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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1105 - The Emperor (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The throne was actually unclaimed.

There was a great deal of momentum that couldn't even be given away, making Li Er feel like laughing and crying.

The kingdom that he had worked so hard to build, was it really that bad compared to that path of immortality.

Nor could it be compared to that?

The throne, is it really not half as attractive now?

Li Er looked depressed, but it was so hard to look, "Gao Ming, do you seriously not want to be an emperor?"

He was cold and upset.

It was awkward.

He had thought that Li Cheng Qian might not refuse, after all, the throne wasn't an ordinary thing.

It should be very attractive.

With a gloomy look, Li Er suddenly had the idea of slapping Li Cheng Qian to death.

If you don't even want the throne, what else do you want?

If anyone else had come, I'm afraid he would have been in high spirits.

It was he, Li Chengqian, who was the one who refused.

At this time.

Li Cheng Qian continued, "Father, I really don't want to be an emperor, and I want to cultivate right now to be able to become a Daoist as soon as possible."

Li Er: "........"


At this moment, His Majesty Li Er was indeed very disappointed.

He said with a long sigh, "It's just that, since Gao Ming you don't want to be an emperor, then forget it."

The position of emperor he would reconsider.


Li Er swept a glance at Li Chengqian and the other twenty-four of the Ling Yan Pavilion, he said, "You first retire, I'll think about the matter of passing on the throne again."

He suddenly felt a headache.

No one wanted the throne, which was extremely embarrassing.

If the throne couldn't be passed on, he wouldn't be able to go to the Heavenly Realm, he wouldn't be able to rebuild the Heavenly Court.

Now well.

The situation looked difficult.

"I'll take my leave."

The embarrassment on Li Chengqian's face flickered away as he secretly said, "This hurdle is finally over."

Luckily, Li Er didn't hit him.

The other twenty-four now also looked at each other and said respectfully, "I'll take my leave."

All of them retreated.

His Majesty Li Er looked silent, "These bastards, what do they want to do?"

It's really making him unsavory.

So angry.

"Wang De."

Li Er shouted, "Quickly go and get the other bastards for me, no mistakes!"


Wang De responded in a row, "Old slave will go now."

After saying that he turned around and left.

Not saying anything more.

Li Er was very angry in his heart and his eyes were ugly.

The eldest son, Li Chengqian, had already rejected him, and the second son, Li Kuan, had passed on to Li Yuan's fifth son, Li Zhiyun, who was now early castor.

The third son, Li scrupulously, is the son of Yang Fei, and has the bloodline of the former dynasty, Li two heart after all a little bit of diarrhea.

The fourth son, Li Tai, is quite popular with Li Er and Empress Dowager, but this Li Tai is very fat.

If Li Er was told to pass the throne to him, Li Er was a bit hesitant in his heart, and Li Tai seemed to fit the bill.

He was also quite generous in his treatment of people.

As for the fifth son, Li You, his mother's consort was a Yin consort, plus his own talent and talent were not good enough, so Li Er had no other ideas in mind.

As for the sixth son, Li solemn, his mother was also Consort Yang and was much inferior to his third son, Li Ke, who was the same mother as him, both in talent and talent.

Not even seven or eight sons.

Having a bloodline of five surnames and seven looks, too, Li Er had to refuse.

As for the ninth son Li Zhi.

"Pheasant slave, he is the youngest one son of me and Guanyin maidservant, but he has a few talents and talents, he is also gentle and elegant, he is even more loved by me and Guanyin maidservant, perhaps..."

Li Er's furrowed brows spaced out, suddenly feeling that the ninth son, Li Zhi, seemed to fit the bill quite well.

Although the ninth was still young and even a bit overwhelmed by the situation, it didn't matter and didn't affect the final outcome.

After all, he, Li Er, wasn't dead.

It was still young.

He was only going to the Heavenly Realm to establish the Heavenly Court, and was only trying to establish a superpower.

And actually.

He also still existed, so naturally, he could also help Old Nine Li Zhi watch over the world, and I'm sure there wouldn't be any bulls and spirits out to make trouble.

Those other princes hadn't come yet, but actually His Majesty Li Er's heart had already made up his mind.

What kind of person was he, Li Er?

He knew better than Jiang Chi, what kind of goods those boys from his own family were, and naturally understood which ones could be emperors and which ones could not.

Whether he could or couldn't, he, Li Er, had a rod in his heart to weigh.

Weighing plainly.

At this moment.

All the princes who received Wang De's news were amazed, before Li Er had summoned the twenty-four meritorious officials of the Ling Smoke Pavilion to the main hall to deliberate, he naturally knew.

Now well.

They were even more clear in their hearts.

Li Er had summoned so many people to go there at once, there must be something big that shocked the world.

What exactly it was might not be known, but it must be somewhat related to them all as well.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to let them in as well.

It was just that none of them had found out what it was exactly, and this was something Li Er had done very secretively.

Or the news hadn't even spread yet, so the princes naturally didn't know.

"I don't know what Father is looking for us for, it looks like it should be something big."

"No matter what, we have to go there first to find out, ever since the country's lord preached the world, Father has always decided anything important with a single word, and will never take it to the courtroom again."

Many people's hearts were silently thinking with a puzzled look on their faces.

Today's Li Er might be considered a true nine-five supreme, possessing the power of a single word.

After walking out of His Majesty Li Er's palace, Li Cheng Qian's heart heaved a sigh of relief.

He didn't really regret or feel afraid, muttering to himself, "Cultivating immortality and seeking a place to live forever is what I should be seeking.

I used to think it was important, the ultimate wealth and power in the world of man.

But nowadays, compared to cultivating immortality and asking for eternal life, it's still far from it ah."

Emperor, it's fine if you're not proper.

The position of crown prince, don't even want it.

Cultivation is the best, if you can attain immortality, you can be free in the world, how nice to be free.


So ah.

It's better to cultivate immortality, at least one's self can have great strength, this point is definitely not ordinary people can compare.

In the martial arts era, where there were people, there were rivers and lakes.

But Li Chengqian didn't feel that way, there should be classes where there were people.

Being in the royal family might not even feel like it.

Being a crown prince or emperor might be the ultimate in human riches, but he would rather not have such riches.

Because Xian was even more advanced.

It was an existence that was even higher than the emperor's dignity.

Becoming a god was the same as having supreme skills, having endless magical powers, and having all the power of vastness.

So unsurprised.

So good.

Thinking of Li Chengqian was so stunned that he actually had some unexplainable feelings coming.

He felt that it wasn't a bad thing to reject Second Li's good intentions, maybe he could even completely break off his thoughts and cultivate well as a result.

After returning to the Eastern Palace Prince's residence.

Li Chengqian knew to himself that if he rejected Li Er's good intentions today and didn't become that emperor, Li Er would have to find a new heir.

"By then, I'm only afraid that I'll have to move out of the East Palace."

After living in the East Palace Prince's residence for many years, he was still quite reluctant to leave.

After all, they all had feelings.

It was also a bit reluctant to leave at a time.

But it had to leave.

"In a day or two, I won't be a crown prince anymore."

Suddenly abandoning the riches and the extreme things of this earth, Li Cheng Qian was very reluctant to leave.

But he also knew.

There were things that he could not enjoy alone.

Or there was no chance to enjoy them at all, he saw it clearly, "Once I promise my father today to be the master of this Great Tang River and Mountain, to be an emperor.

I'm just afraid that I'll be at the end of my cultivation."

Li Chengqian was very clear that his own father's that body of cultivation wasn't something he had cultivated himself.

If it wasn't for the presence of Jiang Lack, the country's master, it's possible that his own father wouldn't be able to cultivate even a wisp of true essence.

"This should be the suppression of the legendary vapour transport golden dragon."

Li Cheng Qian secretly thought, "So what's so good about being an emperor, if my father wasn't due to his special status, the State Master wouldn't have been able to forcefully raise his cultivation.

He has such a good life, but I don't have such a good life anymore."

Li Er was also clear about this.

It was impossible for the State Master Jiang to raise his cultivation.

So he felt there was no use in being an emperor and decisively refused to do so.

Returning to his own princely residence.

Li Chengqian looked at the greeting Crown Princess and said, "Er do your best to pack up, we may have to move."

Crown Princess: "........"

Li Chengqian's words made her feel ambiguous and she was surprised: "Your Highness, what's the matter with you?"

Why are you moving?

With a faint glance at the Crown Princess, Li Cheng Qian explained, "It's not that I want to move, it's just that I have to, do you know what I've done in the palace today?"

The Taisei shook her head, where did she know.

And couldn't guess.

Li Chengqian didn't care and spoke to himself, "The thing is, today..."


Li Chengqian then told the Prince Consort that Li Er wanted to pass on to him, and to the thrill of hearing it, she only felt that His Majesty Li Er should be constantly probing.


After finally hearing Li Er's true feelings, she couldn't help but grumble, "Your Highness, then... then why don't you accept His Majesty's good intentions?"

What's wrong with being an emperor, at least you can have power over the world and be the existence of those thousands of people.

How good is that.

Thinking about it she was thrilled and looked strangely strange.

If you have the chance to be an emperor, why not? How many people want to be an emperor but can't?

But her own husband, Li Chengqian, he biasedly refused.

For a while.

Princess Taizi only felt so angry.

If she could, she would like to teach Li Cheng Qian a hard lesson.


Was this a case of having to be angry with him?

Who knows.

Li Chengqian said indifferently, "What do you know, a woman's opinion is just a woman's opinion.

Forget about how much power being this emperor will have, after all, father is still alive, he is going to the heavenly realm to establish the heavenly court, it's not like he is dead.

So he is able to intervene in the earthly dynasty.

Another thing is that once you become an emperor, you won't be able to progress in your cultivation by an inch, and it's bound to be extremely miserable then.

You should not think that my father's cultivation was great when he was in a high position, but it was because he was helped by the State Counselor that he became what he is today.

And if I were to become Emperor, would the State Master do that?"


Upon hearing the news, the Crown Princess was stunned.

She hadn't expected so many things, and was so stunned that she couldn't say anything.

She only knew that Li Er was terrifying, with profound cultivation, and counted among the peer listeners.

If it wasn't for Li Chengqian's explanation, she would have thought that this was just something that His Majesty Li Er himself had cultivated.

So that was the case.

"Your Highness, in that case, there is indeed nothing good about being an emperor, we might as well practice."

The Crown Princess said, "As long as we cling to His Majesty's thighs, our family will be fine."


Li Chengqian nodded and said, "That's what I think, too."

It seemed just right now.

So good.

He was excited, too.

Right now.

In Li Er's palace.

A group of princes came over trembling, they looked at Li Er warily, greatly as if they were enemies.

It looked like they were very afraid of this father of theirs.

"My sons and daughters pay their respects to the father."

All the princes all looked at each other, then together they bowed respectfully to His Majesty Li Er.


Li Er nodded and said, "Since you are all here, get up, I have some things I want to ask you."

"Father, please speak."

Li Tai even responded, "As long as my son knows, I will definitely tell you."

"Father Emperor, the same goes for us."

"And us."

"Father Emperor..."

All sorts of expectant words were said, and for a time it actually made Li Er feel amazed.

These sons of his had actually learned to flatter, interesting.



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