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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1110 - God Sealing (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Heavenly Realm.

Numerous glorious palaces were staggered with strange runes and patterns engraved on them.

It was as if the palaces were immersed in clouds and fog, giving one a mysterious yet meaningful experience.

On his first visit, Li Er was all confused.

If it wasn't for Jiang lacking to follow, I'm afraid that he and the gang of old brothers wouldn't have been able to find the main gate so far.

It was humiliating to say the least.

But how thick Li Er's skin was, he laughed it off.

And then it was done.

The heavenly realm was still big, at least for the gods, it was considered relatively big.

Nowadays, since Li Er and the others hadn't been pardoned as gods, they were just a group of ordinary cultivators.

It couldn't talk about how profound an existence it was.

When they saw the few big characters of the Southern Heavenly Gate, Li Er and his group of old brothers were still fiercely shocked.

It really was exactly the same as in the records.

The blood speeded up inexplicably.

They knew that the next thing they were about to face was a great time, transforming an ordinary mundane world into a world with the existence of a god.

What a great feat this was.


The strength of these gods might still be weak, but as the world continued to leap and level up, they would definitely be able to continue to grow.

"Immortal Blessed Land, this is the true heavenly realm."

Li Er sighed, "In the past, I was considered to be sitting in the well, but in the future this is where the heavens are."

Ruling over the three realms, he was already mentally prepared.

He was also satisfied with the current situation.

His heart was inevitably excited.


Li Er continued, "State Master, I wonder if the construction of this Heavenly Palace can be completed?"


Jiang Jiang said directly, "Nowadays, there are only a few palaces built, which can be used for your majesty's temporary use, but there will definitely not be enough for the future.

In addition, there are none of the Heavenly Soldiers, which requires Your Majesty to recruit them himself."

Li Er: "........"

After hearing Jiang Di's words, Li Er's mouth twitched slightly and he couldn't help but say, "State Master, from what you're saying, I dare to say that I am now a bare-bones commander?"

Those little eyes revealed a ghostly look.


What kind of person was Jiang Qian.

It was an existence that had seen great storms, and he said indifferently, "Your Majesty need not worry, isn't there still those old brothers of yours, although it's not enough to completely fill the 3,600 deity positions, but the important positions can still be filled."

Everyone: "........"


I dare say they're bitter too.

Accompanying Li Er.


No, it was not even a complete shelf, and it needed some fine polishing to be done.

If they weren't slightly careful, they might have to struggle for countless years in the future for Li Er and the others to struggle.

Only then could they build this heavenly realm up.

Otherwise, they wouldn't even have a person to guard the portals, and the Hall of Heavenly Realms Heavenly Court would be shabby to say the least.

The future was great.

Li Er and the others felt that they should just develop an honest approach.


Very complicated.

And right now, His Majesty Li Er and the group of old brothers he had brought up to the Heavenly Realm had equally complicated feelings.

But when they came up here, they realized that everything was so desolate, everything was a hundred times worse.

There's nothing.

All waiting for the full to be created.

The task was a long one.

"By the way, Master of the State you used to say that the Heavenly Realm would build a sealing platform for the purpose of pardoning the gods, I wonder..."

Li Er's heart moved.

Since a hundred ruins were waiting to happen, could the matter of pardoning the gods be brought forward a bit.

It would also allow them all to enjoy it.

Maybe they could also become supremely strong and experience the feeling of the gods in advance.


Those other people also looked over at Jiang Chi.

But Jiang Chi smiled slightly and said, "Is it true that there is a God Sealing Platform, and it has already been constructed and can be put into use directly as well, just don't know if you guys..."

Before Jiang Di finished speaking, he heard Li Er interrupt, "If that's the case, what are you waiting for, State Master, you should quickly take us over there to take a look.

If you can, by the way, pardon us again?"

He couldn't understand it anyway.

This matter of pardoning and sealing the gods still needed Jiang Xiao to preside over it.

See this.

Jiang Jiang didn't refuse, nodding his head directly and saying, "Then so be it, Your Majesty you all come with me."

Although Li Er was nominally his old father-in-law.

But Jiang Ji still couldn't shout, and to keep calling him Your Majesty was to put himself in the position of a courtier.

Li Er didn't doubt him either.

He smiled and said, "State Master, I don't know how this sealing platform pardons and seals the spirits, can you explain?"

Li Er was still quite curious about this.

Jiang Ji, on the other hand, said, "It's actually very simple, all of them have the power of the Heavenly Dao on them, which is the original power of this world, the idea of pardoning and sealing is just to make this heaven and earth recognize the fruit of the gods, and then you can have the power of the gods.

The first pardon and sealing needs to be handled by me, and in the future, Your Majesty, you are a Heavenly Emperor, you can also directly communicate with this sealing station with your decree, and you can also achieve the pardon and sealing of the gods."

That was good.

Li Er was secretly pleased.

After possessing the ability to pardon and seal the spirits, it was like saying that his position as a Heavenly Emperor was secure.

He would also be able to hold great power in the future.

Even ruler over the three realms.

Thinking about it made His Majesty Li Er excited, finally sweeping away the sense of loss he felt before.

I only felt that I was still very well-made.

Not useless.


Jiang Chi led the crowd to a plaza-like place with a raised platform in the middle, and there was no telling what kind of stones it was built from.

Anyway, those stones were covered with divine runes, and were now emitting a strange divine light at the moment.

It was greatly meant to be inspired.

Looking at Li Er and the others, they were secretly surprised that it was truly worthy of being a God Sealing Platform, and before they even got close, they could feel a mysterious air coming towards them.

It was terrifying.

Like that meaning of looking down upon the world.

It sounded quite special.


Jiang Ji continued, "Your Majesty, also for all of you, this is the Heavenly God Sealing Platform, in the future, all the gods of the three realms will have to be pardoned and sealed out from here before they can be considered true gods and have divine power."

"Is this the God Sealing Platform, it's really good, it's mysterious."

"It looks like this place is rather special, I don't know what's so special about it."

"I guess we'll be able to find out soon, let's take another look."


Many people were talking about it.

Of course there were those who were envious and even more curious.

It would be nice if they could experience it for themselves, after all, this was a god-sealing platform.

Once they were pardoned and sealed, they were gods.

Who wouldn't want that.

And so.

After seeing the appearance of these old brothers of his, Li Er spoke directly, "State Master, I wonder if you would be willing for this first pardon and seal?"

"It's just a matter within the division." Jiang Qiao said, "I was already planning to do so, and I'll mention it even if you don't, Your Majesty."

Was that really the case?

Li Er and the others' mouths twitched darkly, but you haven't spoken even after standing there for a while just now.

Are you sure you're not lying?

Of course.

Li Er would never say these words.

Right now he wanted to be pardoned and sealed.

After all, it was still a mortal body, and he, Li Er, also wanted to become a deity ah.

Even if it was the Heavenly Emperor's revered position.

At this moment.

Hearing Jiang Jiang say, "Your Majesty, let me first pardon you as a Heavenly Emperor, you can only be considered a true Heavenly Emperor after receiving the pardon of the God Sealing Platform and the approval of this Heaven and Earth."


Li Er wasn't overbearing, he had been looking forward to this day for a long time.

It was just right that he could also experience the feeling of being a god, and besides, he was the first person to be pardoned and sealed.

It should be the Heavenly Emperor.

As for whether Jiang Qian was lying or not, Li Er felt that he should not be lying.

"Your Majesty, please stand on the God Sealing Stage."

Jiang Ji pointed to the platform that protruded about three to four meters high, while its diameter was more than two meters wide, just enough for one person to stand there.

Once Li Er stood on it, Jiang Chi began to pinch a divine spell to it and seared it in his mouth.

Communicating with this side of the world.


Those mysterious runes on the God Sealing Stage, on the other hand, suddenly emitted a white light that flowed nonstop.


For a time, Li Er only felt that the aura of the heavens and earth were surging towards him, and a brand new kind of power was being formed within his body.

"Today, there is His Majesty Li Shimin, Emperor of the Great Tang, who has completed his merits and virtues, and is hereby reported to the heavens, and is hereby pardoned and crowned as the Lord of the Three Realms, the Heavenly Emperor's Throne!"

As Jiang lacked a quaint sentence to read out, Li Er discovered that he had an additional item in his sea of knowledge.

A diamond-like crystal.

It had divine runes on it and seemed to be a source of power.

At this time.

Only Jiang Ji explained: "Your Majesty, that thing in your sea of consciousness is the divine throne, all the divine power of a god comes from the divine throne, this is a gift from the heavens.

Now that I have communicated with the heavens and earth to pardon you as a divine throne, you will be able to use the decree to pardon other gods and spirits in the future..."

With Jiang lacking some explanation, Li Er finally understood.

So that was the divine position.

Or to put it another way, it was the karma and fruit position, the source and manifestation of a deity's identity.


Jiang Chi pardoned every single person present again.

The list and the divine throne were all drawn up by Li Er previously, Jiang was merely pardoning them directly.

Every single person received the desired divine throne.

It was considered a bumper harvest.


Next, Jiang Ji informed Li Er that if he wanted to change a deity's throne, he could also deal with it directly with an imperial decree.

In the future, the imperial decree stamped out by his Heavenly Emperor Jade Seal was very useful.

It was not too much to use the divine power to call it that.

Immediately after.

Before the eyes of the public, Jiang Di pardoned Li Cheng Qian as the Emperor of the Underworld again, the Lord of the Earth.

Li Er had known about this for a long time, and was satisfied that his eldest son was recognized by Jiang Chi and had such a great creation.

That's great.

And next, Jiang Jiang also pardoned some people.

Among them were those from the State Counselor's Mansion, and also included Li Lizhi, who was now also pardoned by him as a free and easy ancestor.

The kind that could listen to neither tune nor proclamation.

See this.

Even His Majesty Li Er smiled bitterly helplessly, this was truly depressing.

He was a heavenly emperor and a father figure, how would he treat his daughter badly ah.


If it wasn't for the fact that he felt Jiang Qian's cultivation was inscrutable, he would have wanted to just spit it out right now.

Only after settling these matters did the entire God Sealing Tour come to an end.

Jiang Ji said, "Your Majesty, now that you are the Lord of the Three Realms, I'll leave this matter of establishing the Heavenly Court to you."

Li Er nodded his head to show that he knew.

They were just about to leave the land of the sealing platform when Jiang Ji slapped his head and said, "Right, there's one more that hasn't been pardoned, I almost forgot one thing."

"State Master, I wonder who else was left out?"

Li Er was curious, he thought carefully, the people in this heaven and earth who had an old relationship with Jiang Xiao were basically pardoned from the divine throne, where were the others.

There shouldn't be any.

But there was no way to fake Jiang Lack's appearance.

Was there really one that was missing?

I was pondering.

But then I heard Jiang Jiang explain, "There's another dragon, the first dragon in the Great Tang World, or the one that Cheng Qian and I created together at the beginning, named King Jinghe Dragon.

Since it became a true dragon, this little dragon has been quite peaceful and quiet, and it has been able to spread the clouds and rain, so that the people around have a good harvest every year.

Now that the order of the three realms has been established, it's time for its merits to be complete, but it's also time for it to become a dragon king."

After saying these words, Jiang Ji continued to communicate with the Sealing Stage, wanting to pardon the King of the Jinghe Dragon as the Rightful God of the Rain Ministry.

Li Er naturally Mei had an opinion.

He wanted to see this dragon anyway, and it might still be his subject in the future.


It should have been since the moment Jiang Xiao pardoned the title.

Ao Ming.

Pardoned and crowned as the Great Tang Dragon King!


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