

The only thing that called for scruples might be that Central State's Sacred Land of Cultivation.

That was the center of the Green Xuan Continent, the meeting point of the world, and the place where the aura was extremely dense.

At the same time.

There are countless geniuses and arrogant people who have been born there.

It could be said that your family was singing and we were on stage.

In the beginning, he had met some geniuses from the Holy Land of Immortalism, but at that time, they were only some lower-ranked disciples.

I'm afraid that they weren't even intermediate level geniuses.

Not to mention the top geniuses of the generation, who wouldn't be easy to meet.

This side of the Eastern Land was simply too barren.

Abandoned by the heavens, it became an abandoned land for the cultivators of the world.

"After going back this time, I can't say that I, Jiang Someone, will have to revive and completely establish the reputation of the Eastern Land."

There was also that Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

It was no lie that he was the eleventh elder of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, and it was no lie that he also had a dojo within the sect.


He had also killed many sect elders and disciples before, as well as that Zhao family.

That Huang Jianghe and and Zhao Changkong, but they were not simple people, and weren't they killed by him in the end.

The legendary Grand Elder and Second Elder, as well as that mysterious and inscrutable Sect Master hadn't shown up, nor did they know the specifics.

But thinking that with this mid Human Immortal Realm cultivation of his, it should be enough to see.

"So what am I afraid of?"

Jiang Ji shook his head slightly and said, "With my strength, there's no need to be afraid ah.

The only thing I have to worry about is Rong'er's side, previously she was in seclusion in my dojo, and also protected by some guards of the Dao.

But if she knows that I'm taking Riru back, then..."

The thought of a fire in the backyard made Jiang Xiao feel a bit of a headache, and if that was the case it would be more than worth it.

"Forget it."

Suddenly, he brightened up, "It's useless to think about these things now, no matter what Rong'er is thinking, I need to go back first."

Qing Xuan Continent.

He hadn't gone back for a long time.

This time.

He would be in an invincible position.

And was also destined to be invincible in the Eastern Lands.

He firmly believed this.

And so.

Pondering for half a day, Jiang Xiao slowly replied, "Lili, let's leave this world in three days."

During these three days, they each needed to pack up some things, as well as set up some back-ups and opportunities.

Just in case they could return one day.

It was also easy to use.

Li Li Qiu nodded, she had yearned for it when Jiang Xiao said that she wanted to return to the Green Xuan Continent.

It wasn't far from these three days.

Qing Xuan Continent.

What kind of a place was that?

She was curious.

Perhaps she had a chance to see the Green Xuan Continent.

That mysterious and inscrutable place of immortal cultivation, the place that made her husband's heart race, there might be something appealing about it.

Not bad.

Thinking of this.

Li Lizhi then continued, "Husband, do we need to bring some special products over?"

There were still quite a few things in this world.

Jiang Qiao was slightly stunned, he originally didn't want to bring anything, but now after listening to Li Lijian's words, it suddenly occurred to him that he might need it when he went to other worlds in the future.

And so.

With a heavy gaze, he said, "Lili, you tell the servants of the house to pack up what valuable things we have in the house, you might have a chance to use them in the future."

Gold, silver, money, jewelry and jade.

Spiritual roots and herbs, spirit liquid meteoric iron.

In short, all sorts of good things were as plentiful as a cow's hair.

For the State Master's Palace to really be able to get them at hand, Jiang Jiang hadn't noticed it before.

Now that he thought of these things as being prepared, he would need them sooner or later.

Besides, it's a waste to leave them here, and I don't know which guy I'll end up fooling.

It's better to take them away.

Just leaving an empty courtyard would be nice.

The rhythm of the return, it's official!


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