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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1104 - Refusal? (subscription sought)

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Li Er fiercely glared at Li Cheng Qian, "Gao Ming, I ask you, are you willing to inherit my throne?"


Li Chengqian: "......."

What the hell?

Is my father trying to pass it on to himself?


Li Chengqian suddenly frowned, secretly saying, "Father is most likely testing me, what if I say I want it, wouldn't that be exactly what he wants?"

After all, people who are emperors are suspicious and like to speculate about certain things.

In a word: suspicion is very serious.

What if it was just a test.

He also had to guard against it, what if Li Er was just trying to test it.

Then what?

"Can't risk it."

Li Chengqian pondered, "No matter what, we can't take any risks, even though he's my father in name only.

However, he is also an emperor ah.

Since ancient times, emperors' hearts are supreme, and they absolutely cannot tolerate any sand in their eyes.

Therefore, it's better that I don't let my father know my true feelings.

Also not right.

Isn't my true thought to cultivate to become an immortal and be the supreme being in that immortal path?"

What earthly emperors were rich and noble, that had nothing to do with him, Li Cheng Qian.

Although other emperors were said to be rich to the extreme, they were actually nothing compared to the Immortal Way.

It still wasn't enough to look at.


Wouldn't it be best if he only needed to express the truest thoughts in his heart.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

I'm not afraid to ask for more, and I don't even dare to covet the position of emperor, so I hope you will withdraw your order.

I only wish to practice under my father's tutelage.

Now that you have been granted the training method by the State Counselor, I have a new pursuit.

I only wish that the breeze will blow in my face, and that I will cultivate the Supreme Immortal Path and become a free and easy-going loose immortal.

As for the throne.

I feel that Father, you are still young and vigorous, plus now that you can also cultivate, you will have no problem being an emperor for another hundred years ah."

Li Er: "........"

When did this son of his own become so powerful.

He looked at Li Chengqian in surprise, "This son that he grew up watching with his own eyes actually possesses such skills, it's really remarkable."

He had underestimated him before.

This brat actually had this kind of skill, but he had underestimated before.

Li Er felt that Li Cheng Qian was extraordinary, he faintly said, "Gao Ming ah, do you really think so?"

"That's natural."

Li Cheng Qian even explained, "Father, I know that I have no interest in the way of emperors, so now I am also drunk with cultivating immortality, so I hope that Father will grant me permission."

As for this crown prince's position, even if he doesn't want it, ah.

He didn't want it.

There was no point in wanting it.

Hearing Li Chengqian's words, Li Er was instinctively furious, "Gao Ming, kneel down!"


Li Chengqian was stunned and wondered, "Father, I wonder if my son has ever made any mistakes?"

What are you doing on your knees?

He didn't understand.

"If I tell you to kneel down, kneel down, why do you need to ask so many questions?"

Li Er was furious, "Whether you have made a mistake or not I naturally know, there is no need for you to explain anything."


After hearing the angry words of His Second Majesty Li, Li Cheng Qian only had to kneel down immediately.

He was trembling, and he didn't dare to continue to talk back and refute anything anymore.

As Li Er's son, he knew very well the terrors of his own father, and he absolutely could not talk back at this time.

Not even with an explanation.

Because you two won't let him off the hook for explaining.

As expected.

The next moment.

You can hear Li Er coldly say, "You are the Crown Prince of the Great Tang, even if the world has changed drastically now and cultivation has become the theme of this world, you are still the Emperor of the Great Tang, and this is a fact that you cannot change.

Therefore, you must take on your due responsibilities, such as inheriting this throne from me."

Li Chengqian: "Is Father testing me?"

As soon as I thought of this situation, Li Chengqian quickly explained, "Returning to my father's words, since the State Master came to the Great Tang World, he opened the Daoist Dao Palace and taught the Immortal Dao cultivation methods, and my son was deeply attracted by those Immortal Dao teachings of his.

Therefore, my son is now living a good life, just seeking the Dao and being free.

Of course.

If there is one more purpose, it would be to seek as much welfare for the Great Tang as possible after he has succeeded in his cultivation, so that the world of the Great Tang can be inherited for millions of years and be immortalized forever!"

Li Er: "........"

It doesn't sound like there's anything contradictory or problematic about Lee Seung-cheon's statement.


Li Er still wanted to beat him up furiously, this bastard actually didn't even want the throne?

Are you throwing away all your ancestral heritage?

He couldn't help but rage, "Gao Ming, you continue to kneel down for me, you are not allowed to get up without my orders!"

Li Chengqian didn't know what was happening because Li Er's attitude had changed so much, it was too unbelievable to him.

Could something really be happening?


Li Chengqian suddenly thought of a possibility, "Father he's not really going to pass on to me, is he?"

If that was the case, then wouldn't those previous words be tantamount to offending Li Er.


Li Chengqian thought again, "Even if the phoenix wants to pass on to me, within the current Great Tang World, with the existence of the Way of Immortality, with the Way of Immortality that can live a long and free life, why should I become an ordinary mortal.

Compared to becoming a god who lives eternally from time to time, what is a mere earthly emperor."

You know, after becoming an emperor, cultivation becomes incredibly difficult.

If you don't pay a little attention, you won't be able to achieve anything in your lifetime.

As for that becoming an immortal and becoming a god, it was even more impossible to attain, as if it was like water in a mirror.

Thinking of this.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do a lot more than that.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

Even if this offends you, Father Emperor, even if you want to abolish my son's position as crown prince, this is what I will say."


On hearing this, the Second Li Emperor became furious, "Gao Ming, did you ever think of me like this, did you ever think of the Great Tang?"

Oh, the hatred.

He was furious.

The anger came out all at once, burning, "I don't care what you have in mind, you only have one choice now, and that is to inherit my throne and become a great Tang emperor.


I'm sure you know that the younger brother's desire for the throne is very strong.

I'm sure you know that the younger brothers all covet the throne, Father, you can choose one of them who is talented, virtuous and capable to become the Emperor of Tang Dynasty.

As for my son, I really don't want to become an emperor of a room dynasty, my dream is the sea of stars, I only wish to have a clear breeze on my face, I only wish to cultivate immortality and be at ease."


Li Er looked at this eldest son of his family with some tears and laughter, he suddenly felt that Li Cheng Qian was strange, so strange that he didn't even recognize him.

This was definitely not the Li Chengqian he had known before.

Did people change as well?

He was puzzled.

The look was also still a little baffled, "Immortalization, is it really that good?"

A time.

Li Er couldn't help but ponder, "Could it be that this eldest son of my family has been lulled into a cripple by Jiang Xiao."


Li Cheng Qian was the heir he had personally cultivated ah.

It's gone like this?

To say that the heart was not angry would definitely be a lie.

Li Chengqian had rejected himself.

It really called for Li Er's anger, and he glared angrily, "I've never heard of anyone who doesn't like being an emperor, it's truly unprecedented."

The throne.

Since ancient times, almost everyone was looking forward to the throne, and none of them wanted to become an emperor.

But now, Li Er was an eye-opener.

Li Chengqian's refusal to inherit the throne left him helpless for a while, who would inherit the future Tang.

The third Li Vu, or the fourth Li Tai?

Or was it Old Six and Nine?


That son won't do.

None of them matched Li Er's choice for an heir.

The brain hurts ah.

For a moment, his face darkened and he said with a gloomy gaze, "Gao Ming, but you have to think carefully, being an emperor or not is a different state that has certain implications for your future."


Li Chengqian was stunned, "Father, I am not afraid of losing the throne, for me, the throne has no meaning and serves no purpose, so I don't want to be an emperor, I just want to be a free and easy immortal cultivator, in order to look forward to one day become immortal and become Daoist, I will be satisfied."

As the saying goes: to hear about the Dao in the morning and die in the evening is sufficient.

It is nothing more than that.

Isn't it good to be a devout seeker of the Way?

Li Chengqian felt that as long as he could seek the Way, as long as he was strong enough, it was better than anything else.

As for this mortal emperor's position, he really didn't care.

No matter what, it was just a mere throne, even if it was in charge of the lives and deaths of thousands of souls, even if it held great power, it couldn't be compared to those powerful immortal cultivators.

One must know that Immortals were powerful people who could cultivate all kinds of magical powers.

They possessed the ability to fly across the sky and earth, and even more so, they possessed all sorts of supernatural skills.

So such an existence was definitely not comparable to a mere mortal emperor.

A mortal emperor couldn't threaten him either.

Therefore, Li Chengqian was in a position to be fearless.

He was also not afraid.

Cultivation, he wasn't afraid.

As long as one worked hard enough, and with the help of Jiang lacking, it was possible to cultivate to a certain extent.

But after becoming an emperor, he would be affected by the golden dragon of qi luck, and his cultivation would stagnate, and he was afraid that all of his cultivation would just turn into ashes.

It's scary to think about.


Hurry up and refuse!

In any case, he, Li Cheng Qian, could never become an emperor.

Especially an emperor of the Great Tang.

To know.

Just now, Li Cheng Qian already knew that the Heavenly Realm had begun to succeed, and the Heavenly Palace was next to be built and completed.

And according to his father, His Majesty Li Er, he was also going to build a heavenly palace in the Heavenly Palace.

An existence similar to the legendary Ancient Heavenly Court like that.


Such a powerful divine power would definitely be a powerful existence that would rule over the three realms.

At that time, even if it was a mortal dynasty, it would definitely be ruled by him, Li Er Li Shi Min.

Therefore, even if he, Li Cheng Qian, did manage to become an emperor, he would have to be governed by His Majesty Li Er.

In other words, even if he became an emperor, he would only be an emperor under the guidance of his Second Li Majesty.

It wasn't much power ah.

What's the point of being such an emperor.

Half of nothing.

Li Chengqian sort of figured out that being such an emperor didn't have any benefits or advantages.

After thinking about it.

He decided to reject the good intentions of his second majesty Li.

And also said very respectfully, "Father, I am very eager for the Great Dao, so I would like to ask Your Majesty to forgive me this time."

The meaning of the words.

Your old man sees who is fit to be an emperor, so tell him to go ahead and become an emperor.

I'm not suitable.

Li Er was not stunned and looked strange, "Gao Ming, I will ask you again, are you seriously unwilling to inherit my throne and be the Emperor of this Great Tang?"

"Thank you Father for your good intentions."

Li Chengqian could only grit his teeth and said, "My son has thought it through, everything has already been decided, I still hope that Father's approval is granted."

"You have to think it over, once you decide, you can't go back on your decision."

Li Er continued, "I can give you the chance again and again, but not again and again."

"Father, I've thought it through."

Li Chengqian looked extremely calm and said, "My son is devoted to the Dao and has no interest in other matters, so I hope Father's forgiveness!"



At the moment, Li Er, but he was worried.


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