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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1107 - Succession (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Li Er knew very well that once he went to the Heavenly Realm, this earthly dynasty of the Great Tang would have to be taken care of by someone.

Originally, he had wanted to pass on to the eldest, Li Cheng Qian.

After all, Li Chengqian was originally the crown prince and should have inherited his throne.

But it was unfortunate.

Li Chengqian actually refused.

And he even refused with a pep talk and a look like I'm about to cultivate my immortal quest.

Li Er didn't have any words of rebuttal, so he couldn't stop Li Cheng Qian from seeking Taoism, and if his talent was good, it would be a good thing if he could really become an immortal.

At least the Great Tang would have an additional protector in the future.

In comparison, Li Er still believed in Li Cheng Qian's words, it didn't matter if he didn't have talent, but he couldn't influence his son.

He felt that his thoughts were correct and there would never be any problem.

The eldest didn't want to be the emperor, so he would have to choose from the remaining sons.

It was just as well that he, Li Er, didn't have much else, just a lot of sons.

That's why there was a scene of all the princes coming for an audience, but in comparison, these sons were either unsuitable or unbearable.

Even his favorite fourth son, Li Tai, was unfit to be an emperor, or at least that's what Li Er thought.

Although he would hesitate and be cautious when considering him, even assuming that Li Tai was the emperor.

But without exception.

He still felt that Old Ninth Li Zhi was more suitable to be an emperor, and only a generous and benevolent man like Li Zhi would not drive his siblings to extinction after becoming emperor.

If it was the fourth Li Tai, then it was not so sure, maybe everyone in Li Er's line would have to die out.

That would be tragic.

In summary.

After some thoughtful struggle, and after some careful consideration on his part, His Majesty Li Er finally decided to have Lao Jiu as his successor.

Not for any other reason, just because he was more suitable, that's all.


Li Er said indifferently, "Pheasant Nu stays behind, everyone else should leave first."

All the princes: "........"

They all knew that the answers they and the others had just given should have failed to satisfy their own father.

So let them leave at the moment.

In other words, they should have no chance.

The throne might belong to Old Jiu Li Zhi, while they would be the ones to accompany them.

Some people are happy, some are sad.

Only, everyone is confused about one thing, since this unbeatable father, His Majesty Li Er, has decided to pass on the throne, or to pass it on to Lao Jiu Li Zhi.

Then the question arises.

What about the eldest, Li Chengqian?

You know, at the moment, the boss Li Cheng Qian is still the Crown Prince of the Great Tang and the legal heir.

If you force Jiu to take the throne, what will the boss do and where will you put him?

"My son and I will retire!"

The princes were confused, although they felt that they did have a new goal after their immortalization.


What was undeniable was that the throne actually still had great appeal, such as this Great Tang throne.

They all still missed it.

It was a pity that they couldn't get into Li Er's eyes and ended up failing in the end.


It's nice to practice immortality, it's nice to become a god, still high up.

Right now.

After all the other princes had gone out, Old Jiu Li Zhi was slightly stunned, but he looked strangely strange.

He said, "Father, you left Pheasant Nu unaware..."

There was confusion and questioning in his eyes, and although he could guess what Li Er was thinking, he was not sure.

He was afraid that he would guess wrongly.

Li Er sized up Li Zhi quite satisfactorily and said, "O Pheasant Slave, you are also in your teens, are you willing to share your father's worries?"

Li Zhi was not very old.

Probably because he was born in the royal family, in the center of this whirlpool of political rights, he had long been eager and precocious.

Today's Old Jiu Li Zhi looked like a 14 or 15 year old young man, like a wonderfully elegant scholar.

After hearing Li Er's words, Li Zhi said, "Reporting back to my father, I would like to share my father's troubles, but you must know, father, that I am not very old, and..."

He also wanted to continue to give some reason to refuse, after all, since ancient times the emperor scruples someone to think about his throne all the time.

This is because in a way, missing someone's throne is looking forward to their early death.

How else can you get the throne.

Moreover, Li Zhi felt that he was really still young.

He was only a teenager.

Still a virtual age.

He was still young, not even ten years old.

Moreover, he didn't know if Li Er was testing him.

Li Zhi who often read history books knew very well that there were many emperors throughout the ages who had serious suspicions in their old age.

The suspicion was heavy.

At every turn, he felt that this and that were thinking about his throne, so this kind of call to inquire also had this meaning.

So although Li Zhi was young, he was afraid.

It was a bit shaky in a hidden way.

It was just that it wasn't discovered by Li Er.

Li Er continued, "Pheasant Nu, you and the pockets are my favorite, Nai....

But don't worry, I will definitely let you enjoy endless glory and wealth in the future."

Li Zhi: "........"

He listened to Li Er's words and felt a bit empty.

He even said, "Father, actually, my son just wants to accompany you and mother, he doesn't need any extreme glory or wealth.

There are no pockets, and there are still pheasant slaves."

Li Er nodded, "It's good that you have this kind of mentality, Pheasant Nu, but some things are not as simple as you think.

I'm sure you are aware of some of the circumstances.

Since the State Master descended on the Great Tang, preaching the world and spreading the methods of immortal cultivation, there have been countless immortal cultivators within the Tang until now.

Among them, they all have some skills to a greater or lesser extent.

Some of them could open mountains and crack rocks, some could fly the heavens and escape the earth, and some were even proficient in endless transformation techniques.

All in all, the current Great Tang has become different, greatly different from before.

So you have to understand..."

His Majesty Li Er taught Li Zhi tirelessly for an hour, talking at the top of his lungs and foaming at the mouth.

There was a great sense of talking him into a stupor.

"Yes yes yes, my son understands."

After standing continuously for an hour, Li Zhi's small face was somewhat pale, if he wasn't facing the majestic Li Er Majesty, he would have started shaking his legs right now.

And in his heart, Li Zhi was spouting, "What's the matter with Father, did he leave me alone just to talk to me about all this nonsense?"

In this side of the world, now that this Great Tang Dynasty had changed dramatically, this was something that Li Zhi was aware of.


There was no need to keep reciting it.

If it had been someone else, Li Ji might have just shrugged it off and didn't bother listening.

But Li Er was different.

It wasn't just his father, it was also his father's emperor.

In addition to being a father figure, Li Er also had the identity of an emperor.

He was powerful to the extreme.

Also so strong that he called people to look back.

It took a while longer.

Li Er finally stopped preaching.

He looked at Li Zhi, who was listening with pleasure, and continued, "O Pheasant Nu, the State Master came to the palace some time ago, and he told me that the heavenly realm had been opened up and that he had brought all the craftsmen and materials I had prepared to build the heavenly palace.

And, he also told me to get ready for the fact that the first buildings of the Heavenly Palace should be built in just a few years at most.


You may not know that the State Master has promised my father that he can go up to the heavens to become a heavenly emperor or even establish a heavenly court just as soon as I have dealt with my mortal affairs.

You know the mythical and legendary Heavenly Court, the one with all kinds of magical legends.

That's why I intend to find you guys to take a look at it, and wish to pass it on to you."

Li Zhi: "........"

He had never expected that his own father, Li Er, would actually open up to him and explain everything to him.

The fundamental purpose.

It wasn't that Li Er was kind and benevolent, nor was it that he felt that he was old and dim-witted, but that he wanted to be the emperor.

That's why he was so eager to pass on to someone else.

Liji instantly understood.

But he also cried and laughed, "Father, so are you planning to actually pass on the throne?"

"Yeah." Li Er nodded undeniably, an acknowledgement.

But Li Zhi's heart grew more and more confused.

He asked, "Father, big brother he..."

As soon as he spoke of Li Chengqian, Li Er couldn't help but feel anger in his heart, the heir he had worked so hard to cultivate for so many years was gone.

How he was not angry.


Li Er said with a black face: "Alright, pheasant slave, you should stop talking about him, I'll tell you explicitly, I'm going to pass on to you."


Although, Li Zhi had already guessed it earlier with his own intelligence.


When the words came out of Li Er's mouth himself, he still couldn't help but feel excited.

Father actually wanted to pass on the throne himself.


Wouldn't it mean that Father approves of himself.

Then, what about Big Brother?

"Father, my son is terrified."

Li Zhi fell to his knees in a row, and said respectfully, "I am still young, and I can't afford this heavy responsibility ah, even if big brother is not suitable, there is always someone suitable among all the brothers, besides..."

He wanted to continue to say something, but was directly interrupted by Li Er, "Wait, pheasant slave, but you're afraid?

Or do you think you can't be an emperor at all?"

Isn't it just to be an emperor.

How many people can't even ask for it, countless people day and night, and even dream about things, to Li Zhi here is not possible?

Li Er was somewhat discouraged.

At this time.

Li Zhi grudgingly explained, "Back to Father's words, I just feel that I'm still young, and I'm afraid that it will be difficult for me to take on a great responsibility, for fear of spoiling your plans, Father."

"No harm."

After hearing this reason, Li Er smiled, "Now just to talk to you first, in a few days I will descend the decree and pardon you as the crown prince, let you get familiar with it first.

As for the actual date of passing on the throne, it may still be a few years away, and by then you'll be a teenager and an adult.

As for the question of whether someone will bully your young age, this matter is also needless to worry, firstly, the older generation I will bring to the heavenly realm, and secondly, I will establish the heavenly court in the heavenly realm, the emperor, but also can take care of the mortal world.

To be precise, I will be the Heavenly Emperor who rules over the three realms of heaven and earth and man, the Supreme Lord.


With me giving you backing, who would dare to bully you?"


After hearing Li Er's words, Li Zhi felt a bright light.

Although Li Er's words were a bit inappropriate and out of place, they were also right.

After his own father sat on the throne of Heavenly Emperor, who would dare to bully his young ah.

As for the idea that one's cultivation would stagnate after becoming an emperor, this was not a problem at all ah.

The so-called to gain, one must first lose.

Li Zhi still understood this principle.

Not to mention that the throne itself was the ultimate in human riches, so what was wrong with it.

"Moreover, I can also abdicate in the future and pass on the throne early, with my relationship with my father and mother, it would be easy to get them to take me to heaven."

Li Zhi secretly pondered, "In short, being an emperor won't be bad for me, it's a good thing."

After thinking about these circumstances, Li Zhi respectfully said to Li Er, "Father, I am willing to share my father's worries, but I still hope that he will give me more advice before I can do so."

Upon hearing Li Zhi's reply, Li Er knew that his plan should have been successful.


He breathed a huge sigh of relief and said, "Pheasant slave, it's great that you think so."

It was mainly Li Chengqian's side that didn't want it.

He could only pull up the tallest among the short ones, Li Zhi was born to him and Empress Changsun, and whether it was looks, talent and learning, or the way of doing things, he was considered the top choice.

Although not up to the extreme, it was enough to be a conservative ruler.

After waiting for four or five years, perhaps it will be time to pass on the throne.

Li Er expressed great anticipation.

For no other reason, he just wanted to establish the Heavenly Court early so that he could become a mythical figure one day sooner.

For example, the Heavenly Emperor!


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