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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1109 - Ascension (Seeking Subscriptions)

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One month later.

Great Tang.

His Majesty Li Er sat high in the dragon chair, his body leaning slightly forward, he got a little excited.

The look was tense.

Because he had been waiting for this day for a long time, five years.

Today, it was finally coming.

Li Er was filled with excitement, and couldn't help but look towards the side of the State Master's position, which was now in place with Jiang lacking.

This meant that he had already approved of his actions.

Thinking of this.

Li Er hurriedly said, "Wang De, you come and pronounce the decree."

As he spoke, he also took a look at Li Zhi who was waiting quietly on the other side, now also wearing a large dragon robe and looking mighty.

It was quite overbearing and looked down upon the world.


Wang De respectfully responded, took out a long-prepared imperial decree to, and immediately began to read out, "Feng Tian Cheng Yun, the emperor's edict said: since I succeeded the throne of heaven to, ten long years also, I heard the heavens and earth, ordered by the heavens, the audience for the living creatures, also became a king. I have heard that the heavens and earth have a way of life, and I have been appointed to be the king of them. Now, if I want to ascend to the heavenly realm and create a mythical heavenly court, I need to pass on the crown prince's rule and hope that all of you will help me..."

Once the decree fell, it marked the official start of the passing of the throne.

"I have no objections."

In the palace, the crowd respectfully agreed that His Majesty Li Er was going to ascend to the Celestial Realm and establish the Ancient Heavenly Court, they were naturally willing to follow.

As for the human dynasty, Li Ji was lenient and benevolent, and it was fine for him to be the emperor.

No controversy.

"Wang De, start preparing for the heavenly sacrifice of the ancestors." Li Er faintly said.


Wang De nodded his head, then shouted, "His Majesty has decreed that the Heavenly Ancestor Sacrifice Ceremony officially begins!"


When the music begins, the court orchestra will come out in two rows, prepared for the ceremony.

Everything was ready, and it was time to begin.

The procedures for the rituals were extremely complicated, but Li Er did not need to personally handle these matters.

All he needed to do was to command and someone would naturally take care of it, there would never be anything wrong.

And the group of people underneath his hand were all very clear about the extent of the Heavenly Ancestor Sacrifice, and after they had arranged it properly, they actually only needed Li Er to go through the process.

Jiang Xiao was similarly accompanied.

With a calm look on his face, he said indifferently, "Your Majesty, after this procedure of the Heavenly Ancestor Sacrifice is over, you will be able to ascend to the Heavenly Realm."

"Thank you, Country Master."

Li Er sincerely thanked, "If it wasn't for the State Master you descended to the Great Tang, I'm afraid that I would have turned into a shovel of earth after a few decades of wandering."

Wouldn't that be tragic.


For an emperor, especially one as ambitious as Li Er, it was a terrifying and frightening thing.

The slightest carelessness could be finished.

Therefore, he was grateful to Jiang Chi, but if it wasn't for Jiang Chi's appearance, he, Li Er Li Shimin, wouldn't have known how long he could live.

"No harm."

Jiang Jiang waved his hand and said, "This is all just a matter of chance for you, Your Majesty, besides, there aren't many people in this world who can do better than you.

It would be best if you were to be the Lord of the Three Realms, the supreme ruler of the Heavens, and I'm sure that Your Majesty you will be able to benefit the three heavens."


Li Er ghostly sighed and said, "State Master's words are important, I am just a little bit capable."

In fact, he was still very happy to be praised by Jiang Ji.

After all, Jiang Chi, the State Master, was not an ordinary person, and his praise was more important than anything else, which meant that he, Li Er, had been recognized by the State Master.

So naturally, he was very happy.

It showed that his efforts were worth it, and he also secretly vowed that in the future, when he sat on that throne of the Three Realms, he would definitely benefit the world's beings.

All the thousands of creatures in the three realms were his people.

It would include but not be limited to humans.

He also believed that he could become supremely strong and lead the beings of the Three Realms to a stronger state.

It was thought to be possible.

The entire Ancestor Sacrifice Ceremony was huge and incomparably terrifying, and the day came to an end.

Everything gradually calmed down.

And so.

On the other day, Old Nine Liji began to ascend the throne.

And His Majesty Li Er also began to choose people, he wanted to choose more old brothers to follow him to form the Heavenly Court.

Li Er was very confident that with his own intelligence and the help of Jiang lacking, he would be able to succeed.

By then....

He would be able to truly benefit the Three Realms, a day Li Er had been looking forward to for a long time.

After becoming the Lord of the Heavens, they would be able to become immortal beings.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Jiang continued, "Today, Your Majesty, let's ascend."

Receiving such things was the best for him, and it was something he was willing to do.

Pardoning the three realms of gods and dividing the throne down would also need to be done by him.

"After this is done, I'm going to take Lili and have a good time for a period of freedom."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered and felt quite helpless, with the completion of the Three Realms Pardon and Sealing, his time in this world would almost be over.

That was to say, the time he had to stay in this side of the world was actually not much longer.

Li Er nodded his head, not feeling anything.

He said, "Good, but I'll have to trouble the State Master."

He was happy.

He also felt that he had the ability to lead the Three Realms of the Heavens well.

Another day.

Li Er, who had abdicated as the supreme emperor, brought a group of old brothers, also including but not limited to the twenty-four of that Ling Yan Pavilion.

Together, they appeared in that large square in the palace, preparing for a collective ascension.

Because Jiang Jiang knew that this was a great opportunity to make a name for himself and to proclaim the existence of the Heavenly Realm and the Earthly Realm.

Only with the existence of the Earthly Realm and these two would the Three Realms truly be deeply rooted in the people's hearts, and would be more conducive to the rule of the Three Realms.

Hence, there was this plan to ascend.

They all firmly believed that it would be different from now on.

After this time, they would be the gods of the Heavenly Realm, the stream of that exalted immortal.

Although there could also be countless problems.

But eventually, they should all be resolved, and a perfect celestial system began to take root in the mind of His Majesty Li Er.

It began to take shape.

This was also the result of discussions between him and those wise men from the former Heavenly Strategies Palace, and everyone was more agreeable.

It was felt that this was the most desirable ending.

"Your Majesty, the hour has come."

Seeing that the time was almost up, Jiang Xiao spoke out and reminded, "Let everyone prepare for this flight."

The time was almost up.

Flying Ascension was fine.

Chang'an City.

Because of the notices posted beforehand, everyone in Chang'an City who could come out to watch the event came out.

Among them were also those who had heard the sermon at the Dao Palace.

Those nine people on the futon, Jiang Xiao did not take them all as disciples, originally thought so, but then felt that it was unnecessary and abandoned the plan.

After all, he was only copying Hongjun's approach with this move.

Of course.

There was no one complaining.

This time, upon hearing that His Majesty Li Er was going to ascend to the heavens with his older group of courtiers to form that so-called Heavenly Court, some people became curious.

That's why this time it came to pass.

Jiang Ji muttered, "Heavenly Realm, open!"

As a secret fell, a terrifying aura that looked down upon the world erupted from his body.

It was truly majestic and domineering.

Immediately afterwards.

A terrifying power actually emerged out of the Nine Heavens void at some point, ruthlessly pouring down and landing on the ground with ripple-like fluctuations.

The Heavenly Maiden scattered flowers.

Countless strange seven-colored lights were born from underneath Li Er's feet, turning into auspicious clouds.

For a time.

It was as if there was an endless luster of colors that flew up.

Light and shadow fluttered.


For a moment, it looked like the surrounding princes and ministers, eunuchs and maidens, and even those people in Chang'an City were excited.

Divine miracle.

This was clearly the supreme miracle.

It was truly terrifying.

It was truly thrilling.

In the past, myths and legends were just myths and legends, forever as out of reach as that existence in the clouds.

Distant and unfamiliar.

Now, legends were more than just legends.

It had become endlessly real, and that was the reality of the situation.

Something very exhilarating and exciting.

From now on, not only Chang'an City, but the entire world would set off a cultivation frenzy, right?

"How amazing, I don't know how these colorful clouds were formed, Lord Nationalist is really good at it."

"Oh, it's said that the entire Heavenly Realm was opened up by Lord Kunisada himself, he's the only true god in this world."

"I think we should all be fully thankful to the State Master, without him, there's no way for us to ascend to the Heavenly Realm, let alone go with the pen to form the Heavenly Court together."

"Yes, the Heavenly Court is the stuff of legends, in countless myths and legends, the Heavenly Court is the Lord of the Three Realms, the deity who rules over thousands of beings."

"It's said that this time the Great Hall will also go to form the Earthly Palace, only it didn't ascend like us, I don't know if it's true."

"Some gossip says that it's true, the three realms of heaven and earth, and the earth represents the dungeon, it's the place where the three realms operate and where thousands of creatures are reborn, it's important."

"No wonder he doesn't want to be an emperor, the Emperor of the Underworld is much stronger than the richness of the human dynasties."


Numerous ministers, along with the colorful clouds flew to the heavenly realm, they were admiring this wonder while discussing Li Er's family.

As for Jiang Chi, he was a god-like existence.

It could not be said.

Flying up to the heavenly realm to become a deity.

This was an eternal and immortal topic, and the most appealing one, whether it was the immortal cultivators or those ordinary mortals, they all incomparably yearned for it.

If one day they could ascend to become immortals, if they could become one of those gods who defied all living beings from on high, how unrestrained and comfortable it would be.

Very nice.

To cultivate immortality, isn't it just to be transcendent and free.

That's good.

Many people never dreamed that they would one day become a part of the heavens.

Ascension had begun.

After the passage of time, the silhouettes of His Majesty Li Er and the others became smaller and smaller in people's eyes.

Until they ended up as small black dots like ants.

Then they were invisible.

One more flash, and then they disappeared as if they had never existed.

The earth.

"His Majesty has really ascended, it's unexpected that the Heavenly Realm really exists, and His Majesty will be the Heavenly Emperor from now on."

"Wouldn't it mean that the old saying that there are gods three feet up is actually true, and has now become a reality?"

"You have to be careful in everything you do in the future, if your majesty and the others monitor it, I'm afraid that you and I will be finished."

"It can only be like this now, we'd better go down and find a nameless mountain to cultivate in."

"Why must we find a nameless mountain, isn't it good to cultivate at home?"

"Because I want to be invincible and then come out and endure what others can't endure in order to become a human being."


Is that so?

A lot of people have experienced it in detail, at first glance it doesn't seem to make sense, but when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Only if you live can you live forever, only if you are invincible, only if you can ascend to the heavens like His Majesty Li Er.

It's good to go and be an immortal.

Li Er ascended.

Jiang Qian also followed to the Heavenly Realm.

This was a big event for the current Emperor Li Ji, who was a little lonely in his heart, but also secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

It was as if the stone that had been pressed down on his heart had finally fallen.

The throne was his.

The Great Tang, was also his.

The ultimate riches on this earth were even more what he wanted, and now they were all in his hands.


Li Zhi couldn't help but laugh, "In the future, I will be the master of these ten thousand miles of mountains, I will be the most powerful and the richest man in the entire world, I will be the monarch of the ages."

It was exciting to think about.

With Father Li Er gone, he, Li Zhi, was the worthy boss.

He was in charge of all matters big and small.



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