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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1108 - Five Years (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Li Zhi is still young.

It was impossible to succeed the throne now, and besides, the Heavenly Palace hadn't been completely built yet.

Although Li Er was anxious, he knew that this matter could not be rushed.


He speculatively set the time at five years from now.

By then, Liji would be fifteen or sixteen years old.

Counting anytime would be enough.

When he thought of this, Li Er smiled, "By then, the Heavenly Palace should also be almost built, and I can hold a grand ascension ceremony."

Wouldn't this be better.

It was wonderful to think about, and my heart was happy, at least Li Er felt hopeful to see it.

Heavenly Court.

Eternal Gods.

All of these intertwined together, giving him the illusion that as long as he went to heaven it would definitely be different.

Five years was not a long time, but it wasn't short either.

It was still possible to persevere.

Li Er felt that these five years might be the last time he would be an emperor on earth, so he thought that he should also cherish it twice as much.

If there was a chance, he probably wouldn't have the chance to experience it.

"Father, there I will go down first?"

Once there was no doubt in his mind, Li Zhi asked respectfully, continuing to stand he feared he would not be able to stand anymore.

After all, he had been standing for a long time, which was quite a long time for the still young Liji.

Liji was a bit out of it.

But after finally coming back to his senses, he nodded towards Li Zhi and said, "If there's nothing else, you can go back first, there's nothing else for me here anyway."


It was better than having nothing at all.

On the second day, the imperial decree arrived.

In the following years.

Li Er then really taught Li Zhi carefully, perhaps for him, Li Zhi this son is his only good choice.

Li Chengqian moved out of the East Palace early on and lived next to the Dao Palace where Jiang lacked, and from time to time he would go to the Dao Palace to practice a bit.

But he hadn't seen Jiang lack a few times a year, and only felt that the magical lord of the country was busy again.

This time it shouldn't be to do the Creator's right this time.

Because he didn't look like it.

However, Jiang Gou did reveal to him that he was going to open up the Underworld and build a dungeon.

And it was also vaguely mentioned that the dungeon was to be built by him, so all this time, Li Cheng Qian had been making preparations.

It was just afraid that it wouldn't be good if he dropped the chain at a critical moment and pulled Jiang's back leg.

I'll be a Heavenly Emperor, Li Cheng Qian felt that he could be an Underworld Emperor Well, Jiang Liao had agreed to it anyway.


Li Cheng Qian only wanted to be a free and easy-going loose immortal, but when he heard Jiang Chiang say that he wanted to be the Emperor of the Underworld, his fiery heart burned up again.

It also became more and more courageous.

His mind tensed up once more, perhaps this time he would take it a step further.

It really was a matter of what was to be gained and what was to be lost.

If he didn't give up the extreme riches of that earthly emperor, how would he be able to win Jiang's favor.

A drink and a peck are all fixed ah.

For a moment, Li Chengqian seemed to understand a bit.

Of course.

He also worked even harder.

And this effort was five years of time, and he was trying to hurry up as much as possible to do what he should do.

Relying on the hope that he could perform better in front of Jiang Lack, he would then firmly grasp the position of the Underworld Emperor.

The throne of the Heavenly Emperor was Li Er's, then the position of the Underworld Emperor should be his, Li Cheng Qian's.

And Jiang Chi.

Apart from a few trips to the Celestial Realm over the years, he had watched the construction of the Heavenly Palace being carried out as if it was on fire.

He was going to continue to open up a space to be used for the Underworld, after all, the Heavenly Realm had it all, it wouldn't make sense if there wasn't one for the Underworld.

This time.

With Li Lili accompanying him, it wouldn't seem dull and boring, let alone lonely for some reason.

It took five years for Jiang Hou to open up the Underworld, and this time, although there was also the World Will's instinct to help, it was much harder than the Heavenly Realm.

After all, the Underworld was different.

It was a place filled with gloom and death, and endless dimness was the eternity of the Underworld.

As for the others, none of them were.

Jiang Mo muttered to himself, "Five years have passed, and now that the Underworld has finally opened up, it's a cause for celebration."

Although there was no one to celebrate him.

But Jiang Chi was actually very clear that in a sense, the existence of the Underworld was even more important than the Heavenly Realm.

This was because this place was going to be in charge of reincarnation in the future, and in charge of the future completion of the three paths of Heaven, Earth and Man.

Therefore, the establishment of the Underworld was vital.

"And because of this, that's why this seat is going to hand over this important responsibility to Li Chengqian ah."

This decision was made after careful consideration, and the only person he had chosen in this world was Li Cheng Qian who was more suitable.

And the latter didn't refuse, showing that he still cared and wanted to see how difficult it would be to establish the dungeon and what he was capable of.

Maybe it would explode with terrifying power.

Li Chengqian thought so.

In the Underworld.

Li Lili had been accompanying Jiang Qian, "Husband, now that the Underworld has been opened up, is it not time for Brother Gao Ming to proceed with the preparations to establish the Earthly Palace?"

As soon as Jiang Jiang heard this, he nodded slightly and said, "It's fine, you'll be the one to inform on this matter."

In this way, it would also allow Li Lirian to do a favor.

As for Li Chengqian's side, I guess he started preparing for it long ago.

Five years had passed.

Li Chengqian's strength wasn't actually weak.

On the contrary, it was even stronger.

As for Li Er.

Five years was enough time for him to teach a qualified reserve ruler, and for Liji to gradually get up to speed on managing the mountains and rivers.

He knew that the heavenly palace must have been almost built, and it was just about time for him, Li Er, to move in.

Next, he was also busy with the building of the Heavenly Palace, not only the twenty-four meritorious officials of the Ling Yan Pavilion, but even some other people with good hearts.

They all had to be taken away one by one.

He couldn't establish the Heavenly Court without people.

And according to Jiang Xiao's vision, there were many preparations for the Heavenly Court, besides the 3,560 righteous gods, there were also some divine positions without ranks.

The forest always added up to quite a few.

According to Li Er's idea, he first had to put up the shelves so that he would have a chance to expand the Heavenly Court.

Five years.

The buildings in the heavenly realm had been refined quite a bit, and after building day and night, a total of two glorious palaces had been built.

It was very imposing.

It also looked terrifying.

Five years later.

Jiang lacked and Li Lirian returned to Chang'an City and returned to the Imperial Palace.

Learning the news, Li Chengqian first went over to look for Jiang Chi and Li Li, and presented his thoughts, as well as his three plans, five-year plan and so on.

Listening to it was like a dream.

There was a great sense of renewal in it.

Jiang was surprisingly good at listening, and only felt that this kid Li Chengqian had still put in some hard research, at least he had listed out all the divine positions that were missing in the Underworld.

The Heavenly Realm side.

Li Er had also said that he had also engaged in a plan, those who wanted to go to the Heavenly Realm to become immortals, either I great wisdom and perseverance, or they possessed very ordinary means.

All are very strong anyway.

The State Master's House.

"Changle, what did the State Master say this time?"

Although he hadn't seen Jiang Lack, it didn't prevent Li Cheng Qian's heart from being happy, and it was good to have a Li Li Li out.

Also, Li Lili was now husband and wife as one for Jiang Liao, and although there was no sign of him in the human world, the legend of him in Jiang Hu still remained anyway.

It all seemed fantastic.

Li Er frowned and looked a bit strange, he had naturally received the news that Jiang Xiao had returned to the State Master's house.

It was just that the State Master didn't come to find himself, which was a sign.

Was there something wrong.

"Could it be that the State Master is not satisfied with what I've been doing all these years and he intends to knock me around?"

It had to be said that His Majesty the Second Li had begun to think nonsense, and was so afraid.

If that was the case, it would be too terrifying.

"Father, didn't the State Master just return?"

On the side, already like a wonderfully fluttering young man said, "My son thought that the State Master should have important matters to deal with after his return, we are so helpless to urge it."

"Pheasant Nu ah, you have a point." Li Er sighed, "But, my father just knows about this matter, that's why he feels uncertain in his heart ah."

After all, one day was not yet a Heavenly Emperor, and he was apprehensive for another day.

Also feeling unsure of his heart.

Not afraid of the ten thousand, just in case ah.

What if there was a change, wouldn't he be crying in the toilet.

So it feels like the heart is not worth it.

His cold gaze, burning and with its radiance, gloomy cold eyes fell on Li Er, and cold light came out.

Moreover, in these five years, what exactly Jiang Xiao had gone to do, he didn't know.

What kind of Heavenly Palace had been built, he was not sure either.

Therefore, His Majesty Second Li's heart was extremely anxious, and he wandered about, not daring to call Wang De to search for him.

After all, Jiang Di's identity was very unusual nowadays, and could not be compared to the same day.

"Father, the State Master must have been delayed by something, otherwise he should have come looking for you a long time ago."

Li Zhi said, "So ah, don't worry, after the State Master has dealt with the matter of the house, he will definitely come over.

After all, he hasn't been back to the State Master's house for so many years, so he must have many important matters to deal with as well."


Li Er was stunned and sighed, "Pheasant Slave, it's not unreasonable for you to explain, perhaps the State Master really had something to be busy with, and that's why he forgot."

Now, he could only comfort himself with such words.

The State Master's house.

Jiang Chi looked at the dusty and windy Li Chengqian and couldn't help but tease him, "Ah Chengqian, are you going to live in a refugee camp for a few years?"

Lee Seung-cheon looked like a guy who had just emerged from a refugee camp.

It's dark.

It was also a mess.

If he hadn't seen Lee Seung-cheon's appearance, he would have thought he was wrong.

As it turned out, Li Chengqian had indeed gone for a walk around the refugee camp.

He explained, "In order to gain a deeper understanding of the future dungeon, so I made a special visit to the world, which is why I perfected the plan."


Li Chengqian's approach made Jiang Xiao feel satisfied, and he said, "In the future, you will have to establish a dungeon in the Underworld, the task is heavy, it's a more difficult task than establishing the Heavenly Court, you need to do it carefully, and seriously."

"I understand."

Li Chengqian hurriedly said, "That's why I'm also making full preparations for this matter.

Rely on the hope that one day these plans will be useful."

"It will be useful."

Jiang Ji nodded and said, "In a few days, I will go to discuss some matters with your father, and then he will go to the Heavenly Realm, so you can go to the Earthly Realm, each of you will preside over the situation.

Of course.

The Earth Mansion is still under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Realm, so you can't go out independently."


Li Cheng Qian had already thought about this, and he couldn't get around this hurdle of Li Er no matter what.

So, in the end, he would still be under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Realm that Li Er was in charge of.

And he had no complaints about that.

Heaven and earth people.

This was how it should have been, but it was only because of Jiang Qian that he had the opportunity to become the Lord of the Underworld.

Namely, the Emperor of the Underworld!

A month later, something big finally happened in the Great Tang.

That turned out to be....


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