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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1106 - Old Nine (Seeking Subscriptions)

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There was growth for growth, and the emperor's choice still couldn't be decided hastily.

Although he already had a bit of insight and decision in his mind, he still thought that he should take a look at these sons.

It was also good to get to know them once again.


Li Er then continued, "Wang De, give a seat and let the princes all sit down and talk."


Wang De had no choice but to take the order and call his eunuchs to bring some chairs.

But this was the case.

The hearts of the princes grew more and more frightened, they were afraid that something big was going to happen.

What if this was just the calm before the storm.

But what to do.


After thinking of this, a prince hurriedly said, "Father, I wonder what you called us here for, so to speak?"

They were still curious.

With all this fanfare to call people over, there must be something big happening, right?

Or maybe this father of their own should have something to announce?

So, many people's eyes were burning up instead, Li Er had called them all here, which meant that this matter had something to do with them as well.

Li Er swept his gaze at these people and said, "I know that you are doubtful in your hearts, this time, calling you here is just because I have some things I want to ask your opinions on."

"Father, please speak."

Li Tai was the first one to state his position, thinking that he would be able to get Father's attention by taking the lead.

The other princes followed suit and also said respectfully, "Father Emperor, please speak, my son and I are listening with ears open."

Li Er's face remained calm, as if he hadn't heard Li Tai's words, "Since all of you have so requested, I will share my words with you."

And so.

Li Er then continued to speak, asking, "First question: do you and the others want to be emperor?

If you are thinking of someone, you can present them directly to me."

All the princes: "......."

Isn't this a little too scary.

Isn't it a bit too taboo for the self-father to actually ask this question.

After all, Li Chengqian was still the crown prince, and they didn't have any skills.

To say that they don't have any idea about the throne is definitely a lie.

But in front of your second majesty, it's not good for them to directly say it too clearly, that would be too much of a slap in the face.

Besides, Second Majesty Li is still watching.

It's not a good question to answer.

It's a giveaway question if you say it well, but if you say it poorly, it's a giveaway question.

In comparison, they rather felt that this question was Li Er's test.

Maybe he was just waiting for the crowd's answer.

Although they didn't know if the guesses in their minds were true or not, most of them were definitely true.


His Highness Li Er did indeed have a test in mind as well, and he would like to see what these untalented bastards sons of his were thinking.

True or false, he would know at first glance.

For a while.

All the princes were all looking at each other, and I was also looking at you, looking at each other not very pleasant.

And with Li Chengqian still here, with his princely position still in existence, no one dared to make a fuss.

So naturally, no one would say that he wanted to be an emperor.

That would only draw the wrath of Second Li Majesty's wrath, right?

Anyway, all the princes present felt that Li Er's question just now must have been a test for them.

All the princes were not fools.

So they all spoke up.

"Back to Father's words, my son never wanted to be an emperor, in my son's opinion being an ordinary free prince would be fine."

"That's right, that's what I think too, and I hope that Father will be discerning."

"I have never dared to covet the throne, Brother Gao Ming is young and vigorous, as well as gentle and talented, and is a perfect candidate for the position of Emperor."

"That's right, I also feel that I should fully support big brother."

"Big brother is the crown prince, the Emperor of the Great Tang is naturally none other than him ah."


Hearing the words of these bastards' sons, Li Er actually felt somewhat inexplicably helpless.

His face was so ugly.

These individuals were afraid that they all thought that he, Li Er, was just trying to test people's hearts.

But he didn't know.

He actually really wanted to know what was in the respective hearts of these princes, and if he could, he would love to hear what they had to say.

After a good while.

The palace fell silent, the major princes looked at me and I looked at you, actually a bit weeping and laughing.

It was hard to tell.

Their thoughts were really a bit surprising, but also really a bit terrifying.

Li Er could only continue, "Since none of you are going to say anything, let's follow the order, and all of you tell us your respective reasons."


His Majesty the Second Li's words were outrageous and cryptic.

Come on.

No one can escape this.

No one can escape, and they all have to talk about it.

As for what this father of his own wanted to hear, he would have to rely on his own means to guess .

It's good to guess, bad to guess, and it could be over if you're not careful.

The future of each is at stake, and the future still matters.

The third one is the biggest, and it's his turn to speak.

No matter what's in Li's heart, he can't become the Emperor of Tang.

Even if his talent is unparalleled, even if his talent is good, because his mother's consort is Consort Yang, resulting in the blood of the former dynasty flowing in his body, Li Chi's blood.

So naturally, he couldn't be an emperor, nor would he have the chance to be one.

Thinking of this.

Li Jian then stood up respectfully and said, "Father, I am your third son, but I'm sure you know very well, Father, that because of my bloodline, I know very well that I will not have the chance to become an emperor, and I probably won't have a chance to be an emperor in this life.

It's because of these various reasons that I'm also bold, Father, in fact, I don't have any idea about the throne either, I died many years ago."

Li Er: "........"

Have you been harsh on this son all these years?

For a while.

Li Er still felt quite guilty about Li Vitor, her son, who wasn't her and Empress Chang Sun's child after all, so she didn't care and look after him as much as Li Cheng Qian and the others.

The partial lameness is also sure.

As soon as Li Vitor said he would, the fourth prince Li Tai's heart was strange.

Without Li Vitor standing up to him, he smiled.

But it's different for him.

Because he, Li Tai, was the son of Li Er and Empress Changsun and was considered a firstborn.

And for so many years, he has also been competing with Li Cheng Qian to win the favor of His Majesty Li Er.

Taking this opportunity to stain that high and mighty throne was also not a bad idea.

Thinking of this, Li Tai had to hastily step forward and explain: "Father, I don't have any idea about the emperor's position either.

Moreover, isn't big brother the crown prince, and if he wants to be the emperor, he should be the one to do it."

How it's not his turn to be the emperor Li Tai.

This thought of Li Tai's heart was not without some backtracking, but at the moment he had no way out.

Seeing that Li Er still continued to look at him, Li Tai continued to say quietly, "Father, my son's words are from the bottom of his heart, and I still hope that you will be discerning, Father."

Check a ghost.

Li Er almost didn't have the anger to carry over.

He originally thought that the fourth son, Li Tai, had some thoughts about the throne, or at least he should have been brave enough to answer that question just now.

But Li Tai's answer just now was really disappointing to him.

"Simply unbearably edifying."

Li Er secretly set a label for Li Tai, and this just didn't seem like much.

It was all a bunch of guys who dared to think and act, a bunch of losers.

For a moment.

Li Er actually somewhat blamed these people for coming, when he was really angry and hated them for not being brave.

Many people just thought that it was all him, Li Er, who was testing, but in fact, did he need to test it like this?

Not at all.


The fifth son, the sixth son, the seventh son, and even the eighth son all began to answer.

Everyone's words all meant the same thing: they did not want to, and could not be the emperor because of various reasons.

As for who would be the one, they also made it clear that Crown Prince Li Chengqian was still the crown prince and hadn't struck out, so it would be most suitable for him to inherit the throne.

These princes meant that His Majesty Li Er wanted to stare them down several times, if that was feasible.

"If Gao Ming he's willing to be the emperor and take over, why would I have such a hard time with this."

What a bunch of damnable guys.

Soon it was the turn of the ninth son, Li Zhi, who weakly raised his head and looked first at the many ministers and his brother who had been intercepted.

Then, Li Zhi said, "Father, my son is also loyal to you, even if you gave me a thousand guts, I wouldn't dare to think about it."

There was absolutely no room for error in this regard.


Lao Jiu Li Zhi continued, "However, I am still willing to sacrifice my ego and follow your instructions if and when you really have an idea, Father."

Well, that's right.

Finally we've come to the right one.

How nice.

Li Er nodded his head with great satisfaction and said, "Pheasant slave ah, I never thought that it's you who understands me better, so many people only need you to dare to say that, huh?"

All the Princes: "..."

They suddenly realized that they seemed to have missed something.

But couldn't figure out what exactly they had missed, because Li Er didn't say anything explicitly.

Old Ninth Liji was also slightly stunned as he said, "Father, do you think that my son is right?"

In fact, he was just babbling nonsense.

He didn't even think that His Majesty Li Er would agree with him very much, and never would have expected Li Er to praise him like that.

What a joyous surprise.

This was a bit embarrassing, so Li Ji quickly added, "Father, everything you say is right, and my son will only listen to you."

The implication: if you want him, Li Zhi, to be the emperor, then he will be the emperor; if you don't need him to be the emperor, then he will not be the emperor.

Anyway, Li Zhi was well aware that such things as who was to be the emperor were actually just between his own father's thoughts.

If he says who can be, then who can be.

If he said who can't be the emperor, then that person really can't be the emperor.

Many people envied Old Jiu Li Zhi, and look, this is the real Jane in the heart of the emperor ah.

Old Jiu Li Zhi, that's really not simple.

Although, these princes didn't know the purpose and meaning of those questions Li Er had just asked.

However, they knew that Old Nine Liji might be getting rich, and the answer they just gave was the best indication of that.

As expected.

In the next moment, Li Er continued to ask: "Second question: what do you think of the current environment of the Tang?"

That's a big problem.

It's also very vague.

But the main target of the problem was on Liji, and Liji's eyes were mainly on him.

A time to come.

Li Er was also looking forward to Li Zhi's answer to what he, his ninth son, would be thinking.

Still really looking forward to it.

"Perhaps, the pheasant slave will really surprise me?"

His Majesty Li Er's heart pondered this way, "If Pheasant Nu really is able to, with his character as a conservative emperor, he should be able to.

This way, even if I go to the Heavenly Realm and go to re-establish the Heavenly Court, I can rest assured."

Then again, even if something happened when Li Zhi ruled the Great Tang, as long as he, Li Er, was still alive, he could set things right.

To put it bluntly, as long as he, Li Er, was still alive, even a different emperor could do it.

Based on all these thoughts, and because he had no worries, he understood very well that what he needed was a conservative emperor, a generous and benevolent emperor, and even an obedient emperor.

Apart from Li Chengqian, among the many princes, it was Li Jian who was relatively outstanding, but Li's bloodline and identity made Li Er exclude him in the first place.

Therefore, after all considerations, there was only Old Nine Li Zhi available.

Li Er muttered to himself, "Then, shouldn't I have the pheasant slave prepare for it?"


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